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how dose it cost to get your child tested as every time my GP keep referral my daughter to you or camsh she gets turned down because she is not the same at school but as told me and our GP that as well if you could get back to me that would be great

Thank you Sarah for your enquiry, we have been trying to contact you to assist. We will email you again or you can contact Kate Medhurst, our Nursing Team manager who would be happy to discuss this with you.

T: 0203 004 0092

IM disgusted with the way my daughter is being treated in there my dad used to be a nurse in there he will be turning in his grave now to see how they treat patients it needs know hows in there

Dear Alison

Thank you for taking the time to alert us to your concerns about the care your daughter is receiving. As your father was previously a nurse, you will be very aware of the standards that we would want to maintain. If at any point we fail to do so it is important that we address the situation as soon as possible. We take your comments very seriously and would ask that in the first instance you contact Lawrence Yong, Matron on 01689 880000 to discuss the specifics of your concerns so that we can address the care concerns you have for your daughter. Thank you again for your comments.

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director

Excellent service, it does take up to a month to get access to Silver Cloud, but I understand as the demand is high, which probably outweighs the support team. But it’s worth the wait. I started the Silver Cloud CBT And Muna was my Supporter, she was very good, very caring and keeps in contact once a week. I have just completed the 8 week online therapy and really feel like I am more in control and know how to talk myself out of the low moods and quieten down the ruminating. It doesn’t end there either, you have to continue to put things into practice to become your own therapist and still you have access to silver cloud for up to a year, with lots of support if needed. Very pleased I did this, thank you!

Dear Carole

Thank you for taking the time to feedback on your positive experience of the online therapy provided to you. We will make sure this is passed on to the team.

Best wishes

Iain Dimond
Service Director

My wife is 50 years old, She has a long history of Clinical Depression going back to 1989. When she get's very low, her behavior becomes very challenging (self harm, suicide attempts, running away) etc. Over the last 30 years she has had numerous bad episodes resulting in hospitalisation and ECT as a last resort (40+ ECT treatments). She has had period of 10 years relative stability, but is now going downhill again. She is on Lithium, Venlafaxine, Olanzepine as well as type 2 diabetes medications. We have got nowhere with the local Sittingbourne MHT because she often presents well when they interview her. We wait weeks for an appointment and then they just discharge her again. Can you provide rTMS treatment for her please if we fund it ourselves? If so what would the costs be please?

Dear Graham

I am sorry to hear your wife is becoming unwell again and that you feel your local services are not being very responsive.

It sounds as if ECT has worked well in the past and rTMS could also be considered. However, given her past history, she would need to be supervised by her community team while having treatment.

In other words, if she was to have rTMS, we would need her current psychiatrist to refer your wife to us and she would need to be seen by a care coordinator at regular intervals.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

Dr Rafael Euba
ECT and rTMS Lead

Hi my sons school referred me to the community paediatric medical team a while ago now, I have not received any letter with an appointment which is making me very anxious about the waiting times for this appointment, I’ve realised issues a long time ago now and wanted the teachers to re assure me which they did and sent off a referral. I’m worried about his education here because the longer he has to wait for a diagnosis the longer he can’t get the right support which is terribly upsetting to watch. I would like to find out what is going on with his referral as soon as possible. He needs this now and he and myself need support.

Dear Shaunna

I am sorry for the anxiety that this is causing you. In order for you to gain more detailed information regarding where your son is on the waiting list and gain a better understanding of when he is most likely to be seen (going on current wait time), our administration team will contact you and discuss this further.

In the meantime, should you have any further concerns, please contact our administration team on 020 8836 8621 (Option 2) or email:

Kind regards

Victoria Lambert
Service Manager, Specialist Children's Services

Your website states that children over 5 can be seen after a referral from a nursery or a school. How about home educated children who do not go to school, and are over 5? How can a home educating family self refer? Issues with speech is not something a GP will see us for. Thank you for your advice in advance.

Thank you for your comment. The Greenwich Speech and Language therapy welcome referrals for all children over 5, including those that are home educated. If you would like an assessment of your child please send an email to requesting a referral to Speech and Language Therapy, outlining your concerns and reasons for the referral.

kind regards

Victoria Lambert
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

Just want to say, as someone currently under Camhs that I am so grateful for the support they have given me. For a service to be so welcoming and lovely is just amazing especially for those who use the service, from mental health professionals even down to the receptionists, you are always greeted with a smile and a friendly face. The treatment given at Camhs is exceptional and from my experience with my therapist and other professionals, they all treat you as an individual and want to see you get better with no judgement whatsoever.

Bromley Camhs, you show how a service SHOULD be run and are a credit to the Bromley borough.

Thank you :)

Dear Darcy

Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and kind message.

I have shared your feedback with our reception and clinical staff and we are all really glad to read of your positive experience of Bromley CAMHS.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager

My son was admitted to this unit on Friday 7th June 2020 we visited him on Sunday evening (nearly 3 days later) he was still left in a tiny room with just a chair to sleep in with 3 others.

We were told that there are no beds on wards anywhere in the Whole of the South East of London, or maybe they ment the country? This is appalling and no one gives one iota about these people. These are vulnerable members of our society and this cretin government just blow smoke screens making out all is well. It needs immediate exposure to the media to highlight my son's and others like himself plight. I am giving these people until this evening Monday 10th June 2020 to get these people the proper help they need otherwise l will be taking my video evidence to the major tabloids. It's an absolute disgrace that management have no back bone, they know full well the situation this unit is in and just take their salary. I agree with other comments read on here that these people are just a nuisance factor. You should all be ashamed of yourself!

Dear Stephen

The trust is very sorry that your son had to wait so long to be admitted to an inpatient bed. I understand that he has now been transferred to a ward.

The facility that you refer to (the PAS or Pre-Admission Suite) is designed as an area for patients to wait while a bed is being sought.

Patients who use the PAS usually wait for no more than a few hours, however currently Oxleas, along with many London Mental Health Trusts, are experiencing a surge in demand and therefore patients are unfortunately having to wait much longer. Patients who use the PAS are reviewed by medical and nursing staff during their stay.

Again, please accept the trust’s apologies for the length of time it took to admit your son but I hope that you find this context helpful.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Service Director

Not happy with the service CAMHS are providing (not providing) for my child. She was referred a long time ago and still has not had any treatment here. I’m being pushed from pilar to post. In the last 4 weeks I have rang once a week to try and talk to my care co ordinator who has not returned any of my calls. I’ve also spoken to the crisis line who informed me my care co ordinater would contact me the next day and I still haven’t heard anything from them that was two weeks ago.
My daughter suffer with extreme anxiety and has shown very aggressive behaviours and been medically admitted into hospital for self harm and the support still isn’t in place for her. It’s seems like we get seen put on a waiting list seen again to touch base put on a different waiting list. I understand there have been cuts but that isn’t helping the children that obviously need help.
I would like someone to contact me as a matter of urgency please

Dear Vicki

We are sorry to hear you that you are unhappy with the service provided to your daughter by CAMHS and that she is experiencing ongoing difficulties.

The clinician from CAMHS has seen you/your daughter for five sessions and this phase has now come to an end. We are sorry that the clinician has not returned your calls – this is due to her being absent from the clinic in recent weeks.

From our conversation this morning, we have agreed on a way forward. Please do contact me at the clinic if you have any further concerns and I will ensure they are addressed.

Kind regards

Hollie Moore
Team Manager

Hi I’ve tried ringing to speak to someone about booking an appointment to have a coil fitted and it’s not giving me the option to talk to someone.

Dear Jodie

To make an appointment for coil fitting, you should call the GSH number at Market Street 020 8301 8920 and choose option 3 - this will put you through to the administrative team who will be able to help you.

Please note that we only offer five bookable appointments per week for coil fitting, as this service is also provided in our walk-in and wait clinics throughout the week.

Appointments are on a Monday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am and are made available two weeks in advance.

We recently changed the answer-message, as we were made aware that the option to talk to the administrative team was listed at the end of the opening times, so was missed by most people.

A member of the team will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback, enabling us to improve our service.

Kind regards

Alec Sutton
Manager of CASH and Community Gynaecology

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