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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.


Whilst I think the District Nurse service is pretty good, although they visit unannounced, the incontinence team appear to be shocklinly disfunctional and my family is fed up running all over the place to pick up Incontinence supplies for my father as it appears there is a breakdown in communication every time we have to request a supply of incontinence pads. Twice we have been asked to go and collect a packet of pads from Goldie Leigh because the DN or incontinence nurse has failed to bring any with them on their visits. On Friday my father was due to receive 16 boxes of them - only the elastic knickers were delivered!! Of course nobody works over the weekend so when I called on Saturday to the central access team I was simply told the message would be passed on but in the interim, go and buy some! The incontinence nurse who initially visited my father advised he was not incontinent (he is immobile, and doubly incontinent). She visited my father again last Tuesday and agreed he was and provided one packet of incontinence pads (which we had to collect from Goldie Leigh) which she said would be sufficient. Despite pleas of two packets to ensure my father had enough until the supposed delivery of 16 boxes which she had arranged for Friday, we were refused. How do people on their own cope with this shoddiness? My father is lucky he has two children who are managing his care and intervening as he could not do this alone and I hate to think what would happen if we were not around. Please give your incontinence team some customer service training!! Also the DN (an agency nurse) who visited my father today to attend to his sore (which we knew nothing about) was extremely rude to the family - all of the other DNs have been very helpful and kind. And not surprisingly, I have not received a call back from the incontinence team as yet. We work too and we can't be taking time off of work to collect items that should be provided on routine visits.

Dear Jo

I am sorry that your father has not received his continence products on time and that an agency nurse was rude to you.

I will investigate all the concerns raised and will respond back to you directly. Whilst I look into your concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on or by telephone 020 8319 7154/7047.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Head of Long term Conditions

I am becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of my sister. She has been diagnosed with Bpd, was sectioned, released and told she would have a visit every day for 2 weeks..this was at Queen Marys, from your team. She had one visit and a couple of calls. She told your staff she was ok for fear of being returned to section.Having worked in mental health everyone knows that a visit is required and a phone call is untrustworthy as the client will not be honest.Since then my Father took her to your centre 2 weeks ago and got a Dr appointment but there has been no follow up.My sister says she phones **** all the time, but he always says he will call back but never does. I live 100 miles away and it is very distressing to have calls and texts at all hours when she should be treated, counselled etc by a crisis team.I dont know if she really has called **** but all the reviews above suggest that calls are not returned etc. i do believe my sister was discharged too early as beds were needed and that she is heading for a very serious episode....i worry for that call when she has ended it all. Where i live if you phone 111 you select option 2 and get a mental health crisis team 24 this available in your area? I need to get an urgent appointment but due to confidentiality no one will discuss with me this situation...Help is required urgently...

Dear Gina,

I'm sorry to hear about your concerns. I will contact you directly to learn more about this, and how we can help.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My son was discharged from oxleys in December 2015 and since then we have had a year long battle to get him a care plan and a appointment with a psychologist , he was recently refererd to oxleas at ferryveiw ( about 2 months ago) who said he would see a psychologist and have a care plan put in place , again nothing has happened other than they want to do another assessment after already doing one. My son is just going around and around the system without getting the help he was promised and desperately needs before his mental health declines and he becomes depressed .

Dear Tony

Thank you for letting us know about your concerns. I will contact you directly to get more details so that I can follow this up with the team and determine what is happening.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director

I would like to say I am being looked after by the Oxleas district nurses and I am very happy with the treatment that I am receiving they are the most wonderful caring people and I feel so lucky to have them here.

Dear Sheila,

Thank you for your comments regarding the District Nurses who visited you. The nurses are always grateful to receive such wonderful compliments on the care that they deliver.

If you let me know which team are visiting, I will ensure that your message is passed on to them.


Connie Greig
Head of District Nursing

This site is totally useless, I have tried following the information here and it all leads to dead ends. A simple central contact phone number would be all that is needed, not all the confusing info given. A human voice and someone who can direct the caller.

Dear Barry

Thank you for bringing it to my attention that we have an out of date leaflet on our website. I will ask Jenny Fisher Head of Diabetes Care to look into this and ensure that all information is up to date.

Whilst this is being undertaken the correct number for the diabetes specialist nurses is 020 8319 7078.

Please accept my apologies for this error on our part and do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further. My contact number is 020 8319 7154 or you can email me on

Kind regards.

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

I just wanted to say a big Thankyou to one of the district nurses who came to visit me due to my medical condition, I left hospital with no after care advice or wasn't given any extra supplies for my catheter. On the first visit the nurse was very caring and ordered everything for me and it was all sent to my home address! I appreciate the care Thankyou.

Dear Mahtaj

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the excellent service you received from Nicole, one of the nurses from the Plumstead District Nursing Team.

I will pass on your comments to Nicole and her manager Lisa, and I know that she and the team will appreciate your kind words.

With kind regards

Liz Penn
Head of Long Term Conditions

I think it is terrible and very shortsighted that Greenwich have stopped the 12 month health review. You are sacrificing the health of babies for a quick win of saving money. Offering a clinic instead assumes a parent or carer is able to recognise that there is something wrong with their child in the first place. Its a disgrace.

Dear Alison

Oxleas has been commissioned to provide the new 0-19 years public health nursing service in Greenwich. The new service commenced on 1st September, with a programme of developments to the way services are delivered.

Our new Health Advice Sessions are delivered across Greenwich every day of the week, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, and all families can attend these sessions to discuss their child’s health and progress.

In addition, Greenwich has introduced a series of ‘Key touchpoints’ beginning during pregnancy and continuing through the early weeks of life and throughout the school years.

There are new options for families to access the key touchpoints, and our teams will ensure that each child and family has at least three face to face key touchpoint contacts before their child starts school. Many children will receive up to seven face to face key touchpoint contacts, and our health visitors and school nurses will also be offering families addition, personalised support at times of need.

At each of the key touchpoint times for 0-4 years, families will receive an email providing health and development related information, with links to online resources.
In the case of the 10-12 month review, all families will receive the email or a letter, with an invitation to bring their baby to the Health Advice Session to discuss their progress. If any concerns are identified a face to face review of the baby’s health and development will be arranged.

The service will be developing further options for providing key touchpoint contact, and opportunities to seek advice if parents have concerns about their child, which will include online services such as virtual nurse through Skype. Many families have expressed their preference for online or instant contact in this way.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to email me at

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of Children and Young People's Services

I would like to give a big thank you to Mr Mcfarlane, Ryan and the rest of the team for the outstanding service and care I have received. They were able to put me at ease throughout the whole process, even on the operating table! I now have a pair of very happy feet with no pain. Thank you again.

Dear Carol

Many thanks for leaving such a lovely comment in relation to the podiatric surgery service and for the care Mr McFarlane and his team provided during your recent procedure.

I have passed your compliment onto the team; we are delighted to hear you no longer have any pain and wish you well for the future.

Best wishes

Lisa Thompson
Head of Service - Specialist Teams (Adult Community Services)

For at least the last ten years I have received outstanding treatment from nurses Alison and Juliet at the Manor Brook Medical Centre for persistent leg ulcers. Although the symptoms come and go and never completely heal (so far) the ladies never lose patience and are always seeking different methods to improve my quality of life. I would like to bring to the attention of the Authority their outstanding contribution to the well being of their many patients. Personally, I feel as if I am being treated as a privately paying patient; it could not be bettered. Thank you all so much.

Dear Maurice

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the excellent service you received from Alison and the tissue viability team.

I will pass on your kind words to Alison and I know that she and the team will appreciate your generous feedback.

With kind regards

Liz Penn
Head of Long Term Conditions

I'm so outraged that the weigh in and walk in clinics have reduced to such a small amount. When my baby was first born this service was a lifeline and meant not having to go to the doctor for advice.

The manor brook clinic has been closed and we are told to go to 2 different sites, both only open 3 hours a week. Having seen how busy manor brook was I can only imagine these two places serving the whole of the Blackheath / kidbrooke area are going to be a complete nightmare.

How is this 'improving lives' or supporting new mums? It's only going to stop people attending and potentially risking these poor little ones health.

A response would be appreciated.

Dear Katie

The new 0-19 years public health nursing service has been commissioned by the Royal London Borough of Greeenwich to deliver services to families in Greenwich in partnership with other local services and organisations. Health visiting services (0-4 years) are working closely with Children's Centres including delivering health advice sessions in Children's Centres across the borough.

Health advice sessions provide an opportunity for parents and carers to discuss their child's day to day health and progress and any concerns they may have with a member of our experienced and skilled teams, and at the same time to introduce parents to the wide range of services offered through Children’s Centres.

The new health advice sessions are planned across the borough so that there is a session available every morning and afternoon of each working day, with health visitors available for at least one session per day.

The new health advice drop in sessions are longer than previous baby clinics and have been designed to offer not only the support of the HV service but to provide access and support from the Children's Centre for parents who have a range of needs.

The redesign of our service includes a new offer of pre-birth home visits and contact with the health visitor 6-8 weeks postnatally, as well as additional support for families when needed. This offer is particularly focussed on first time mothers and those who are vulnerable.

So far the clinics have been well attended and client feedback has been positive.

For more information please visit our Health Visiting Service page:

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Universal Children's Services

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