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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.


i want to make a complaint about the heights mental health centre and pateint lasion i am a service user of the heights and also a wheel chair user i was discharged from hospital on new years day to the care of the heigthts and phone me care coordinator the next day as monday was a bank holiday i tld him i needed more care as can nt walk down the ste to me bath room and had a friend out me comode in the front room buti needed carers to emty more ofthen , Bright my care co said he would make a referal to ot i said i need the care today and im under personal payment direct payment and it can come out of my package .he said he would talk to his manager and get back to me he never dis and i was left all night on me own the comode was full and i had to sit in soled clothes all nite when it phoned this morning he still wasnt helpful and was very patronising . i feel this is neleget and i got no support from pateint liasion ether as she would not help me make a complaint

Dear Tallagth

I am sorry you feel you did not receive the support you needed today. Following your call this morning to PALS, I contacted your Care Coordinator and he explained he is already looking into your needs and trying to organise further assistance for you. I understand your Care Coordinator has arranged for you to be contacted this afternoon to discuss further support. As we discussed this morning you said you are already aware of how to make a complaint and you are welcome to do this if you remain unhappy with the service you are receiving.

Kind regards

Oxleas PALS

I went to Eglington Children's Centre this afternoon (28th Dec 2017), as per the information above it was supposed to open from 1:30 pm to 3:00pm for speech therapy, but it was closed. I was not the only one who was waiting there. There were at least 3-4 parents there and all returned home highly disappointed.
What a waste of valuable annual leave.

Dear Ajaya

We are sorry that you went to Eglinton Children's Centre on the 28th December to find that the centre was closed and the Speech and Language sessions were not running.

Unfortunately, due to the Children Centre's closures at Christmas we were unable to run this session. We updated this information on Oxleas website, and the Children Centre's Manager confirmed that they had updated the poster with Speech and Language drop in dates which excluded the 28th December and sent text messages to all registered families.

We acknowledge that some families may not have been registered and we have altered our posters to advise contacting Children Centres during holiday periods to ensure they are open.

We hope that you are able to attend one of the next Speech and Language drop in sessions at Eglinton Children Centre's, they are on every Thursday from 1.30 - 3.30pm.

We have also sent you a separate email.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

Attended the Willows baby clinic in Chislehurst on Tuesday only to be told it is no longer held there and was given a list of clinics across the borough that could be attended.
Went along to Castlecombe clinic on Thursday as advertised on the list only to find it closed! Parking on the street was an issue and there was a notice stating car park was not for use if attending the baby clinic.
Phoned the number on the sheet given and was passed through to someone else and was informed that the childrens centres are closed for Christmas!
Parents still need health visitor advice regardless time of year.
Why close the Willows? Parking available nearby, good bus service, well placed.
Why didn't the list of clinics given state certain venues will be closed at certain times of the year? Are there anymore dates when they will be closed?
Why were parents not informed of the closure of the willows? A simple NHS text could have been sent with a link to view changes and venues etc.
Any chance of a baby clinic coming back to Chislehurst?

Dear Susan

I am sorry you arrived at the Willows to find the venue has been closed.

Oxleas have been providing the health visiting service since 1 October, at the time we started the service the Willows was not available to us and was retained by Bromley Healthcare.

Our commissioners have asked us to locate health advice sessions in Children and Family centres across the borough, although unfortunately they routinely close over the Christmas period. The dates are advertised on our webpage.

There are some sessions open over Christmas:

• There will be a health advice session at Neighbourhood Church, Cromwell Road, Beckenham. BR3 4LW on 28 December.
• There will be a self-weigh session at the Crown Medical Centre, 3 Mackintosh Street, Bromley. BR2 9GT on 28 December.

If you would like to contact your health visitor for support and advice, please ring our central administration team on 020 8836 8621.

We intend to continue running the health advice sessions in Castlecombe, Cotmandene and Burnt Ash Children and Family centres.

Thank you for letting us know your concerns - we value your comments. We will consider moving one of our current health advice sessions to Chislehurst, if we can find a suitable venue.

Best wishes

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

I have constantly tried calling your switchboard, individual departments and have just spent the lat 48 minutes. Not a single person answered. It is unbelievable that in this day and age your staff allow the phone to ring for 20mins or longer. I understand they may be busy attending to patients but seeing as you have a phone line,does it not make sense that it should be manned. People are only calling because they require some assistance medically, no one is ordering to have chat or order a pizza. They are obviously experiencing some kind of discomfort. Calling you does nothing whatsoever to ease that, in fact it increases their anxiety as a result of the poor attention to detail from overpaid bosses who have no interest in the welfare of the hospital. Then you wander why you are being shutdown.

Dear David

I am very sorry to learn of the communication difficulty you have been experiencing.

Can you advise me which service you have been trying to contact and I will help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


0800 917 7159

I was discharged as an inpatient back in November without any after care provided by the ward I was on for them only to be admitted back to Newham hospital for a much better service once I was discharged it has been one nightmare after another being back with Oxleas I met my care co ordinator once for them to get a phone call to say I have been given a different one and they can’t meet with me until the new year... for the last 3 days I have tried to get hold of someone as I am struggling mental health wise and no one has called me back!!!!

One of the worst experiences I have had through the mental health services.
Around April of this year was a time in my life I was extremely vulnerable and needed immediate help. I was set up with this service after a visit to A&E. To which at this point I was suicidal and extremely low.
From the first point of contact I felt like my whole case was un-organised, under-managed and no real duty of care was provided. Due to consultants/doctors being away or off-sick, appointments which were meant to be provided and actioned on within the first few days, were being pushed into nearly two weeks.
This was nearly two weeks from first point of contact with no treatment provided. I was being "managed" by the team through seeing someone daily or spoken with over the phone, having to answer the same question daily and expected to self-manage.

I was in a time of my life which should of been dealt with as a crisis situation.
I was eventually offered a telephone conversation with a psychiatric doctor due to the fact he and colleagues had been too busy to physically see me during this period. During this phone conversation with the doctor, I was made to feel stupid, he was rude and dismissive. This is not an acceptable way to speak to someone who is vulnerable and in a crisis. This doctor made me feel worse and I made a complaint surrounding his comments at the time.
I got so fed up of having to speak to people daily over the phone, in the end, receiving no real help or treatment I had to seek options privately to which I'm now seeing the benefits from.


I left a message a couple of days ago on the number shown for rTMS queries at The Woodlands Unit; as I haven't heard back I am emailing to ask if my GP refers me for rTMS on the NHS for treatment-resistant depression at your Unit ( and we live outside of your borough although still in Greater London), does my GP simply write a referral letter or do they have to apply for funding first?

Many thanks for your help

Hi Clare,

Thank you for your interest in our rTMS Service. If you live outside Bexley, Bromley or Greenwich boroughs, please discuss this treatment with your GP and/or local psychiatrist.

They can apply to your local CCG for funding and once this is in place they can make a referral to our service. If you have medical insurance which would cover this treatment this may also be an option.

One of our managers is going to contact you in case you have further questions.

Kind regards

Rachel Matheson
Service Manager for Mental Health
Greenwich Directorate

Looking through desperately a few months ago. Found your NVR guidelines. It has been a wonderful aid in managing my crisis, can't recommend it enough to parents in crisis with aggressive or strong willed violent temper children.
Well done for this guidelines. More details on meetings and resolutions will be appreciated.


Dear Christine

Thank you kindly for your feedback - we are really pleased that the NVR material was useful to you.

We would be more than happy to talk to you about other parenting support in Greenwich CAMHS and in the borough.

Please do not hesitate to contact Pete Brown, our parenting lead, on 0203 260 5211 if you require any further information and again, thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards

Sheena Gohal
Greenwich CAMHS Operational Manager

The nurses on norman are doing their best but the lack of any activities here are making it really hard for everyone. Their are a couple of notices up about groups but they havent taken place since ive been in. The activity room is virtually empty and is kept locked as apparently there aren't enough staff to have it open. There are jigsaw puzzles but the boards are missing. Last time I was in there was an activity coordinator on the ward who made a really difficult time a bit easier as you could be distracted at least for a while from knowing you are locked in and in hospital

Thank you for your comment. I was sorry to hear about your experience with us and have discussed your message with Lawrence Yong, the unit matron. He has met with colleagues today and they talked about how they might be able to provide more activities on Norman Ward. We have plans to refresh the structured programme and also to recruit ward volunteers who will be able to play games or chat with patients .

In the meantime, the ward manager will ensure that available activities are discussed in the ward community meetings and that our patients are invited to attend. More puzzles are being ordered too as you are right to point out that parts are missing.

Your message was anonymous, but if you would like to make yourself known to the ward manager or matron, they would be happy to see how we can help further.

With best wishes
Estelle Frost,
Bromley Service Director

Utterly appalled! Why close down so many centres and why the lack of consultation or communication? I just discovered the Willows has been closed today and the Beacon. Thankfully I passed my driving test in June this year so I can travel a bit further but what about those who don't drive? If I hadn't have passed my test this would have totally screwed me over as these are the only two easily accessible by public transport. Clearly whoever is behind these changes hasn't had to transport a newborn/young baby on public transport and then walk a fair distance in the rain or freezing cold! And I agree with other's, quite a few of the new sites are not fantastic for parking. How is this an improved service! Sounds like budget cuts to me unless the "improvements" you mention are that you are opening more clinics?

Dear Gemma

Thank you for your email. Other service users share your view, but sadly Beckenham Beacon and The Willows were retained by the previous provider for their own services.

Fortunately we have now opened a replacement clinic close to Beckenham Beacon, it is at the Neighbourhood Church on Cromwell Road. This clinic opened on Thursday 30th November from 1.30 pm until 3.30 pm and will be held weekly from now onwards. The Neighbourhood Church also hosts a Baby Café for breast feeding support.

We are also still looking for venues in Orpington, we are aware that parking is becoming increasingly difficult in Bromley and for this reason we are looking for venues close to bus routes.

Oxleas has been commissioned to deliver a service particularly focussing on the Children and Family Centres in Bromley; these venues are already established and we are delighted to be able to work with them and have placed the majority of our Health Advice sessions in these locations, which we hope will introduce families to all the other services available to them through Children and Family Centres.

We hope that working with our partners in Bromley will lead to better support and care for families. We are still offering home visits especially in late pregnancy and in the first few weeks after birth, and after this 1 and 2 year developmental assessments.

Thank you for contacting us to raise your concerns, please be assured that we are keen to improve our services based on your feedback

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

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