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I have been trying to contact my sons coordinator at Beckenham Beacon ,I think the system must be inoperable as I can’t get through to speak to anyone ,Pressing button 0ne ,at one call , there was no reply to the ringing after a long time ,On the next call there was no ringing or contact on all the button numbers , This is at 1pm -1.30pm . I need some help and advice from CCO who has been as helpful as she can until now .I feel quite desperate at one sons poor mental health and need a solution . The situation is extremely stressful for an 88 yr old partially disabled mother who has a heart condition . I have had to battle on for 13 yrs with the mental health conditions of my sons and it’s quite dire presently .

Dear Mary
We are sorry to hear about the difficulty you have had contacting your son's Care Coordinator. We will ensure a staff member from the team contacts you back today on the matter. We will also check the phone lines again to ensure that they are functioning.


Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Bromley Directorate

Dear Mary,
We understand that your son's CCO has been in contact with you and we can confirm the phone lines in the West Locality have been checked and we can reassure you that they are now working.

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Bromley Directorate

Hi. I hope this finds you well. We were referred to Cahms on 1st April and have not heard anything yet back. My daughter has been struggling and with GCSEs coming up the anxiety is building as we suspect she has ADHD. We are trying to get her all the support we can get but what she really needs is a proper assessment. She has also developed tics which has compounded matters and so with going back to school we noticed she is getting worse. I know Cahms are really busy and was wondering if there was any alternative or way we can help her get a diagnosis? It’s been five months now with no word so we don’t know what to do. Thanks and all the best.

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your comment, I'm sorry to read of the difficulties your daughter has been experiencing.

A colleague from Greenwich CAMHS will be in contact with you early next week to discuss the issues you've raised and consider options.

Best wishes,

Dominic Leigh
CAMHS Service Manager

My mother is a palliative care patient and requires stat doses of antiemetics.
One day it took 6 hrs for a dn to call, even though I rang several times.
This evening I rang in plenty of time before my mum was due her next injection and have still not received a phone call let alone a visit. It’s been 4 hrs now…
I think it’s disgusting to leave a terminally ill cancer pt in this state. From now on I shall be calling an ambulance for them to administer her medication and will blame the dn team for not doing their job

Dear Gemma

I am sorry to read the concerns you have raised about your mother.
PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service) have e-mailed you asking for some further details so that we can support you and your family and to date we have not received a response. If you could kindly respond to our e-mail we will investigate this as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Lisa Cooper
Associate Director Adult Community Services

Hi , my son who has learning and speak and language needs has been referred to Oxleas by the GP , Oxleas called him on the 4th August and spoke with him , they insisted on speaking with him , but my son struggles to speak to people and answer questions and I’m concerned that no one spoke with me at all as he finds it hard to articulate himself and the mental health difficulties he is having.

Sadly this is the 2nd time he had been referred to Oxleas and same experience .
My son is having thoughts of suicide self harm and hearing voices and I would like to speak to someone. The person on the phone at PCP has no concept of understanding of learning disabilities or asking for carer to speak.

This service is sadly disappointing and not accessible to those with learning disabilities.

Is A&E our only option?


Dear Chloe

We are sorry to hear about the difficulties your son has experienced accessing our services. Though we do need to be able to engage directly with service users in order to provide assessment and treatment, we value the important contribution made by carers which is often essential in supporting that engagement.

We have conveyed your concerns to the Locality Manager responsible for the Primary Care Plus Team (PCP) and they will arrange for you to be contacted on the number you have provided to assist you and your son.

If you require immediate crisis support and advice you can contact Oxleas Crisis Line 24 hours a day on 0800 330 8590.

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Bromley Directorate

I’ve never had such a good experience with a mental health team in my life. Lizzie and the Dr have done everything they could for me, I never felt let down and everything I spoke about was listened to and taken seriously. Things that have been making me really anxious have all had plans been put in place to sort out and they do everything they tell you they will. I’m upset I have to move to a different team soon because of my location but I wanted to post this before I forgot because I think a lot of mental health workers get a bad rep and I think it should be noted that this team are really really good at what they do. Thanks again for your help!

Dear Louise

Thank you so much for taking the time to advise us of the very positive experience you had of Oxleas Perinatal Service.
We are always very pleased to hear that the support our services provide is effective and beneficial. We formally collect compliments as useful learning for what works well and your comments are a very helpful contribution.
Further to this we also ensure that we advise staff of positive feedback, this serves as deserved acknowledgement of the work that they do and also a significant morale boost for us all.
Thank you again for taking the time to feedback and we wish you all the best with your move and for the future.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Bromley Directorate

A consultant at St Thomas’ sent a referral across (to our understanding) just before the pandemic started, in reference to my grandmother. My grandfather mentioned a couple of months ago receiving a call to offer dementia support groups, which my grandmother did not want to take, but nothing since. I made a call to the service today to check if it was this service who had made that call (grandfather wasn’t sure), and if there was anything else that could be offered. The was no record of any referral on file, which is frustrating but not the service’s fault. However, when asked by the person on the phone when the referral was made and I said “late 2019, early 2020”, she made slight mocking laugh sound and said “And you’ve waited two years to call and check?” I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how destructive and all-consuming dementia is. Nor do I need to highlight the fact that covid basically halted all services, and that we could only assume for a while that the strain it had put on your service had caused the delay in contact. I will point out again that my grandfather - who is in his early 60s and completely sound of mind - had contact from ‘someone’ about dementia, which I could only assume was yourselves. To be then judged by someone who doesn’t know me, and who is supposed to be part of a system designed to help people and their families, was a bit of a blow. I already feel like I’m not doing enough. I will never be able to do enough, because nothing will make her better and take the stress away from him. But I don’t expect my first communication with your service to be a professional sharing that sentiment.

Dear Kayleigh

I am very sorry this has been your experience so far from our memory service staff. I have asked the manager to contact you and see what we can do to support you and your grandparents.

Kind regards

Helen Jones
Greenwich Service Director

Hi there,

I am a social worker in the Multi - agency Safeguarding Hub for Bexley Children's Social Care. I have had permission from a parent to make contact with Park Crescent MH team to obtain information about their care plan/ treatment plan and current MH.

I have made repeated attempts to contact your team by telephone to no avail.

Kind Regards

Dear Margaret

We are sorry you are having trouble getting through to the service. We understand the appropriate Operational Manager is arranging to make contact with you.

Kind regards
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

I would like to know if you are able to send a Conners form for ADHD so it cuts out the waiting time,my son has always displayed symptoms but was managed to a certain degree although when he was 7 teachers did say to fill one out then,he is now 15 and symptoms are way more severe.

Dear Saheda
Thank you for your query, I have asked a member of the Specialist team to contact you.

Kind regards
Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

I've not heard a thing since my son had his genetics blood test and we filled out the conners form. Get no where ringing them on hold for hours then cut off

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your contact, I am sorry that you have experienced issues trying to speak to our services. I understand a member from the team will be in contact with you today

Kind regards


Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

Do you have an e-mail address so i can discuss changing my mothers prescription please. She is very close to running out of nappies. Have been waiting for a return call for a week now but no luck.

Dear Heather,

Thank you for your communication. The Service lead has emailed you to arrange a discussion regarding the supply of continence products. Please call her back with the details provided.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

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