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i attended two weeks ago and while the service i got while there was great, its the after service which i have problems with, having to wait two weeks for results when most other clinics have the results the same day or within 72 hours, and when you do call the clinic results line it just hangs-up

Dear David

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are very sorry the delay.

Someone from the team will look into the reasons for this and contact you as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

Dear David,

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the late response to your comment on our website. I have only just come into post as Manager of CASH.

I'm sorry that you found it difficult to get through on our results line. I will be exploring how we are better able to manage answering this line going forward.

Also, I thought it would be helpful to give you some context to the amount of tests and subsequent results we deal with in the CASH service; on average we undertake approximately 3000 tests each month. As a consequence we are only able to contact patients with a positive result, and do ensure that we communicate to each patient at the time of taking their sample that if they haven't heard anything within 14 working days, their result is negative.

However, we realise that this is a considerable amount of time to wait, and patients may be anxious to know their results (positive or negative) sooner rather than later. We are in the process of exploring a new automated system to help us deliver results to our patients confidentially and in a timely manner.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Best wishes,

Gerry Baker
Manager - CASH and Community Gynaecology


I think taking off the Thursday drop in clinic was a mistake. Now the Monday's one is very crowed. Cannot have a proper chat with the Health Visitor.

Both clinic were busy but the waiting was ok. So i do not understand why you take one off.

Dear Muriel

Thank you for sending me your comments about the Crown Medical Clinic. Oxleas started providing the Health Visiting service on 1st October, at this time not all the buildings previously used were made available to us.

To help with this we have extended our clinic times in the Children and Family centres and we are hoping to open a new venue in Beckenham shortly.

At Crown Medical we are planning to offer a new weighing clinic on Thursdays, and we are looking for an alternative venue for the Monday clinic.

The clinic timetable is available to see on our service page:

You are welcome to attend any clinic we are running in the borough. I'm sorry this has been an inconvenience for you.

Best wishes

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

Please tell me where or how to find details of the Bromley breastfeeding drop-ins. I see that Oxleas does not have access to use Beckenham Beacon and therefore that breadtfeeding drop-in no longer runs. What about the others? Where is there an up-to-date timetable? I want to update local resources on the Breastfeeding Welcome page and nct pages.

Dear Sherry

Thank you for contacting us regarding access to support for breast feeding mothers.

There are currently three breast feeding support groups running across the week.

Mondays 10-12pm at Blenheim Children and Family Centre
Tuesdays 10-11.30am at Bromley United Reform Church and
Wednesdays 10-11.30am at Community Vision Children and Family Centre

Oxleas are working on a new Bromley Health Visiting website for Bromley mothers which will have all our clinic and support group timetables included. We would be very pleased to include local up to date links and to provide information for the Breast Feeding Welcome and NCT. Our Infant Feeding Advisor will be in contact with you soon to discuss this.

With thanks

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager

My daughter was under CAMHS 3 years ago and discharged after two years of psychotherapy. I feel like nobody believed me or understood. They used to tell me that I’m just looking for diagnosis and what do I want to achieve with that. They didn’t diagnose everything was blamed on my divorce, new husband etc. Since the discharge things have gone worse my daughter got diagnosed with ADHD by Oxleas and possible ASD. School is struggling and we are coming back to CAMHS (been accepted and waiting for appointment). I don’t know what to expect but I have no confidence in CAMHS at the moment. I hope things have changed and someone will listen and help us this time.

Dear Martina

We are very sorry to hear about your past experiences with CAMHS and your worries about the upcoming appointment, based on your past experiences of the service.

We understand that you have spoken with the Operational Manager for Greenwich CAMHS and agreed that you would meet with the named clinician prior to the initial assessment for your daughter to allow an opportunity to share some of your anxieties and hopes for your daughter's time in CAMHS.

We hope that this has been helpful, and would like to thank you for your feedback.

Kind regards

Sheena Gohal

Overall the Oxleas and NHS website are very helpful.

Thank you Chloe for your kind words which I will pass onto the web team.

Best wishes

Steve Cooksley
Digital Projects Officer

I was just wondering if these clinic are the same as previously? Can you still get baby weighed?

Dear Nicola

We are still running baby clinics and you can find the venues and times in our timetable on the service page:

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

I would like to book a 12 months review as I'm not happy with an email describing what my child should be able to do, that's ridiculous. As a first time mum I want the same service as my fellow mothers in other surrounding areas eg Bexley. What phone number do I call to arrange this? I work full time in central London and can't take a day off to attend a drop in with waiting times as I did when I was on maternity leave. I'm in SE9.

Kind Regards


Dear Sofi

Thank you for your comment and request to have an appointment for a 10-12 month review for your baby. A member of our team will be contacting you very soon to arrange an appointment with you.

Oxleas aims for all services to be responsive to feedback and views from service users and professional partners. The Greenwich Public Health Community Nursing Service, which includes health visiting, has been in operation for just over a year and we are introducing a number of enhancements to the service delivery model in response to feedback from parents.

We will soon be introducing the option for parents to request an appointment for 10-12 month review with one of our skilled nursery nurses. Our communication to parents, when their child reaches this age, will include the telephone number of our Central Administration Team, who will be happy to make an appointment for parents who call.

We are aware that not all parents wish to attend a face to face review and in the past there has been a high rate of parents not attending for the 10-12 month developmental review, so the offer to parents to 'opt in' for this face to face review will ensure efficient use of appointments.

All parents will still receive an email or letter with an invitation to attend one of our drop-in sessions, and links to our webpage where they can access age related health and development information.

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly

Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years
Young People and Families Directorate

Hi Ellen,
Thank you for replying. I got a call from a lovely HV and have an appointment next week. I'm very happy that you have changed the service for those who want a face to face appointment.
Kind Regards

As you can see from all the comments, the service in Beckenham area has dramatically worsened. When I had my first kid, I used to have a weekly session at my GP surgery. Then, 3 sessions, morning and afternoon session at Beacon, afterwards 2 sessions only in the afternoon and now, none. Having two kids and no car, it is extremely difficult for me to manage to go to Community Vision by bus. I have only been once and it was not comfortable at all to be standing up with 2 kids talking about your issues with the Health Visitor while other 20 mums were waiting at the same time.
You need to find a solution as soon as possible as this is not good enough.

Dear Paula

Thank you for sending your email raising your concerns about the lack of clinic at Beckenham Beacon. When Oxleas started the new service on 1st October the previous provider has decided to retain the room for another purpose. We enquired if there was another available suitable space at Beckenham Beacon, but there are no other free sessions.

We are close to securing a new venue close to Beckenham Beacon, and we will advertise this widely when we start the service there, we are hoping this will be in only a week or two.

I'm sorry you have been inconvenienced by this.

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

I am writing to express my disappointment and concern at the recent deterioration in service provision for health visiting in my local area of Bromley.

I have 6 months old twins and had excellent care with home visits initially and regular clinic checks for weigh in's and chances to get questions answered and support from the previous service providers. Clinics were always busy but efficient and I felt they allowed the chance to discuss issues relatively privately.

Since the switch to Oxleas NHS Trust, there are fewer staff (from my understanding) and fewer clinics. These changes have meant my options to attend the local clinic at my gp practice (Bromley Common Practice) has reduced to once a week and therefore when I attended last Thursday, there was no clinic. On attendance this Monday morning I was met with a massive queue of parents with babies and stressed staff and therefore a worse service.

I had to wait over 40m to get the twins weighed and as it was so busy, had to leave my buggy with one baby outside whilst I went in to weigh the other. Fortunately other waiting mums looked after the one outside and one staff member was also pulled out of clinic to supervise the baby outside.

I don't think this is an acceptable option. All mums were waiting patiently but some decided to turn away and not bother as waits were so long.

The staff were trying their best but were too busy, squeezed for space and struggling to be efficient and organised making the whole experience unsatisfying. I had several questions I wanted to ask but felt I was taking up too much time. (That was my impression and not the impression the health visitor I was seeing was giving me.) She tried to be as attentive as possible.

I hope you will consider reviewing the recent changes.

Dear Margarida

Thank you for sending an email telling us of your concerns.

Bromley Local Authority have commissioned us to provide a new health visiting service particularly asking us to work more closely with Children and Family centres, and so we have ensured that most of our Baby Clinics are in these settings.

We have not reduced the staffing in the clinics, although we have reduced the number from 11 to 9 across the borough. When Oxleas took over the Health Visiting service we were advised that the previous provider wished to keep the Thursday Baby Clinic room at Crown Medical GP practice for another purpose and so the Thursday is not available to us anymore.

The room is not available on any other days for us to use so we are looking for an alternative venue with some urgency. I agree that at the moment the service at Crown Medical is not acceptable and my staff are trying hard to provide a supportive service there while we secure another venue As soon as we have secured a new venue we will advertise this widely.

I'm very sorry you have been inconvenienced by this.

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

Please please sort out additional HV sessions at the crown medical centre. it was ridiculous this morning queuing outside in the cold for nearly an hour with my 3 week old baby. This is not going to be sustainable as we head further into winter. There used to be an additional Thursday session at this venue why has it been stopped?

Dear Theresa

Thank you for sending in your comment.

When Oxleas took over the Health Visiting service we were advised that the previous provider wished to keep the Thursday Baby Clinic room for another purpose, and so the Thursday is not available to us anymore. The room is not available on any other days for us to use so we are looking for an alternative venue with some urgency.

As soon as we have secured a new venue we will advertise this widely. I'm very sorry you have been inconvenienced by this.

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

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