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Have been trying to make contact regarding my son, and the paedriatrics service at his last appoint in January, the report said a follow appointment in 6 months (June) and have not yet heard anything. This was with Dr Ahmed, before that was Dr Kozen.

In the last few months, we have seen different speech people, and occupational therapist.

He is due to start reception school in a few weeks, and really need to get every possible plan in place to help with his learning development and suspected autism.

We are still waiting for the dr's to go to a committee to get him statmented or properly diagnosed. it seems like everyone else is being seen except us. it's been 3 years now.

Dear David

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand that Maria Tanner, who manages the service, has contacted you this morning and will call you later today, once she has spoken to the paediatrician about your son's appointment.

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C & Y P Services

Dear David

We are sorry that you have not been able to contact our Paediatric team.

I have spoken to our Lead Paediatrician and confirmed a date for your son to be seen and has called you to let you know.

You will receive a letter of confirmation - should you wish to change the appointment please call 0208 294 3130.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Service Manager for Specialist Children Services

After travelling to The Oval to get my daughter weighed, it became clear it had stopped this service.

I am trying to find the list of current weigh-ins but not having much luck.

Please can you advise?

Dear Sophie

The Health Visiting service in Bexley is now being provided by Bromley Healthcare. For information about the services available to you please look in their website by following the link

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services
Children and Young Peoples Directorate

Would definitely not recommend this service to anyone who requires help.

I opted to try this for self help and went through the procedure multiple ones. On the first ocassion I missed my telephone consultation by 10 minutes due to no signal when I called them back I was told I was discharged and had to go back to my gp.

Firstly, it's no surprise so many young people like myself are struggling to find help when even the receptionists aren't willing to negoatiate or suggest alternative solutions.

After this I had to do the process again, my gp stated in a letter for 'face-to-face' treatment. When I attended this it was my first time so I was obviously very nervous, the session finished in less than 15 minutes (meant to be 30) and it was a complete joke and waste of my time.

Would not recommend to anyone.

Dear Nicole

Thank you for your comments and we are sorry that you have found the experience of the service to be suboptimal. We are taking patient's experience feedback very seriously and strive to continuously improve the service we provide to people. The clinical lead of the service will call you to discuss your concerns further.

Best wishes,

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director for Greenwich Adult Mental Health

Hello im contacting you regarding my mum whos in hospital but could do with more rehabilation on her legs as just had gurdle stone op but she has dementia and that seems to be the bug bare at the centres that would be great help to her and us my question is do you except patients with altzimers ..many thanks sophie

Dear Sophie

I am sorry to hear you mother is not able to access rehabilitation services. Patients are assessed as to whether they have the capacity to understand and follow the care plan. This does not necessary mean patients with dementia are excluded. If you can contact me on 0208 301 9437, I can put you in contact with a member of staff from the most appropriate team who can discuss with you your mothers needs.


Helen Jones
Associate Director, Bexley Mental Health Services

My daughter was referred to this centre from our GP, after showing worrying signs of mental heath, anxiety and concerns for her own safety! WHAT A JOKE THIS PLACE IS!!!
We was told the appointment would be 45 minutes but there was no rush!! After 1/2 hour the lady started to look at her watch, then decided to start printing information off that we had already been given from our GP, which I had explained to her, she just continued to print off and said just take them. I presume so she could say she had done something!! She told us she would have a meeting and would let us know the outcome. She phoned the next day to say it wasn't what she first thought and would be in touch! We didn't hear from them again. A while later while my daughter was at the GPs she said it showed on her records that the Erith centre had diagnosed her with adjustment disorder/personality disorder!! We was told they would discharge her as she no longer needed their help!!! A year on my daughter has continued to struggle and tried to take her own life!! A referral was again sent to the centre from our GP after my daughter saw a psychiatrist for another condition that she has, they have concerns that her condition isn't being addressed. she received a letter from the centre to say that she would get a call that would last 1/2 hour!!! The call lasted 5 minutes and all the woman said was why would you want to take your life!!! We was told by our GP that it would probably be best to see a private psychiatrist to try and get help quicker, which last week we did!! You guessed it my daughter has been WRONGLY DIAGNOISED SHAME ON YOU!!! My daughter has been given the wrong medication and care due to your negligence!!! No wonder she isn't improving without the correct support.

Hi, I am a patient of Oxleas and have an appointment about every 8 weeks. For each appointment I receive an appointment letter. I then receive a reminder latter, for my appointment on 14th August I have received a reminder letter today. Why do you keep sending reminder letters ? The cost of sending a letter is not trivial, especially when the total number of letters sent out by the NHS is taken into account. Medicine is an evidence based science and there is no evidence that I have ever missed an appointment, so why keep sending me reminders ? The NHS is chronically starved of cash and the mental health services are the poor relation within the overall NHS cash provision. I do not receive reminder letter from the other NHS services I regularly use, so why does Oxleas send these reminders ? What is particularly irksome is when the original and reminder letter has different information and this requires a phone call to sort out. I have, on 2 occasions, had the situation when the 2 letters contained different information and when I phoned to sort the problem, I've found that neither letter contained the correct information ! I would point out that the letter I received today is 11 days before the appointment - plenty of time for me to forget about the appointment if I am that way inclined.

I have two incredibly vulnerable female friends who have been referred to this service after displaying severe anxiety and panic after sustained traumatic experiences - and come off WORSE as a result of their assessments and subsequent treatment. Both were diagnosed as having Boarderline Personality Disorder when neither of them actually display the majority of symptoms, then immediately discharged from the service just having had that bomb dropped on their heads. Either the service is run by idiots or sadists and I'm genuinely unsure as to which would frighten me more. How you can just drop an extremely fragile and frightened woman not once, but twice is completely beyond belief. I feel sorry for all the people discharged by your service who don't have friends to pick them back up after you drop them.

I would like to give a big thank you to Caryn, she was extremely professional, helpful and friendly from the first procedure to the dressing change. Great service, thank you very much Caryn and the rest of the team!

I have been trying to get in contact regarding my son and waiting times. It would be good to know at how long we have to wait before getting an appointment. For my sons interest this needs to speed up. Lack of communication causes anxiety and stress.

Dear Lucy

I'm sorry that you have been unable to contact the Community Paediatric Service.

Alison has called you with the appointment date and one of our administrators will call you should an earlier appointment become available.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Service Manager for Specialist Children Services

I am unable to attend my sons 2yr check up tomorrow but unable to contact anyone to let them know and to re-arrange another appointment

Dear Nikki

Thank you for posting your comment to let the health visiting team know that you will not be able to attend the appointment with your son this morning.

As you live in the borough of Bexley, you can contact your local health visiting service, run by Bromley HealthCare, on 0300 303 5777.

You can also view the website for health visiting and school nursing in Bexley at:

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years