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Is it possible to refer someone else who needs help?

Dear Sarah

A person can self refer or go to their GP and ask for a referral to be made on their behalf.

kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director Greenwich Mental Health Services

Hi I have been waiting in a o me on one session for the past month .I'm just afraid of all these comments that I won't get my appointment. I have had my phone assessment but still waiting on a session .please can you let me know how long it will be .thank you

Dear Pauline

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry for the delay in gaining access to our service. Deputy clinical lead Stavros Markatselis (020 3260 1100) will be in touch to discuss your concerns.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

Disgraceful, my sister was in a mental health crisis and was brought in by a team of mental health Drs under a section 2. She was told a week later she could go home and they did this knowing she is a risk to herself and others. This is why mental health fails people, the Dr who told her she could leave hadn't bothered to read the report that said she needs to go to full time supported housing before she can leave the hospital.

Dear L

I am sorry to read about your experience. I will email you directly to get more information and discuss a plan to take your concerns forward.

Estelle Frost
Bromley Service Director


I have been depressed/anhedonic for 9 years and have failed to respond to all medications (over 30) , and was wondering whether I could be referred for rTMS on the NHS? I live in a nearby London borough and see this as a fully viable option in finally treating my depression and regaining my life.

However I need to ask if were I to be referred, you would be willing to conduct the treatment on an area of the brain known as the orbitofrontal cortex? This is the only area of the brain that seems to respond to the emotional numbing type of depression/anhedonia that I have, and has many studies,evidence and anecdotes behind it of which I can provide.

As I understand it, NICE has not restricted this method of care, and it has been used extensively in the US now to alleviate the most treatment resistant cases(anhedonia and emotional numbing) I really feel that this is the only type of rTMS that can cure me , and being only 24 and having suffered like this for many years, I am pretty desperate to regain my life.

I hope you can be of assistance

Dear Albert

I am sorry to hear you have been unwell for so long. You are right to say that orbito-frontal rTMS appears to be an interesting and perhaps promising rTMS modality, but it would be delivered with a special coil, which we don't have, and more importantly, one would normally try the standard rTMS protocol to either the right or the left Dorso-lateral Prefrontal Cortex, as the evidence of effectiveness of this modality is much better at the moment.

Kind regards

Dr Rafael Euba

My 18 year old son transitioned from CAMHS earlier this year on a CPA. He was given a CPN who he saw a handful of times and she then left. He was not allocated a new one despite being on a CPA. He was contacted by a team Psychologist who assessed him for further treatment that had a 6 month waiting list. he attended A&E on the 1/6/2018 feeling anxious and suicidal. The nurse contacted his CMHT and stated that he needed more support. It was not forthcoming. He had an appointment with the Psychologist on the 12th July which he attended only to be told she was off sick and someone should have informed him. He has heard nothing since. I have left 2 voicemails with the team leader Brian stating that at this point I would like to make an informal complaint about the lack of care and support for my teenage son. I have had no response. To say the least the transition has gone badly. My son is vulnerable to depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and he is currently receiving no treatment. Very unimpressed with the service to date.I'm a registered mental health nurse myself and know the strain on services but this is unacceptable.

We are very sorry to hear about your experience regarding your son’s treatment. The Greenwich Mental Health Service Manager Rachel Matheson will be in touch with you to discuss a way forward.

Disgusting service. My son has been desperately waiting for someone who to contact him, for four months, only to be told he's been discharged. No one has contacted him at all why has he been discharged? What an awful thing to do to a teenager who spent days battling with himself until he could muster up the confidence to ask for help.
I called, knowing he didn't have the confidence to, only to be told no one can speak to me and no one will call him, he has to call himself even though this is supposed to be a counselling service for troubled youngsters and he has already taken the difficult step to ask for help.
Time to talk?! Time to add to your misery!

Dear Tilly

I am sorry that you had this experience. We spoke on the telephone and we agreed to try and contact your son again. He is now receiving therapy.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

Today I was so frustrated to hear from bromley well been that you have rejected there referral my four year old son suffering and his behaviour has got so severe that he knocked me out unconscious two weeks ago. I have done everything asked of me , my son is now a danger to himself and others .does my son have to seriously hurt himself or others before you will listen.

Dear Shiobhan

Many thanks for getting in contact.

As discussed over the phone I will follow-up on the concerns you raised regarding your son's referral to Bromley CAMHS and provide a response accordingly.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Bromley CAMHS on 020 8315 4430 if you need to discuss any further issues.

Best wishes
Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS


I have been trying to get hold of my HV for the last week regarding getting a referral to the perinatal mental health team - no one seems to pass on messages or ask her to call me back - so frustrating as being told to reach out for help but no one really helping.

Dear Katie

I am sorry that there was a delay in responding to your request. However, I understand that this has been rectified by the health visiting service and that you will be receiving a visit this week.

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C & Y P Services

Attended 5th July, a little apprehensive. Reception staff smiling and helpful. Very busy but numbers quickly went down and had to wait just 25 minutes for triage and then about 40 to see doctor. Very friendly but professional, supportive and gave all the time needed; explained everything and I left reassured and delighted with the service. I would definitely recommend this unit and if you have any concerns at all, don't wait and don't be worried, it is an excellent facility.

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your fantastic feedback. It's fitting that you visited our service on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS.

I will pass this on to the reception staff, triage nurse and the doctor who you saw. Hopefully your words will be of encouragement and reassurance to anyone else thinking of seeking help from our service.

Thank you again,

Gerry Baker
Manager - CASH and Community Gynaecology

Dear All,

I've been going to the drop-in sessions at Brookhill Children's Centre to weigh my baby and twice I've been told that I was too late (once at 11:40 and another time at 11:46). This last time I was told that the sessions end at 11:45, so I checked again but the schedule on this website shows the time as 9:30 to 12. To add to the confusion, the Brookhill Centre's website states 11:30 as the end time. So which one is it? Please clarify. I've encountered other mums who were also sent away and it's very frustrating given we've made the effort to attend the session, and we're guiding ourselves by the schedule you maintain on your website. Thank you.

Dear Tania

Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry that you and others have had this experience.

I can confirm that our Health Advice Session at Brookhill Children’s Centre is scheduled each Monday between 09.30 and 12.00.

I have spoken to the manager of Brookhill Children’s Centre and asked that the Children’s Centre reception staff are aware of this and also asked that their website is amended with the correct time.

Kind regards

Maureen Makin
Operational Lead Nurse

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