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I am a carer for my wife, who has been trying to phone Yeoman House to contact her care co-ordinator on numerous times for 2 days but cannot get through to reception. Our care co-ordinator has changed so many times in 6 months and the latest one has not even contacted us. This is so frustrating, especially when we have been told just ring us any time for help. But when you do need help you can't get any.

Please can I have a contact email for the health visiting team serving SE10. I need to get hold of them. Thank you

Hi Ruth

The email address for our central admin team is

kind regards

Tony (Communications Team)

I am currently under cognitive behavioural therapy with CAMHS in Bromley and I am physically appalled by the mistreatment that I have personally encountered. Last June I was referred by my previous therapist and GP to Camhs. I eventually got a therapist with Camhs in February. I had a total of 3 sessions before my therapist, *** fell ill and hasn't returned. It is now July and I have heard nothing since late March. I am severely struggling with my mental illness to the extent where my medication has been increased by a total of 20mg. I was told via phone call that I would hear something 'soon' in regards to having a new therapist in the time *** was unavailable. The lack of communication has left me feeling desperate and alone. I was pushed through to child counselling even though I was 18 because I was considered an 'emergency case'. I am physically and emotionally drained constantly with no outlet. I have been left with nothing and nobody. I have contacted my Local GP as a last resort for this scenario as I feel as though I have been freely abandoned with nothing else to fall back on.

Dear Jordan

We're really concerned to hear this, and are very sorry that you have had this experience with us. We wanted to let you know that we are investigating your situation, and we will be in touch with you today to resolve this as soon as possible.

best wishes

Carrie Sykes
Operational Manager
Bromley CAMHS

Good afternoon,

My son has just turned 13 months old and I haven't received any of the letters or emails with the information to assess his development and progress as it is described in answers above.

I am aware that unfortunately, and unlike other boroughs, greenwich has decided to eliminate the one year review. It seems that the new replacing service is not working as expected as communications are poor. Can you please advise on how to proceed?

Dear Nerea,

I am sorry to hear that you have not yet received the 10-12 month information email or letter.

I will look into this for you, and respond privately.

In the meantime, you are very welcome to bring your son to any of our Health Advice Drop In sessions, to see the nursery nurse or health visitor.

The nearest nursery nurse led drop in sessions for you are:

Quaggy Children's Centre, Orchard Hill SE13 7QZ Tuesday 9.30 - 12.00

Robert Owen Children's Centre, Commerell Street SE10 0EA

If you usually use one of these Children's Centres, please check their timetables, as they do close for 1-2 weeks during the summer holiday.

There is also a health visitor advice drop in at Sherington Children's Centre, Wyndcliff Road SE7 7JP.

This is on Wednesdays 9.30 - 12.00, and the Children's Centre will not be closing during the summer.

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

My husband and I met with Isabella at discovery centre when our baby boy was just a few weeks old! We had concerns about feeding and he was already diagnosed with tongue tie. Isabella showed different feeding positions which helped our baby to get more milk despite the tongue tie getting in the way. We were basically giving more formular between the feeds but after meeting Isabella we cut down on formular and baby had more breastmilk.
Tongue tie: She contacted kings college tongue tie clinic and booked our son for the procedure, despite waiting for nearly three weeks to be seen at kings, the nurses were great and the procedure successful thanks to Isabella.

Isabella treated us mostly me as my husband only attended twice, with utter most respect. She is very professional and thorough. I personally work in health care sector myself but i have never come across someone so dedicated, doing what she does with passion and she actually knows what she is doing.
She s never ignored me at any time when she is with another mum/family. She also utilizes her time very well.
I can say in a nutshell that Isabella made breast feeding for me most enjoyable. I wish all healthcare professionals can work similarly like her then we will have better NHS!

Really good place to stay and the staff are amazing in every way possible.

I was looked after by staff at Oxleas House recently after I became ill whilst in London on a work trip. The staff could not have been more amazing and I really appreciate the help they gave me. They made sure I was safe, and even washed my wet clothing for me. My care was arranged promptly and I was transferred to a ward back home in Dundee. I can't thank them enough!!

Dear Angela

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience of being an inpatient at Oxleas House. We are really pleased that you had such a positive stay and that your transfer back to Scotland went smoothly.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

My daughter is over 13 months old now and I haven't heard anything from my health visitors with regards to her 1 year check. I've even tried to find the questionnaire so that I can just do it myself to check that she is doing what she should be doing but can't find it. I don't understand why the health checks are even included in the red book now as none of them are done, My GP done her 6-8 week check but says she can't do the 1 year check. This service has gone down hill with all the cuts, I feel sorry for first time parents.

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for posting your comment on the Oxleas webpage . The Bexley health visiting service is now being provided by Bromley Healthcare, we have passed your comments on to them. Their contact details are:

Tel: 0300 330 5777

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

How can I get to a diabetes clinic. My GP isn't much help. When I asked him about one he just said oh, why don't you start one yourself. Then carried on telling me I was going to have a stroke, heart attack, amputations and go blind. My stress levels go sky high when I am due to see him. Why can't I see someone else. I am really not happy having to see him.

Dear Eileen

The pathway to the Diabetic Clinic is by referral from the GP. The service does not take self referrals.

We can contact your GP and relay your concerns and perhaps attempt to clarify any misunderstanding. If you want us to do this please email me at with your surname and your GP's name.

Best wishes,

Dr Anthony Akenzua
Clinical Director of Greenwich Adult Services

why cant people who see nhs pyschiatrists at ferryview and elsewhere pay 20 pound a week to see a pysch,it makes sense really,then we don't have to wait 6 weeks or 3 months to see a pysch then.couldnt there be a meeting about it and also ask patients about it has well.its also helpful etc to see someone once a week you know and will make things easier on the person,instead of making them wait and then they have to go to a and e when they are feeling in a bad way,even pay the care co ordinater has well that people have got inbetween,so hope this is a good idea. I don't fancy waiting 3 hours in a and e like I did today.physchs ,doctors etc don't understand people with mental health problems,has they would understand our pain and suffering that we go through. bye for now, tina