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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.


Our 27 year old daughter has suffered with anorexia and has been diagnosed in recent years with borderline personality disorder. She has been admitted to hospital a variety of times in the last few years at points where her condition has deteriorated to the point of not coping with general life stresses. In 2015 she was admitted into Oxleas House (Queen Elizabeth - Charlton) an experience I would not wish on my worse enemy. Not only did the lack of professional treatment, empathy and caring resulted in our daughter's health deteriorating over 5 months but also the tremendous anxiety and frustration as parents seeing our daughter suffer .

2016 Unfortunately another set back resulted in our daughter voluntarily seeking help but due to lack of beds she was temporarily taken to the Priory. For the first time we experienced a very different, caring approach in the mental health care sector. We decided at this point, our daughter would not be re-visiting in any circumstances Oxleas House and thanks to Adrian Dorney and his team, she was transferred to Green Park House, Betts Ward.

From day 1, we felt a warm welcome, many caring members of staff including and especially, ward manageress and her boss Laurence Yeung. There were many dedicated caring members of staff who took our daughter under their wing and worked hard in creating a safe environment in which our daughter could start her recovery. Unfortunately the ward is an acute ward not specialising in our daughter's specific needs. However, her consultant prescribed the correct medication to stabilise her condition and get her ready for transfer to a specialised eating disorder unit.

Although it took a long battle with the system to get her transferred to an eating disorder unit and was a massive struggle as a family watching our daughter not eat and barely drink for 30 days we felt a huge support from most of the staff and certainly the management team.

Although there were negative minor incidents during her stay, we felt we were given a voice and when these incidents were pointed out, management were very quick to correct them. The communication between us, staff and management were open, fast and very helpful.

I am sure that if more NHS funding was made available for the mental health sector, even great improvements could be made.

We cannot praise enough the ward staff, the management and consultants/doctors on Betts Ward with a special mention to Elsie, Mark, Adrian Dorney's, and his P.A. Natalie.

We extends the greatest gratitude to every one that help our Daughter.
Today shes doing very well and recovering, she has been allowed home for Christmas

Dear Jose

Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback of your daughter's care, and the experiences she and the rest of the family experienced. Firstly, I am very pleased to learn that she is currently doing well, and I would like to extend the best wishes of the season to you all.

I recognise that the experiences you all had varied considerably across two of our units, and both parts of this are helpful to us as an organisation; we learn as much from encouraging repetition of good care as we do from trying to stop poor practices.

I will be discussing the more detailed aspects of this with both units at a senior level, specifically with their modern matrons. I will also ensure that the specific people you have mentioned are made aware of what you have said. Each site will need to reflect on both the positive and negative aspects you have described.

I am hopeful that although this will not change what has happened to your family, the care of others will be better for what you have written.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Very disappointed to be told by one of your phone team to "come in on Thursday morning when it's quieter" to have my coil refitted only to find out on your webpage that this service is not available on this day. I've arranged an unpaid day's leave to visit tomorrow, but thanks to the wrong information from your staff, I won't be able to get this done and am missing out on a day's pay.

Dear SH

I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment in relation to our service. We always strive to provide the best possible care and I apologise if you have been provided with incorrect information about our service. We will learn from your feedback and ensure consistent messages and information are provided in future. We are pleased to say that in the New Year we will be offering appointments for contraception which we hope will improve accessibility to our service.

Daniel Smith - Interim Manager
CASH Service

I am the partner and carer for Irene and over the last couple of years we have been regularly attending the Kidbrooke health center where we see Niki the specialist diabetes dietitian because Irene has been diagnosed with type 2 and has server weight loss.

At every visit Niki has gone out of her way to make Irene at ease and discuss her progress as well as giving advice, this has helped greatly as the diabetis is only one of several medical conditions Irene has to cope with on a daily basis.

I would say that Niki truly shows the caring and human side of the NHS which is so important to patients and is so often overlooked as necessary by some staff.

Irene is looking forward to her next appointment in 2017 and wish all a happy new year.


Dear Keith

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a kind message regarding the care that Irene has received from Niki. I will pass on your message and good wishes to her.

I know she will be delighted to hear how much you both value the support she is providing.

Thank you again for your message. Wishing you a very happy new year.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager - Long Term Conditions

Very unhappy once again with your operation of the flu jab service for housebound Bexley residents. Our GP notifies us that the year's flu jabs are available in September each year. I Tell them my 88 year old mum is housebound and they pass the information to you. Too often, nothing then happens for months. It is now December and we have heard nothing this year. Indeed in two of the last three years mum has not been vaccinated until the New Year. I have been told you give priority to residents in care homes, which is fair enough. However you have presumably been commissioned to provide a service to all local residents. I suspect that your current policy leaves large numbers of individual elderly people across Bexley and Greenwich without information or inoculation and you either do not know or do not care how widespread any problems with this service are.

Dear Peter

Thank you for raising this concern. As discussed on the telephone I will look into this and contact you with an update later in the week.

In the meantime if you wish to contact me please do not hesitate, either by telephone 020 8319 7154 or by email

Kind regards

Head of Long Term Conditions

Dear Peter

As discussed on the telephone I can confirm that the referral from your mother's GP was received yesterday morning the 12th December 2017. This will now be passed to the district nursing team who will contact your mother and arrange a convenient time to visit.

I appreciate that you notified your GP in September that your mother would like to receive the flu vaccination, and as discussed I will add this to our feedback sheet when we meet to discuss this years flu vaccination programme with the CCG in the new year.

Please do not hesitate to contact me again if there is anything else I can help with.

Kind regards


I have always been happy to visit Wrotham Road clinic and found the health visitors really helpful.
I was therefore really disappointed in the service I received when attempting to book my daughter's one year check.
After several phone calls and no call backs as promised, I was finally told that there will be a clinic on 09/12/16 and that I will be booked in for this date and receive a confirmation letter. Last week on Tuesday I phoned to confirm the appointment as I didn't get a letter. I was told the person who deals with appointments will ring me back. I phoned again on Thursday to be told there is no appointment booked for the 9th, but that I have been booked in for Thursday 15/12, a day I cannot make as I'm working and which I told the person I first spoke to several times. I was asked if I cannot take the day off work. I don't think that it is a fair question to ask when I have already tried for over 4 weeks to arrange an appointment on a day I do not have to work. My daughter is now already 14 months old and I'm not sure that it is worth trying again to book a Friday appointment. Please note that we will not turn up on Thursday 15/12/16 at 14:00 as I did not agree to this appointment and also did not receive a confirmation letter. It is really hard getting through on the phone and when you do finally get through you are not given the correct information, or you don't receive promised call backs. I'm really disappointed that I have to complain about this, it shouldn't be this hard to get an appointment.

Dear Elizabeth

Further to our telephone call, I would like to confirm that we have arranged an appointment for your daughter this week.

I understand that you would have preferred to have contacted the team directly via email, rather than adding a post on our site. All the Health Visiting teams' contact information may be found on this web page when clicking on the team under the Location heading.

Thank you for mentioning this, we will improve this page to help with access.

Best wishes

Caroline Latham-Parker
Acting Head for Children's Public Health Service, 0-19 - Bexley

I just wanted to say thank you to Caroline Latham-Parker, for contacting me so quickly and sorting out the appointment for my daughter.
Also thank you to Caroline Reilly for her time this afternoon.
In future I will use the email to contact the team directly, apologies for not finding the link before.
Thank you

Words cannot explain how delighted I am that I proceeded with my surgery. I've hesitated for years worrying things might not go well and kept putting my operation off suffering the pain and discomfort. I'm now on week six after my bunion surgery and the healing process has gone really well. I followed all the recommendations given by the doctors. My foot looks and feels great! The scarring is next to invisible already. All of it is because of the fact that I was in hands of the two outstanding professionals who are a huge asset to NHS - Mr. Ryan Ballerino and Mr Andy McFarlane. The entire procedure starting from the first consultation to the last appointment (that I had today) was excellent. Caring and informative, highly professional people. Massive thank you to both of you. I'm a very happy patient and when I'm due to have my other foot done I know I'll definitely be going back to see you. Well done! You have helped yet another human being to feel better!

Dear Anna

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive comment on our website.

We are delighted you felt the care you received from our podiatric surgery team was of an excellent standard and that you are feeling so much better.

I will pass onto Mr. MacFarlane and Mr. Ballerino your thanks and we look forward to being of service to you again in the future.

With best wishes

Lisa Thompson
Head of Service - Specialist Teams (Adult Community Services)

I went to visit my husbund the staff were disrespectful and rude they were rude to me and my partner they are there to help him not make make him worse he needs help

Dear Louise

I'm very sorry to hear this. I will email you directly to learn more about this, including within which team this occurred.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Whilst I think the District Nurse service is pretty good, although they visit unannounced, the incontinence team appear to be shocklinly disfunctional and my family is fed up running all over the place to pick up Incontinence supplies for my father as it appears there is a breakdown in communication every time we have to request a supply of incontinence pads. Twice we have been asked to go and collect a packet of pads from Goldie Leigh because the DN or incontinence nurse has failed to bring any with them on their visits. On Friday my father was due to receive 16 boxes of them - only the elastic knickers were delivered!! Of course nobody works over the weekend so when I called on Saturday to the central access team I was simply told the message would be passed on but in the interim, go and buy some! The incontinence nurse who initially visited my father advised he was not incontinent (he is immobile, and doubly incontinent). She visited my father again last Tuesday and agreed he was and provided one packet of incontinence pads (which we had to collect from Goldie Leigh) which she said would be sufficient. Despite pleas of two packets to ensure my father had enough until the supposed delivery of 16 boxes which she had arranged for Friday, we were refused. How do people on their own cope with this shoddiness? My father is lucky he has two children who are managing his care and intervening as he could not do this alone and I hate to think what would happen if we were not around. Please give your incontinence team some customer service training!! Also the DN (an agency nurse) who visited my father today to attend to his sore (which we knew nothing about) was extremely rude to the family - all of the other DNs have been very helpful and kind. And not surprisingly, I have not received a call back from the incontinence team as yet. We work too and we can't be taking time off of work to collect items that should be provided on routine visits.

Dear Jo

I am sorry that your father has not received his continence products on time and that an agency nurse was rude to you.

I will investigate all the concerns raised and will respond back to you directly. Whilst I look into your concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on or by telephone 020 8319 7154/7047.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Head of Long term Conditions

I am becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of my sister. She has been diagnosed with Bpd, was sectioned, released and told she would have a visit every day for 2 weeks..this was at Queen Marys, from your team. She had one visit and a couple of calls. She told your staff she was ok for fear of being returned to section.Having worked in mental health everyone knows that a visit is required and a phone call is untrustworthy as the client will not be honest.Since then my Father took her to your centre 2 weeks ago and got a Dr appointment but there has been no follow up.My sister says she phones **** all the time, but he always says he will call back but never does. I live 100 miles away and it is very distressing to have calls and texts at all hours when she should be treated, counselled etc by a crisis team.I dont know if she really has called **** but all the reviews above suggest that calls are not returned etc. i do believe my sister was discharged too early as beds were needed and that she is heading for a very serious episode....i worry for that call when she has ended it all. Where i live if you phone 111 you select option 2 and get a mental health crisis team 24 this available in your area? I need to get an urgent appointment but due to confidentiality no one will discuss with me this situation...Help is required urgently...

Dear Gina,

I'm sorry to hear about your concerns. I will contact you directly to learn more about this, and how we can help.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My son was discharged from oxleys in December 2015 and since then we have had a year long battle to get him a care plan and a appointment with a psychologist , he was recently refererd to oxleas at ferryveiw ( about 2 months ago) who said he would see a psychologist and have a care plan put in place , again nothing has happened other than they want to do another assessment after already doing one. My son is just going around and around the system without getting the help he was promised and desperately needs before his mental health declines and he becomes depressed .

Dear Tony

Thank you for letting us know about your concerns. I will contact you directly to get more details so that I can follow this up with the team and determine what is happening.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director

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