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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.


I am very concerned (based on personal experience) about the lack of a Care Partnership model (with the Hospice)for palliative-care-at-home to support residents in the Borough of Bexley. Residents in Greenwich have such a scheme.

Does Oxleas Trust play a part in funding palliative care-at-home for Bexley residents and their carers? If not, who has that responsibility?

Dear Deirdre

Oxleas are commissioned by Bexley CCG (who hold the funding), to deliver palliative care to Bexley residents. This is delivered mainly by the District Nursing Service and Specialist Teams and also our inpatient units. The services work alongside other organisations, such as Greenwich and Bexley Cottage Hospice, Marie Curie and the London Borough of Bexley to ensure that patients receive appropriate and timely care.

Currently Bexley do not commission the same model as Greenwich, which is known as the Greenwich Care Partnership. However, Oxleas are working with Bexley CCG, Greenwich and Bexley Cottage Hospice and Marie Curie on a pathway for End of Life care which will include piloting a similar model for out of hours, where the current night nursing service is co-located at the hospice and working with the Marie Curie nurses on delivering a rapid response service for palliative patients.

I am happy to discuss further. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 8319 7153.

Kind regards

Chris Rawlings
Head of Greenwich Integrated Community Team

Hello, I've been referred to you by my doctor as im manically depressed and am having dark thoughts. I have an assessment on the phone and was told i'd be contacted by a secondary team to assist me and book counselling. I havent had any contact since. Please help

We are very sorry to hear how you are feeling and will ensure that this team - which we have identified from electronic records - makes contact with you today to discuss your care and assessment.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Very helpful leaflets, handy for tips to give to parents and for signposting. Not sure if it's our printer but when you print the leaflets double sided, one side prints upside down (i.e. cannot be folded leaflet style)

Dear AS

I am pleased you found the leaflets helpful. Try printing double sided with the instruction "flip on short edge" - this should mean the leaflet prints the right way up. I have tried this today and it works. If you would like me to send you a printed leaflet please let me know.

Kind regards

Lisa Thompson
Head of Profession - Speech & Language Therapy

Just like to comment on the treatment I got from Greenwich Time To talk. I saw a leaflet at my doctors surgery and so after thinking for a few weeks decided to refer myself to this service and on being worried and very anxious about calling, I was answered by a delightful young lady called Julie. She guided me through the process of booking an appointment (I was made a telephone appointment first) and she put my mind at rest, by informing me that everything I spoke about would be treated in the strictest confidence and that only me, my doctor and the therapist would know about it ( I do not want my family to know I am seeking help) I have had the telephone triage and am now waiting for CBT. I am unsure of how long I will have to wait. So I wanted to say that with all the negativity regarding the NHS at the moment, I would like to 'big up'Greenwich TIme To Talk and say thank you to all the staff and cannot believe how quick I had an appointment was made.

Dear David

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us, and for sharing your thoughts. We are extremely happy to hear of your positive experiences from Greenwich Time To Talk, especially of how staff treated you.

I know they take great pride in both their professionalism but also that they care and treat people as individuals. I will forward your words to them; you are right that at these times it is far more common to hear negative stories from the NHS, and your feedback will be a big boost to the team.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

thank you ivy willis house all for the support and patience you have given me during the past year .it has been a long and rocky road,but the stff have been wonderful.thank you.

Dear John

Thank you for taking the time to leave a message about the positive support you've received from Ivy Willis House. It's especially heartening to hear how the staff have been instrumental in this; we know they take great pride in their work, and make huge efforts to deliver care that is personal and that matters.

We will pass your words onto them, and we know they'll be grateful and enormously pleased to hear this.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director.

Held on for over 25 minutes to get through to book an appointment for my mother for end of March.
Told they cannot book an appointment because they do not have clinic schedules beyond next week. And they are running 4 or 5 weeks behind schedule.
Told I must call back next week but if they are so far behind and they only have schedules for 10 days, it seems I will have to call every week until I get lucky.
It is no wonder they have in excess of 100 calls a day, and that the time to wait to speak to somebody is so long.
An organised operation knows exactly when staff are booked on holiday, training, etc. and it should not be beyond the capability of the NHS to organise appointments for a minimum of a month forward.

Dear Robert

I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with regards to the podiatry access team. The team is currently in the process of change to improve the experience of the service users. Your comments are valued and I have shared these with the team and actions taken to prevent re-occurrence in the future.

If you would like to discuss this issue further, please email me at with your telephone details and I will contact you on receipt of your email, or alternatively you can call me on my direct dial 020 8319 7111.

Kind regards

Karen Rodwell
Head of Integrated Community Teams

What a FANTASTIC, welcoming and friendly clinic. I had a horrific experience while having a cervical smear taken at my gp practice, which I'm sure you ladies know is not nice at the best of times but due to my bad experience, I was too freaked out to go back which led to it being considerably overdue.... Not good. I had previously taken my daughter to the source for her imms, so thought I would try there as the Dr/nurse was lovely. She made me feel very relaxed and calm about the whole procedure..... Needless to say, I would never go anywhere but "THE SOURCE"
Sincerely grateful for such a wonderful service and such wonderful staff, many thanks. xx

Thank you Hannah for taking the time to share your experience at The Source.

I have shared your comments with the team, these comments are very much appreciated.

We will continue to strive to provide a high standard of care, and ensure a positive experience for all our service users.

Kind regards

Bridget Lawrence
The Source

Just finished the pulmonary rehab course. I can't praise this service highly enough - informative, educational, very helpful and FUN. The staff are friendly and certainly know their stuff! Thank you Helen & co, hope Oxleas know what an asset they have in you.

Dear Anne

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment.

Helen and her team are delighted that you found the course so helpful.

Best regards

Lynn Orford
Community Respiratory Service Lead

Had assessment in nov/dec last year. Was diagnosed over the phone 1st week in feb, now have to wait til april to see the SIT team, which i think is way too long! I have problems that need to be addressed and questions but whenever i ring ferryview i can never talk to a dr or anyone as nobody is available? Even though my gp has started my medication i think im slowly starting to deteriate, and obviously need help instead of waiting around?? Which is really not good.

Many thanks for taking the time to contact us and explaining your concerns. We understand that a member of the team has now spoken to you to hear these in more detail, and to give an explanation of how the service works, including what to do in an emergency whilst waiting for an appointment.

We have been told that you are happy with the outcome of this discussion, but please do get back in contact if you've any further comments.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I came in for a referral last year - was told I would see a Specialist within two months. Didn't happen. Got the letter for the appointment almost a year later by which time I had realised I didn't need it all and went for self help options.

Dear Ebbie

I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. I will shortly contact you directly to learn more about what has happened, how we can learn from this, and if we need to provide you with any assistance at this time.


Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

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