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First time in my life attended a sexual health clinic. I was really nervous and anxious that the staffs will be judgemental. It turns out, the receptionist was nice and polite. The nurse who looked after me (Fiona) was absolutely fantastic! She made me feel at ease and treated me with dignity. This experience has changed my perspective about Oxleas.

Dear Lily

Many thanks for your positive feedback. We are pleased that you had a good experience when you visited Market Street. I will pass on your comments to the relevant staff members

Many thanks

Lynda Gribbon
GSH Central

I commented earlier this year asking about a diabetes clinic. I was contacted by PALS and told I don't have to see my objectional GP. Since then I made an appointment with a different GP and told him I didn't want to see the diabetes doctor due to his manner. Surprise, this doctor told me he didn't know much about diabetes, even telling me he had never prescribed the medication I am on, so I would have to try another. It's no wonder diabetes is running rampant.

I can't even comment on the service I am receiving because we are not receiving any! My daughter had her assessment started but not finished. Was told would get another appointment to finish it. That was Jun/Jul. Since then things have been progressively worse From self harm to running away and despite numerous calls to them, we are still appointmentless. We have only had one call back from the numerous times we have called them. Now we are almost at the point of permanent exclusion from school and still no one is interested in helping my daughter.

Dear Ashleigh

Thank you for taking time to share your experience of Bexley CAMHS. We are sorry for the delay in completing your daughter's assessment and inadequate responses to your phone calls to the service.

I spoke to you this morning and considered the issues you raised with me. As a result, we have now offered your daughter an appointment at 9am tomorrow to complete the initial assessment.

I hope the appointment goes well tomorrow and if you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Reshad Soobratty
Team Manager
Bexley CAMHS

I had an assessment on the 27/07/17, for which I was recommended for individual therapy, but I haven't heard anything since, and would like to know what is happening, as I need this therapy to move on with life.

Dear Jason

Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry that you haven't heard anything.

We will ensure that somebody from the service contacts you as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

I have spent the last fortnight calling and emailing the health visiting team in regards to my 3 young daughters. I desperately need a health visitor to come out to my property to check the health of all 3 of my children, especially my youngest daughter who is 7 months old and hasn't gained weight in the last few months. I cannot leave my property with my children because my elderly mother suffers from dementia. Please can you contact me urgently so you can arrange to come visit my children.

Thank You

Dear Fayen

The Health Visiting service in Bexley is now being provided by Bromley Healthcare.

For information about the services available to you please look in their website by following the link:

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

My daughter was referred by her school to be seen by an POT. She was refused an appointment on the grounds that no functional OT goals have been identified. So what happens now. Is she just left to struggle on her own???
Where is the assessment and help ? A complete dead end. NO help. Please can you follow this up asap.

Unfortunately due to high numbers of referral to the service it is important that we can identify functional goals for the child/young person to provide an assessment or intervention.

In our letter we asked you to contact us to discuss why we were not able to accept the referral.

Please call our central booking team on 0203 004 0092, and ask to speak to Jayne, our manager for Occupational Therapy, who would be happy to speak to you.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Service Manager for Specialist Children Services

Hi, just wanted to find out the Helath Visitor ( baby clinic) times in Erith medical centre?

Dear Aivita

The Health Visiting service in Bexley is now being provided by Bromley Healthcare.

For information about the services available to you please look in their website by following the link

Erith centre so hard to get hold of phones ring if your lucky often they are broken so they don't ring.
I have been trying for 4 days to get hold of my case worker without success they take message after message after message but he just don't call back absolutely sick of trying.

Dear Paul

I'm very sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having.

I will liaise with the site manager and ensure that you are contacted promptly.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

Had initial assessment 7 months ago, have received no treatment, just given pills and told to get on with it.

Noticed my mood worrying dipping again, the only way youll get treatment is if you do something dangerous to yourself.

I feel no better than I did this time last year and no one is helping me,l despite a counseller saying I should be referred for psychiatric treatment.

Total waste of my time and my letter never got to the doctor I had to photocopy it for them!

42 year old male.

Hi Daniel

I am sorry to learn you have concerns regarding the service you have received and I would be happy to try to address your concerns.

I have sent an email to you directly as I require further detail to enable me to assist you. I would also need to know which service you had been referred to.

Best wishes

PALS team

I have tried to find a contact for the adult autism diagnostic service, but I can not find this? I have tried contacting PALs, but they have disregarded my request. I know there is a lengthy waiting list, which is a separate issue that I feel needs addressing. But given the current situation, how can I even track my position? Please someone advise.

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