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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to acknowledge the professional approach taken by Halima Abdi a district nurse. Halima visited my mother on return from her hospital stay to deal with a diabetes related issue. My mother relayed the relevant information in regards to the diabetes verbally but the discharge notes with the written detail were not at hand. Halima decided to find the discharge note by checking with the carers, locating them in a different part of the building. On doing so it became clear that the hospital had discharged my mother with the wrong discharge notes and medications.In inadvertently my mother had taken some of the medications. Halima made sure that the correct actions were taken and further checks on my mother were made to ensure she was medically unaffected by the mistake. Through her professional approach and actions a potentially difficult/ hazardous situation was averted.
My mother and I would like to thank Halima and acknowledge her professionalism.

Dear Mike

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us about the great care your mother received from Halima; I agree she really went above and beyond, but I am sure she regards it as the right way to work.

I will make sure your kind words are passed on both to her, and to her manager - it will be a lovely surprise for her.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

Why is there no information about the Autism Strategy and Oxleas response to it on the website. I asked about this over 2 years ago and have mentioned it again at the Autism Partnership Board. There is nothing meaningful on your website for adults who have autism without a learning disability, or enduring mental health problem.
Take a look at Surrey for a flavour of what can be achieved when there is a willingness to do so.

Dear Steve

We are in the process of reviewing the information on our website and will look at what we could provide around autism.

The Surrey information is very helpful but comes from Adult Social Care Commissioning who lead on the Autism Strategy/Partnership board.

We can look to provide links and signposts for people but as you know Oxleas are not commissioned to provide services for this group of people and do not run the Autism Strategy Group.

We will talk to the Local Authority to see what plans they have to develop online information and ensure we contribute to those plans as well.

Kind regards

Lorraine Regan
Clinical Director
Adult Learning Disability Services

I arrived today to have my regular blood test at anticoagulant clinic at Queen Marys. I booked an hour off work as I normally do as the testing is only available 8am till 11. I discovered phlobotomy in block B closed and been moved to block A. No signs so eventually found my way there to discover anticoagulant has been merged with normal bloods and about 60 people all waiting! I couldn't wait as I had only booked an hour off work and have to get a bus. Usually I am in and out in 10 minutes! Now I don't know what to do or where to go as I work full time. Don't you think a courtesy letter informing of change would of been nice? Is this improvements? Is the merge permanent? Thank you.


I have a wheelchair from you, with a left side arm rest. The armrest is torn and getting worse. Please could I have a replacement?

Please can you call to arrange assessment
I am private funding
I have a diagnosis of PTSD and depression after
Brain injury in 2015

I have been to the London psychiatry centre
However the logistics of attending everyday is
To challenging
I appreciate a call assp

Dear Christine

Thank you for enquiring about our rTMS service.

We understand that Jeck Ding has been in contact with you today.

Kind regards
Helen Jones

Associate Director, Mental Health
Bexley Care

My soon is 3 years old and has spastic hemiplegia.
He was reffered to be seen by a therapist few months ago but now we would like to arrange another visit as the last visit was first we have been done on 21.02.2017.
Could you help me with that please?
Many thanks Theodor!

Dear Theodor

Following the joint Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy clinic appointment on the 21.2.17, it was agreed your son did not require further Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy input at that time.

If you now have new concerns and would like another review with the Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist can you please contact the central admin team on 020 8836 8621 and they will be able to advise you how to arrange this review.

Kind regards

Mary Apsey
Head of Nursing for Children and Young People

I was recently referred from Carlton Parade to the HTT for crisis management as I did not want to be admitted to hospital.
I was shocked and dismayed that on one occasion all the nurse wanted to talk about to me was a) I did not look my age and b) why was I having an affair
I completely fail to understand why either was relavent in crisis management
It has made me feel that I really do not want to ever be referred to the HTT again

I attended the clinic yesterday and even though I spent over 2.5 hours waiting overall the staff are doing a great job trying to see to everyone & this is a great service. What sat uncomfortably with me though was I witnessed at least two women coming into the clinic (looked like they had rushed from work) to be told that the clinic had reached capacity. This is understandable given the number of people attending the clinic but when the opening hours of future clinics were explained you could see the concern on their face. Both asked are you open on Saturdays? And the response was (very politely) yes but for men only I am afraid. I understand having men only and women only clinics may encourage attendance given the nature of the service but when the majority of the population work 9-5 Mon-Fri why are you only giving men the chance to attend on a Saturday? When the women only slot is during the day on a Thursday?

Dear Sarah

Thank you for contacting us and providing feedback around access to this service.

We have asked Dan Smith, the manager of the service, to contact you to discuss further.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

I am upset as it has taken me some time to finally arrange a appointment with time to talk. I went in a was handed a form which I filled out and told I would get a phone call within 3 days.
I got a call the following day letting me know my 1sr appointment would be over the phone and given the date and time.
I received a letter with a questionnaire to fill in. I also revived a email with the same questionnaire, which I filled in.
I then revived a voice mail the morning of my appointment stating that it had been cancelled due to the person who was going to talk to me being ill.
Now I understand people can't help being ill but there must be more staff there who can do a phone call.
I wasn't given a new time or date for another appointment either.
This has annoyed me as I it's taken me alot to actually take the step to approach and seek help from time to talk.

But I am now wondering if they are actually going to be any help at all. If they cant be bothered to stick to appointment times.

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