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I've noticed a few comments re coil fitting (or lack of). I am 60 years old and have a merena coil fitted which my new doctor has advised me to have removed. She referred me to your clinic as my surgery does not offer this service. Could you confirm whether or not this service is offered at your clinic as I would like to book an appointment?



Dear Anne

Thank you for your enquiry regarding coil removal. We do not hold appointment clinics for this but it can be done in our walk-in clinic at Market Street; the hours are listed on the website.

If you require any further information please contact one of our admin team on 020 8301 8920 option 4.

Kind regards

Lynda Gribbon
Office/Administration Manager

How Colleen on reception manages to stay cheery whilst having millions of things to do remains a miracle. Her and the other girl always say Hello to everyone; originally I thought Bexley > Bromley, but your Bromley directorate is better. It's a shame I'm back off to Greenwich presently, but the both administratively and clinically, they're brilliant. Do pass on my best wishes, particularly, in addition, to Dr Margaret, who I'm sure will be a credit to the Trust.

Dear James

Thanks very much for your kind comments about our reception and medical colleagues.

I agree with you that our receptionists are brilliant and they work very hard to support our patients who are attending clinics.

I will make sure that Colleen and her colleague know of your positive feedback.

Thanks again, for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards

Helen Smith
Deputy Chief Executive

Hi my son is 7 (8 in August) and his right foot turns in. It is noticeable when he runs and when he walks - I have ask him to try and straighten it when he walks but he says its uncomfortable. please advise - thanks Stella

Dear Stella

Many thanks for your website comment advising us of your son's walking pattern. We would be more than happy to review his walking in our specialist gait clinic and will happily take your email as a referral into the service.

Please could you contact me with your son's details so that we can arrange for an appointment for him to be seen in the next available clinic slot. You can contact me on

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Many thanks

Victoria Lambert
Children's Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Manager

After phoning to inquire about my daughters one year check, I was disappointed to hear that these no longer took place. I can appreciate that budgets are tight & cut backs need to be made, but I feel this is an important milestone for babies to be checked at. I also believe that the removal of this check puts more babies of those parents who may require support that won't come forward for the voluntary clinics at risk. Lewisham have not made these changes, so why have you? The pre-school starting checks are often too late for children that may have slipped under the radar.

Dear Claire

Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback about the changes to our service. The views of local families are very important to Oxleas, and we strive to make improvements based on the feedback we receive.

Our health visitor teams offer to see young children and the families at ‘key touch point’ times which include: before the baby is born, when the baby is 10-14 days old, and 6-8 weeks after birth.

When babies are 10-12 months old we send all parents age-related health promotion advice and information, and invite them to attend their local Health Advice Session. Face to face health and development reviews at this time are available where parents or professionals have a concern about a baby. We also offer every 2 year old child a full integrated health and development review, in partnership with their local childcare provider, if they are attending a nursery or children’s centre. (2-2.5 year review)

We have well-developed pathways to help us to identify and reach out to families who may not come forward for the health care that they need, but are always reviewing the way the service is delivered, and the feedback we receive so that we are alert to improvements that can be made.

Please do attend the Health Advice Session with your daughter, where you will be able to speak with the Health Visitor or Nursery Nurse about her progress. You will find the details of the Health Advice sessions in the ‘Timetable’ link of the Health Visiting Service page.

You are welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss this further,

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

My daughter has been under CAMHS for a short while.

It has taken us quite a time to get to see CAMHS but it has been a god send. CAMHS, in many ways, just isn't for the children. The knowledge you have, as a parent, that there is a place that is working with you to help your child gives you the strength to continue on when it feels your world is falling apart.

Our daughter suffers every day, the effect on our house is too much to endure and we do not have the tools to help her. CAMHS does, it has wonderful, dedicated people, who's sole focus is to help the child (and support the family).

It isn't easy, and most times you feel so inadaquate, but persevere for the sake of your child as CAMHS does make a difference.

I wish CAMHS were given more of a role in schools and within everyday life. It appears, for our children, that life is far more complex than it was when I was a child. There is more to contend with and you are under the microscope more than ever now with social media. As a child, when you are so vunerable, it can feel that things are out of control and there is no where to hide. We, as a society, need to acknowledge the vunerability of children and put measures in play to assist them earlier, before they start to shatter. CAMHS has the people and understanding to do this, I cannot understand why it is not more funded and given greater latitude.

I am not sure I have the words to say how much CAMHS has meant to my daughter or our family, anything I can think of seems to undervalue what they give.

If you are a parent reading this or a child reaching out for help, pick up the phone and call CAMHS, they can help. Make the first step. :-)

Thank you.

Dear David

Thank you very much for your feedback, it is really valuable to us and helps us to continue to think about how we improve our services for children, young people and families.

Coming to CAMHS can be often quiet daunting for families and we believe it takes real courage and determination to work through some of the challenges.

It is really positive to hear about your experiences with Greenwich CAMHS and we wish you well on your journey with us.


Sheena Gohal
Greenwich CAMHS Operational Manager

Ive written quite a few of these .my last admission was probably my best experience at oxleas woolwich the no smoking is a great idea and same sex wards is so much better ok here comes the problems it started from day one of leaving ive had many problems getting the correct medication at the right time its been about nine weeks since being discharged ive had one appointment at the heights which at the time was very possitive i was told by the phsychiatrist that she would reffer me to some organizations not that she's to blame more to do with these so called associates They should not leave people sitting there waiting for there phone to ping hoping its a new start im cuŕrently in temporary accomadation and unless ive got something to do i dont leave my room this is not therapy its tourture i dont sleep dont eat properly and dont have any communication with anyone apart from my oldest daughter i recently turned my phone off because it was doing my head in just waiting for that email call or text please forward this on to the correct people perhaps they might reply

shocking ,,,,,,,,i was sent to see a women becaue i was suffering from mental health problem .......she said i had adhd and dignosed me from questions of a handheld tablet give me meds that kept me up for weeks even no i told her i couldnt sleep i missed one appointment because i got the wrong date then i call them and the staff are rude now i aint got no meds no help no nothing just been left to my gp to give me meds that they dont even no what to do with me now and they wonder why people die ,usless service

Please can you give me any information regarding availability of courses/classes that my 50 year old son can attend. He is autistic with mild learning disabilities and is mostly interested in Art, he would also like to start a course of cooking for independent living.
The prospectus on-line is confusing and I am not able to find this information in the form previously presented.
Many thanks,

Hi there my Gp has referred me to this service today about the issues I'm having at the moment. How does it work ?

Hi I was a patient under the HTT I found ALL the staff and nurses were kind and helpful to me.

I would like to say Thank You to everyone who looked after me in my time of need.

Dear Andrew

Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment.

We are very pleased to hear that you had a positive experience of the Home Treatment Team.

We will make sure this gets fed back to them.

Best wishes

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

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