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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.

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I was having therapy at Memorial Hospital.

I called to cancel 1 or 2 appointments and then received a letter along the lines of "it is apparent that you no longer wish to have therapy"; the only thing that was apparent was the disgraceful tone of the letter, as well as the fact the therapist's colleague OBVIOUSLY didn't pass on the message.

It would've been professional, as well as caring to at least call me to find out how I am before cancelling my therapy sessions; anything could've happened to me.

Holding down a full time job whilst struggling with mental health difficulties means that at times, you will have to cancel your therapy sessions due to unforeseen circumstances.

Disgusted with the poor service from Oxleas. It took a lot for me to acknowledge I needed help, in the first place... I will NEVER seek help again.

Thank you for posting a comment to let us know your concerns; I'm sorry to hear how disappointed you are with our care. I would be more than happy to hear more detail on this, and to see if we could find a better resolution for you. If you would like, you could call or email me, and if necessary we could arrange a meeting. I can be called on 01689 880000 - though I'm often moving between sites - or you can email me on
Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director

Queen Elizabeth hospital is a very good hospital nothing wrong with the service there,may it be like for many years to come

Thank you for taking the time to let us know this, it's great to hear, and will be very much appreciated by all staff. I will pass this on to them.
Dr Derek Tracy, Associate Clinical Director

Your Community Nursing Sister visited me unexpectedly this afternoon, but was the best news I got this year. My urinary catheter needed changing, so Sister managed everything professionally but also with an eye to all the pain involved. Thank you very much.

Dear Damien

Thank you for your kind comments, regarding the nursing care you received by the Woolwich Team District Nurses.

I am delighted to hear that the team Sister was able to provide you with an holistic assessment including addressing your pain and discomfort.

I have forwarded your comments to the Team leader to share with the Team Sister, nurses really appreciate hearing positive feedback.

Thank you

Connie Greig
Head of District Nursing

Used Service for first time today, nice friendly staff who obviously work under great pressure. Another client asked for a complaints form which was met with politeness and professionalism only to be met with foul abusive language, why is it that people who try to help you have to put up with such appalling behaviour

Dear Simon

Thank you for your supportive comments and recognition of the challenges that we face.

The team at The Source strive to maintain a professional service at all times and we are pleased that you had a positive experience.

Best wishes

Bridget Lawrence

I've been under the mental health since 2013 my last admission was last year since then I've only ever seen a psychologist on three accasions I've been diagnosed with personality disorder mental health problems don't dissappear for some time now I've been wanting to end my life as i feel I've let lots of people down aswell as myself thinking of ways to end my life is very difficult if there was a drug you could take just to put to sleep i would more than willing take it i need help now not next week or next month before I finish there's something everyone should no I've seen so many people milk the system and even heard it from the horses mouth that's why there's never any rooms I've watched patients use it as a place to get there nut down also some of your staff are disgraceful how the hell did they ever get a job in mental health I'll never no

Dear Paul

Thank you for your messages, and I apologise for the delayed response.

I will arrange for a member of staff to contact you this morning to discuss.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

The service was absolutely brilliant, was really busy but the guy on reception kept me updated on everything, he was really kind and helpful as well as the nurse that treated me.

Dear Lena

Thank you so much for your positive feedback regarding our lovely CASH receptionist and nurse. It is much appreciated.

Best wishes

Fiona Dickson
Head of Service (CASH)

I had a great experience with Greenwich time to talk in the past with a therapist called Sophie. She was very professional and she have me some very important tools to make my life much better after suffering from bulimia and depression.

After over a year, I feel that I need therapy again to keep improving my life as I still suffer from depression. After being on the waiting list, I received a call and they offered me an appointment. As I do shift work, I was told that if the date did not suit me I could call to reschedule it. When I received my rota I called to reschedule it and I promptly received a call back. The therapist told me that as I could not commit to 10 days of therapy at the same time and day every week, they will not be able to help me and I should look for private therapy. She talked to me in a manner that reduced me to tears and made me feel very upset. She called me back after talking to her manager and told me that she would not be able to be my therapist anyway because her appointments were fully booked and that I would be back on the waiting list. I would like to express how upset I felt after these calls. I was treated so well in the past and benefited so much from this service.

Dear Alba

I am sorry to hear about this. In mental health services we are aware of the importance of the relationship we have with those who use our services, and we should always endeavour to be courteous, friendly, and helpful; not least as those seeking assistance are usually going through times of difficulty.

I am pleased that your first experience was good - I have a high regard for that particular service - and I will try determine what occurred in these phone call conversations.

I will ask for a manager or senior clinician in the service to make contact shortly about this.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Very poor service. My partner was diagnosed with a personality disorder (an amateur can tell they have BPD) and you've ignored that diagnosis saying they don't have it, given them CBT (the cheaper option) which they've already tried and now, despite them being worse, have sent them away. Irresponsible.

Dear James

I'm sorry to hear how disappointed you are with our services. Diagnosis can be a challenging and inexact science in mental health more generally, and certainly in terms of what we call 'personality disorders'.

There are various treatments we can offer, from psychological, to social, to medical; the mix will depend on the person and their unique mix of difficulties. I will ask the team involved to contact you to discuss this in more detail.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I recently had to attend the source in Greenwich for every other day injections, because my surgery had no nurses to administer these..... It was over the Easter Hols,.. The Nurse at the source, who I believe was called Bridget... was so helpful and lovely and even administered an injection when she was suppose to have left for the day.... What a fantastic service and staff.. Thankyou all at the source

Thank you for taking the time to comment on the website and for your kind remarks.

As a team we are proud to serve the local community. I have shared your comments with the team,who are pleased to be appreciated.

Best wishes

The Source

I have been trying to put in a complaint about Adult Mental Health services since Sept 2015 but no one ever gets back to me! The reorganisation is a disaster. I have not been seen every 3 months acc. to my Care Plan since Sept 2015. I have only been seen by Home Treatment Team in Dec when I attempted suicide and nothing since then! I had another suicidal crisis 2 weeks ago and only the police have been to see me - no one from Mental Health services as promised to my psychologist! The service is pretty much non existent, despite being told in Sept I'd be seen AT LEAST AS FREQUENTLY as before (every 3 months). This service reorganisation and impossible to access crisis care has made my mental health much worse. I am still trying to access an advocate to complain formally as I have been let down so many times since moving to Greenwich 1.5 years' ago. I was so pleased to have found a really great psychiatrist in June 2015 but all has fallen apart since then, and despite not being discharged (I don't feel the least bit stable and my medications are not stabilised), have received no ongoing care or appts for 9 months. The member of reception staff at Ferryview was rude to me and I have a phobia of using the phone (part of my MH problems) I just do not know how to access services?? I feel myself dipping again and nowhere to turn, no walk-in any more except QEH a&e which has been useless and dehumanising previously. Since Sept 2015 the lack of ongoing MH services has cost a police helicopter and 3 patrol cars (to find me after my suicide attempt), a 3 day hospital stay to stabilise my liver and diabetes, and 2 weeks with Home Treatment Team...and a police welfare visit 2 weeks' ago. How is this latest reorganisation cost effective?! How much did it cost to produce the glossy leaflet telling me that no one will receive less of a service than before? It's a facade of a service. I plucked up the courage to write this as I'm currently suffering a massive hypo due food binge and giving myself too much insulin to try compensate. Yes, my eating disorders have also got worse as a result of feeling totally unsupported within Oxleas Adult Mental Health.

Dear Ingrid

I'm sorry to hear this. There is obviously a lot of detail and important information in what you have put on-line, and rather than try to address each point in an internet response, I think it would be most helpful to discuss these issues with you. This could be by phone, a face-to-face meeting, or email, as is most useful to you.

I will ensure that a senior manager from the local service contacts you shortly about this.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

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