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Hello there,
I may have to cover the cost of TMS myself.
Can you please advise on the pricing of this treatment.
Kindest regards,


My son was referred by his school to be assessed for ADHD. Received a letter today saying his has been refused as he only has some difficulties. I think this is unfair. As he doesn't have behavioural issues his not going to have the assessment. He is struggling in school and falling behind his peers. How do I go about appealing the decision to refuse his referral?

Dear Katie

We are sorry that you are unhappy that your son was not accepted for as assessment for ADHD.

Maria Tanner (Service Manager) has tried to contact you and will call again to explain the reason that this decision was made.

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C&YP Services

Hi, The day you have weighins in my area (se28) I work and so i am unable to get to get her weighed. I don't drive so it is hard for me to get anywhere else.

What is the best way to get her weighed please ?

Dear Sanel

Thank you for taking the time to post your query.

Our East Health Visiting team offer three health visitor or nursery nurse led Health Advice Sessions per week, across the Abbey Wood and Thamesmead area.

These are Discovery Children’s Centre, Battery Road, on Mondays 12.30 – 3.30, Abbey Wood Children’s Centre, Dahlia Road, on Wednesday 12.30 – 3.30 and Waterways Children’s Centre, Bentham Road, on Friday 12 – 3 pm.

If none of these sessions are convenient for you, you are very welcome to use any of the other health advice session that we offer across Greenwich. The full time table is available on our website, and the sessions that might be most convenient to you are:

Brookhill Children’s Centre, Brookhill Road Woolwich on Monday 9.30 – 12.30

Or Cardwell Children’s Centre, 118 Frances Street Woolwich on Tuesday 1 – 4 pm

You may also find that there is a session being held near to your work place or childcare, and you would be welcomed by the health visitors and nursery nurses at any session that you find convenient.

Below is the most up to date guidance on weighing babies and young children:

Weights measured too closely together are often misleading, so babies should be weighed no more than:

once a month from 2 weeks to 6 months of age
once every two months from 6 to 12 months of age
once every three months over the age of 1 year.

However, most children do not need to be weighed this often; families are very welcome to attend for advice without having their baby weighed.

kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

Could you please tell me what the best referral route is for a child suspected as ASD? Is it via Bexley CAMHS or Bexley Community Paediatrics? Can schools make a referral for a child who is educated in one borough but lives in Bexley and has a Bexley GP?

Thanks for your enquiry.

All children with a Bexley GP can be referred for an ASD assessment through their school to Community Paediatrics on the referral forms that schools in Bexley are able to access.

If your child's school is out of area they can request a copy via our Bexley Single Point of Access which can be contacted in the following ways:

Telephone: 0203 004 0092


Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of Children and Young People's Services

Erith Centre is awful. It is next to impossible to contact anyone for any reason. The main phone line assaults you with an engaged tone and the direct lines ring off. If you need to change or cancel an appointment for any reason it is impossible. This has caused me huge anxiety. I just got cut off seven times and told I cannot change me appointment because they don't take messages. I have autism and cannot handle not being able to send a simple message to change appointments without going through hell on the phone, being cut off, ignored and offered a rejected tone. I feel so sorry for everyone with my needs or worse, or low levels of understanding, because there is not even a ismple message to tell you you have called the right place!! The total pack of communication and fear of being rejected by service for missing appointments I can't make change or cancel have lead me to feel, after over a decade of depression and undiagnosed autism (now diagnosed) to feel I cannot access the therapy I crave because of the inneficient, ignorant, intentionally unhelpful managers, admin, process and policy. Erith centre is just another broken bit of the NHS and a sad waste of money.

Dear Jack

Thank you for letting us know this, and I am sorry to learn how frustrating and disappointing your experiences were.

I would certainly expect our staff to communicate rapidly and clearly with you, and to try accommodate any requests for information or changes in appointments.

I will contact you separately to learn more about this.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

I write to say thank you for the excellent treatment I received from Pieter. I was able to access physiotherapy relatively quickly, and felt my particular condition was treated seriously and professionally. I felt motivated every week to undertake the various exercises, and now have a maintenance programme to work on for life. I learned a great deal from Pieter, and have benefited from his expertise. I know how to manage my pain for the future. I also enjoyed visiting the locations - Kidbrooke Village and The Greenwich Centre. It makes a difference to have treatment in pleasant surroundings.

Dear Wendy

Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback. The trust is really pleased that you have benefited from the interventions of the MSK service. We will make sure that Pieter receives your positive comments.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services
and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

I would like to know the cost of rTMS treatment for depression. How many sessions would I need? is this funded by NHS?


Reply from Helen Jones 5/5 pm

Dear Imran

Thank you for enquiring about rTMS. We launched this service in January 2017 for patients with a diagnosis of treatment resistant depression.

This is a new treatment, included in the NICE guidelines in 2016, for both depression and migraine treatment. Each rTMS session takes about half an hour. The treatment is short but intense and you would be required to attend up to 5 sessions a week for an average of 3 to 6 weeks.

At this time, we are able to provide this treatment for people with depression who are under our Oxleas mental health services and therefore residents of Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich. We are also able to provide rTMS to patients out of borough who have funding in place (approved by a local CCG or referred from a Private Psychiatrist or medical insurance scheme).

Dr Euba or Jeck Ding would be happy to talk to you about this treatment in more detail and the cost and they can be contacted on: 020 3889 5168.

We have a leaflet that you can access on our website which will provide you with some information.

Kind regards

Helen Jones
Associate Director
Bexley Mental Health Services

Hi there, I was wondering where is the closest place to get my 15 months weight. I'm living in SE28 near by Woolwich station. I used to get her to Discovery Children centre but as far as I know doesn't have anymore.

Dear Jenifer

Thank you for your enquiry. Your nearest health advice session is held at Discovery Children's Centre - this is led by a nursery nurse, and you can have your baby weighed there.

If you would like to talk to an health visitor we hold a health advice session at Brookhill Children's Centre on a Monday morning, Eglinton Children's Centre on a Thursday morning or the Waterways Children's Centre on Friday afternoons.

Best wishes

Helen Day-Barnes
Service Manager

Since my original post, below, which was read, not posted and someone from Yeoman House was asked to call me, who then said I already had an appointment booked on 12th May - I never get the letter. He resent it and now today have received another letter saying this is postponed till June. I've had to quit my job as my moods are erratic and unstable.

I would liken the experience of trying to get a diagnosis for major mental illness as swimming for months on end towards a lifebuoy, finally getting close and then having it pulled from your grasp...again and again.

My GP immediately sent off a referral letter to Oxleas Mental Health when I saw him on 31/01/17 - I will have been treading water 4 months.

Again, it would be good to know how we can, as laypeople, bring about any change to the time it takes?

I've been waiting for an appointment with a psychiatrist since January after getting a GP referral to get a diagnosis. This would be through Oxleas Bromley West.

Since then, I've had to quit my job, had a couple of health professionals, one being a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse at the Princess Royal University Hospital at A&E, tell me after 1/2 an hour of talking to me, it's probably just an anxiety problem. I know what it is and it ain't that!!

And, the tone of some of these people in Mental Health - Green Parks, for instance, they have to work on their doctor/patient skills - even if people are just ringing to enquire, the passive aggressive tones coming out of them! It's lucky I don't actually have an anxiety problem, otherwise I would've hung up there and then!

After going to A&E, a social worker called to discuss how things were for my child and wanted me to get an update from Bromley West Crisis Team on getting me seen. The woman on the phone didn't have a clue and said her manager would ring back and wouldn't give a timeframe - "he's in a different section." Never called back.

Is it normal for it to take 3 months or longer to get a psychiatric appointment for a major mental health problem?

I just wonder what people with severe psychiatric needs might do in this time.

Sorry if this sounds ranty - I'm not often like this. What is wrong with the system and how can we, as laypeople, get changes made?

Dear Layla

I am sorry that you have had to wait for an appointment - we are not sure why our original letter to you was not received and I'm sorry that this has added to your distress. I know that the service manager has contacted you to offer another appointment next week.

Thank you for letting us know of your concerns.

Kind regards

Helen Smith
Deputy Chief Executive

I attended my follow up appt after having my bunions corrected on my Rt and Left foot. Mr Andrew Mac Farlane and Ryan Ballerino corrected my feet surgically. I have such praise they were both very professional, knowledgeable, supportive. The surgery was a great success and I have not required any pain killers. I have resumed all the activities I used to do like walking dancing with no pain or or swelling. My life has been given back to me Than you
I would recommend them to anyone who requires treatment of their bunions

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