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I've recently started using this service and have had 3 sessions so far, however, I do not feel that CBT in this way is beneficial to me. I feel as though I never get an opportunity to actually talk about my life and my feelings and why I sunk into a depression in the first place. I thought the session would be me talking about my life and my feelings and not filling out forms all the time and having to read booklets. I do not feel as though anything is being accomplished. Is there anything I can do?

Dear Lydia

Thanks for letting us know.

Different interventions can be useful for different people, and it's certainly a great idea to let a treating clinician know your thoughts on what is helpful and what is not.

I will pass your comments on to the service lead, but I would also recommend that you broach this directly with your therapist when you next see them.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear Lydia

Thank you for your feedback about your experience of GTTT.

It sounds like you are receiving guided self-help from the service, which is offered as a first line treatment to the majority of GTTT clients. If this is not helping you, do please tell your Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and they can discuss other treatment options with you. Whether the treatment is helping or not should also be picked up in the sessional outcome measures (forms) you are doing.

It is a requirement of the Department of Health that we ask clients to complete these outcome measures every session, but these can be sent to you ahead of the session so you can complete then online and not take up the time in your appointment with the practitioner.

I hope that your experience of the service gets better.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Hazel Jones, who my wife and I visited in Erith in January as we couldn't get our baby girl feeding properly.
Hazel gave us lots of time, found out our daughter was tongue-tied and referred her to hospital for a division immediately.
Besides the practical help, she was extremely caring, as she realised what a big deal this was for two tired, overwrought new parents.
It did seem as though there was more demand for help than one midwife was able to deal with though, but we are extremely grateful for the help we got.

Dear Bernard

Thank you for your kind comment which we have passed onto Hazel and the team, and who will appreciate reading your words.

Best wishes

The Comms Team

Dear Sir/Madam,

As I live in Grove Park, could you tell me the best centre to attend so that I can get my little one weighed please?

It doesn't let me do a postcode search to find it myself!
Thanks so much!

Hi Zara

Grove Park is a Lewisham address, not Oxleas.The nearest Lewisham clinic is 37 Marvels Lane Grove Park SE12 8NP.

kind regards

Tony (Comms)

Are the advice sessions on the leaflet up to date as the leaflet is from 2012?

Dear Kirsty

Thank you for your enquiry. We have been in touch with you directly and provided you with up to date information.

The following should help other parents in Greenwich and Bexley:

Bexley Children and Young People's Speech and Language Services

For children and young people of any age you can call 0203 004 0092, give your name and a contact number and a therapist will call you back.

For children under 5 with a Bexley GP, there are monthly Speech and Language 'Drop-In' advice sessions.

The sessions are held at:

St Augustine's Children's Centre: Tuesday 21/2/17, 21/3/17, 18/4/17 9.30 – 11.30am​

Danson Children's Centres : Term time first Wednesday of the month 1/3/17 9.30-11.30 am​ for more information

Greenwich Children and Young People's Speech and Language Services

We welcome your contact for advice. For children and young people of any age you can call 020 8836 8621 and be given information on how to make a referral to our services if you have concerns.

For children under 5 with a Greenwich GP, there are monthly Speech and Language 'Drop-In' advice sessions.

The sessions are held as follows:

4 Wensley Close
First Friday of every month 2pm - 4pm

Ferryview Health Centre
First Monday of every month 2pm - 4pm

Plumstead Health Centre
First Tuesday of every month 2pm - 4pm

The Greenwich Centre
First Thursday of every month 2pm - 4pm

Rachel McMillan Children’s Centre
Second Tuesday of every month 9.30am - 11am

Cardwell Children’s Centre
Second Wednesday of every month 1.30pm - 3pm

Waterways Children’s Centre
Last Friday of every month 9.30am - 11am

(Please note these advice sessions may be changing in the near future as we introduce a new integrated model in Greenwich. When this happens we will ensure information is sent out to assist local parents)

Parents can also email for advice.

Parent e-mail address -

All emails will be responded to by a Speech and Language Therapist within 5 working days.

For more information access:

Best wishes

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C&YP Services

Really the best service I have received the psychiatrist was fantastic and seemed to get my symptoms straight away. I felt listened to and understood like never before. It is a shame the administration staff I spoke to were really unorganised and seemed abrupt and evasive. My appointment was delayed by months because of administration errors. But doctors highly rated.

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm especially pleased to hear about your very positive experience with your psychiatrist.

I am disappointed that you weren't treated the way you expected by the administrative staff. If you would like to email me directly with the doctor's name and where you were seen, I'll make sure that both bits of feedback are anonymously passed to them, including reminding all staff about the need to be courteous. You can email me on:

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director

I have to say Erith centre have been brilliant with me if I felt not myself. I have called them and always got a call bk very quick and always same day and if I ever need to talk about anything there all ways there brilliant

Dear Melanie

Thanks so much for feeding back.

I'm delighted to hear how staff at the Erith Centre have been so responsive; I'll pass your kind words on to them, I know they'll be delighted.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Have been looked after since march this year since having a permanent catheter fitted,by the lakeside district nursing team, despite having to call them on several occasions to when having problems,they have always responded with patience and understanding,for which so many many thanks to all the nurses who have have responded

again many many thanks

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your kind comment about the care you have received from your district nursing team. I know the team will be delighted to receive your message.

With kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager Long Term Conditions
Adult Community Services

Our 27 year old daughter has suffered with anorexia and has been diagnosed in recent years with borderline personality disorder. She has been admitted to hospital a variety of times in the last few years at points where her condition has deteriorated to the point of not coping with general life stresses. In 2015 she was admitted into Oxleas House (Queen Elizabeth - Charlton) an experience I would not wish on my worse enemy. Not only did the lack of professional treatment, empathy and caring resulted in our daughter's health deteriorating over 5 months but also the tremendous anxiety and frustration as parents seeing our daughter suffer .

2016 Unfortunately another set back resulted in our daughter voluntarily seeking help but due to lack of beds she was temporarily taken to the Priory. For the first time we experienced a very different, caring approach in the mental health care sector. We decided at this point, our daughter would not be re-visiting in any circumstances Oxleas House and thanks to Adrian Dorney and his team, she was transferred to Green Park House, Betts Ward.

From day 1, we felt a warm welcome, many caring members of staff including and especially, ward manageress and her boss Laurence Yeung. There were many dedicated caring members of staff who took our daughter under their wing and worked hard in creating a safe environment in which our daughter could start her recovery. Unfortunately the ward is an acute ward not specialising in our daughter's specific needs. However, her consultant prescribed the correct medication to stabilise her condition and get her ready for transfer to a specialised eating disorder unit.

Although it took a long battle with the system to get her transferred to an eating disorder unit and was a massive struggle as a family watching our daughter not eat and barely drink for 30 days we felt a huge support from most of the staff and certainly the management team.

Although there were negative minor incidents during her stay, we felt we were given a voice and when these incidents were pointed out, management were very quick to correct them. The communication between us, staff and management were open, fast and very helpful.

I am sure that if more NHS funding was made available for the mental health sector, even great improvements could be made.

We cannot praise enough the ward staff, the management and consultants/doctors on Betts Ward with a special mention to Elsie, Mark, Adrian Dorney's, and his P.A. Natalie.

We extends the greatest gratitude to every one that help our Daughter.
Today shes doing very well and recovering, she has been allowed home for Christmas

Dear Jose

Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback of your daughter's care, and the experiences she and the rest of the family experienced. Firstly, I am very pleased to learn that she is currently doing well, and I would like to extend the best wishes of the season to you all.

I recognise that the experiences you all had varied considerably across two of our units, and both parts of this are helpful to us as an organisation; we learn as much from encouraging repetition of good care as we do from trying to stop poor practices.

I will be discussing the more detailed aspects of this with both units at a senior level, specifically with their modern matrons. I will also ensure that the specific people you have mentioned are made aware of what you have said. Each site will need to reflect on both the positive and negative aspects you have described.

I am hopeful that although this will not change what has happened to your family, the care of others will be better for what you have written.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Very disappointed to be told by one of your phone team to "come in on Thursday morning when it's quieter" to have my coil refitted only to find out on your webpage that this service is not available on this day. I've arranged an unpaid day's leave to visit tomorrow, but thanks to the wrong information from your staff, I won't be able to get this done and am missing out on a day's pay.

Dear SH

I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment in relation to our service. We always strive to provide the best possible care and I apologise if you have been provided with incorrect information about our service. We will learn from your feedback and ensure consistent messages and information are provided in future. We are pleased to say that in the New Year we will be offering appointments for contraception which we hope will improve accessibility to our service.

Daniel Smith - Interim Manager
CASH Service

I am the partner and carer for Irene and over the last couple of years we have been regularly attending the Kidbrooke health center where we see Niki the specialist diabetes dietitian because Irene has been diagnosed with type 2 and has server weight loss.

At every visit Niki has gone out of her way to make Irene at ease and discuss her progress as well as giving advice, this has helped greatly as the diabetis is only one of several medical conditions Irene has to cope with on a daily basis.

I would say that Niki truly shows the caring and human side of the NHS which is so important to patients and is so often overlooked as necessary by some staff.

Irene is looking forward to her next appointment in 2017 and wish all a happy new year.


Dear Keith

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave such a kind message regarding the care that Irene has received from Niki. I will pass on your message and good wishes to her.

I know she will be delighted to hear how much you both value the support she is providing.

Thank you again for your message. Wishing you a very happy new year.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager - Long Term Conditions

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