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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.


Dear Sir/Madam

Within one year I had collapsed twice at my work because of the stress level. I was today controlled by my GP who recommend me to contact you urgently. Could you please contact me ASAP for the appointment?



Reply from Oxleas

Dear Ozgur

Thank you for your message.

Your comments have been passed on to the relevant team, who will be in touch with you shortly.

Lisa Stroulger
Communications Team

Hi I am looking for some councilling or therapy and my gp has recommended time to talk a few times, but when I ring for help I am told you cant help me because I havnt been discharged from oxleas for 5 years. could you confirm this please.


Thank you for your feedback.

We are looking into this and will be in touch with you soon to clarify the situation.

Lisa Stroulger
Communications Team

Thanks very much for such an excellent service! Having a one stop service like this is fantastic. I was seen and treated within an hour. The professional and helpful manner of the staff was reassuring. The doctor I saw was were very skilled and gave very helpful advice. I would strongly recommend the service to others. Well done UCC!

Thanks Michael.

We passed your comments on to the UCC team.

Lisa Stroulger
Communications Team

Awful service. My initial assessment was booked for 17th April. I was telephoned to rebook as the person double-booked. My rescheduled appointment on 23rd was then cancelled via text message with no explanation 2 hours before the appointment was scheduled. I have just telephoned to rebook and was told that I have been discharged! I asked to self refer as is stated above:

You do not have to be referred by a GP to use the service. You may refer yourself if you have mild problems of anxiety or depression and are motivated to work to change the problem by calling 020 3260 1100.

I was told no, I have to go back to my GP. To whom can I direct my complaint?

I am sorry that this was your experience of the team. I have asked the manager to look into what happened on this occasion. In order to help us with this, could you contact me on 020 8319 5551?

In the meantime, I have asked that all staff are reminded that people can self-refer to the service.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

Maggie Miller
Greenwich Time To Talk Interim Manager

I disagree - I found the Greenwich portion of Oxleas out of the three the most responsive, and Bromley the least.

Greenwich's in-patient unit is the best out of the three of them, too The staff at Woodlands aren't as good with WAAA. And sadly I think those from Anerley, with more challenges, would be better under neighbouring SLaM as - previously, if they had a Lambeth/Lewisham/Croydon GP over the border, would have gone to a SLaM bed. Equally, a Welling resident with a Plumstead GP used to be under Ferryview / OH, but not now.

I assume when you reorganise, then surely it would make sense for those from 'Lesney area' i.e. those that can present to QEH A&E on buses - 469 from Erith, Belvedere, etc, are admitted to the new new Bexley WAAA ward there, and the old 'Millbrook' area, to attend GPH, given that portion of the borough is nearer to Orpington (but a faff to present to PRUH A&E).

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on services. We appreciate your thoughts on the future organisation of inpatient services and will certainly keep this in mind during the planning process.

Iain Dimond
Director of Mental Health and Learning Disability Services.

I have tried calling the Single Point of Access Team between 15.53 and 16.27 hours. The line has been 'busy' on each of the 25 plus attempted calls made. i find it very hard to believe that the only source of contact has been engaged all this time. I need to confirm that a nurse is coming out to me having waited in all day. I have a vac pump that needs changing and
from previous experience tthis is not something that twilight and weekend do. What am i supposed to do?

Unfortunately, that day, the phone lines for Memorial Hospital and the surrounding area were affected by a problem at the local telephone exchange. These have now been resolved. We are sorry that you were unable to contact us that afternoon. Fortunately, you were able to contact us later that day and were visited that evening. As you did, contacting our PALS service on 0800 917 7159 was the right thing to do when you could not contact the service you needed direct. We hope you don't have any such problem in the future.

Connie Greig
Head of Integrated Community Teams

To whom it may concern,

I am hoping to get my girlfriend some counselling and i was wondering how I go about this?

We live in north greenwich and need to find some help as soon as possible.

Please let me know



Dear Jessica

You can ask your GP to refer you to Time to talk or contact Greenwich Time to Talk directly on 0203 260 1100 in order to discuss the counselling needs of your partner.

They should be offered a telephone screening when the team reopens on Tuesday.


David Shaer
Service Manager
Adult Mental Health and Learning Disability Services


Re last post - Mediquip still don't know when they are going to deliver my son's continence pads - despite numerous phone calls and messages and their contact with your service manager. I understand your staff have trouble getting hold of them too. No one at Mediquip seems to have access to any information on my son's deliveries or continence supplies. We seem to have not moved forward in two weeks of contact with them. This is very distressing

Having spoken with you we are pleased that you have now got the supplies you need. We are meeting with Medequip to understand why the supply was disrupted so that it doesn't happen again. We'll call you to give you an update.

Alison Beasley
Head of Complex Wound and Continence Teams

How are the Trust going to cope with the additional patients from the closure of the wards at the Woodlands on the Queen Mary's site , and are the vacated wards going to be utilised , can you please explain what your course of action is going to be.

Dear B C Britton

Thank you for your email regarding the proposed changes to the Woodlands Mental Health inpatient unit at Queen Mary's Hospital.

It is important to highlight that the working age adult wards, currently based at the Woodlands site, are being transferred not closed. The wards will be moving to alternative inpatient sites at Oxleas House in Greenwich and Green Parks House in Bromley. When admission is required, patients from Bexley will be admitted to the wards on the alternative sites.

The vacated wards on the Woodlands site will be refurbished and converted to older peoples inpatient wards. We believe that this will allow us to focus on developing a centre of excellence for older persons on the Woodlands site.

Thank you again for your email. I hope that I have been able to respond fully to your questions.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director

First of all I rang the Shrewsburys Ward in the Oxley clinic Woolwich, to speak to a relative that was an inpatient there. After having been put to speak to my relative, our phone conversation was being listened in on by the staff. Just to let the public know what to expect when they call to speak to family. Because of that I decided to go visit, because it does not seem right for staff to be listening on patient phone conversation.
Then I went to visit, I find the staff rude and the ward really dirty and unkept. I can understand it is a mental hospital but the staff seem to not care at all. I just get the feeling that the staff there just could not be bothered. They were just there to get paid, I think someone from the NHS should look into this. Because, the place looks like an accident waiting to happen and I think for a place with little or no furniture and you hardly see any patient. Because, they had to go call my relative out from the room. That ward sure look dirty and smell really bad.

Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. We are very sorry that this has been your experience. We take all the comments that we receive seriously and we will look into the matters you raise. Please do contact us directly if you would like to discuss your experience in more detail with me.

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director

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