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Every time I have the misfortune to visit this pharmacy it is an absolute joke. I have never ever known of a slower service. I've currently been waiting for 40 minutes, for four items which they have in stock, to be dispensed. There is only one other in the queue miraculously! Goodness knows how long it would take if they were busy! They are very polite and helpful but the speed is ridiculous. It's very frustrating too when you have to pay by the hour in the car park and just wait g for a prescription can add on another couple of quid and an hour to a hospital appointment. I honestly don't understand why they are always always so slow. Very frustrating!

Dear Jo

I'm sorry that you had a long wait at QMH pharmacy.

If you contact me directly at letting me know the date of your visit, I will investigate the circumstances around this delay, explain these to you and look to see if there is anything we can do to improve the service we offer.

Kind regards

Carol Paton
Chief Pharmacist

i feel badly let down and disappointed by the service I sort of received from Greenwich co ordinated care service based in eltham community hospital.i had this care navigator,there was no face to face meetings,so didn't go to the hospital,got told by navigator it was only done over the phone,how does that work then,so it felt like she didnt want to get involved,was distant,thought she was dealing with my case until I got the help,support,ongoing therapy/counselling but nothing happened. had to go to a and e Saturday the 10th of September,got referred back to oxleas,this is what the navigator was suppose to be helping me with.with the service I got false information about them like, they work alongside gp's practice and emergency department to help improve patients care at home to reduce hospital admissions etc.,they help tailor a personal and relevant social care package but in reality nothing like that happened, whats a person to do.

Dear Tina

I am sorry you feel this way about our service. I have received emails from you and I am in the process of looking into this matter further so that I can respond fully.

Yours sincerely

Jana Krohn,
Integration Lead,
Greenwich Coordinated Care

Very disappointed with the service. I rang the first time and spoke with the nurse and was informed that I would get a call back as I really needed an appointment since giving birth two months ago. I never got a call back. I had to call back twice and was informed that any nurse would call me back. No one ever did. I rang back a third and fourth time and no answer. Very bad customer service. I am now looking for another clinic.

Dear Eunice,

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment in our service. I can confirm that we have made two attempts to contact following your initial call but unfortunately these were unsuccessful. I understand that one of our Nurses has since made contact with you.

I hope this contact has met your needs and answered your questions. Should you require any further advice or support please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you for your feedback.

Yours Sincerely,
Daniel Smith
Interim Manager

The above info and a leaflet I had tells me that I can self refer to the service. However, when I rang the Central Access Team, I was told that I have to be referred by GP. Which is the correct information please?

Dear Sadie

You are absolutely correct that the Continence Service will accept self-referrals and you do not need to ask your GP to refer you.

The Central Access Team have been reminded that this is the case and so this should be prevented from happening again in future. Please ask them to send your details to the Continence Service and you should be contacted shortly.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused you.

Alison Beasley
Head of Complex Woundcare, Continence and Diabetes

Disgusted with the treatment I have been given!!! After being discharged just by a phone call the first time I was referred, was then referred again had a 45 minute appointment to be told it's possible I have BPD but I don't meet the criteria so discharged AGAIN. I'm a 23 year old crying out for some help, and being suicidal, paranoid and majorly depressed I don't meet the criteria and left to suffer with no help, I have been asked many times by staff what I want from the service and all I want is help before it's too late but I don't get listened too and all I am told is to go to A&E. I was referred to the service for the first time in January of this year and I am still yet to get any kind of help!!

Dear Rosie,

I'm really sorry to see how distressing this has been. I will contact you directly to get more details from you and try to figure out how we can help you with this.

Yours sincerely

Dr Derek Tracy, Associate Clinical Director

A big thank you to Queen Marys Meadow View for looking after my mum during her recuperation. Very clean ward great staff and good hospital food all helped my 78 year old mum recover from her operation. So pleased that Queen Marys finally being fully used again as a hospital.

Dear Duncan,

Thank you so much you kind comments about the care your mother received whilst on Meadow View. I will happily feedback this to the team.

I hope your mother is continuing to improve & please pass on to her all our good wishes.

Kind regards,
Cathy Wilkinson - Matron, Meadow View

What age group does the service provide assistance upto, will i need to look into provate therapy for a 17 year old?

Dear Melek

Thank you for your query, a Speech and Language Therapist has telephoned you to talk through our service, I hope this has provided clarity.

Please see the local offer for other supports within Greenwich.

Please do also speak to the inclusion manager at the college, to discuss what reasonable adjustments can be made to support access to the curriculum/course.

Kind regards

Rhian Grounds
Acting Professional Manager and Principal Speech and Language Therapist

I arrived at the Source at 2pm to get seen fast, however it was shut. This was on Wednesday 31at August, and no notice was given on this website. Upon calling an answerphone said The Source is "now closed," which did not clarify whether it meant for the day or because it had not yet opened. This lack of information is disappointing as it caused me a wasted journey.

Dear Jacob

Thank you for raising your concern with regards the Source. The Source was closed for a period on Wednesday due to staff sickness.

I am sorry that there was no signage on the door to explain this to you. This was an oversight on our part and I apologise for any inconvenience this caused you. I can confirm that there is signage today.

Having listened to the answer phone message I can confirm that it states the usual opening times and then directs callers to alternative services which may be able to offer help.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this further. I have left my details on your mobile phone and have sent an email to you.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Head of Long Term Conditions

Hi my daughter is 14months old and she hasn't had her 9month check or 12month check, I keep asking my doctors surgery and they keep saying a heath visitor will contact me.

Dear Lisa

Just to confirm that following our telephone conversation, we have now offered a developmental check which we are arranging at your convenience.

Best wishes

Helen Day-Barnes
Service Manager

My mum had a stroke 3 months ago which affected her speech and movement; she was discharged as an "early supported patient" and placed in the care of the early supported discharge team in our area. She was seen frequently by the OT, and Physiotherapists who all did an excellent job; but was barely seen by the speech and language therapist whose help she needed the most because of her aphasia.

Her time with the ESD team is now coming to an end but she still requires ongoing help with her aphasia. It's been very disappointing to see that there is very little help available in our borough ( Greenwich ) and Oxleas NHS. Furthermore the services provided by the Stroke Association are in the process of being shut down due to funding problems. Where can we turn to for help?

Dear Tayo

Thank you for your feedback about the care and treatment we provided to your mother following her recent stroke. I hope that she is continuing to make improvements.

I have contacted you directly to discuss your mother's care, and the support she can expect to receive, in more detail.

Best wishes

Keith Soper
Service Director

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