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After several online and phone call assessments, one of which was conducted by the Primary Care Plus team, I have been fobbed off onto charities like Mind. This was particularly infuriating after I had received a threatening letter promising my discharge because of missing a single phone call despite an assessment escalating me to that team by Greenwich Time To Talk.

After having had to go through two hour long surveys and as many visits to the GP I am more than a little bit angry that at every step whichever team I have been dealing with has passed the buck on providing any care onto another service. Despite all the advertising it really seems that even the people whose jobs it is are unwilling to believe in the validity of my (and presumably others') depression.

If anything this experience and service has become a large contributor to my feelings of anxiety and diminished self-worth. Given that I have had to wait weeks to months for assessments to determine whether I am worth their time. Which, it turns out I am not.

Dear Chris

We are sorry to hear of your experience in accessing our services.

Ethel Nazzal, manager of the PCP team, will be able to discuss with you the next steps.

Please email Ethel: your telephone number so she can get in touch with you.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

Is woolwich, market place still the only clinic that does implant removals and refit? Even if I live in Bexley?


Dear Sir/Madam

To whom it may concern

Today, the 8th November 2019, I had my scheduled nail/feet appointment at 2, Garland Road, Plumstead, SE18 2AE.

On my arrival at the centre, I saw a young female Podiatrist whom her interactions and communication skills caught my attention. I witnessed this young lady whom I later asked another of your staff for her name, and her name was given to me as Kayla Paul performed her duties diligently.

Ms Kayla Paul, with a smile at all times, looked at patients in their faces, listened to patients and responded with respect, humbleness, precision and consciousness. I also witnessed that irrespective of the patients' different health issues, all patients smiled throughout the section. Furthermore, all patients happily conversed with one another, and we chatted as if we had met before meeting on the transport.

After treatment, every patient came out of the room smiling, and that includes me. Paul, Kayla made me felt that my predicaments were not worth some worries.

Assist Ms Kayla Paul to maintain the skills that she possess, and you will find that she will be a much more valuable person in the NHS and the United Kingdom as a whole (if she keeps the spirit on).

Thank you,
Yours faithfully


Dear Cam

Thank you for taking the time to write such a positive message about our community podiatrist Kayla.

We are pleased you found her to be professional and respectful and that your apppointment was enjoyable.

Thank you once again for your kind words and we will ensure they are passed on to Kayla.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

My son is under the home treatment team, he see one lady who called him the wrong name all through their session, when corrected she still called him by the wrong name. on the next meeting she apologised for calling him the wrong name, and as they said goodbye called him the wrong name again and found it highly amusing.

My son rang up in distress and asked for help and was told that he should go and take a cold shower, and that if he thought about harming himself he should hold ice cubes.

He see another lady who complimented his trainers so he smiled out of politeness, he rang up again that night in distress and she told him that she didn't see why he was down as he was so happy and smiley was one smile out of politeness. I think its disgusting that these people are meant to be trained nurses and have made my son worse. they also left him sitting in the waiting room for more then half hour over his appointment time, which he got up and left. he then rang again that night and spoke to a man, my son was so distraught he threatened to kill himself and the man said alright then and my son hung up, they do not care about anybodys well being

Dear Janet

I am sorry to hear about the experience of your son with our services. I will be investigating this to see how we can support your son appropriately. Can you kindly contact me to provide me with more information such as your son's full name and/or
the name/s of the staff who dealt with him. My contact details are below

Kind regards

Tendai Chimbeva
Team Manager
Telephone: 02039536445

I found the Greenwich podiatry team to be professional and caring. I had developed pressure sores on both my heels after an operation at Guy's Hospital. Over the six months that it took for the sores to heal the podiatry complex wound management was excellent. These were difficult wounds to heal, over time I came to appreciate the Podiatry team's dedication to their patients.


Dear Simon

Thank you for taking to time to provide feedback for the Greenwich Podiatry team.

The team pride themselves on their dedication and appreciate the complexity of wound healing. I am delighted the care you received was excellent and your feet are improving.

Thank you once again. I will ensure to pass on your kind words to them.

With kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession Podiatry


do you know of any music therapy that would help my adult daughter. she has had a learning disability since birth, 3 years ago she has a brain haemorrhage which took away her mobility. however, she has always loved music, and I feel that some sort of music therapy she would enjoy. she is 53 yrs old. private would possibly be suitable.

Since primary school I have had concerns about my daughter who is now 16 years old. Initially, I thought she was ASD/Aspergers but in recent years other issues have developed. Whether these are associated with her autistic traits or not, I'm not sure.
Anyway, for many years she has had difficulties with social interaction, has a distinct lack of empathy for others and has had serious issues with anger, particularly at home. More recently, she has self harmed through cutting herself and I think this has moved onto burning her skin and binge eating. There was a stage when she was threatening to kill herself and talked about not wanting to be alive. Also, she hears voices constantly and frequently has hallucinations. I believe that this has been happening for many years but has only come to light in the past couple of years. My daughter has also taken herself to see the GP as she feels that she is depressed. She has suffered panic attacks and possibly suffers from anxiety. At the moment my daughter seems to be pushing every boundary possible, displaying risky behaviours and proving very difficult to manage unless I let her do exactly what she wants. I appreciate that this is generally a teenage thing but fear her general well-being considering all the other issues.
However, besides an ASD assessment that found her autistic but not enough for a diagnosis, and counselling at Bromley Y, she has not received any additional support and is not being referred onto CAMHS as she is not autistic enough, not self harming enough, not depressed enough, not anxious enough, not suicidal enough, not psychotic enough. Does no one look at the whole picture rather than individual issues?????
So, as I could not get help through the NHS (despite numerous attempts) I decided to get a private assessment even though I didn't really have the funds. This has been declined by the Priory as the psychiatrists have all stated that she needs to be under CAMHS!!!
Please help my daughter get the appropriate help before she ends up involved with a serious criminal incident or worse. What do I need to do so that she gets properly assessed and then supported in the right way???

Dear Tracey

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

As we discussed, one of our clinicians will contact your daughter to gather some further information. This will help us to ensure that she accesses the support that best meets her needs.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS
020 8315 4430

I have recently had a hip replacement under the NHS but am struggling with some of the exercises due to pain is there any way I can be treated by hydro pool which will assist with my recovery as my surgeon has advised swimming would help

Dear Jeanette

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain when exercising following your hip replacement.

We would suggest that you contact your GP or Consultant (if you are still under their care) to explain the issues you are experiencing. If appropriate they can refer you to our MSK service for an assessment and ongoing support.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide hydro therapy pool sessions through the Bexley MSK service.

Kind regards

Lisa Cooper
Associate Director

I have requested support which for is not really heard of I don’t seek support until it’s too late and I have no choice. My housing as also requested adult safe guarding yet haven’t heard anything. .

I believe this is due to previous referrals where I couldn’t explain my problems over the phone. I suffer from chronic complex trauma which at present I’m reliving pass experiences, I know I need support and have ask this yet I cannot explain over phone to a complete stranger my problems not because as I was told last time just being Awkward and if I really need help then I would speak over the phone. But what you don’t seem to Realise is that speaking about something like this is triggering into self leaving me to deal with the trauma of opening up over the phone making me feeling paranoid about who it was I spoke to what will they do with what I said will they hear what I said are they laughing at me, all this and so more, then that doesn’t guaranteer that I get support it’s just the 1st step to many others before they even decide you need support and if you are lucky that they can offer support you put on a waiting list which can take months leaving you wounded even more traumatised. Mentally trouble with no hope what’s so ever. I cannot wait for this luck dip route for /or not support. Sleep is difficult physically feel so ill doctors don’t understand and I end up half the time so scared of them that can’t finish consultation with them. I think I may have cancer yet can’t seem to explain as life is muddle with past and now. Please please help me that all I ask please

Dear Jennie

I am very sorry to learn you are in need of support and haven't been able to ask or find any support to help you.

I would like to advise your team if you are under Oxleas services so they can help you and if you are can you give me your full name and date of birth please (by email:

You can also call the Urgent Advice Line for assistance if you are able to on 0800 330 8590.

If you are not under Oxleas services can I urge you to contact your GP to get support or attend your local A&E so they can help you.

Kind regards


0800 917 7159

Are there any drop in advice centres in Beckenham. My 6 month old daughter cries after a minute on the boob and only stops when put on the opposite boob. Although she’s my second child and I’ve breastfed both, I’ve lost all confidence to feed out & about because of her bawling. It doesn’t result in a burp or sickness, she won’t take a bottle. I don’t know what the answer is.

Hi Robyn

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

I have put the details of the breastfeeding group and the baby cafes in Beckenham below.

There are no groups on today however please call to speak to a Health Visitor on 020 8836 8621 who will give you further advice.

Wednesday: Community Vision Children’s and Family Centre, SE20 8UX ~ 09:30 -11:00 (Health Visitor led)

Monday: Neighbourhood Church Cromwell Rd, BR3 4LW ~ 13:00 – 15:00 (Baby café)

Friday: St Johns Church Hall, St Johns Rd, SE20 7EQ ~ 13:00 -15:00 (Baby café)

Best wishes

Loretta McGurry
Head of Health Visiting Bromley