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My daughter has been referred to Integrated Neurodevelopmental team - ASD for a while now (2019) and I was wondering when she will be have an opportunity of been assessed as this support will her help a great deal. It so frustrating for me as a mother seeing my daughter not getting the support she needs to give especially when I know other parents whose case are similar to mine get attended to already.

Please I will be really be grateful, if this could be looked into even if it virtual.



Dear Remi

I am sorry for the frustrations you have experienced. I understand that you have been contacted about this to discuss further. I hope this has helped to resolve your concerns. If not, please contact the service directly on 0208 836 8621 and they will be able to help you.

Kind regards

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

My husband had an accident recently. He has broken his neck in two places. He also has cuts to his head. He has been discharged from the hospital and his home under my care. The cuts to his head were treated whilst in hospital; but unfortunately has some complications regarding the healing process. My husband is in an immobilising collar; due to his injuries. I rang my GP regarding this matter, he said that he would request the community nursing team to visit him urgently. I rang the community nursing team today at 11:40 to ask when they would be able to visit my husband. I was told by the lady that l spoke to that my GP had not sent a referral to them regarding a visit to my husband. She said for me to contact our surgery to query this matter. I was ringing the surgery and whilst waiting for them to answer, l took a call from my landline phone. It was another lady at the community nursing team. She told that in fact my GP had referred him to the team. Then said that my husband would not be able to seen as they had a number of patients that needed to be seen. I asked whether he could be seen tomorrow and was initially told no. I asked if he could be seen at the weekend. The lady replied that he would not be seen at the weekend. I then said that would mean that he will not been seen for five days. She said he may been seen tomorrow. I asked her to please tell me if my husband could not be seen tomorrow to tell me now and l will ring my GP and l will try and find if there is another alternative. She then said he will be seen tomorrow. I said you will see him tomorrow. She said not me personally. I said l know, but one of your team will. I do realise that all NHS staff are under tremendous pressure and l do not expect to jump any queue or receive preferential treatment. I have followed the procedure by asking my GP about the injury to his head. I did not expect the lady l spoke to react in this way and her attitude to say the least was not professional and very, very unhelpful, Hopefully, my husband will have a visit tomorrow. But, l am not confident about that, by the way my request was handled today.

Dear Anita

We are sorry for your experience. The Service Manager has now made contact and please do contact me on the number provided if you have any further concerns.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

Please how do i register my child with speech and language therapy and are they on at the moment?

Dear Thelma

Many thanks for your query. Following your comment on our website we have contacted you and subsequently created a referral to the Speech and Language Therapy team for your child. For your ease in the future, the service can be contacted by email on or call us on 02088368621 option 2.

kind regards

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

It has taken a lot for me to be able to self refer to this service and the whole experience has been a total let down. No wonder people with mental health difficulties often feel like there is no support. A trainee completed my assessment and went away to discuss me with her supervisor. The following day, they had decided I had low self esteem and offered to send me to a group. If they had paid any attention to what I was saying, they would of known that this was jmpossible for me.
Second option, you're on the waiting list for CBT and someone will be in touch in 5-6 months! This service is full of questionnaires that are so rigid that the patients thoughts and feelings are irrelevant. I even requested the online CBT and was refused... absolutely joke...

Dear Lee

Thank you for taking time to leave your feedback regarding your recent contact with the IAPT service. We are sorry that your experience has not been positive. We would like to hear more from you, so please could you email your telephone number to Stavros Markatselis ( / 020 3260 1100) and he will be more than happy to give you a call to discuss a way forward.

Thank you

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

Extremely disappointed with the treatment (or lack of it) that I have received since I was first refered to the team at the end of 2019. Although I have now finally been assigned a care co ordinator (despite waiting over a year), I am still yet to receive any specialised support, nor do I feel as if I have been taken seriously. I am yet to speak to a Psychiatrist face to face, or have a an appointment where I actually feel as if the route course of my problems is discussed. They have all been rushed and I have felt extremely unsupported the whole way through. I am told there is a 6-12 month wait on therapy, again despite being refered for psychological support over a year ago. I am no longer employed, unable to go to university, socialise or basically do any of the things that a 19 year old should be able to do. All I am given are helplines and hav been told to wait. My mental health is declining day by day and I'm tired of being told theres nothing that can be done.

Diagnosis' seem to be thrown around so much within the service and after recieving a diagnosis after a 20 minute telephone appointment, I am then told by another psychiatrist and that diagnosis can't be removed after a 30 minute appointment?? I have disputed the diagnosis & after recieving a second opinion that diagnosis was not made, yet have never had the chance to speak to someone about all of the things I've been experiencing.

Completely at a loss what to do now. My whole life has been ruined by my mental health problems. I'm told by my GP that there isnt anything else she can do, and after speaking to someone at the priory (privately) she informed me that NHS support is the only way forward.

I'm aware this comment will most probably be put on my notes as me being 'angry', but wouldn't you be angry/frustrated if you were in this situation??

Dear Jessica

Thank you for making contact to advise us of your concerns. The ADAPT Team Manager will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your care within the service and what can be done to support your mental health needs.

Kind regards

Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Bromley Directorate

Does anyone know when I will receive any contact from the care coordinator I was referred to, or is there an email address for them so I can contact them? I was discharged almost two weeks ago (though my condition never improved and continues to decline without treatment) and I haven't had access to any treatment since. My university and GP (who I've been meeting with trying to arrange treatment) both say that there is nothing they can do to help me. I can't make phone calls and can't find any other means of contacting anyone.

Thank you.

Hi,my child she is 1year and4 mont l think she foots have questions when she walk the foots left hand side put in right hand side right hand side put in left hand side She foot have questions she always put the turn in l don't know how to do, GP send me coming

Dear Kristina

Thank you very much for contacting us. In order to help to address your concerns, a physiotherapist from the team will call you today to discuss further.

Kind regards

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

This shows how much they care in oxleas, was supposed to hear back from a manager on instruction from Dr. Tracy but still waiting.... Clearly a trust that isn't fit for purpose

After a therapeutic relationship break down, my therapist and I agreed to terminate our sessions on the 12th April. Since that time my GP and the CCG have advised that I should be discharged with a care plan and medication review. I contacted Pals, who passed on my request to the manager of the heights. However, this was then redirected to my therapist. This is an inappropriate response, as my therapist and I have agreed to end. Subsequently, I got an aggressive in tone email, stating I could have a review with my therapist, which given my situation is totally unviable. At the moment I am relying on self medicating which is not sustainable, and my condition is dramatically deteriorating. I will try again to contact my GP on Monday.

Dear Alison

Thank you for your feedback. The ADAPT team has been sent your concerns for them to address.

kind regards

Mr Graham Thomson
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Before refer myself in this service I checked all the comments about this oxleas Greenwich. Most of them were bad and unfortunately my experience is adverse too.
I started this adventure at the end of January 2021. After my first assessment I was transferred to PCP to evaluate my situation and decided the best option for me.
I had the first appointment on 19/02. I felt ignored , as I was talking with the walls, the person on the line was chatting with her colleague, I had to repeat myself several times.
Finally I had the appointment with psychiatrist on 23/04. The psychiatrist recommend some medicine and psychological treatment.
Today is 20/05 and I didn't hear anything about the therapy and the worse part is that my GP didn't hear anything about my medication so they can't prescribe anything till PCP inform them.
In conclusion, after 5 months , I'm worse than before. Without treatment and hopeless, because I don't know how I can get help or when.

Dear Isabel

I am very sorry to read about your experience with our services. I have asked the manager (Suren) from PCP to contact you as a matter of urgency so we can make sure you receive the treatment and support you need.

Kind regards

Helen Jones
Greenwich Service Director

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