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I just wish to say how grateful I am for the care my father has received from your team since his discharge from hospital. You have worked to find the equipment he needs and have offered both of us extra help to ensure he is as comfortable as possible. You are a truly excellent and under appreciated team. Thank you.

Dear Claire

Thank you so much for taking the time to feedback on the excellent care your father has received from the district nursing team. I will pass on your kind words to the team and I know they will be delighted that the care they have delivered has been so appreciated.

Kind regards
Liz Penn
Head of Long Term Conditions

My father was due to receive lunch time medication management from the District Nurse commencing 8th August 2016. On 7th August 2016 he was admitted to hospital in Critical Care where he remains. First thing on 8th August I called the Central Access Team and cancelled his district nurse visits until further notice. Unfortunately in the past 10 days, and whilst my father is still in Critical Care, the district nurse has turned up 3 times - randomly (once at 9.58 a.m. per CCTV!) to administer my father's lunch time medication. This has really upset my mother who is emotionally struggling with my father being in hospital. The Central Access Team has now been told THREE TIMES to cancel all future visits until further notice. Not sure how many more times they need to be told?!

Dear Jo

I have investigated your concerns. The central access team passed your message onto the district nursing team correctly, but this was not actioned in a timely manner by the district nursing service, therefore they visited and contacted your mother mistakenly. The team have been advised of their mistake and are truly sorry.

Please accept our sincere apologies for causing distress to you and your mother.

Yours sincerely

Karen Rodwell,
Modern Matron,
District Nursing service

Hello, I will like to thank you for your swift response to my request, I was told to come in at 11am today17th Aug, but unfortunately after trying to get the time of work, I forgot I had a pre arranged meeting today, hopefully I can get another slot between 4pm and 6pm Thursday 18th August,when your clinic is open till 7pm.thanks.

Dear Ade

Thank you for your comment. I have confirmed that our Nurse has made contact with you and suitable arrangements have been made. Thank you again for your comment and I am glad we have been able to meet your needs.

Dan Smith
Interim Manager - CASH

Hello, I tried visiting your clinic 3 times in the past 3 months but always been turned back both on Saturdays and during the week, as I work during the week it's quite difficult to be coming everyday as you are mostly closed by the time I get there,I've always been coming to the clinic for test and I am really anxious about getting it done as soon possible, pls I hope this can be looked into, thank you very much.

Dear Ade

I am very sorry you have had difficulties getting the help you need from our sexual health service. Our Saturday clinics are a relatively new offering and have proved incredibly popular.

Because of the nature of the walk-in service it does mean we have to limit attendance to ensure clinics finish on time and our Saturday clinic is advertised as limiting the numbers to the first 16 patients and emergencies.

I appreciate this can be frustrating if you arrive at a time when the attendance limit has been reached. I have asked one of our nurses to get in touch with you in relation to the test you require and to support you accessing this as soon as possible.

You may also find it useful to review the following website, which provides a range of information in relation to testing and treatment; some of which can be carried out at home.

Many thanks for your comment.

Kind regards

Lisa Thompson
Head of Service - Specialist Teams (Adult Community Services)

Turned away 3 times in a month: I am REALLY disappointed with their recent customer service.

I have come here for years as a student and have been given great advice and support from this service. However now I can only make the weekend clinic so attend on saturdays. In the past month I have been turned away three times. Opening times are 10-12 and the first time i was turned away it was 11:15, the second was 10:30 and the last time was 10:06.

I think, if this service is NOT in fact available from 10 they should be transparent about it. Considering people work during the week, Saturday surgeries are so crucial for the service. I am fortunate that the service I seek is not urgent but I fear for young girls, in difficult situations who need help on a Saturday morning. How many urgent cases have you turned away?

I understand under-funding and so on, but this is an URGENT issue as this is the only service available on a Saturday morning in the Greenwich area, the eltham service is 6 miles further. The council and relevant sponsors need to help reallocate funds and or staff to address this issue as a case of urgency.

I hope my words can assist any vulnerable person seeking help on a saturday morning

A concerned member of the public.

I am very sorry you have had difficulties getting the help you need from our sexual health service. Our Saturday clinics are a relatively new offering and have proved incredibly popular. Because of the nature of the walk-in service it does mean we have to limit attendance to ensure the clinic finishes on time. The clinic is advertised as the first 16 patients will be seen plus any medical emergencies. But even with us trying to do this they regularly overrun. This can mean longer than ideal waits for patients and staff working beyond their planned hours.

Your general point about access to sexual health services for people who work is well made, and we are looking at increasing the choice of clinic times to accommodate those unable to come during the day. The commissioner of this service, the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is committed to improving the sexual health provision within the borough and we are working closely together to ensure an accessible and high quality service is available.

In terms of your specific need, I will contact you directly to arrange for one of our nurses to speak to you.

Thank you for your feedback.

Keith Soper
Service Director

My father was at Meadow View at the start of the year and we were very impressed by the helpful and caring staff. Thank you.
We have two packs of 28 anatomical pads that we would like to donate somewhere where they could be of use. If this is something that maybe of interest to you, please contact me by email (all are unopened, within date, barcoded etc - I have photos).

Dear Paul

Thank you very much for your kind words about the care your father received at Meadow View earlier this year.

In terms of the equipment, I will contact you directly to make arrangements. Thank you for thinking of us.

Many thanks

Keith Soper
Service Director

My son was discharged from oxleas in November 2015 after spending 2 month's on the ward he was told a plan was to be put in place to help him to see a psychiatrist and psychologist, this never ever happened. After a number of relapses he is back under the home team. My son has been seeing them for a few weeks and has told them he feels that his medication is not helping him with he's issues , yet still nothing is being done to change it so he's becoming more unwell , at one stage he ask them if he could be re admitted because he felt so depressed Yet still they sent him away. This has been going on for nine months. To me it seems there is no after care plan and i feel they have let my son down . How many times have we heard of people with mental health issues doing something drastic before they are listened to .

Dear Tony

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry that you feel Oxleas services have not been appropriately responsive. There is not enough information in your online message for me to determine the teams involved and the specifics of your son, but I will contact you directly to ascertain those details and investigate this further.

Dr Derek Tracy, Associate Clinical Director

Greenwich Day treatment team : Amazing, Supportive and genuinely very caring.
After being discharged from the ward I was referred to the day treatment team. I was with them for 12 weeks during this time I was able to attend lots of groups from stretch and relax to anxiety management, tools for life and aromatherapy massage, tai chi and art group. The groups were brilliant, informative and very useful to learn how to deal with my anxiety and learn signs of my depression. Having the groups to go to meant I had structure to my week and this helped my recovery very much. Not only did the groups help the whole team were amazing, so kind, caring and very supportive. I did have a new crisis while under the dtt and they were fantastic they offered one to one time for me talk to them about what was going on, they were there for me every single day so a very special thank you to KAT AND ASYEL for listening so much without them I would of had to go back on the ward, with their support I was able to be kept off the ward. Thank you also to JASON for the help he gave me with my forms that I had to fill in he gave me so much help and support with them. The whole team work very hard to support all service users and really make you feel cared for everyday and are always only "one call away. Superman got nothing on them!!!!!"
Kat, Asyel, Jason, Lisa, Mauve, Maylisha, Sarah, Cathy, Judy and Vivienne are all very special people who do a fantastic job. They make a real difference to people's lives. They have made a really big difference to mine. Thank you xxxx

Dear Claire

Thank you so much for your message.

The Day Treatment Teams pride themselves on patient-centred care and working in a very intense and focused but still personalised manner. It sounds like they did exactly what they would aim to in your case.

I will forward your message on to them, I know this will make their day.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My daughter had an appointment on May 10th. We were very relieved to finally see someone. In June we received a letter detailing our care-plan. That was after me calling in. The letter had been delayed. Since then we've heard nothing. I called the office last week and was told that my daughter's case worker was on annual leave until the end of July. So I would assume that her case would have been handed over to someone else? No, nobody knew what was going on.

I hoped that we could have had at least one or two more sessions before September, but it's looking unlikely. I was told I'd get a phone call in a few days that was a week ago. July is almost over and we have got nowhere fast. I'm very disappointed that I have had to come to here to vent my frustration with the service. Back to square one.

My daughter has finished her exams and now barely leaves the house. I know your services are stretched, but I feel that your help is what is needed to get my daughter back on track.

Dear Deborah

We are sorry we did not get back to you in a timely way, you have now spoken with the service and an appointment has been arranged for next week.

We hope our help, with your support, will get your daughter back on track as well.

Kind regards

Sheena Gohal - Operational Manager
Stephen Whitmore - Service Director

I have received outstanding service in Garland Road Health Centre in 2015-2016. Both my consultant Mr Andrew MacFarlane and podiatrist Mr Ryan Ballerino are an asset to the NHS. I saw only them throughout my whole process with appointments and my consultation. They carried out my surgery in Queen Mary's hospital June 2016 and can't thank them enough for the incredible job they have done on my foot. A dedicated and hardworking team.

Dear Claudia

Thank you so much for your kind comments about our podiatric surgery service. Andrew and Ryan were extremely pleased to receive your feedback. I also appreciate the direct email you sent us about your experience. I hope you have now fully recovered following your surgery and am delighted you are happy with the result.

Many thanks

Keith Soper
Service Director

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