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We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad to enable us to learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please visit our services pages, find the service you have used and leave a comment.

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My wife spent 5 weeks in hospital 2 of which was in Critical Care. After which she was moved in to a trauma ward. Part of her treatment was to have a large skin graph to her leg. This was to be dressed every third day by a district nurse. The first week everything went well then after that the service became a complete joke.
When the nurse was due to come they never did. So we rang their contact number where after the same information was asked over and over again we were told every time that someone would ring, this of course never happened during the day. Once we rung after 6 o`clock and then someone did return our call, and we were told that "the twilight team never changed dressing" . which begs the question what do they do?.
At the time of this moan we have made four calls over the last 26 hours and have been told each time " someone will call you back".
We are still waiting.

Dear Stephen

I understand that Connie Greig, Head of Integrated Community Teams, has recently spoken with both yourself and your wife and confirmed that she would visit your wife today. A visit had also taken place yesterday and so it was agreed that your wife's Monday appointment would be brought forward to Sunday this week.

If you have any further queries, please do call Connie on 020 8319 7103.


Keith Soper
Service Director

Absolutely disgusted with the aftercare or lack there I've received since coming out of hospital a week and a half ago. Supposed to have a nurse daily to clean a wound and change the dressing but one has only showed up three times in that space of time. Fed up of keeping ringing up and being told "well, they can show up anytime up until half five" and nobody shows up anyway. No point of me ringing up after half five cause nobody will be available to come out so it means I'll have to wait until the next day in which case I'll jus be going through the same rubbish again.

Dear Gary

I understand that you were visited by Community Staff Nurse, Alisa Archer-Portillo yesterday and reviewed. The original referral received from the hospital had identified you required support with Stoma care, however, your re-assessment highlighted you have an abdominal abscess that needs to be dressed daily and you will now receive the required daily visits.

If you have any concerns please do contact Connie Greig, Head of Integrated Community Teams, on 020 8319 7140.

Kind regards

Keith Soper
Service Director

The treatment of relatives calling in is nothing short of despicable. I have been shouted at, hung up on and reduced to tears by your so - called 'nurses'. The 'gentleman' (who's name I have) is rude, arrogant and insensitive to the relatives of patients so god only knows what 'service' the patients receive. Disgusting.

Dear Rachel

Thank you for providing feedback; I'm sorry to hear of so negative an experience, and we expect high standards of all Oxleas staff when it comes to their professionalism and attitudes.

I take your concerns seriously, and will ask Oxleas House's Modern Matron to contact you separately via the email address you have provided to try determine what has happened and how we can help.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My GP referred my daughter urgently - I called CAMHS to make sure the letter had arrived. I was told I would have to wait until it was discussed in a referral meeting - 4 day wait. I then waited another 4 days and still have not heard anything. Meanwhile the school nurse also wrote a supporting letter as my daughter was getting worse, only to be told that nothing had been done about it and no decision had been made. Meanwhile my daughter is suffering everyday and so are we. Where is the help we need? Is this how an urgent referral is treated?

Dear Dawn

We are very sorry to hear that you do not feel you are getting help for your daughter.

We would like to be able to talk with you so that your daughter is able to get the help she needs.

Please could you contact Dorothy Pilling to discuss on 020 3260 5200.

Thank you I spoke to Dorothy following my comments. She has now discussed my daughter's referral with me and the next steps that will be taken. Very understanding and explanatory. Feel very supported now.

Thank you

Oxleas Mental Health service is in my opinion horrific. Quite frankly my experience as a Greenwich service user has totally destroyed my life.
I can't believe that in the 21st Century staff are allowed to get away with treating vulnerable people the way I was treated.
What happened to whistleblowing? Surely someone on the inside cares enough to expose the cruel and inhumane treatment that is handed out in the name of "care"
My genuine complaints were not taken seriously and I can't move on until I am believed.

Dear Chris

I am very sorry to hear how you are feeling about our services; I take all such concerns very seriously. I have asked the team manager to contact you to discuss this to see if we can resolve the issues you have had.

If this isn't successful, I will be happy for either our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) to help you (Freephone: 0800 9177159), or to have this matter escalated to me.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Have had an excellent service from podiatry. Not only did they recognise the problem with my foot immediately - they got me further help very quickly involving a stay in hospital. When I was discharged, the person I rang to arrange an appointment could not have kinder and more efficient in finding someone to see me quickly? This involved talking to a podiatrist and phoning me back as promised. Since then I have had continuing good treatment from the Community Podiatry Team at Vanbrugh Health Centre.

Thank you very much.

Thank you Karen for taking the time to share your lovely comments about the podiatry team.

Our podiatry clinicians and their administrative support within the Central Access Team are caring and committed to do all they can to support the health and wellbeing of their patients.

It is great to be able to share your feedback with them, I know they will be delighted and will continue to ensure a positive experience for all their service users.

Thank you once again for taking the time to leave your message.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

Hi, I just want people to know that this is an excellent service and everything from start to finish was dealt with very professionally.

My special thanks to Darshna (my therapist) who listened to my problems and helped me start to understand them. GTTT has given me hope that I can return to a normal life.

Thank you for taking the time to feed back on a positive experience; we don't always hear of what goes well, and the team will be delighted to hear this. I will make sure that they, and especially Darshna, get the feedback.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

we asked for our daughter to be discharged from Bexley CAMHS as basically the service we received was rubbish and the recent issue just about sums it up!

we asked for the discharge on 2nd April and were told that a letter would be sent to ut GP informing them of the discharge and notifying them of the medication my daughter was on.

Last night 27th April my daughter had a GP appointment to get a new prescription only to be told that they had not received any notice from CAMHS.

I called CAMHS today (28th April) nearly 4 weeks after our discharge request and asked for the note to be faxed to our GP as we needed a new prescription and the GP surgery was closer to home than Highpoint House - I was told this would be done!

I have just received a voicemail from CAMHS saying that a prescription was ready to be collected from Highpoint house and the discharge note was being sent to my home!!!! I am note sure what planet people are on as my requested was very simple.

Our whole experience of CAMHS has been horrendous and we would tell people to avoid it like the plague if they asked our opinion on the service.

Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your experience. We are very sorry to hear that you are so unhappy with the service your family has received. We take all feedback very seriously and would very much like to meet with you to talk about your experience in more detail.

It is very difficult to resolve the issues you raised, or go into them online. Please could you contact Dorothy Pilling to organise a convent time to meet on 020 3260 5200?

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Children and Young People's Services

have let me down!!! No one has been in touch to review my meds as promised when I was discharged from psychotherapy. Im spiralling... Not in a good place. Just been dumped by these people. I'm not ok

Dear Katalina

Thank you for contacting us. We're sorry to hear that you feel let down by our services.

Our 'Intake and Liaison Team" will be in contact with you shortly to discuss this.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

im 17 and have really bad panic attacks and really bad anxieyt and im to scared to do anything about it

Dear Tayla

Greenwich Time To Talk work with young people aged 16 and 17, and adults and older adults, in fact we have no upper age limit.

Lots of people experience anxiety (1 in 4 people will experience anxiety or depression at some point in their life-time). Research about the best treatments for panic attacks have found that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the best treatment. This is a form of counselling (talking therapy) that helps you identify the triggers to the panic attacks, what your worst fears are, what you are doing to keep yourself safe (safety behaviours) and then helps you to overcome the panics.

We have some excellent CBT treatments for panic attacks so if you live in the borough of Greenwich or have a Greenwich GP then please refer yourself via telephone on 020 3260 1100, or use the form on the Oxleas website (, sending it to

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

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