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My mother was released from hospital two weeks ago with a referral to the District Nursing team. When we had not heard anything after a few days we called the central access team who had no record of it. The hospital sent the referral again and called the central access team. Still no contact and no record when we called. After another referral from the hospital still there was still no contact from the District Nursing team. Finally the central access team have told us we should see the GP and get a referral.

Thankfully my mothers condition is not so serious (although she can't get out of the house) and she has family to chase things for her. Heaven only know what could happen to an elderly person needing care with no one to look out for them. You certainly can't rely on this service to do that!

Dear Warren

Thank you for raising your concern, and for taking the time to email me and to talk to me on the telephone.

As we discussed, the district nursing service had not received the referral form that the hospital had sent. Thank you for giving me the details of the nurse in charge who I have now spoken to. The contact details she had were all correct, so I do not know why the referral was not received.

I’m glad that the specialist team were able to contact your mother and make an appointment to see her. Both you and your mother have the contact details for the specialist team, so please do not hesitate to contact them directly if you need to make any changes to the appointment date or time.

Thank you for saying that I had dealt with your concern quickly, if I can be of any help in the future please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

This is a complaint regarding the incompetence of your staff, and their inability to inform family members of change of dates and times. The reason for this complaint being, I was contacted by a member of your staff and told that my mother’s yearly assessment would be taking place this week, the original date given was the 4/8/15.

I informed the caller that this was unsuitable for me to attend. I am a carer for my wife and she had a hospital appointment but as I wished to attend my mother’s meeting. We agreed that the meeting would be on Wed 5/8/15 at 3pm (a day later). I arrived at the Care Home at 1:45 and was informed that this meeting had been cancelled, however I was told that it had been cancelled a day earlier and had been re-scheduled for Wed 12/8/15 (which was NOT the date agreed nor the time given).

Hence, my complaint being that, firstly, I was not contacted and told the meeting had be cancelled and your staff member knew my telephone number as they had contacted me before. Secondly, I was told that another date had been given to the Care Home staff with no consideration to myself as to whether I could attend (due to my wife needing care). Hence, it would seem that at best your staff are incompetent and at worse deliberately trying to NOT have family member attend these meetings. I would like a valid reason why your staff are unable to tell the dates or the days of the month or unable to pick-up a telephone and call my telephone number, there can be no reason for not leaving a message as I have an answer phone. And please don't use the 'over-worked' excuse, if they are able to call the Care Home, they could have called me.

Not a good service shown by the 'TEAM' to either those in care or family members who what to know.

Dear Anthony

Thank you for letting us know about the difficulties you have experienced with the arrangements for your mother's review. I am very sorry to read that the communication from our team was inadequate and that you were inconvenienced as a result. I am aware that the community manager for the team, Elaine Newman, has contacted you to apologise and to assure you that she will pick up the issues with the staff involved.

We do value liaison with families and carers and want to hear the important information and opinions they hold to allow us to agree the best possible care and treatment plans for our service users. I am sorry that this is not the impression you have been given and will be looking into how this has happened.

Thanks again for contacting us and please do contact Elaine if you need anything further.

Kind regards

Estelle Frost
Director of Older People's Mental Health Services

My daughter who is a patient has arrived home for a for a visit. We were shocked to see how much weight she has put on since she has been in your care. She is only 5ft and weighs over 16 stone. The previous hospital let her weight go up quite considerably despite us stating our concerns. We had hoped that you would have addressed this particularly as you weigh her every week. We estimate she has put on 3 stones since she came to you. we find this absolutely appalling, she is so fat she finds walking difficult. Why are you not addressing this problem? Are you just going to allow her to gain weight every week? Don't you understand the Health risks involved. It's no good saying that she is responsible for the amount she eats. She's in a mental health hospital for goodness sake! She needs help and support to help her lose weight. Allowing to gain so much weight is totally irresponsible of you.

Dear Terry

Thank you for raising your concern regarding your daughter's weight gain. Having reviewed the clinical notes, I can confirm that since her transfer, she has gained 1.1kg. However, we recognise the importance of physical health and particularly weight gain amongst our service users. To this end where weight is an issue, weekly weight checks are conducted.

Service users work closely with staff and some have joined the weekly Heath Slimming World group, which involves advice and support with diet and also encouragement with exercise.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to call Jenny Hellmann on 01322 297 185.


John Enser
Director of Forensic and Prison Services

My daughter came into this hospital in May 2015 and was on Avery ward and then Maryon ward. She was sectioned and then moved to another hospital in east london and i wasn't even told until she got there. Whilst on these wards i brought her clothes which was stolen no one even looked into it. we brought her cigarettes and they kept going missing as did all her drinks , snacks etc. Staff said she was giving them away so said they would keep them for her but the same thing happened and when i told staff i was told , "you have to understand your daughter is vulnerable" really why is she under their care? Also when i visited my daughter there was patients smoking Cannabis . This is really concerning because patients are vulnerable and taking Cannabis on top of any medication could be dangerous . My daughter has been in their care for over 9 weeks and to date i have not seen a care-plan . I have informed them my daughter is having bad side effects which when i research these or spoke to my GP i was informed the medication should be stopped, i tell staff my concerns and nothing happens. My daughter has been getting pain from her tooth as well that needed doing prior and has got worse and she needs to see a dentist , again staff were told and did nothing. Things have gone from bad to worse since she has been to the Cynget hospital in Newham . I have seen patients being beaten by other patients and staff remove the perpetrator only to let them back in after 10 minutes to do it again. Its disgusting how vulnerable people are being treated. I am not getting anywhere with both hospitals and have now complained to PALS and i fully intend to complain to the care Quality commission .

Dear Joanna

I am sorry to hear about your concerns, but grateful that you have taken the time to write to us about these.

I am not quite clear how much of your concerns surround care provided by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, and how much was with the subsequent team in East London. I will contact you separately of this message to try better understand this and take any necessary steps.


Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My difficulty is that I have a stammer when I speak. From a previous speech group course for stammering a few years ago I was told that I may have a "clutter" instead with symptoms of stammering with it? I haven't had any speech therapy since as I never seemed to stammer much around the therapists so they found it really hard to help.

It really gets in the way of day to day communication and as I'll be starting uni at the end of this September I'd really like to improve my speech as much as possible before so that it's as easy as possible to talk confidently and fluently with new people.

Could you kindly let me know how you would be able to help, and would it be via yourself or would you be referring me to someone?

I look forward to your response,



Dear Claes

Thank you for your query. At present we are not commissioned to provide a service for adults with a stammer in Bexley. I am sorry we are therefore not able to offer you assessment and intervention. Our Lead Speech and Language Therapist has provided some suggestions for additional support below with website links. I hope you find these useful.

Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice

The British Stammering Association

CityLit, who offer stammering courses

Starfish, who offer stammering courses

Best wishes

Keith Soper
Service Director

When will there be a specialist MS nurse for Bexley?

Dear Gina

Thank you very much for contacting us. The MS Nurse post for Bexley has been advertised and we hope to interview candidates in August.

At present the two neurology nurses in the Bexley Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team are covering the vacant post.

If you have any specific queries that we can help with please call the Team on 020 8308 5429 or email

Kind regards

Linda Hammett
Lead Physiotherapist
Bexley Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team

I was admitted to hospital on the 26-6-15 with a crushed calf and a hematoma. I was discharged on the 2-7-15.The follow up aftercare was rather poor to say the least with me having to make several phone calls to get a nurse to visit me (bearing in mind that they had no information of me or my condition) I had to repeat this a few times more to get other visits. I was readmitted to hospital again on the 8-7-15 my haematoma had worsened . I am a living being not a machine awaiting a serviceable part. The lack of communication and your ability to deal with my situation frightens me. If proper care was taken I might not have to have been readmitted to hospital

Dear Gordon

I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing communication problems with the District Nursing Service. The Forum Lead has been working with you to address this issue and has now visited and assessed your nursing needs and agreed a plan of care with you.

Once again, please accept our apologies and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

Kind regards

Chris Rawlings
Head of Greenwich Integrated Community Teams

I am writing to thank the Rapid Response Team, especially the Nurse, Orubo who was frequently on duty when my mother, was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital on 20/05/15 following a fall at home, bed bound, pressure sore, dehydrated and with a UTI.

My mother was treated and almost every day was up-dated by Orubo with regards to treatment/plans. A week later my mother was transferred to Meadowview at Queen Mary's Hospital. My mother was in Meadowview for almost four weeks and received intensive support, physio, activities and use of the gym. She came back home with more appropriate pain relief following four previous hip replacement operations, infection free, skin improved, eating and drinking very well, and confidence restored. The alternative pain relief of Butrane Patches was initially suggested by Orubo. Happily next week I am taking my mother on holiday for two weeks at a seaside resort and not only is she back to her baseline, but with the management of pain that she had previously been suffering from for approximately eight years her quality of life is so much improved.

I cannot thank everyone involved in my mothers care enough, in particular Orubo, I would be grateful if you could please pass this onto Orubo. I shall also be sending a thank you e mail to Meadowview.

Kind regards


Thanks very much for your kind comments, Allison.

I am really pleased to hear that your mother has much such good progress and the role our teams played in her recovery. I have passed on details of your thanks to the staff involved in your mother's care, in particular Orubo - I know they treasure such positive feedback.

I do hope you and your mother enjoy your planned holiday.

Keith Soper
Service Director

I am an A-Level student currently studying psychology at AS Level at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.
I am very interested in gaining as much experience as I can before I head of to university and have a passion for Psychology.
My school have recently allocated a date in which I should be participating in work experience, the dates are as following: 14th July 2015 to 17th July 2015.
Although this week would be best, I am very enthusiastic about gaining experience in this field of work and looking forward to understanding more about psychology, so am always available if this is short notice and will be willing to continue to volunteer after the placement.
I will be happy to assist in/with pretty much anything, and can work in situations under pressure while being organised.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Elsa Geyer

Hi Elsa,
Thank you for your email regarding the possibility of work experience. We are really sorry but we are unable to offer a placement due to issues around patient confidentiality.
However, we wish you good luck in finding an opportunity.
Sarah Hawes
Communications Manager

My granddaughter was under the Camhs service for two years and I would highly recommend the help and advice we were given in Sessions there. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly and very passionate with their work

Many thanks Christine for your positive feedback about the Camhs service you received in Greenwich.

You are a thoughtful and considerate person to take time to post comments that may give others the confidence to access help for their difficulties.

I will be sure to let staff know they are appreciated and am glad that your granddaughter was successfully helped.

Alison Martin
Acting Service Manager

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