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I've been trying to get an appointment for my son online. but there is no choice, only by phone, and the phone line is still busy all day, it's 3 in the afternoon and still occupied.

We have spoken with Fabio, the service he is requesting is not provided by Oxleas and relates to another hospital.

We have provided him with information to assist him in obtaining the service from them.

It seems almost impossible to speak to a human being. I have so far spent 18 minutes holding on trying to speak to someone and all I get is messages. I know that the NHS is in trouble and being told there are over a hundred calls of referral every day is no help or reassurance. You need to get your act together as you are providing no service at all currently. When I did get through I was told by the operator "that I am the only person here today" is not at all impressive.
When I phoned yesterday afternoon and tried to leave a message, there was no option to do so; I just kept being cut off by your system. Your letter states a message can be left outside of the hours 09.15 to 12.30 PM but that facility is not available or not working. Terrible impression being created.

Dear Derek

Thank you for bring to my attention the experience you had when contacting the Central Access Team on Friday. I am very sorry that you had a long wait and that once through to the team the person taking your call was not as helpful as I would expect.

I have tried to contact you by telephone this morning and have left a message for you. When it is convenient please contact me and we can discuss your experience in more detail.

In the meantime I have spoken to Julian Philips who manages the team of administrators who answer telephone calls to the Central Access Team, and asked him to inform all staff what is expected of them when taking calls. He has asked me to extend his apologies to you also.

The current telephone system does not include leaving answer messages, so I apologise for any mis-information within the letter you have referred to. It would be helpful to discuss this further when we are able to talk.

I look forward to speaking to you when it is convenient to you.

With kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

Tel: 020 8319 7154

Thank you Derek for taking the time to speak to me.

I am sorry that you had a long wait to get through to the Central Access Team and that when you did the member of staff did not answer the phone in the manner expected of them. The team have been reminded of the correct procedure and the manager, Julian Philipsz, will monitor this in the future.

Thank you also sharing your positive experiences of the care your mother has received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and from the Bexley district nurses and diabetes specialist nurses. I have passed your comments about the wonderful care given to both of these teams.

Your feedback has been greatly appreciated by both teams

Kind regards

Liz Penn

Early December 2014, I had an assessment down Ferryview as I was referred by my GP.
The Nurse who did my assessment was lovely and can't fault her.
The ISSUE I have, its now January 15th 2015 and its been a month and my GP has not heard anything, my GP is unhelpful telling me I should contact Ferryview myself.

How LONG does it take for a nurse to pass on the assessment to a doctor, for them to decide what the best treatment is for me.
I AM GOING THROUGH HELL! I have some down days and you would be surprised to hear but the worst days are when I am having a high day.
Now I am no doctor, but after doing a lot of research and joining a lot of support groups, I can diagnose myself!
I know for a fact that I am suffering with series Bipolar, and all I want is medication and support to sort out both the low and high days.
My GP is happy to give me anti-depressants, but for 13 years, ive probably tried all of them and none has worked!
if it is possible for someone to call me from Ferryview, to tell me whats going on I would be grateful. Sadly I cant remember the date or nurse I spoke to, but I am sure you have records of me being there.

We are very sorry to hear about your experience, and the lack of clear and timely information from us. We take your concerns very seriously, especially as this is a time when you are not feeling at your best.

One of our Associate Clinical Directors is currently looking into this, and you will receive a phone call before 5pm today (23rd Jan) from a member of staff to talk through this with you.

Kind regards
The Communications Team

Hi, I called your number and 35 minutes later I am still waiting for someone to answer - all I keep getting is 'your call is important to us' - really - perhaps you should re-organise your telephone answering system to ensure a better service. Your comments would be appreciated.

Dear Laura

We are sorry to hear that you waited for a considerable time to have your call answered by the Podiatry Access Team.

The team have recently had a phone number change and all calls are now forwarded onto the Central Access Team on 020 8836 8622.

I will ensure your comments are taken back to the team and duly discussed to prevent this occurrence again.

Kind regards

Karen Rodwell
Head of Integrated Community Teams

I have been treated for some time under the recovery team. I have an excellent team. Vanessa my care coordinator. Dr Malekzi my psychiatrist. Dr Paul Wilson my psychologist and Katherine my work adviser. It has been a long and complicated journey one marked with many hurdles and stumbling blocks. They have been there every step of the way. Travelling the journey along side me guiding and encouraging me. Going out of their way to ensure I get seen at a time I was physically not able to attend meetings. Not quick to offer a professional judgement but taking their time to really hear and understand me.

Dear Roberta

Many thanks for the positive feedback - it is very heartening and encouraging to hear both the effect this has had on your well-being, and for the recognition of the clinicians involved.

We shall ensure your kind and thoughtful words are appropriately passed on to them.

Kind regards

The Communications Team

I had excellent service from the Health Centre in 2013 and now I am happy to find the experience is being repeated in 2014.
Please keep up the good work.

Dear Joe

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and for the assurances that excellent care is being maintained. It was very kind of you to feedback and the team really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Kind regards

Jane Wells
Service Director
Adult Community Services

This time last year I couldn't fault the treatment my father received at the Ross unit.
Unfortunately this was not the case this time, he was put into a room where only one of the three lights was working and this took 3 days to be put right. One of the windows in his room was broken and blew open every time It was windy making his room extremely cold. When I reported this for the second time and asked if he could be moved I was told that there wasn't another room and it was only when I stated that the room was not fit for purpose that another room was found and he was moved. For the first 4 weeks the physiotherapy was minimal and it has only been in the last 2 weeks when the lead physio has taken over that there has been noticeable improvement.
It has taken the nursing staff almost 10 days from being notified to change his cather and on more than on occasion he has not been given a shave every day.

Dear Lorraine

Thank you for your comments. As Royal Borough of Greenwich are responsible for the care provision in the Ross Unit, we have contacted them to share your comments.

Sue McManus, contracts manager, would be very grateful if you could contact her on 020 8921 3204 in order that she can obtain some more information and investigate further.

Liz Penn, service manager, will follow up your comments regarding physiotherapy and the delay in changing your father's catheter.

Kind regards

Jane Wells
Service Director

Well what can I say so unreliable espically when the help and support is needed the most. I have been finding it difficult to make an appointment arranged due to work and because of this My care coordinator has lost contact with me and have not heard about an appointment since. the day I'm able to make an appointment, the person I see is on leave. Typical. Espically when the help and support is needed the most. Not happy with the service

Hi Taylor

I'm the team manager of Greenwich CAMHS.

I have seen the message you left on the Oxleas web site and am contacting you to find out when it would be convenient to give you a call.

I did try calling you at about 6:15pm on Wednesday but got no response.

Would you let me know when you are available to speak today (Thursday) so I can give you a call and work out how best to sort out the difficulties you are experiencing.


0203 260 5277

really let me down got an appointment for assessment no one turned
got second appointment and was turned away
I really thought this CBT would help me deal with depression
am left feeling let down and disappointed again
it makes me wonder if you understand the nature of mental illness
time to talk? not for me

Dear Keith

I am very sorry that you feel that your experience of GTTT was not as good as you had hoped. I would be happy to investigate this and if you would like me to do so, please contact the service directly. The telephone number is 020 3260 1100.


Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead

I just wish to say that having the Bexley District Nursing Team's help with providing palliative care for my late husband was invaluable to me. I was trying to go it alone but it did become too difficult for me to manage when my husband could no longer get in and out of bed. The Team were professional, efficient and kind and considerate throughout the last period of my husband's illness after he left the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice to return home. It was also comforting to know that there was someone I could call on day or night when necessary, so thank you all.

Dear Mercia

Thank you for taking the time to provide your comments. I will make sure that your kind words are passed on to the Bexley District Nursing team.

Please accept condolences from myself and the District Nurses on your sad loss.

Liz Penn
Service Manager - Long Term Conditions

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