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Absolutely disgusted, my daughter came along today with a gp referral stating she is very suicidal. She was told to go home and wait for a phone call which is poor enough but no phone call, she is now having another episode and there's nobody to help. I expect an explanation

Dear Vicki

I'm sorry to learn of your concerns about how your daughter was dealt with by our staff. I will arrange for a senior member of the team to contact you as soon as possible to discuss this.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I went to the clinic for test, I had to wait little bit, but I really liked the service, nurses and reception work! Thank you.

Thank you for your lovely comment Ausra - the service works very hard to try and make the waiting times as short as possible.

We are so pleased you liked the service, both reception and the nurses.

Best wishes

Fiona Dickson
Head of Service

Hi been trying to contact my psychiatrist for over 4 weeks left many messages been told I will get a call back not had a call back for someone that has bipolar that is not on medication I don't think this is fair to be left High and Dry with no help whatsoever there's only so many times I can ring I've now give up trying to get in contact with anyone because it really is pointless don't see why they have them phone numbers does no one actually gets back to you feeling fed up with the whole situation

Dear Paula

Thank you for letting us know your concerns about not being contacted.

I have liaised with the team doctor and manager this morning and you should be contacted today to discuss your concerns.

I hope that this will prove helpful to you.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I was 'supported' by the home treatment team when I faced my third serious episode of depression. May I firstly thank Fiona for her excellent understanding ability to empathise with my dire situation and her care; unfortunately I only saw her twice and spoke to her on the phone twice. I am sorry to tell you how let down I feel by other 'health care professionals' who came into my home and did not have compassion or much understanding of my depression. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my experiences with anyone who has the agency to improve this 'service' because I do not want anyone else to go through what I did when I needed help so much.

Dear Denise

Thank you for taking the time to contact us, and I'm very sorry to learn of your experience. I will contact you shortly outside of this online response to learn more about your experience and how we can learn from this and better assist you.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Awful Service.

I have sent two emails to the central access team that have gone answered.

I emailed the Central Access Team with my concerns regarding care to my mother on 29th November 2015. After a month and no response, apart from an email acknowledging receipt of my email which stated my email would be passed on to the nursing team, I emailed again on 31st December 2015. Again I received an email acknowledging receipt of my email and was informed that my email had been passed on to the "Lead for the District Nursing Forum". 9 weeks later - still nothing.

Oxleas state on Website that their objectives for 2015/16 are to not only 'enhance quality: ensure excellence for every patient' but Oxleas stated 'Four must do priorities':
1) Increase support for families and cares
2) Providing better Information for our service users and cares
3) Enhancing care planning
4) Improving the way we relate both to our service users and cares by treating them with dignity and respect.

The concerns I have for my mother's 'care', voiced in my last two emails, are, in many regards minor in comparison to some. However I am extremely concerned and disgusted that no one has bothered to address my concerns. Despite the fancy empty objectives set out on their website, Oxleas have not supported, provided better Information on the service, enhanced the care planning or improved the way they relate to service users and Carers. The District Nurse team have not had the respect to address my corners.

Dear Callie

Thank you for raising your concerns about the care provided to your mother. I am sorry you have had difficulty contacting the District Nurses.

It might be helpful to discuss your concerns further, please could you contact me directly on 020 8319 7118?

Kind regards

Kate Williams
ACS Complaints Liaison & Interim Manager for CAT

I've been treated by the HTT in 2010 and have known people under their care through the years. They are a disgrace. Staff are rude, impatient, and seem to be there for the pay checks. They lack the knowledge and empathy needed to help people who are in a crisis. I am sure they would not treat the patients the way they do if they had an affiliation with them i.e. relatives. There were one or two support workers that were good at their jobs (young asian boy and a caucasian girl), but the rest were hopeless. I write this message, hoping to get heard so that things improve, and that current and future patients get the treatment they need and deserve.

Dear Steve

I'm terribly sorry to hear that your care has felt this way, it's certainly not our expectation of how we treat people.

I will contact you outside of this on-line response to learn more about this, and see what we can learn from and improve upon.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear Steve

Unfortunately we had problems getting in touch with you by the email address that you had provided.

Could you please contact Derek Tracy directly, either by email (, or you can call him on 020 8836 8555, as he would like to discuss this matter with you further.

Kind regards

The Communications Team

Would like to thank the day treatment team at Oxleas house. They're very caring, understanding and ever so lovely team! They have helped me tremendously during my difficult times. They would always make time to listen and I must point out they were very organised in terms of scheduling too! A big thanks to Jason, Amy, Vanessa, Aysel, Kat.
Also I must not forget to mention the lovely receptionists at Oxleas house - they all were so helpful and caring!

Dear Gee

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words about the team at Oxleas House. I will forward this to them, and I know they'll be delighted to hear it. I'm especially pleased at your inclusion of our reception team; they do a great and vital job, but sometimes get missed out!

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear sir/madam

I would like to thank you for the service you provided and in particular the physiotherapist Victoria English.

After a few consultations she had me back walking without pain and mobile again. She was diligent and thorough. All explanations were clear and concise delivered in an encouraging and patient manner.

Her diagnosis was accurate and therefore built a sense of hope that made perseverance easier.

Many Thanks


Dear Tony

Thank you so much for your kind words about Victoria, who is a physiotherapist within our Greenwich MSK (musculoskeletal) service. I am really pleased that you are now pain free and mobile.

Thanks once again for this extremely positive feedback.

Keith Soper
Service Director

In my experience, Time to Talk seem fairly well organised. i liked that they mostly followed through the things they agreed to. I like that they gave me exact details of what to expect, such as times of phone calls. I liked that I was given copies of write ups. It is a pity things didn't end well for us. But Katy Grazebrook treated me with respect, and no one can take that away from me. Some of the other members of time to talk were quite welcoming too.

Dear Alison

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback, and I'm pleased that aspects of your experience were positive, even if, as you note, not everything worked out as you would wish.

Your description of our staff is one that matches the attributes we would always wish them to have.

I will pass your comments on to the team.

Yours faithfully

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear Sir/Madam,

My partners older daughter had mental problems and is currently under SLaM Purley.

We are considering Supported Housing for her as the realisation of her renting her own place working part time is difficult enough but with the added problems she has with manic episodes takes it to another level.

Strong minded and wishing to be independent we also looked at shared ownership with a large deposit but feel she is not at that stage as yet.

She is in Croydon at the moment and we really think it would be better if she was closer to us.
We wondered what the criteria is for your project and the referral system.

Kind regards


Dear Jane

Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Our 'DISH' service is accessible to residents of Bexley only at this time.

To be eligible, individuals need to be resident in the Borough, registered with a Bexley GP, and under the care of one of the Bexley Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs).

It is the CMHT that ordinarily instigates a DISH referral if such intensive support is needed.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

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