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Why can I not get help from home treatment team the way I have been trertead is so bad

Dear Melanie,

I have spoken with Greenwich Home Treatment Team, who knew you and were aware of your recent contacts with them. It is difficult to put too many personal details on an online forum like this, but the team advise me that several suggestions and plans about your longer-term care were made to you, although you might not have been keen on some of them.

If you wish to discuss this in more detail you may contact me on 020 8836 8555 or by email at .

Alternatively you can contact our independent 'PALS' (patient advice and liaison service) on 0800 9177159 or

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Hello, I have been a member of horizon house for some years, I have not attended horizon house since 1997 when I became unwell and was admitted to hospital. I am considering returning to horizon house in the near future. I have a question to ask how long dose it take to make a referral? as I would like to return to horizon house. Thanks Keith

I have been trying to email the central access team with some concerns about visits (or lack of) from the nursing team but my email keeps coming back to me as undeliverable because the NHS server is not working properly.

I have been having two visits a week from nurses to change dressings on my foot.. Before Christmas the nurse didn't turn up for an expected visit and when I phoned to query this I was told that it had been changed to one visit a week.

It was nice to be told (not) that my visits had been reduced. Although my foot is healing I am wasting time waiting for people who don't turn up. As we have had some nice weather it would have been ice to go out rather than wait for someone who is not going to arrive.

As the bulky dressings make it difficult to put proper shoes on I can't go out when it is raining for fear of getting the dressing wet and not having anyone who can change it and then infection setting in. I do not want any more problems than I already have so it would be nice to know am I getting one or two visits a week?

Dear Caroline

Thank you for your comment.

Kate Williams, the manager of the Central Access Team, will be in contact with you regards the difficulties that you are experiencing emailing the team.

Liz Penn, Head of Long Term Conditions and manager of the district nursing services has asked the team manager to contact you directly regarding your dressings.

Please do not hesitate to contact Liz Penn directly on 020 8319 7154 if you wish to discuss your issues further.

Thank you once again for bringing your concerns to our attention.

I am a service user Oxleas and I am interested in applying for the volunteer 2 work scheme. Could you please send me an application forms or details of how to apply for this post.

Yours sincerely


Hi Rachel

Thank you for your enquiry with regards to the V2W scheme. Please contact me via e-mail or phone to arrange an appointment to see me and we can discuss the scheme further and complete the relevant forms.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Deborah Goodson
V2W Co-ordinator
0208 301 9459

I am appalled that all I wanted was the opening times for Green Parks Orpington. Impossible. I would have thought visitors for inpatients was essential !!!!

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your message.

We have taken on board that the visiting times were not on the service listing page, and have now amended the listing to reflect this - thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will always try to accommodate reasonable exceptions to these, in discussion with the individual ward, though ordinarily we do not allow visitors during lunch and dinner times.

As an NHS Trust we are committed to strong and productive cooperative working with families and carers, and would always encourage engagement with our services and teams.

I am happy to be contacted directly if this does not answer your query.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director
020 8836 8555

Hello, Can you perscribe medication? I have suffered from depression for the last 5 years and it seems to be getting worse and nowhere seems to be helping

Dear Louise

Thanks for contacting us. Greenwich Time to Talk does not ordinarily prescribe medication for mental health conditions; they provide talking therapies.

Some people prefer or need one treatment type over the other, whilst others have both at the same time.

In the first instance you might wish to see your GP about medication queries; if they need any specialist assistance on this, they will ask secondary care services for advice.

It might also be that during such a review your GP feels that a referral for talking therapy at Greenwich Time to Talk would be appropriate.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director.

I am also disgusted by the treatment from Erith center. It is appalling. The staff are so rude and make you feel as though you are wasting their time, and always make out your problems to be less than they really are. Have not called me back as promised and did not accommodate for any of my very reasonable requests.

Dear John

I'm very sorry to hear this; I have asked the Service Manager to investigate this and a senior member of staff will be in touch with you to learn more about this shortly.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear John

I'm afraid we had difficulty contacting you on the email address that you supplied.

We are keen to discuss this matter with you - would it be possible to call me on 01322 356100.

Kind regards

Patrick Cain
Bexley Locality Manager

I tried to refer an elderly patient for leg dressing today on 28/11/15 morning. I am from OOH Bexley. I was told by reception after she spoke to Melanie D/N ,to send written referral by fax or e mail and declined to take a referral over telephone. I do not have an e mail for OOH so I am unable to refer by e mail and to write a letter and fax is very time consuming. For all these years D/N have taken OOH referral on telephone. May I request to know why this has changed and why a telephone referral can not be taken- it is an effective way of working. This makes it hard for a busy OOH GP to write a referral and fax- when this can be easily sorted over telephone. In today's day and age- we should have every possible option available to us and we should make a smooth referral pathway for doctors and patients for a quick and a smooth journey for patients. I am very frustrated with the service today. I await to hear from you.

Dear Dr Chaturvedi

Thank you for bringing this incident to my attention. I understand that Austin Alpha, Head of Integrated Teams has spoken to you and explained that while in the interest of patient safety we prefer to have written referrals with all the pertinent details clearly written, we do recognise that occasionally this is not possible for the referrer. A telephone referral between GP and Community nurse, in these instances may be acceptable.

I apologies for any inconvenience caused to you or the patient you were referring, and if you would like to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 8319 7154.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Head of Long Term Conditions

Hello, I see from your website that you mention assessments for people with back pain for less than a year. Ive had back problems for in excess of 20 years and wondered if you would consider assessing me? Ive had lumbar discectomies & facet joint injections. I would be very interested in any help you can offer. Please would you contact me to discuss.

Dear Laura

Thank you for your question about services suitable for you.

Oxleas provide a musculoskeletal service for patients with chronic back pain and a pain management program for patients with a Bexley GP.

For patients with a Greenwich GP this is provided by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

You can access the service appropriate for you by booking an appointment with your GP who will make a referral for you.

Thank you for your enquiry. I will contact you directly to discuss further.

Stacey Jarrett
Service Lead and Operational Manager
Bexley Integrated MSK Service

I am disgusted with the treatment I've received at the Erith centre. As I feel I like I'm wasting their time when I'm there, also I got a day wrong for an appointment and I'm discharged also apparently got offered another appointment but I didn't have a clue as I wasn't contacted and again discharged.
The staff have no compassion and unprofessional, I also got told to stop wasting peoples time once by one lady and now I feel like I can't get help from the hospital as I have to cope alone. Its not fair to treat people like that....

Dear Laura, thanks for contacting us:

I'm sorry you've had such a negative experience. I have contacted our Service Manager and asked her to identify an appropriate senior member of staff to contact you to learn more about this. They will be in touch with you shortly.

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director.

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