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The staff at this hospital are very friendly fast and efficient Iam pleased with the service that i received

Thank you

Dear Natasha

Thank you so much for your kind words about the staff on our Meadow View Unit at Queen Mary's Hospital. I have ensured your comments have been shared with the team - I know how much they value positive feedback.

Best wishes

Keith Soper

Interim Director
Adult Community Services

The home treatment team is terrible. Not helpful at all, there's no structure and no empathy whatsoever. Very disappointing and not helpful for people with a serious mental health condition

Dear Lucy

I'm sorry to hear this. I will email you directly to learn more about this.

Best regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

What a remarkable service, couldn't get anywhere with QE or GP, but as soon as I was referred to you, I have had the correct medication and inhalers and wonderful care. I telephoned yesterday to say I wasn't well and a case worker came to visit within hours. He telephoned the Consultant for advice on medication and then spoke direct to my GP for medication to be delivered. I am so grateful to you all. The GRACE day was very informative and pleasant. I feel safe now. Thank you all.

Dear Sylvie

Thank you very much for your kind words about our COPD Team. I know they really appreciate the feedback. I was so pleased to read about an example of the local NHS system working together to provide high quality patient care, and that our team were leading this.

Thank you again

Keith Soper
Service Director

I don't understand how someone who has been in mental health care be discharged to a single room on his own with no medication and no care plan my concern is that this would be the start of them ending back into mental health care again so they would be just going around in circles

Dear Carol

I'm sorry to hear about your concerns. I will email you directly to learn more about this and how we can address these.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director


Dear Paul

Thank you for the feedback and suggestion; we are big fans of exercise, for our mental and physical health, and as a fun and positive part of all our lives.

It's great to have someone enthusiastic about this. I've spoken with the ward manager who said he has discussed this with you; I understand the hope is to arrange a tournament - I hope it goes well!

Best wishes

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My immobile, palliative care mother-in-law has had the wrong size incontinence pads delivered. Despite phoning twice this week and being assured that this would be sorted it is still ongoing. My sister-in-law expected a phone call Friday - never happened. Have had to resort to going to Boots the Chemist to purchase a pack of pads that are but all means flimsy. My mother in law has carers visit 3 times a day to change her. Thanks to no communication she is now sitting in a pool of her own urine.

As for getting through on the phone and having to wait, whats the point in leaving feedback when nothing is done about the poor answering service let alone communication. It's not like people who use this service don't have anything better to do.
Bank Holiday weekend so my poor mother-in-law will just have to sit and wait.

Dear Gillian

I'm very sorry that your mother-in-law experienced difficulty in obtaining the correct products for her needs and apologise for any distress this caused.

I'm pleased we were able to provide emergency continence products for her on bank holiday Monday. She should now routinely be receiving these from us.

If you have any further problems with supplies please contact Liz Penn, our Head of Service for Long Term Conditions on 020 8319 7118.

Yours sincerely

Keith Soper
Director of Adult Community Services

I'm currently in gravesend looking to come back up to bexley and receive help for my mental health I was wondering if there was anyway I could qualify for a place here?

Dear Chloe

Thanks for your message.

All residents of Bexley entitled to care from Oxleas. I'd encourage you to register with a Bexley GP as soon as you can, and have any medical records from Gravesend transferred to them. It should be straightforward for you GP to arrange a review with us if that's necessary.

If you're seeing mental health services in Gravesend, they can also contact us directly to help arrange what we call a 'transfer of care'.


Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director.

Hello,my name is tina.i have mental health problems.i go to the mental health place in Woolwich,ferryview.i don't feel im being supported enough for my problems.

I have been under oxleas for 19 years and have been seeing a psychiatrist for 19 years.i still want to be treated at ferryview but with a different section though. My psychologist hasn't done the right thing by me.i told her I don't put myself into situations that make me become unstable,but she doesn't listen nor does the psychiatrist really either.i cant see these 2 they make me unstable and im depressed and suicidal over this. and it doesn't help when they are against me and want me to do this and that,i don't do groups or like to be around people,they don't listen when I say I cant do this and I know my limitations and not to tip myself over the edge,so I become unstable.

I don't want to be discharged.ive still got problems and them 2 stress me out and make me suicidal and unstable.this has been happening for a year now.ive got this appointment in September,but im not going to it,because I cant be in the same room has people who make me unstable and upset me and don't help me at all with the situation. I really hope something can be done about these 2.

bye for now. Tina

Dear Tina

Thank you for contacting us to alert us of your concerns.

I appreciate that it can be a stressful process to be told one is to be discharged from care. I have asked that the clinicians involved make contact with you to discuss this in more detail, and to consider how you are currently doing.

I hope that this more detailed conversation will be helpful for you.


Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My mother was released from hospital two weeks ago with a referral to the District Nursing team. When we had not heard anything after a few days we called the central access team who had no record of it. The hospital sent the referral again and called the central access team. Still no contact and no record when we called. After another referral from the hospital still there was still no contact from the District Nursing team. Finally the central access team have told us we should see the GP and get a referral.

Thankfully my mothers condition is not so serious (although she can't get out of the house) and she has family to chase things for her. Heaven only know what could happen to an elderly person needing care with no one to look out for them. You certainly can't rely on this service to do that!

Dear Warren

Thank you for raising your concern, and for taking the time to email me and to talk to me on the telephone.

As we discussed, the district nursing service had not received the referral form that the hospital had sent. Thank you for giving me the details of the nurse in charge who I have now spoken to. The contact details she had were all correct, so I do not know why the referral was not received.

I’m glad that the specialist team were able to contact your mother and make an appointment to see her. Both you and your mother have the contact details for the specialist team, so please do not hesitate to contact them directly if you need to make any changes to the appointment date or time.

Thank you for saying that I had dealt with your concern quickly, if I can be of any help in the future please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

This is a complaint regarding the incompetence of your staff, and their inability to inform family members of change of dates and times. The reason for this complaint being, I was contacted by a member of your staff and told that my mother’s yearly assessment would be taking place this week, the original date given was the 4/8/15.

I informed the caller that this was unsuitable for me to attend. I am a carer for my wife and she had a hospital appointment but as I wished to attend my mother’s meeting. We agreed that the meeting would be on Wed 5/8/15 at 3pm (a day later). I arrived at the Care Home at 1:45 and was informed that this meeting had been cancelled, however I was told that it had been cancelled a day earlier and had been re-scheduled for Wed 12/8/15 (which was NOT the date agreed nor the time given).

Hence, my complaint being that, firstly, I was not contacted and told the meeting had be cancelled and your staff member knew my telephone number as they had contacted me before. Secondly, I was told that another date had been given to the Care Home staff with no consideration to myself as to whether I could attend (due to my wife needing care). Hence, it would seem that at best your staff are incompetent and at worse deliberately trying to NOT have family member attend these meetings. I would like a valid reason why your staff are unable to tell the dates or the days of the month or unable to pick-up a telephone and call my telephone number, there can be no reason for not leaving a message as I have an answer phone. And please don't use the 'over-worked' excuse, if they are able to call the Care Home, they could have called me.

Not a good service shown by the 'TEAM' to either those in care or family members who what to know.

Dear Anthony

Thank you for letting us know about the difficulties you have experienced with the arrangements for your mother's review. I am very sorry to read that the communication from our team was inadequate and that you were inconvenienced as a result. I am aware that the community manager for the team, Elaine Newman, has contacted you to apologise and to assure you that she will pick up the issues with the staff involved.

We do value liaison with families and carers and want to hear the important information and opinions they hold to allow us to agree the best possible care and treatment plans for our service users. I am sorry that this is not the impression you have been given and will be looking into how this has happened.

Thanks again for contacting us and please do contact Elaine if you need anything further.

Kind regards

Estelle Frost
Director of Older People's Mental Health Services

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