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the district nurses that come to my house are great. unfortunately none have bothered to visit for three days. buty i did get a blood test that i allready had.

Dear Robert

Thank you acknowledging the wonderful district nurses with our Colyer's team. We apologise if there as any confusion over your visits. The team have advised that you have their contact number so please do not hesitate to contact them directly in the future. We are sorry the nurse was unable to take your bloods on the 11th and therefore she arranged for her phlebotomy colleague to attend the next day.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on our website.

Kind regards

Lisa Cooper
Associate Director Adult Community Services

Hi i went to plumstead Health centre for a smear and mentioned some problems and they said i could ask you for a home testing kit so is that possible? thankyou


Thank you for your enquiry.

If you are a Greenwich resident, please visit our website where you will find a link to order a home STI testing kit. It is easy to register and the kit is sent through the post to you.

If you have any questions please call Market St Clinic (020 8301 8920) and a nurse can answer your questions or concerns.

Which has been worse for my mental health? A) my actual mental illness or B) whatever it is PCP are doing? If you guessed my mental illness, you’re wrong.

I was referred to PCP by Time to Talk and things started off ok, I guess. I had an assessment with a psychiatrist which lasted roughly an hour and in which I mentioned some of the more pressing issues I had as well as some of the trauma I experienced as a teen. The psychiatrist suggested a potential diagnosis of EUPD/BPD and I was told I would be sent a flyer that would explain it so that I could see if the diagnosis fit.

To this day I have not seen this flyer so I looked up BPD myself.

In the next assessment I agreed I seemed to experience a bunch of the symptoms. I was told I would be referred for help for it and I was told to stop taking the antidepressants I was on. In this follow up call I brought up some of my symptoms that didn’t seem to fall under BPD. I was asked more questions and told I would be referred for an ADHD assessment as that seemed like a possibility.

It’s worth mentioning here that PCP’s ability to make me question whether entire conversations with them ever even happened, or whether i can add hallucinations to my list of symptoms, is worthy of my mother (derogatory).

Some memorable calls I have had with PCP include:

- them leaving me a voice message asking me to call them, me calling, them telling me someone will call back, and then not hearing from them again for two months
- being told I forgot to fill in part of my ADHD self screen report when I’d in fact filled it in
- me asking about the status of my referral to get help for BPD/EUPD and them seemingly having no clue what that was and telling me to self refer to Time To Talk (you know, the people that referred me to PCP in the first place)
- being told that despite showing signs of ADHD on my self screen report, my ADHD referral has been rejected because of my BPD diagnosis, never mind I’ve experienced symptoms of ADHD since childhood, never mind the psychiatrist said i should have the assessment

Also, if i had a nickel for every time in the past month I was asked whether I was taking my meds (yeah, the meds that PCP told me to stop taking 6 months ago) I would have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.

PCP have not actually given me any help, instead I’ve once again been told to reach out to another service, who -- you guessed it! -- do not actually have any places available.

Somehow PCP has managed to make me want to unalive more than the mental illness they're meant to get me help for. (For legal reasons it's a joke, but like, is it though?)

In conclusion I propose a new slogan for PCP. Perhaps something along the lines of gaslight, gatekeep, give no help to anyone, ever.

I would rate PCP's services -100000/10

Dear Ana

I am very sorry to read your message and you have found PCP unhelpful. I understand that you have been talking to Nicholas and you had a call coming up soon. I think it would be helpful to talk to him again about what other support is available whilst you wait for therapy. I have made him and his manager aware of your concerns.

Kind regards

Helen Jones
Greenwich Service Director

The treatment (or rather the lack of it) I have received from The Heights has been dreadful. It took the staff there several years to reach the correct diagnosis of PTSD and subsequently I have been repeatedly turned down for therapy for it. The latest excuse I got was that I am not considered suitable for therapy, but I was then told to try Greenwich Time to Talk or Mind. If I am not suitable for therapy why did my psychiatrist recommend other organisations to provide it? It makes no sense. Plus I have now been discharged back to my GP.

The impression that comes across is that the staff there, think it is acceptable to prescribe me a cocktail of medication and then discharge me back to my GP and leave me to get on with it. This is completely unacceptable. Plus I lost my job last year because of my PTSD and the lack of care caused by your staff in not treating it properly. The impression coming over from some of your staff is that they make their mind up about someone before they have even met them and then proceed to ignore everything they are told that disagrees with their initial decision.

A dreadful service and I hope no one else has to go through what I have had to endure. It’s bad enough having to deal with a very traumatic past without having to fight the system as well.

Dear Steve

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry that you had an unsatisfactory contact with our services. We will be happy to have a conversation with you about the reasons that led to a decline of a referral to psychotherapy and Mr Thomson will contact you to explain the rationale and decision-making process. Mr Thomson can be reached on 0208 269 4111/4110.

Thank you again for taking time to raise this issue with us.

kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director Greenwich Mental Health Services

I would not trust this team at all, certainly not a crisis team. Rude and dismissive they did not want to know. When someone is actually having a mental health crisis, it is important to try and settle the person down not to call them a liar and tell them to go home

I found many of the staff on Millbrook ward rude and extremely unhelpful, at no time during the four weeks I was on the ward did I ever receive my care plan (which I was told in no uncertain terms upon my arrival that I would definitely have before I leave, I actually only ever saw it whilst sedated on on a computer screen briefly), rather than actually have a dialogue with the patients, as should be standard practice, many of the nurses would ignore or dismiss you. Only a few of the nurses (8) would actually engage with you and one of those was a student nurse. I would also have to say that I was repeatedly told that I would have my care coordinator before I was discharged, again that never ever happened. I only got to see the psychologist three times during my time on the ward and I didn't receive any treatment or therapy just a suggestion to join a befriending service. You actually broke the law in passing my personal number to someone without my consent. Then I was told without warning that I was to be discharged and I was told to pack my bags. That is disgusting, I was in such a state of distress that I stormed off and it took another patient to stop me from doing something stupid.... That is a serious failure in the wards staffs duty of care I was clearly not fit for discharge and I was in fact in a state of extreme distress. I had tried to ask the psychiatrist on what evidence did he believe I was fit to be discharged but he could not look myself in the eye. I am forwarding my experience of Millbrook ward to the CQC as I believe that patients lives could be in danger with such serious lapses in care. As a point of interest, I have still not met my care coordinator and I am not remotely interested in a befriending service. I have enough friends who I can contact at my leisure. I would never ever wish to be treated on this ward again and i I know full well that I am not the only patient to feel this way as others who were during my four weeks there felt exactly the same as me.

Dear Mark

I'm sorry to hear your experiences on the ward were not what you would have expected. We always welcome feedback to learn where we have not met expectations and where we can improve. There is quite a bit of detail in your message, so I have asked that one of our managers contacts you to discuss these in detail. I hope that will be helpful in trying to ensure better care is provided in the future.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

You’ve helped me so much, thank you

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, we are really pleased that you have found CAMHS helpful. Its very important that we support young people and families in the best way we can.

Thank you again

Sheena Gohal
Associate Director, CAMHS

Hi I have been calling and when I get to second in the queue the line hangs up and I need to make an appointment.
Thanks Alex

Hi Alex

We are sorry you are having difficulty getting through to the service. We are currently experiencing very high call volumes and the phone lines allow a set time for a response and then cut off automatically. Please continue to try, outside of our busier call times in the mornings. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

Woolwich health center I need to email or phone number to call them I have the implant in and it got to be changed to a new one

kind regards

Dear Sophie

Thank you for your enquiry, the phone number you require is: 020 8301 8920 option 1.

Please see full contact details on this web page

kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager Community Health, Greenwich

Why is there no email address on the page? The telephone number goes to voicemail so Its not helpful to not include a contact email here.

Dear Elizabeth

Thank you for your comment. Apologies for the inaccurate detail on our website and thank you for bringing it to our attention. I am glad I was able to speak to you earlier to explain the actions I have taken this morning in order to improve communication with the ALD day services team.

kind regards

Kaye Jones
ALD Day Services Manager

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