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I have tried and tried to book appointment on phone but no response, its says you can call to book appointment between 9.30 am till 4.30 pm .
Please is any other specific time to call cos i called and press one but nobody pick my call at other end please I need to book appointment to remove my implant please

Dear Kemi

We are sorry you are experiencing difficulties with getting through to the team, the phones are working. The phones keep callers in a queue and put you though to the next available person. Unfortunately, if there is a long queue, after a while the call is cut off; we are working to find a better solution for this.

The issue is due to an exceptionally high number of calls. We have noticed that calls are being connected in under 1 minute and we apologise for the difficulties experienced.

The team have contacted you directly to ensure you can be assisted.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager

was well cared for and informed of all information . After care brilliant thank you

Dear Christine

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It is always good to get positive feedback and I will make sure your comments are shared with the team.

Kind regards

Greenwich Service Director

I've been waiting for an adult assessment for going on 3 years since the first GP referral. When I had my initial screening, the person who called me from Bromley Oxleas NHS Trust didn't know I hadn't taken the questionnaire. Another 3 month wait. Then I received a letter in July 2019 saying the wait would be 12-14 months for my final assessment and they would let me know if there would be any delays to my wait. Fine. Obviously coronavirus happened, delays are expected. Now we are in December and I've had no contact from Oxleas. I called back in October to ask what the situation would be, was told someone would call me back. No one did. I have since tried to call a number of times to find out if I'm even still on the waiting list and what kind of wait I can expect now and the call has been disconnected 3 times. I'm at my wit's end. I can't get the help I need until I get my assessment and it feels like I'm just being left behind. This service is absolutely disappointing and incompetent from my experience. I just need help.

Dear Kat

Thank you for contacting us about your referral. We are concerned to hear the experience you have had. From the information you have provided we have endeavoured to identify the service that you have been referred to and a representative of that team will be contacting you by tomorrow on the number you have given to get more detail and to look into how we can support you and respond to your concerns.


Adrian Dorney
Associate Director
Bromley Directorate

Sabrina and her team have provided a fantastic service and support for my 82yr old mother in law. She was discharged from hospital 24hrs after a hip replacement with no thought given to how she would manage at home.

Sabrina visited promptly, provided equipment the same day, gave kindness, guidance and practical advice on everything she needed to know, and gave my mother in law the confidence to progress through the first stages at home. We are so grateful for her care and support. Without this service, we would not have been able to manage . A very big thank you.

Dear Jill

Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding your mother in law's care from the JET team and particularly from Sabrina one of our Physiotherapists. We really value receiving feedback and it is fantastic to hear what a difference the service has made for you and your family.

We will make sure we pass your comments on to the team, and to Sabrina in particular.

On behalf of the JET team and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust we wish your mother-in-law all the best for a speedy recovery.

Thank you,

Rachel Matheson
Associate Director

I have had two hospital admissions at Oxleas House in the past. I was on Shrewsbury ward and then Maryon ward. I will say that the staff are very grumpy, moody, loud, and unapproachable. It's not a kind of environment I would like to be in again and even when my mental health deteriorates the last option that I want is to be admitted in a place like this where are staff can be scary at times and treat you like your in prison (agreed with the comment above) Staff will handle in ways which are not appropriate and try show their authority and power in a condescending manor not realising that it could upset others and being rude to others when you have been kind to them. I have had staff just walk in my room without knocking, snatch things out of my hand. I don't like the doctors either. They think they know everything and then act like they are the best in the hospital walking around and rushing around like lunatics ignoring other patients when they have said "hello" or "hi" I felt at times the staff were unfair and always wanted things their way. I have noticed one staff member that worked on shift nights on Shrewsbury ward to be extremely arrogant and rude and the way she spoke to me was not very nice. You can't treat people like that it is ok to treat people the way you want to treat them oh yes, because your trained staff members who think they know everything. We are unwell patients who need proper care and treatment not staff members being rude and uncaring. I will say though they always seem to be alert though I have never had any issues with the staff on the wards not being vigilant at their jobs they are provided e.g. checking the room at night or checking to see if other people are ok and well. They could do with more mental health training around autism though and could be more compassionate and kinder. The ward manager is unpleasant I have met him before and he is very rude the way he speaks to people and other people who are staying on the ward including staff.

Dear Jay

Thank you for your concerns and we are sorry to hear of that experience. Your team has been alerted and they will be in touch today to discuss your concerns.

Best wishes

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director

It took 4 years before your colleagues/team at the Phoenix centre acknowledged that my child needed support. Finally he has been acknowledged as having ADHD and now I have to play games to get some kind of support. He is battling severe anxiety but if your whole area had intervened earlier then it wouldn't be this bad.

I called the other number to obtain support - Bromley Wellbeing and they didnt even pick up. Just as useless

Disgusted that I cannot even get a referral into this miserable area.

Had a telephone consultation on 9 March to asses my mental health issues .... it is now 19 March and have not received any help ....just an email (with a copy sent to me and the wrong surgery )?
The email stated they would send me booklet on receiving help from “mind” I have not received any “booklet”
Feeling really let down and ignored

I want say a huge thank you to the Bexley Rapid Response Team.

My 92 year old mum has been unwell for the last few weeks and after many GP/111 phone calls I was advised to contact Rapid in the hope to avoid a hospital admission.

The team came the same day, her needs were assessed, equipment ordered & delivered the following day. GP contacted to adjust pain meds. We are seeing progress & this has been largely to due to the commitment of the team. And in this current climate, she received a courtesy call at the weekend to ‘check all was okay’

Mum doesn’t have internet, she’s of a generation where the cloud is in the sky & snowflakes fall in she asked me to post her thanks. Especially to Richard, the physio and Nurse Chiddi

Dear Cathy

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such wonderful comments. This is so uplifting for us as a team during this unprecedented time.

Rapid Response strive to provide the best possible care to everyone we support. We all wish your mother a speedy recovery and hope she is back to full health as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Cherie Trew
Matron/Team Manager

I really need some help
I’m struggling with my mental health at the moment and I don’t know who to turn to . I’m on antidepressants and they’ve been increased to 30mg a day this was from Monday 16th March but they don’t seem to be kicking in yet I’m feeling really low and I have a family to look after.

Dear Jo

I'm really sorry to hear that you are struggling with your mental health and you are worried about looking after your family.

Antidepressants do take a few weeks to take full effect but I realise that you may need more support than that at present.

You can self-refer for psychological support at MIND from trained counsellors and psychological therapists here and you may want to ask your GP to review your medication again.

If your GP and/or MIND have significant or urgent concerns about your mental health then they can make a referral to our Primary Care Plus team (details here: which accepts referrals into specialist mental health services.

I hope that helps you get the help you need.

Best wishes

Dr Jo Cook
Head of Psychological Therapies for Bexley Care

It is virtually impossible to get through on this telephone number. I have contacted several times, I am told I'm in a queue and my call will be answered shortly. After 45 minutes, I get cut off! Is there any other way to get through as I really need some help with my Cervical Spondylosis symptoms..

Dear Teresa

Thank you for your enquiry on our website and raising your concerns. I am sorry to hear about your trouble in getting through on our contact number and understand how frustrating this must be. I have asked one of our administrators to contact you directly. However, we also have an e-mail address that is manned everyday except Sunday. This can also be used for enquiries or, if for any reason, you are unable to get through on the phone again,

Alternatively, our quieter times with lower call volumes are after 4pm and so you might find more success at these times in the future.

Due to the current high demands for our service we are in the process of developing further methods of self-referring into the physiotherapy department via our web site using a computer, smart phone or tablet. The ultimate aim is to improve access and convenience and reduce the need to use the phone. So, please watch this space.

We receive over 550 calls a week and according to our monitoring systems manage to answer 99% of these, so although it is not clear what is happening in your individual case, we will look into our reporting software to ensure it is providing accurate data.

I hope that this provides a satisfactory solution and thank you for using our service and providing valuable feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact the department again about this issue and ask to speak with Paul Smith or Heather Ritchie (Operations Manager) if you have any further questions.

Kind regards


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