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What is the current situation regarding drop ins after the recent lock down? Also am I able to do a self referral for my daughter to be assessed for her limited speech at 15 months?

Dear Sarah

Many thanks for contacting us regarding our Speech and Language therapy service in Greenwich. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to run the drop-in clinics due to Covid, however we would be happy to accept a self-referral for your daughter.

Please email our team at and someone will be in touch with further information.

Many thanks

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

A brilliant practical based therapy. But it is not passive treatment, it requires active engagement. My therapist (Leanne) was wonderful. She balanced structured sessions based on my previous weeks issues. I never felt pressured for a moment to talk about things I did not want to talk about.

Referrals via the website was seemless way to self refer. I would recommend to anyone struggling or starting to struggle with anxiety and depression. Fantastic service. Thank you.

Dear Jan

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback about your experience of Greenwich Time To Talk. It can be very anxiety provoking, taking the courage to refer oneself to a talking therapy service. Your feedback may spur others to take that first step.

best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

Hi, I need to remove an IUD device as it's period has expired. Have unsuccessfully tried to make an appointment by phone. Could you please let me know how should I proceed? Thanks.

Dear Cynthia

We are sorry you are having trouble getting through to the service. Because we cannot remain covid-secure and offer a walk-in service during the pandemic, we are experiencing very high call volumes. We are doing our best to answer calls as quickly as possible, and ask that you keep trying and people can get through but unfortunately there is a high demand.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I had the Pfizer Covid vaccine at the Wensley Close centre Eltham on Jan 29th but have not had an appointment for the second dose. Can you advise please?
Thank you

Dear Gareth

The vaccination service at Wensley Close is not provided by Oxleas. People attending Wensley Close are by appointment only, invited by the GP Federation on behalf of their GP practice. You can contact the national booking line 119, or wait until contacted by your GP or GP Federation for the second dose vaccination there.

Best wishes

Jane Wells
Director of Nursing

Hi, I’ve asked my doctors surgery for a prescription for a “freestyle Libre 2” constant blood sugar monitor.
Without success.
Im trying to get my blood sugar in order with exercise and a low carb diet.
Would you be able to prescribe this for me?


Dear Matthew

The FreeStyle Libre 2 is a glucose monitoring system that is only available on prescription for people with Type 1 diabetes. The Diabetes team at Queen Marys Hospital can initiate this for you if you meet the following criteria (taken from the Diabetes UK website) :

You have type 1 diabetes and you need to check your blood sugar level more than eight times a day.
You have type 1 and have previously paid for Flash and can show it has improved your HbA1c.
You have type 1 and have severe hypos or have reduced hypo awareness.
You have type 1 and are unable to test regularly due to a disability.
You’re a pregnant woman with type 1 diabetes.
You have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and use insulin and are identified as having a learning disability. You'll need to be on your GP's learning disability register. You and your supporter can check with your GP if you're on their register and ask to be added if you're not. Find out more about the disability register and see our easy-read health information for people with learning disabilities and their supporters.
You have cystic fibrosis-related diabetes and you take insulin.
You have another type of diabetes that you treat with insulin and you’re also on haemodialysis, which is a procedure that takes over kidney function when your kidneys aren’t working. You’ll also need to show that you have to check your blood sugars more than eight times a day to keep your blood sugar levels in your target range.
You work somewhere that your diabetes team have said isn’t appropriate for finger-pricking. (From October 2020 you should be offered continuous glucose monitors (CGM) as the technology of choice) Or there are emotional or social factors that mean you can’t prick your finger. Both of these cases mean you can have a six-month trial.

Unfortunately this is not something we can initiate for you in the Oxleas community service.

Should you choose to self-fund the FreeStyle Libre 2 system then we may be able to support you in using the device.

Kind regards

Lisa Cooper
Associate Director Adult Community Services


My partner has admitted to me that he has thought of suicide recently and seems to suffer from depression but has not been diagnosed yet. He is reluctant to get out of bed/eat anything or see a doctor. He has recently reached out to Mind but I think he has decided to give up again and wont seek help himself, therefore how do I go about seeking help for him to speak to someone regarding this.


Dear Rebecca,

Can you please contact our Urgent Advice Line on 0800 330 8590, they will be able to help and advice the best action to take and support you through this very difficult period. They are available 24 hours.

Best wishes

Francis Adzinku
Associate Director of Mental Health

I have been told that there is a 42 month waiting list to be seen. I have been referred by Oxleas Erith Center and met the Autism spectrum. I also struggle with sever OCD and feel let down by Oxleas having been under them for 11 years with them unable to help treat me regarding the OCD. I’m desperate for help and I have no where else to turn to. Please could you give me some information about what outcome I can expect.
Kind regards

Dear Samantha

I'm sorry that you have been unsure where to turn for help. I will be contacting you directly by email once I have all available information to address your specific circumstances in more detail. I can confirm though that we have waiting times of approximately 50 months for assessments in our Adult Autism Assessment Service.

Unfortunately, waiting times in Bexley have grown due to an increase in referrals for Adult Autism assessments but without additional funding to increase the staffing available to increase the rate of assessments. If you are unsatisfied with the wait the service suggests that individuals register a complaint with the Clinical Commissioning Group who allocate funding for health services via the contact details below:

Tel: 0800 328 9712

kind regards

Dr Jo Cook
Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Accredited CAT Therapist

Cahms is not a service that supports children . My son has anxiety and has been left after numerous phone calls and emails from myself and my sons school and social services and you dont replie.they dont care about my family or the suffering my son is going through .
My son is now seven and still you have done nothing for him . Disgraceful service, my son is worse off and no support. Absolutely fuming and stressed with this service .

Dear Shiobhan

Thank you for your message, I am very sorry to read of your concerns.

I have attempted to contact you this afternoon and will try again tomorrow in order to address the issues you have raised.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
CAMHS Service Manager

The Greenwich Home Treatment Team has been extremely helpful; I had two mental health crises where I ended up in A & E. Subsequently, on both occasions, I was referred to the Home Treatment Team.
The mental health nurses were incredibly supportive and eager to help. I was impressed with the frequent contact the service made, every day for three days after the crisis and then every other day beyond that for the next two weeks. This provided a secure safety net, knowing that help was only one phone call or visit away.
Meeting the Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Olubunmi Adebowale and Trainee Psychiatrist Dr Georgiana Mandae was encouraging. They are both well trained, empathetic professionals who are enthusiastic in facilitating the calming of a patient’s raptured mental state in order for them to move on to subsequent longer-term care in the Community Team.
They made sure I was prescribed the appropriate medications and wrote professional letters to my college, so my teachers can calm my educational environment as much as possible.
I was very grateful that Dr Georgiana, along with two other nurses, visited my home for one appointment; after I had a terrible experience in A&E, I was about to give up on the mental health service. They came the next day and put forward a plan to make the situation right.
Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting a nurse named Damilola on numerous occasions, and upon discharge, he reminded me, once you have been referred to the home treatment team, you are a patient indefinitely, so long as you live in the catchment area, you can always call or visit again, if in crisis.
To others struggling with mental health problems and thoughts of suicide, I would tell them; first, you cannot give up; when you enter your troubled season, you’ve got to give it all you’ve got. The only way to get through trouble is to work your way through it.
I know the last year has been a real struggle for many of us in society but do not make permanent decisions over temporary circumstances. The storm will pass, and soon the lockdowns and COVID-19 will be in our rear mirror.
I recommend, if possible, contacting a family member or close friend, to help you and support you when attending appointments, getting medication, and general living through a crisis period. It helps not to be alone and have someone to nurse you back to a stable point.

Other resources I have found helpful and recommend are,

The book, Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide
Butler G, Hope T, 2007, Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide, 2nd ed, Oxford: OUP.

Thank you for reading.

Dear Luke

Thank you for your kind words for the service provided to you by our HTT. We will make sure the team receives a copy of your email.

We are striving to provide high quality service to all our service users, and we are very appreciative of your time to let us know your experience in using our services. This is the only way we can ensure we are constantly improving.

kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director Greenwich Mental Health Services

I have been trying to get through to you guys to get an appointment to have my implant removed as it is expired and the phone just keeps ringing and being put down now i appreciate that you guys are very busy during this pandemic but you need to have a system in place like an online booking system so that people don't have to continue phoning the number and getting no response

Dear Amy

We are sorry you are having trouble getting through to the service and we will arrange for someone to call you back. Unfortunately, the phones are very busy at this time and we are doing our best to answer calls, but there has been a larger than usual number of calls as the service has changed its usual process to respond to the pandemic.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

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