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I need help for my girlfriend she's a really bad alcoholic and is causing her a lot of health issues and mental issues, this is an urgent situation in my eyes and she agrees to going to rehab but she is scared

Dear Tom

I'm sorry to hear that your girlfriend is experiencing difficulties with alcohol and a number of related health problems. I have tried to contact you to ensure that your girlfriend is linked in with the right services. I'm not sure if she is in Bexley but the Pier Road project provide services for people using alcohol in the borough of Bexley and may be best to direct you. Unfortunately our Community Rehabilitation team (which you mentioned above) is for physical rehabilitation following, for example, falls. I look forward to speaking together to ensure that you have contact with the right team.

kind regards

Dr Jo Cook
Head of Psychological Therapies for Bexley Care

Hi, do you offer any cervical screening? I do not feel comfortable with my GP doing it.
Thank you

Good Afternoon

I arrived in woolwich with my 4 month old baby, 2 weeks ago. I signed up for the GP in Royal Arsenal and there, they told me that I have to make an appointment online for a health visitor to see the baby, that they will only vaccinate her when necessary. How can I make an appointment for the health visitor? I'm lost. Thank you

Dear Sandra

Thank you for taking the time to post your query.

I wish to use this opportunity to welcome you to Woolwich. I hope you are settling well into the area.

Health visiting is a universal service for all families with children under five, who live in Greenwich. It is wonderful to know that our GP colleagues continue to signpost families to our service.

The service is delivered between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday from health centres, clinics and children’s centres. The team also make home visits.

You can contact the service during these times by telephone on: 020 8836 8621 (Option 4).

You can also have access to useful evidence based information online by going on the internet and search for - Oxleas Health Visiting.

Or by attending a Health Advice sessions - details can be found on the following website:

At the health advice sessions, families who would like to speak to a health visitor about any concerns they may have regarding their baby or child’s health or development, or who wish to request support from the health visitor can attend the weekly’ Health Visitor Advice session’ in their local Children’s Centre area.

Families who would like to have their baby weighed and ask for advice on routine issues such as introducing solids, sleeping or home safety can attend one of the two health drop in sessions in their area facilitated by Nursery Nurses. Each session will last for three hours.

You will only need appointments for your child or yourself for certain key touch points, this would be arranged by the service and sent to you by email or post.

We look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you.

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years


My son is 5 years old, he turns 6 in March. We're trying to get him accessed as we believe he may have autism and ADHD. We're also trying to get EHP plan agreed so he receives the appropriate support whilst at school. I was told to contact CAMHS as you might be able to provide us with additional support,. I'm unsure what services you provide so if you feel you can help in anyway please do let me know.

Thanks in advance

Dear Danny

Thank you for your comment.

I have tried to contact you via phone and email - if you call our reception (020 8315 443) I would be happy to discuss your queries.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS

Since January, I have received two appointments by letter, which even though you have my mobile contact details; letters are prioritised over phone calls, emails or texts, which would be a faster way to agree a mutually acceptable appointment time;
Each time I receive a letter appointment I am forced to ring your Podiatry service to change the time from a mid day appointment to an early morning and or late afternoon appointment which better suit my working patterns.

Both appointments were cancelled and a third letter sent out (with no apparent consideration for my preferred appointment times) for a mid-day appointment, which I must again decline as I have a work appointment; and my next appointment is kicked further down the calendar into another month.

I note your assessment form does not appear to ask for a patient email; permission to contact by SMS or, phone but does have an email address; unlike your appointment letters which does not.

I would appreciate if you could consider a system of appointment booking, which includes text messaging, emails, or phone calls - many of which has been adopted by several NHS Trusts and service providers to improve patient experience, reduce costs and increasing productivity for both staff and your patients.

Kind regards

Many thanks for taking the time to comment on your experience with the booking of your community podiatry appointments. I apologise for any inconvenience you have experienced.

At this point in time we are not in a position to adopt a fully automated service with the emailing or SMS notification of appointments. The adminstration team do however welcome emails.

We shall most certainly take your comments on board as we are always looking for ways to streamline the service, improve patient experience and productivity.

Kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession - Podiatry

Millbrook ward is severely understaffed. We where left with little to no support. During incidents staff where nowhere to be found. Patients had to help and support patients as staff where not there. I did not feel safe and was accused by one member of staff of saying things I did not say. Fed up of some of the staffs attitude. They acted like we where a burden. That ward needs to be sorted out NOW

Dear Kirra

We are sorry to hear about your experience while you were an inpatient on our ward. While there are some vacant posts on the ward we always ensure there is safe staffing levels on each shift.

Our recent vacancy has been due to promotion but we use temporary staff to cover all vacancies. We take your concerns about staffing and staff attitude seriously and we are aware that you have raised these as a formal complaint. We will ensure that there is a thorough investigation into all the issues that you have raised and provide you with a detailed response within the indicated timescale.

The safety of our patients is of prime importance to us and your feedback is vital in helping us improve the service we provide.

Kind regards

Dr Jo Cook
Head of Psychological Therapies for Bexley Care

Should I book and appointment to book a removal of my Mirena Coil?

Dear Aline

Thanks you for your query - a Mirena coil can be removed at any walk-in and wait clinic.

However, if you also want a new one fitted, it is best to book an appointment for one of our LARC clinics.

All the times are on our website:

Kind regards

Alec Sutton
Manager - Sexual Health & Community Gynaecology

I have just been referred after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis.
My question is it was seen on and X-ray of my pelvis but I’m confident I have it in other areas (neck, knees, shoulder). Will I be referred by yourselves for more xrays or mri’s to find out the extent?

Kind regards

Dear Phil

Thank you for taking the time to enquire about your symptoms and condition.

Without us knowing more about your clinical history and symptoms which we will be able to obtain when we see you in our MSK service, we would not be able say at this point with certainty what will or will not be conducted in the form of investigations.

Please be assured that the clinician you see will conduct a thorough history of your symptoms and undertake clinical examination and explain what, if any investigations will be required along with jointly agreeing a plan of treatment with you going forwards.

I do hope this answers your question sufficiently. Please do not hesitate to contact the service on the number below if you have any further questions and ask for Paul Smith or Heather Ritchie, joint-leads for Bexley MSK Service.

Telephone enquiry number: 020 8302 6330

Kind regards

Paul Smith

I first took my son to my gp about concerns in september 2016, after having tac meetings, and my sons behaviour at nursery being the highlight of every meeting,and i asked the gp for my son to be referred for a full development check.after waiting for a long time he was seen by a pediatrician, and referred for asd and adhd assessment i believe. Since then his behavior at school has got better, however his behavior at home has declined. He is having trouble sleeping sometimes, he is awake up until 3am. He is 7 years old, and he looks very tired all the time. I have had no help with his sleep problems, and ive gone back to my gp many of times and all they have done is email the adhd team. I feel like my son is being let down, and also myself, as we are getting no support with his sleeping issues, and i have basically been told to wait for the adhd assessment. This issue has become such a problem for me, that my son is late for school every day , as he is tired, or is missing school due to tiredness.. and now i have a meeting with the attendance officer, and because of lack of support, i will probley get fined, which is giving me anxiety.

Dear Julie

We are sorry that you have not been able to access help with your son's sleeping.

We have tried to contact you today to see how we can help and will call you again later today.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

Absolutely rubbish!
Have been refers four times to them, every time discharged before I was able to see someone. They don’t answer the phone most of the time or the few times they do, they tell you to call back the next day! I have a job, I cannot call you in the middle of the day and wait half an hour on the phone to be told I will be called one day in a month for a phone assessment. I was assessed by my GP and a psychiatrist at the hospital. One year later I am still in depression and must pay for a private therapist. Appalling!!!

Dear Magalie

I am very sorry that you have had this experience. The service is open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 5pm on a Friday. The extended opening hours are there to enable people with busy working lives or caring responsibilities to be able to access the service, so I can understand why you are feeling frustrated if we did not manage to speak to you in the evenings. I would like to investigate what happened and to ensure it does not happen for other people in the future.

Please can you email me (Katy Grazebrook) at with your name and contact details and I can investigate what happened and arrange a mutually agreeable time to talk.

Also, if you would like to give us another chance, please let me know (via email above) and I will ensure that the team ring you in the evening to make the appointment.

The initial assessments are usually conducted over the telephone (but maybe face to face if there are specific communication needs) and during core business hours 9am to 5pm, so that if there are any safeguarding concerns or risk situations these can be dealt with promptly. We can support clients with letters to employers as they are required to support their employees to attend health appointments.

The subsequent treatment appointments (if needed) may be over the telephone, via an online service called Silvercloud, face to face in person, face to face via video-conference, or in a group. The variety of modes of delivery are aimed at accommodating people with different needs and different availabilities for appointments.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

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