Experience based co-design work on Betts Ward

Patient Experience Programme: Green Parks House

"Really striking how simple changes can make a big difference."
A Betts Ward staff member

A project team worked with staff and service users and a joint EBCD event for staff and service users was held. The event was a great success with seven service users, one family member and 12 members of staff attending.  

Participants watched a video of interviews with service users from ResearchNet (who produced the video) about their experiences with Oxleas services, areas of concern and responses to the following four questions:

  1. What would you describe as a well conducted admission?
  2. What would you describe as the three most important basic needs of a ward patient?
  3. The ward staff have rules they need to apply to all patients regardless of how they have been functioning prior to admission (for example: removing shoe laces; withholding patient's lighters in the office; using plastic cutlery (which sometimes cannot always cut meat). This is done for safety but can be perceived as demeaning by some patients and can cause conflict. Can you give examples of how such rules can be applied well or badly?
  4. Can you give examples, either from your own experience, or your observation of others' experiences, of conflict between patients and ward staff? Can you give descriptions of how this can be handled well or badly?

These questions raised a number of issues. Participants thought they should form the basis for four workstreams which were set up to help improve the patient experience on Betts Ward.

One member of staff who attended said: "Really striking how simple changes can make a big difference." 

The next stage was to make a video film of what service users and their carers can expect of admission. The film gave a tour of the ward, and also information about the different professions on the ward, and what people can expect, in terms of both the environment and the way the ward daily timetable is structured, for instance when you will see a doctor, what a key nurse is etc.