With Oxleas' help, I can have a break

Patient story: Rita and Saphron 2014

In January 2013, Saphron was admitted to hospital to have a brain tumour reduced. Postsurgery, Bluebell House helped Saphron get back to school and home, as well as providing support to her mother, Rita.

Rita says: "After Saphron had the surgery, she suffers from weakness down the left side of her body and also has a vision impairment.

"Bluebell House gives Saphron independence, allowing her to do simple everyday tasks like making a cup of tea."

Bluebell House provides short breaks for children and young people with complex health needs.

"As a mum, Bluebell House gives me a break. Saphron enjoys going to day care two days a week and I find she is regaining her self confidence."

"Bluebell House gives Saphron independence."