With Oxleas' help, I can move on

Patient story: Jean - Greenwich Time to Talk

Before coming to Greenwich Time To Talk earlier this year, Jean suffered alone with depression. Unable to talk to her husband or friends, she became withdrawn, stopped working and hardly left the house.

"I've experienced bouts of serious depression since I was 21. Sometimes these were triggered by events in my life, but often they came out of the blue, and I had no idea why I felt the way I did.

"Talking with a counsellor helped me understand my experiences and change my life for the better," says Jean.

For the first time, Jean was able to have a conversation about her life and explore the traumatic experiences in her childhood that had led to her depression. Counselling has also helped Jean to talk openly to her husband and this has improved their relationship.

"I was so glad I could talk to someone at last. Greenwich Time to Talk helped me overcome my depression and move on."