With Oxleas' help, I have my family around me

Patient story: Holly and triplets 2014

In May 2014, at 29 weeks pregnant, Holly gave birth by caesarean section to triplets. Ruby and Hope weighed two pounds each and Poppy just one.

"It was a really hard time. I had to go home to Eltham leaving them in hospital in East London. With Oxleas' help, the girls came home; Ruby in July, Hope in August and Poppy in November. I had problems feeding Hope and was worried sick about Poppy who was underdeveloped.

Becky and others from the health visiting team have been wonderful. They were always there to support me and helped me to get other assistance, such as a Home Start volunteer. They give me practical support and a listening ear; I can always call them. Just knowing they’re there makes a world of difference.”

At 15 months old, the triplets are now doing well. Poppy has recovered from open heart surgery, the family recently enjoyed a holiday in Devon and the girls were christened in August.