With Oxleas’ help, we feel reassured

Patient story: Hannah and her mum, Natalie - Audiology

Seven year old Hannah and mum Natalie have been regular visitors to our Children's Community Audiology Service since Hannah was diagnosed with ‘glue ear' around five years ago. They were worried about Hannah losing her hearing.

Mum Natalie says: "Following her assessment, Hannah had a grommet fitted. However, subsequent check-ups showed that all was not as it should be. Although her hearing is fine now, Hannah gets perforated ear drums so she visits the clinic for regular check-ups with her audiologist, Sama.

"We're always able to ask questions or talk about any worries we may have. It's very reassuring to know that her condition is being carefully monitored. Oxleas' audiology service has been really good for our family. We're really pleased with how we've been treated."