With Oxleas' help, we now have hope

Patient Story: Jenny - CAMHS

Clare, an occupational therapist in our child and adolescent mental health services, has been helping Jenny and her granddaughter.

Jenny says: "When you have a child who has emotional needs, suicidal thoughts, self harm, low moods and someone like Clare comes along, my granddaughter knows she will not be judged. No matter what, Clare has faith in that child - that's a fantastic quality.

"We first met Clare at the hospital. My granddaughter was finding it hard to cope following a family bereavement. Through weekly meetings, Clare has helped her in many ways to deal with her emotions, thoughts, her relationships, her self harming and to keep her safe. Clare has helped my granddaughter to deal with all her problems.

"With Oxleas' help, we now have hope; a year ago I felt there was no hope."