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Barefoot Lodge leads the way with clinical model

Barefoot Lodge leads the way with clinical model

Our innovative nurse-led clinical model was showcased recently by the Barefoot Lodge team, when they were invited to present at a national forum.

Oxleas is leading the way with the model, which is the only nurse-led mental health inpatient ward in London.

As a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Quality Network, the team were proud to share their approach at the network’s Annual Rehabilitation Forum.

Our nurse-led approach to care is based on the needs of the person rather than focused on diagnosis. Having present and consistent clinical leadership has enabled better communication and day-to-day risk management means no waiting for the next ward round.

All voices have an equal value in the team which encourages development and empowers the wider team.

Working as part of the SLP complex care workstream has supported networking with other rehab wards in South London and the team has benefited from reinvestment into local services, including increased psychology, substance misuse support and peer workers all introduced within the last year.

The forum was attended by colleagues from across the country and there was much interest in our clinical model. We're now looking forward to supporting other organisations to transfer our learning and to support more teams to create Nurse Approved Clinician roles.

Julie Onyegbula, Consultant Nurse said: “It is a privilege with work alongside colleagues at Barefoot Lodge to support our patients and families. It’s exciting to have shared at this national event and I hope we have inspired others to train and develop nurses as clinical leaders and approved clinicians.”

Director of Nursing, Jane Wells, said: "Julie and her colleagues have pioneered a new model of nurse led care in Barefoot Lodge. It has been inspiring to share their journey and experience nursing leadership at its best. Their co-produced model and approach have enabled outstanding outcomes and a new level of staff and patient experience and safety."


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