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The Adult Speech and Language Therapy team provides support to adults who have difficulties in swallowing (dysphagia) and communicating (dysarthria, dysphasia) that are not due to a neurological condition.

We do not offer therapy for stammering (dysfluency) or Voice therapy for ENT conditions or head & neck cancer.

Referrals usually come from GPs or care homes.


  • Community health services (adults)

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020 8308 5429


My mum had a stroke 3 months ago which affected her speech and movement; she was discharged as an "early supported patient" and placed in the care of the early supported discharge team in our area. She was seen frequently by the OT, and Physiotherapists who all did an excellent job; but was barely seen by the speech and language therapist whose help she needed the most because of her aphasia.

Her time with the ESD team is now coming to an end but she still requires ongoing help with her aphasia. It's been very disappointing to see that there is very little help available in our borough ( Greenwich ) and Oxleas NHS. Furthermore the services provided by the Stroke Association are in the process of being shut down due to funding problems. Where can we turn to for help?

Dear Tayo

Thank you for your feedback about the care and treatment we provided to your mother following her recent stroke. I hope that she is continuing to make improvements.

I have contacted you directly to discuss your mother's care, and the support she can expect to receive, in more detail.

Best wishes

Keith Soper
Service Director

My difficulty is that I have a stammer when I speak. From a previous speech group course for stammering a few years ago I was told that I may have a "clutter" instead with symptoms of stammering with it? I haven't had any speech therapy since as I never seemed to stammer much around the therapists so they found it really hard to help.

It really gets in the way of day to day communication and as I'll be starting uni at the end of this September I'd really like to improve my speech as much as possible before so that it's as easy as possible to talk confidently and fluently with new people.

Could you kindly let me know how you would be able to help, and would it be via yourself or would you be referring me to someone?

I look forward to your response,



Dear Claes

Thank you for your query. At present we are not commissioned to provide a service for adults with a stammer in Bexley. I am sorry we are therefore not able to offer you assessment and intervention. Our Lead Speech and Language Therapist has provided some suggestions for additional support below with website links. I hope you find these useful.

Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice

The British Stammering Association

CityLit, who offer stammering courses

Starfish, who offer stammering courses

Best wishes

Keith Soper
Service Director

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