Bexley Community Gynaecology Services Bexley

Community gynaecology services are provided by GSH Central (Greenwich Contraception and Sexual Health).

Many women’s health problems can be helped without the need to be referred to hospital. If your symptoms are not serious and do not require surgery, you can be seen for diagnosis and treatment by our specialist team.

A wide range of symptoms and conditions can be assessed and treated, including:   

  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS/PMT)
  • Problems with the menstrual (monthly) cycle which cause other medical conditions to get worse, ie migraines
  • Advice and treatment for the menopause
  • Irregular or abnormal bleeding (unless your GP suspects something serious)
  • Assessment of fertility (difficulty becoming pregnant)
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Pain in the abdomen or pain or difficulty having sex
  • Pain or itching in the vagina or vulva (skin outside the vagina)
  • ‘Lost’ IUD (coil)
  • Help with prolapse (lump in the vagina).

How to access the service

Your GP will need to refer you to the service. They will do this through the Bexley Referral Management Service, a specialist team who manage referrals to other health services. You will be contacted by the Bexley Referral Management Service who will give you a choice of available appointment times and dates.

The CASH team offers community gynaecology services from Tuesday to Friday, during the day and in the evening. Appointments are currently available at Queen Mary's Hospital and Lakeside GP Surgery.


  • Community health services (adults)

Services provided

  • Sexual health

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How to find us:

Many buses serve the Woolwich area, please see for details.

The closest train station is Woolwich Arsenal.


Market Street Health Centre
16-20 Market Street

SE18 6QR

Public phone number:

020 8301 8934