Bexley Crisis Café Bexley, Greenwich

The Bexley Crisis Café is a safe and friendly place that you can come to if you are experiencing emotional or psychological distress.

It is a place where you can access mental health support and advice from Mental health and Wellbeing professionals. We are open outside of usual mental health service hours.

The service is provided by Mind in Bexley with advice and support from Oxleas.

The Crisis Café is a Drop-in service, no appointment needed.

Opening times:

6pm to 10pm from Monday to Sunday including Bank Holidays.


  • Mental health services: Older people
  • Mental health services: Working age adults

Services provided

  • Drop-in

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How to find us:

Bus: B11,B12, B14, B15, 89, 96,422, 486.

Rail: Bexleyheath station.


2a Devonshire Road



I really need some help
I’m struggling with my mental health at the moment and I don’t know who to turn to . I’m on antidepressants and they’ve been increased to 30mg a day this was from Monday 16th March but they don’t seem to be kicking in yet I’m feeling really low and I have a family to look after.

Dear Jo

I'm really sorry to hear that you are struggling with your mental health and you are worried about looking after your family.

Antidepressants do take a few weeks to take full effect but I realise that you may need more support than that at present.

You can self-refer for psychological support at MIND from trained counsellors and psychological therapists here and you may want to ask your GP to review your medication again.

If your GP and/or MIND have significant or urgent concerns about your mental health then they can make a referral to our Primary Care Plus team (details here: which accepts referrals into specialist mental health services.

I hope that helps you get the help you need.

Best wishes

Dr Jo Cook
Head of Psychological Therapies for Bexley Care

I have a situation where I know of someone who is self harming and definitely on the brink of suicide!
I do not have any idea of how to manage this situation and need urgent advice!
Can you please advise me via email or text asap?!

Dear Colin

I'm sorry to hear that you have a mental health emergency on your hands. I have emailed you directly, as well as responding on-line to your query.

There are several options right now:

1. In an emergency I would urge you to call 999 for ambulance/police services as they are the fastest response.
2. An individual can be brought to A&E for a rapid 'liaison' mental health assessment 24hours a day: depending where you are based, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Princess Royal Hospital, and Darent Valley all provide this service.
3. Our urgent advice line can be called 24hours a day on 0800 330 8590.
4. If there is a pressing need, but some lee-way with time, your GP can refer to mental health services for a rapid review.

I hope that between these options there is something you think will work in your situation.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy,
Consultant Psychiatrist & Clinical Director

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