Rapid Response Team Bexley

Our Bexley Rapid Response Team works closely with the A&E and acute medical units at both Queen Elizabeth and Darent Valley hospitals to minimise unnecessary hospital admissions and support early discharge from hospital where we can. The team will assess your health and social care needs and, if appropriate put together a package of care, which could include:

  • Referral to our Community Assessment and Rehabilitation team for a period of reablement at home
  • Referral to an intermediate care facility for a period of care and rehabilitation
  • Home visits from health and/or social care professionals
  • Referral to another health or social care team.

The team also provides assessments for people who need them at home.

The Bexley Rapid Response Team are available Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm.



  • Community health services (adults)

Public phone number:

Queen Elizabeth Hospital tel: 020 8836 6514

Darent Valley Hospital tel: 01322 428100 ext 6779


I want say a huge thank you to the Bexley Rapid Response Team.

My 92 year old mum has been unwell for the last few weeks and after many GP/111 phone calls I was advised to contact Rapid in the hope to avoid a hospital admission.

The team came the same day, her needs were assessed, equipment ordered & delivered the following day. GP contacted to adjust pain meds. We are seeing progress & this has been largely to due to the commitment of the team. And in this current climate, she received a courtesy call at the weekend to ‘check all was okay’

Mum doesn’t have internet, she’s of a generation where the cloud is in the sky & snowflakes fall in winter...so she asked me to post her thanks. Especially to Richard, the physio and Nurse Chiddi

Dear Cathy

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such wonderful comments. This is so uplifting for us as a team during this unprecedented time.

Rapid Response strive to provide the best possible care to everyone we support. We all wish your mother a speedy recovery and hope she is back to full health as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Cherie Trew
Matron/Team Manager

Thank you so much for the rapid response team for coming out so quickly after my brother being discharged from kings. You have assessed his needs, ordered equipment , care and an inpatient bed. Thank you so much as you have cared and not said oh well you have been born disabled deal with it. I am so grateful for your help as he was discharged without planning for his needs and your help has prevented him being admitted to a and e.

I am so impressed with rapid response when they came out to my crisis! My brother was discharged from hospital yet still not able to cope at home.
The team came out assessed him, I have now got equipment being delivered, key safe being installed. Increase in care package and waiting for bed for rehabilitation.
Thank you so much as it has prevented my brother from having another hospital stay.
Your service has been excellent, as you have kept me informed of what's happening.
Your service has been excellent x

Dear Ashley.

Thank you very much for your kind comments regarding the service your brother received from the Rapid Response Team, the team strive to deliver the best quality health and social care to our patients.

We really do appreciate you taking the time to write your very positive feedback, I have passed your comments on to the team which has been gratefully received.

We wish your brother all the best in his continued recovery.

Kind Regards

Doug Reid
Deputy Service Manager
Pre and Post Acute Care ( Adult Community Services)

I am writing to thank the Rapid Response Team, especially the Nurse, Orubo who was frequently on duty when my mother, was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital on 20/05/15 following a fall at home, bed bound, pressure sore, dehydrated and with a UTI.

My mother was treated and almost every day was up-dated by Orubo with regards to treatment/plans. A week later my mother was transferred to Meadowview at Queen Mary's Hospital. My mother was in Meadowview for almost four weeks and received intensive support, physio, activities and use of the gym. She came back home with more appropriate pain relief following four previous hip replacement operations, infection free, skin improved, eating and drinking very well, and confidence restored. The alternative pain relief of Butrane Patches was initially suggested by Orubo. Happily next week I am taking my mother on holiday for two weeks at a seaside resort and not only is she back to her baseline, but with the management of pain that she had previously been suffering from for approximately eight years her quality of life is so much improved.

I cannot thank everyone involved in my mothers care enough, in particular Orubo, I would be grateful if you could please pass this onto Orubo. I shall also be sending a thank you e mail to Meadowview.

Kind regards


Thanks very much for your kind comments, Allison.

I am really pleased to hear that your mother has much such good progress and the role our teams played in her recovery. I have passed on details of your thanks to the staff involved in your mother's care, in particular Orubo - I know they treasure such positive feedback.

I do hope you and your mother enjoy your planned holiday.

Keith Soper
Service Director