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151-153 Goldie Leigh
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Abbey Wood


Public phone number:

020 8320 3550

Fax number:

020 8320 3567

Email address:

District nursing enquiries: oxl-tr.CentralAccessTeam@nhs.net

Podiatry enquiries: oxl-tr.Podiatry@nhs.net


I called the COPD Team on Tuesday morning (8th March) as I was very worried about my brother who was really poorly and one of the nurses (Win) called in to see him really quickly and arranged for steroids and anti-biotics for him which I collected and he started taking - all within a couple of hours. Win telephoned the following morning to check on my brother. My brother has lots of problems as well as COPD and Win was so on the ball and thorough. Thank you.

Dear Dianne,

Thank you so much for taking the time to feedback about the service provided to your brother by the COPD service. I have highlighted your comments to Win and the team and
we are pleased that you found the service not only to be responsive but thorough and comprehensive.

Thank you again for the positive feedback

Lynn Orford
Community Respiratory Lead

Awful Service.

I have sent two emails to the central access team that have gone answered.

I emailed the Central Access Team with my concerns regarding care to my mother on 29th November 2015. After a month and no response, apart from an email acknowledging receipt of my email which stated my email would be passed on to the nursing team, I emailed again on 31st December 2015. Again I received an email acknowledging receipt of my email and was informed that my email had been passed on to the "Lead for the District Nursing Forum". 9 weeks later - still nothing.

Oxleas state on Website that their objectives for 2015/16 are to not only 'enhance quality: ensure excellence for every patient' but Oxleas stated 'Four must do priorities':
1) Increase support for families and cares
2) Providing better Information for our service users and cares
3) Enhancing care planning
4) Improving the way we relate both to our service users and cares by treating them with dignity and respect.

The concerns I have for my mother's 'care', voiced in my last two emails, are, in many regards minor in comparison to some. However I am extremely concerned and disgusted that no one has bothered to address my concerns. Despite the fancy empty objectives set out on their website, Oxleas have not supported, provided better Information on the service, enhanced the care planning or improved the way they relate to service users and Carers. The District Nurse team have not had the respect to address my corners.

Dear Callie

Thank you for raising your concerns about the care provided to your mother. I am sorry you have had difficulty contacting the District Nurses.

It might be helpful to discuss your concerns further, please could you contact me directly on 020 8319 7118?

Kind regards

Kate Williams
ACS Complaints Liaison & Interim Manager for CAT

I have been trying to email the central access team with some concerns about visits (or lack of) from the nursing team but my email keeps coming back to me as undeliverable because the NHS server is not working properly.

I have been having two visits a week from nurses to change dressings on my foot.. Before Christmas the nurse didn't turn up for an expected visit and when I phoned to query this I was told that it had been changed to one visit a week.

It was nice to be told (not) that my visits had been reduced. Although my foot is healing I am wasting time waiting for people who don't turn up. As we have had some nice weather it would have been ice to go out rather than wait for someone who is not going to arrive.

As the bulky dressings make it difficult to put proper shoes on I can't go out when it is raining for fear of getting the dressing wet and not having anyone who can change it and then infection setting in. I do not want any more problems than I already have so it would be nice to know am I getting one or two visits a week?

Dear Caroline

Thank you for your comment.

Kate Williams, the manager of the Central Access Team, will be in contact with you regards the difficulties that you are experiencing emailing the team.

Liz Penn, Head of Long Term Conditions and manager of the district nursing services has asked the team manager to contact you directly regarding your dressings.

Please do not hesitate to contact Liz Penn directly on 020 8319 7154 if you wish to discuss your issues further.

Thank you once again for bringing your concerns to our attention.

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