Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) - Greenwich Greenwich

This service provides mental health services to children and their families living in the borough of Greenwich.

It also provides advice, consultation and support to the other individuals and agencies involved in mental health care.


  • Mental health services: Child and adolescent (CAMHS)
Memorial Hospital

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How to find us:

Buses: 89, 486, 244.

Trains: The nearest train station is Welling which is a bus ride away (89 and 486). You can also use Woolwich Arsenal station and take bus 244.

Car parking: There are two car parks at the Memorial Hospital site.


Memorial Hospital
Shooters Hill

SE18 3RZ

Public phone number:

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5pm
Please call our Single Point of Access (SPA) team on 020 8836 8621

Fax number:

020 8319 3336

I've got this letter


My granddaughter was under the Camhs service for two years and I would highly recommend the help and advice we were given in Sessions there. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly and very passionate with their work

Many thanks Christine for your positive feedback about the Camhs service you received in Greenwich.

You are a thoughtful and considerate person to take time to post comments that may give others the confidence to access help for their difficulties.

I will be sure to let staff know they are appreciated and am glad that your granddaughter was successfully helped.

Alison Martin
Acting Service Manager

I referred my son to CAMHS via his GP and his school a year ago after he had been experiencing anxiety, depression and some episodes of self harm. It would appear that the 'assessment' process has lasted a year. He and I were seen sporadically and inconsistently over this time, filling out endless forms repeatedly. He was never seen on a consistent basis and the promise from the practitioner was always that she would need to go back to panel for a decision. My realisation now is that she was simply waiting it out until he was 16 and could be referred to Time to Talk. He has now been told he has to be on another waiting list, probably for about a year. Time to Talk have now said they are referring him back to CAMHS. I work in mental health services myself and this shambolic performance would not be acceptable. Shocking way to treat an adolescent with a mental health problem.

Dear Megan

Thank you for taking the time to make us aware of your experience of Greenwich CAMHS. We are very sorry to hear about your experience and that your son has not yet received the help that he needs. I will look into the circumstances of your son's contact with the service immediately and I will contact you to inform you of the outcome. I am hopeful that we can rectify the situation so that you son can receive the support and treatment that he needs.

kind regards

Beverley Mack
Associate Director, CAMHS

My young daughter was referred to Camhs by our GP for depression, refusal to leave the house, refusal to attend school due to severe bullying, self harm, both mental and physical. The staff were very nice and friendly however nothing is being achieved, weekly half hour chats and a friendly smile has not helped. I constantly ask for more help, I even ask them to write to my daughters school but again nothing. I now do not know where to turn and have made myself ill worrying.

We are sorry to hear that your concerns about your daughter’s mental health continue and that you feel there has been little progress since your GP referred her in October.

Your concerns for your daughter's mental health and queries about the treatment approach indicate the need for a face-to-face review.

Sheena Gohal, the Operational Manager for Greenwich CAMHS and Marianne, the therapist involved, are in the process of contacting you to agree an appointment. It might be helpful to include the school in this.

Again we are really sorry to hear about your concerns and are grateful for your feedback. Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Sheena Gohal can be contacted on 020 3260 5230 or

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Children and Young People's Services

My daughter had an appointment on May 10th. We were very relieved to finally see someone. In June we received a letter detailing our care-plan. That was after me calling in. The letter had been delayed. Since then we've heard nothing. I called the office last week and was told that my daughter's case worker was on annual leave until the end of July. So I would assume that her case would have been handed over to someone else? No, nobody knew what was going on.

I hoped that we could have had at least one or two more sessions before September, but it's looking unlikely. I was told I'd get a phone call in a few days that was a week ago. July is almost over and we have got nowhere fast. I'm very disappointed that I have had to come to here to vent my frustration with the service. Back to square one.

My daughter has finished her exams and now barely leaves the house. I know your services are stretched, but I feel that your help is what is needed to get my daughter back on track.

Dear Deborah

We are sorry we did not get back to you in a timely way, you have now spoken with the service and an appointment has been arranged for next week.

We hope our help, with your support, will get your daughter back on track as well.

Kind regards

Sheena Gohal - Operational Manager
Stephen Whitmore - Service Director

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