Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) - Bromley Bromley

If you are a parent and you have concerns about your child’s mental health, please contact 0208 315 4430 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Please contact the SLP crisis line on 020 3228 5980 Monday to Friday 5pm-10pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 10pm.

For all other times please contact the Oxleas Urgent Advice line on 0800 330 8590. Please also note that support is available via Kooth.

Provides mental health services to children and their families living in the borough of Bromley. It also provides advice, consultation and support to other individuals and agencies involved in providing services to children and young people.

The Bromley Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services is based at two sites, Stepping Stones House and the Phoenix Centre.

Oxleas Patient Experience survey

The Oxleas Patient Experience survey gives you the opportunity to feedback on the care and treatment you have received. We also encourage your friends, family and carers to also provide feedback. Hearing your views gives us a better understanding of the needs of our patients, families and carers which helps us to make sure that we are providing a good standard of care. 

The short survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you can provide a written comment explaining what you think is working well and what is not. The Patient Experience team will collect the results of the surveys and these are shared with the relevant departments and management teams. This helps us to shape our services to continually improve the quality of the care and treatment we provide.



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I contact the go to have referral for my 9 years old son they said we can’t help you ask the school , I called the school they told me I can’t help u u have to contact ur self the camhs , I called the centre they didn’t let me make any enquiries, I don’t know from where to start , my son is not feeling ok and am not
Getting support from anyone , am really sad this subject must be priority specially for kids

Dear Dana,

We are sorry to hear about your experience.

Bromley CAMHS will contact you to talk through your concerns and help you to think about which service may be most suitable for your son at this time.

Kind regards

Sheena Gohal
Associate Director, CAMHS
Children & Young Peoples Directorate

hi I wonder if you can help me. I am trying to figure out if I am on the list to be contacted regarding my son. he has autism all ready and possible add, add myself and the school have filled out a adhd form and was told you would be in touch regarding the next step I have heard nothing at all.

Dear Laura,

Thank you for contacting us - a colleague from Bromley CAMHS will be in touch with you very shortly to investigate your query.

Best wishes,

Dominic Leigh
CAMHS Service Manager

My sons referral was finally accepted however I have not received any further information/support/contact in regards to what happens next with him. Stress and anxiety is rocketing more and more

Dear Lauren,

Thank you for getting in touch and for talking to me this morning.

As we discussed, one of our CAMHS clinicians will be in touch tomorrow to gather some more information, this will help us ensure that your son receives the level of support he needs.

Please do contact me directly on 02083154430 if you have any further concerns.

Kind regards,

Hollie Moore
Operational Manager
Bromley CAMHS

At my wits end!!!!!!!!!!
So sick and tired of hitting a brick wall, broken promises, my daughter has been told so many things that she has no clue what is happening anymore.
She is suicidal, diagnosed with server depression and anxiety aged 10 but was refused by CHAMS, had to get a further referral, put on waiting list for months but was only seen when she presented at A/E for suicidal thoughts. She been at A/E a further 3 times.
She is not listened to by the people that are supposed to help her, she is ignored. I have to fight for everything to get her help and medication. Now all her professionals are changing for one reason or another but we have no idea when she will next be seen, she will run out of medication. I have been told verbally she is also suffering from PTSD but I have asked for written confirmation ……… never received.
We are in a living nightmare that has only been 100 times worse by CHAMS.

Dear Fran

Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to read about your frustrations. I have attempted to contact you by phone and email this afternoon. A member of our team will be in contact with you this week but if you would like to speak directly to me please call reception on 02083154430.

Many thanks,

Hollie Moore
Operational Manager

Cahms is not a service that supports children . My son has anxiety and has been left after numerous phone calls and emails from myself and my sons school and social services and you dont replie.they dont care about my family or the suffering my son is going through .
My son is now seven and still you have done nothing for him . Disgraceful service, my son is worse off and no support. Absolutely fuming and stressed with this service .

Dear Shiobhan

Thank you for your message, I am very sorry to read of your concerns.

I have attempted to contact you this afternoon and will try again tomorrow in order to address the issues you have raised.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
CAMHS Service Manager

Oh my goodness, the first person that commented, Cassie? Your situation is identical to mine wow! School not interested , I have twins aged 11, one twin has had diagnoses and has ASD.. however my other twin (always had mild issues) since puberty (feb 21) her symptoms have rocketed, extreme anger extreme anxiety, refusing school and school are not interested.. I have contacted social services, Bromley Y and CAHMS . No way she can start main stream secondary the way things are.. paeditrian has agreed to assess her but not without school contributing.. she also has started self harming .. I hope you are getting somewhere with your daughter .. it’s such a worry! Don’t give up!

Dear Melanie,

Thank you for getting in contact with us.

We are sorry to read of the difficulties you are experiencing and would like to reassure you that a colleague from Bromley CAMHS will be in contact with you as soon as possible to investigate your queries.

Best wishes,

Dominic Leigh
CAMHS Service Manager

GP has raised several (separate) referrals over the last year and a half to Camhs and Pheonix centre, regarding extreme emotional/communication/aniexty and anger issues my 10 year old daughter has been experiencing (onset from a young age) but now escalating to the point unable to contain, and affecting daily life on a major scale and the household safety both mentally and physically. . GP has listed/evidenced behaviours for referral and has sent 3 to Camhs and 2 to Pheonix centre, Pheonix centre came back originally saying no but if it’s “neurological” concerns then please do not hesitate to re refer, which the GP did do as believe to be neurological in some issues, again Pheonix centre refused referral, I offered video evidence to support - they refused and said to go through school. Been working with school but no movement on referrals there, gone from Bromley children’s project to social services (on our 5th social worker who hasn’t left yet!)- 3 referrals to Bromley y who are now re organising/re structuring so nothing happening there, met with one worker initially there who was happy to escalate to Camhs - then she left a week later and the whole process had to start again, only to be told that it couldn’t be escalated and that remote “talking” sessions” would be offered instead, but they have been non existent also. Having to jump through hoops just to try and get your child the right help and treatment and wanting to try to determine what the health issue the child is suffering is, by the help of the professional paediatrics and/or psychiatrist seems to be an impossible task!
I am considering going private, although if my daughter is diagnosed with something and we have been left without the right support for the last 2 years - and lead down a garden path through the system! I will be escalating the matter and looking at taking legal proceedings. Please do contact me however if CAMHS are able to actually accept the referal.

Dear Cassie

We are sorry to hear of your difficulties in accessing the right support for your daughter. We have shared your concerns with Bromley Y and they will contact you to discuss your worries further.

Many thanks

Sheena Gohal
Associate Director, CAMHS

Hi my son is 5 years old, and 4 referrals have gone to Bromley Y to get my son to be seen by one of your psychologists to assess him as he has emotional and attachment problems that are affecting his toileting, his anxiety is through the roof and constant meltdowns which he cannot explain why. I have social services, BCP, community paediatricians and his school he have all said he needs early intervention by your organisation yet I can't even get him throigj the first hurdle, Bromley Y who are forever making excuses as to why his referral isn't good enough for you to assess him. I'd appreciate someone from your team. To contact me at the earliest convenience to discuss a way forward. As I'm frustrated and my son is suffering and I'm having the backlash.

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry to read of the difficulties that your son has been experiencing.

A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to pick up the issues you have raised.

Best wishes,

Dominic Leigh
CAMHS Service Manager

It took 4 years before your colleagues/team at the Phoenix centre acknowledged that my child needed support. Finally he has been acknowledged as having ADHD and now I have to play games to get some kind of support. He is battling severe anxiety but if your whole area had intervened earlier then it wouldn't be this bad.

I called the other number to obtain support - Bromley Wellbeing and they didnt even pick up. Just as useless

Disgusted that I cannot even get a referral into this miserable area.


My son is 5 years old, he turns 6 in March. We're trying to get him accessed as we believe he may have autism and ADHD. We're also trying to get EHP plan agreed so he receives the appropriate support whilst at school. I was told to contact CAMHS as you might be able to provide us with additional support,. I'm unsure what services you provide so if you feel you can help in anyway please do let me know.

Thanks in advance

Dear Danny

Thank you for your comment.

I have tried to contact you via phone and email - if you call our reception (020 8315 443) I would be happy to discuss your queries.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS

The website says the office opens at 8am. I keep trying but it is now 8.35 and still it is shut. Does it now open later?

Dear Louise

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and speak to my colleague regarding the information that you have seen online about the opening hours for Bromley CAMHS.

The trust website does not list opening hours for Bromley CAMHS. The information you are referring to is supplied by Google and this is information over which we have no control. However, we will inform Google that this information is incorrect and request that it is changed.

The opening hours for Bromley CAMHS are 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards

Beverley Mack
Associate Director, CAMHS

Since primary school I have had concerns about my daughter who is now 16 years old. Initially, I thought she was ASD/Aspergers but in recent years other issues have developed. Whether these are associated with her autistic traits or not, I'm not sure.
Anyway, for many years she has had difficulties with social interaction, has a distinct lack of empathy for others and has had serious issues with anger, particularly at home. More recently, she has self harmed through cutting herself and I think this has moved onto burning her skin and binge eating. There was a stage when she was threatening to kill herself and talked about not wanting to be alive. Also, she hears voices constantly and frequently has hallucinations. I believe that this has been happening for many years but has only come to light in the past couple of years. My daughter has also taken herself to see the GP as she feels that she is depressed. She has suffered panic attacks and possibly suffers from anxiety. At the moment my daughter seems to be pushing every boundary possible, displaying risky behaviours and proving very difficult to manage unless I let her do exactly what she wants. I appreciate that this is generally a teenage thing but fear her general well-being considering all the other issues.
However, besides an ASD assessment that found her autistic but not enough for a diagnosis, and counselling at Bromley Y, she has not received any additional support and is not being referred onto CAMHS as she is not autistic enough, not self harming enough, not depressed enough, not anxious enough, not suicidal enough, not psychotic enough. Does no one look at the whole picture rather than individual issues?????
So, as I could not get help through the NHS (despite numerous attempts) I decided to get a private assessment even though I didn't really have the funds. This has been declined by the Priory as the psychiatrists have all stated that she needs to be under CAMHS!!!
Please help my daughter get the appropriate help before she ends up involved with a serious criminal incident or worse. What do I need to do so that she gets properly assessed and then supported in the right way???

Dear Tracey

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

As we discussed, one of our clinicians will contact your daughter to gather some further information. This will help us to ensure that she accesses the support that best meets her needs.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS
020 8315 4430

Was just wondering wether someone could give me some light on how long I have to wait for my daughter to have the first assessment, I have rang loads of time and the three times you have answered , I’m getting someone will email to let me know , here I am 5 weeks on still waiting for an email , I understand how busy you must be , but my daughter is my priority and getting her the help she needs , which is only getting worse , I ask on the phone the waiting list times no one knows, and told to wait for the email. Reading the comments on here don’t give me much hope :-(

Dear Sophie

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your daughter's referral on the phone and apologies again for the delay in responding to your query.

As per our conversation, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Duty System if there is any change to your daughter's situation and/or if you require any advice regarding her mental health.

Unless we hear from you again we will contact you in due course to arrange an assessment appointment.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS

Just want to say, as someone currently under Camhs that I am so grateful for the support they have given me. For a service to be so welcoming and lovely is just amazing especially for those who use the service, from mental health professionals even down to the receptionists, you are always greeted with a smile and a friendly face. The treatment given at Camhs is exceptional and from my experience with my therapist and other professionals, they all treat you as an individual and want to see you get better with no judgement whatsoever.

Bromley Camhs, you show how a service SHOULD be run and are a credit to the Bromley borough.

Thank you :)

Dear Darcy

Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and kind message.

I have shared your feedback with our reception and clinical staff and we are all really glad to read of your positive experience of Bromley CAMHS.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager

Not happy with the service CAMHS are providing (not providing) for my child. She was referred a long time ago and still has not had any treatment here. I’m being pushed from pilar to post. In the last 4 weeks I have rang once a week to try and talk to my care co ordinator who has not returned any of my calls. I’ve also spoken to the crisis line who informed me my care co ordinater would contact me the next day and I still haven’t heard anything from them that was two weeks ago.
My daughter suffer with extreme anxiety and has shown very aggressive behaviours and been medically admitted into hospital for self harm and the support still isn’t in place for her. It’s seems like we get seen put on a waiting list seen again to touch base put on a different waiting list. I understand there have been cuts but that isn’t helping the children that obviously need help.
I would like someone to contact me as a matter of urgency please

Dear Vicki

We are sorry to hear you that you are unhappy with the service provided to your daughter by CAMHS and that she is experiencing ongoing difficulties.

The clinician from CAMHS has seen you/your daughter for five sessions and this phase has now come to an end. We are sorry that the clinician has not returned your calls – this is due to her being absent from the clinic in recent weeks.

From our conversation this morning, we have agreed on a way forward. Please do contact me at the clinic if you have any further concerns and I will ensure they are addressed.

Kind regards

Hollie Moore
Team Manager

This service is a joke and an insult to disabled children. First they refused to accept my sons referral, with some cod excuse that because he was at a SEN school he was not eligible for referral. I then made a complaint on this website, which they are now refusing to publish. Only after I made my complaint did they finally accept the referral. This was after the paediatrician also requested a referral. Therefore it is a lie that self referrals can be made and the public and other users of this service deserve an explanation for it.

Dear Lucy

I am very sorry to read of your concerns regarding Bromley CAMHS.

As we discussed over the phone, we do not decline referrals for children on the basis of their school or SEND status. Indeed, we support many children in the borough with SEND as they are more likely to have complex needs which mean they require care and treatment from specialist mental health services. Referrals are accepted to Specialist CAMHS solely on the basis of the child's mental health needs.

The decision to not accept your child's initial referral was based on the information regarding the symptoms outlined in the referral documentation, which did not reflect the need for specialist mental health services at that time. However, we subsequently received additional information from other professionals which evidenced the need for CAMHS input in supporting your child and have accepted the referral.

To clarify, we do not always immediately publish comments on our website. This is often to protect the confidentiality of our patients but can also occur when the service is actively investigating the concerns of the authors of comments on our website.

As per our earlier conversation, I will investigate how the message regarding your child's referral was communicated to you with our partners Bromley Community Wellbeing Service which is the service that manages all new referrals for children and young people with emotional and mental health difficulties in Bromley. Please note that the Bromley Wellbeing Service does accept referrals directly from young people, parents and carers.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8315 4430 if you have any queries or concerns.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS

Hi my daughter see her cahms worker in January he ask me to do asd and adhd questionaire which I did and hand them in when ask it’s been 3 months and still not heard nothing what am I ment to do

Dear Charlotte

Thank you for your comment, we have been trying to contact you this morning to provide an update with regards to your query.

Please ring reception at a convenient time on 020 8315 4430 and they will be able to direct your call.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager


How do I get a referral to Cahms. My son is 4 and diagnosed ASD and we are under Bromley ( he also has an EHCP). He has started school and is suffering anxiety which is affecting his behaviour. am I able to do a self referral? Or do I need to contact my Gp?

Dear Sarah

All referrals into CAMHS come through Bromley Y, to which you can self-refer. This can be done at

Bromley Y will advise you if your son meets CAMHS threshold or whether they can offer the help he needs. The difficulties you have briefly described are common in young people on the autism spectrum so it would certainly be useful to discuss what support the school can offer.

We would also strongly encourage you to make contact with MENCAP ( and National Autistic Society ( as they may have support for your family.

Best wishes

Dr Ben Wellens
Clinical Lead for CYP IAPT

I am a final year undergraduate student in Psychology, looking to gain some experience before I move on to further study in child clinical psychology. I was wondering if any of the CAMHS services in Bromley offer any form of work experience for final year students who are very serious about pursuing a career in the field?

I look forward to hearing form you,

Kind regards,

Dear Martyna

We welcome interest from students wishing to gain work experience in CAMHS.

For Bromley CAMHS, please contact Jasmine Randhawa, Placements Co-ordinator at

Kind regards

Lesley French
Clinical Director and Head of Psychology, Children and Young People's Services

My son has been neglected by Camhs since a small child. They refused to even admit my son had any mental health problems. Until a judge ordered a private Dr to see him. He was given a diagnosis straight away and referred to the Michael Rutter Centre. They are amazing. Unfortunately the help came too late for my son and he now has a conduct disorder and is a danger to himself and the public. If only they understood he will cost the government more now in a life time than if they invested money now into these young people. They could give them the skills to live successful lives. It's neglect of a child and it's heartbreaking

Dear Laura

Thank you for contacting us. The CAMHS service in Bromley is dedicated to providing high quality support and treatment to children and young people with serious mental illness.

We also strive, with other organisations in Bromley, to assess and address emerging mental health conditions as they become apparent.

We would like to talk to you further about you own particular concerns and will be contacting you shortly to discuss this.

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of Children and Young People's Services

I would just like to say that I brought my daughter in after she experienced a very serious episode. The therapist spent an hour with our daughter and then an hour with my partner and I. I can honestly say that it was two amazingly productive hours. Its been a real eyeopener for us and we can now organize ourselves so that hopefully this will not happen again. The therapist was very calm, non-judgmental and very intuitive. I cant praise her enough. Thank you so much.

Dear Jason

Many thanks for taking the time to share your positive experience of Bromley CAMHS - I am glad to hear that you found the session valuable and will ensure your feedback is shared with the clinician in question.

Best wishes

Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager

Today I was so frustrated to hear from bromley well been that you have rejected there referral my four year old son suffering and his behaviour has got so severe that he knocked me out unconscious two weeks ago. I have done everything asked of me , my son is now a danger to himself and others .does my son have to seriously hurt himself or others before you will listen.

Dear Shiobhan

Many thanks for getting in contact.

As discussed over the phone I will follow-up on the concerns you raised regarding your son's referral to Bromley CAMHS and provide a response accordingly.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Bromley CAMHS on 020 8315 4430 if you need to discuss any further issues.

Best wishes
Dominic Leigh
Operational Manager, Bromley CAMHS

I am absolutely shocked at the lack of care given by this organisation
There is nowhere to turn
You ask for desperate help and it seems that these people aren’t even interested to give a diagnosis
No wonder this country is in such a state
It takes half an hour to see someone rather than months trying to get an appointment and then being rejected
Obviously people wouldnt be being referred if there wasn’t a problem
You need to start helping people

My son has been unwell for years and waiting 9 months (told it will be 12months+ for an appointment even under pressure from GOSH. CAMHS are patently under-resourced. I today received a call from someone who shall remain nameless, telling me I owned the problems. Well that wasn't news to me. She was very defensive, but no doubt the service is inadequate. Cheaper to pay for a clever, confident spokespeople like her, that to treat patients in desperate need. Well done Bromley!

Hi my question is do you recognise pathological demand avoidance many thanks

Dear Maria

Oxleas CAMHS works within the CYP IAPT framework; follows NICE guidance for best evidence and uses the International diagnostic framework (ICD 10).

The latter does not include Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) as a recognised diagnostic entity, however, PDA is acknowledged by the National Autistic Society as a sub-type of the Autism Spectrum.

Although we do not make the diagnosis and we do not offer tailor made treatment plans for PDA we will treat a young person within the framework of any other young person with autism.

Kind Regards

Jacqui Pointon
Interim Operational Manager- Bromley CAMHS

I am currently under cognitive behavioural therapy with CAMHS in Bromley and I am physically appalled by the mistreatment that I have personally encountered. Last June I was referred by my previous therapist and GP to Camhs. I eventually got a therapist with Camhs in February. I had a total of 3 sessions before my therapist, *** fell ill and hasn't returned. It is now July and I have heard nothing since late March. I am severely struggling with my mental illness to the extent where my medication has been increased by a total of 20mg. I was told via phone call that I would hear something 'soon' in regards to having a new therapist in the time *** was unavailable. The lack of communication has left me feeling desperate and alone. I was pushed through to child counselling even though I was 18 because I was considered an 'emergency case'. I am physically and emotionally drained constantly with no outlet. I have been left with nothing and nobody. I have contacted my Local GP as a last resort for this scenario as I feel as though I have been freely abandoned with nothing else to fall back on.

Dear Jordan

We're really concerned to hear this, and are very sorry that you have had this experience with us. We wanted to let you know that we are investigating your situation, and we will be in touch with you today to resolve this as soon as possible.

best wishes

Carrie Sykes
Operational Manager
Bromley CAMHS

I am an A-Level student currently studying psychology at AS Level at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace.
I am very interested in gaining as much experience as I can before I head of to university and have a passion for Psychology.
My school have recently allocated a date in which I should be participating in work experience, the dates are as following: 14th July 2015 to 17th July 2015.
Although this week would be best, I am very enthusiastic about gaining experience in this field of work and looking forward to understanding more about psychology, so am always available if this is short notice and will be willing to continue to volunteer after the placement.
I will be happy to assist in/with pretty much anything, and can work in situations under pressure while being organised.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Elsa Geyer

Hi Elsa,
Thank you for your email regarding the possibility of work experience. We are really sorry but we are unable to offer a placement due to issues around patient confidentiality.
However, we wish you good luck in finding an opportunity.
Sarah Hawes
Communications Manager