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We are having to alter some of our services in response to the demands that Coronavirus is creating. This means that we may have less staff and will be unable to continue to provide services in the way we usually do. Therefore, we may need to do the following:

  • We may carry out consultations via phone or video call
  • The frequency of our visits for your care might be reduced
  • If the care you receive is not essential, it might be stopped for the time being.

We will speak with you about any new arrangements we need to put in place. We will inform any other people involved in your care of any changes made. 

If you need to contact us, please call 0208 836 8621.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this time. 

Our Community Paediatrics Medical Service aims to promote the health and welfare of children and young people (0-16 years) living in Greenwich. We work within the community in partnership with families, other health professionals and other agencies.

Community paediatricians (children's doctors) may be able to help with concerns or worries about:

  • Development
  • Communication
  • Children having difficulties at school
  • Children with disabilities
  • Children with continence problems

The service is available to children and young people from 0-16 years who live in, or are registered with a GP in, Greenwich. Children may be referred up to the age of 19 if attending Charlton School.

Oxleas Patient Experience survey

The Oxleas Patient Experience survey gives you the opportunity to feedback on the care and treatment you have received. We also encourage your friends, family and carers to also provide feedback. Hearing your views gives us a better understanding of the needs of our patients, families and carers which helps us to make sure that we are providing a good standard of care. 

The short survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you can provide a written comment explaining what you think is working well and what is not. The Patient Experience team will collect the results of the surveys and these are shared with the relevant departments and management teams. This helps us to shape our services to continually improve the quality of the care and treatment we provide.


  • Community health services (children)

Services provided

  • Paediatrics

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Bungalow 1
Wensley Close


Public phone number:

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5pm
Please call our Single Point of Access (SPA) team on 020 8836 8621

Fax number:

020 8319 3336


My daughter had a telephone appointment in January and the consultant requested she get seen in 3 months time to begin a medication plan but yet we still haven't received an appointment or any form of communication. She has been diagnosed and since then not one appointment or phone appointment. I have phoned twice now and nobody ever rings back. She is getting zero support right now and is really struggling.

Dear Shona,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern.

I understand you have been contacted today by a member of the team and updated with regards to this. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Kind regards,

Logan Watkins
Associate Director
Specialist Children's Services

Hello, I am writing as my son had an appointment for an ADHD assessment and he went to this at the beginning of September. I have heard nothing about the results of this. They said four weeks but its been much longer than this could you find out any information for me

Dear Scarlett

Many thanks for your query. I understand you have since spoken with someone from our team who has looked into this for you. Please do not hesitate to contact again should you need any further information

Many thanks

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

How do I go about a referral my son is really struggling I feel like no one is listening and being told so many different things or even some advice on my concerns.

Dear Emily

I am sorry to hear that your son is struggling. We are here to help you and a member of the clinical team will be in contact with you to discuss your concerns and provide you with assistance.

Best wishes

Lisa Thompson
Director of Children & Young People's Services

Our son had his last developement assessment last July and we were told that he would get a follow up appointment 8 months later. It's now well over a year and we have not heard anything. We have called twice and both times we were told that someone would let us know but we have not heard back.

Dear Sarah,
We are sorry to learn of your concerns. We have tried to contact you by email and phone, and have left a message on your voicemail to contact us.
Thank you

Specialist Children's Services

I would like to know if you are able to send a Conners form for ADHD so it cuts out the waiting time,my son has always displayed symptoms but was managed to a certain degree although when he was 7 teachers did say to fill one out then,he is now 15 and symptoms are way more severe.

Dear Saheda
Thank you for your query, I have asked a member of the Specialist team to contact you.

Kind regards
Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

I've not heard a thing since my son had his genetics blood test and we filled out the conners form. Get no where ringing them on hold for hours then cut off

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your contact, I am sorry that you have experienced issues trying to speak to our services. I understand a member from the team will be in contact with you today

Kind regards


Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

my daughter was last spoken too from her community paediatrician on the 29th june 2020 with a telephone call with myself about concerns for chloe, was told she would be seen in december 2020 with a follow up but no one called and also tried to make appointments for her, now she has left school and she is worried about transitioning to college that her nerves and anxiety have got high this time, i have asked for a appointment with the community paediatrician but yet again no one has got back to me about my daughter as a parent i am very worried that if any medication and help is stopped she will get worse with her conditions

Dear Paul

I am sorry that you have not heard back from the Greenwich community paediatric team and the concerns you have raised regarding your daughter. Someone will contact you tomorrow to discuss this with you further and offer you a priority appointment.

Many thanks

Victoria Soper
Service Manager Specialist Children's Services

I first took my son to my gp about concerns in september 2016, after having tac meetings, and my sons behaviour at nursery being the highlight of every meeting,and i asked the gp for my son to be referred for a full development check.after waiting for a long time he was seen by a pediatrician, and referred for asd and adhd assessment i believe. Since then his behavior at school has got better, however his behavior at home has declined. He is having trouble sleeping sometimes, he is awake up until 3am. He is 7 years old, and he looks very tired all the time. I have had no help with his sleep problems, and ive gone back to my gp many of times and all they have done is email the adhd team. I feel like my son is being let down, and also myself, as we are getting no support with his sleeping issues, and i have basically been told to wait for the adhd assessment. This issue has become such a problem for me, that my son is late for school every day , as he is tired, or is missing school due to tiredness.. and now i have a meeting with the attendance officer, and because of lack of support, i will probley get fined, which is giving me anxiety.

Dear Julie

We are sorry that you have not been able to access help with your son's sleeping.

We have tried to contact you today to see how we can help and will call you again later today.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

I am VERY disgusted at the service oh no lack of service provided! My son had an appointment 25th September 2018 with a paedatric nurse she put a referral in for an ASD assessment for my son we were told the waiting list is 12 months OK I thought here we are 13 months later no follow up appointments no ASD appointment! I rang today to be told it is a 2 year wait!! People that I know had their 1st appointment like us 2 weeks before us and already had their assessment OK that I can let slide but when a family member was seen 2 months after my son and again has had their assessment already I think is disgusting for us to be told we have to wait another year!!! By that time my son will be coming up to 16 and will not be seen as he will fall under the adult care services! Why someone 2 months after us has been assessed and we are HAVE TO WAIT another year??? We have only been fighting for an assessment since he was 18 months old so yeah not that long! School will not help him any more as there is no diagnosis in place so he has been set up to fail! We have only just started receiving help from camhs. Surely someone can see why I am disgusted?

Dear Julie

We are sorry to hear about you concerns.

A member of the team has been trying to contact you to discuss these further without success - please can you call our Single Point of Access team on 020 8836 8621 (Ext 2).

Kind regards

Dr Nicola Reynolds
Lead Integrated Neurodevelopmental Team

Hi my sons school referred me to the community paediatric medical team a while ago now, I have not received any letter with an appointment which is making me very anxious about the waiting times for this appointment, I’ve realised issues a long time ago now and wanted the teachers to re assure me which they did and sent off a referral. I’m worried about his education here because the longer he has to wait for a diagnosis the longer he can’t get the right support which is terribly upsetting to watch. I would like to find out what is going on with his referral as soon as possible. He needs this now and he and myself need support.

Dear Shaunna

I am sorry for the anxiety that this is causing you. In order for you to gain more detailed information regarding where your son is on the waiting list and gain a better understanding of when he is most likely to be seen (going on current wait time), our administration team will contact you and discuss this further.

In the meantime, should you have any further concerns, please contact our administration team on 020 8836 8621 (Option 2) or email:

Kind regards

Victoria Lambert
Service Manager, Specialist Children's Services

Yet again another phone appointment booked and completely overlooked!
daughter diagnosed in august last year 2017 - seen the nurse Christine once in Dec 2017 was told would get apt in April to see the doctor word yet, phoned several times for advice and help and to try and get apt book and have had telephone appointments booked to even discuss anything which never happen, even though I am glued to my phone awaiting the call.
I phoned again today to complain, and have been told that there has been no appointment booked as of yet, and that the request for the appointment to see the Doctor didn't even happen until Feb 2018. Not impressed with service so far and will be making contact with PALS :-(

Dear Emma

We are sorry that you have not received an appointment for your daughter.

The service manager will call you later today and will review why this delay has happened.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

my daughter was referred last year to see a pediatrician after 1 meeting she was discharged. Since then her behaviour has worsened and would like to get her seen again. I dont think it was fair that she was assessed in just that one meeting as her behaviour and attituded changes all the time. I have got video evidence of what she is like with her break downs and her anger. Shes started to get out of control. Other fanily members are really conserned due to autism in the family and that she is showing some traits of that.

Dear Hannah

Children can be re-referred back to our Community Paediatricians when needed.

The service manager will ring you today to find out more about your daughter's needs, to ensure she is seen by the most appropriate service.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Associate Director for Specialist Children Services

Is there anyway to access waiting times?

Have been trying to make contact regarding my son, and the paedriatrics service at his last appoint in January, the report said a follow appointment in 6 months (June) and have not yet heard anything. This was with Dr Ahmed, before that was Dr Kozen.

In the last few months, we have seen different speech people, and occupational therapist.

He is due to start reception school in a few weeks, and really need to get every possible plan in place to help with his learning development and suspected autism.

We are still waiting for the dr's to go to a committee to get him statmented or properly diagnosed. it seems like everyone else is being seen except us. it's been 3 years now.

Dear David

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand that Maria Tanner, who manages the service, has contacted you this morning and will call you later today, once she has spoken to the paediatrician about your son's appointment.

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C & Y P Services

Dear David

We are sorry that you have not been able to contact our Paediatric team.

I have spoken to our Lead Paediatrician and confirmed a date for your son to be seen and has called you to let you know.

You will receive a letter of confirmation - should you wish to change the appointment please call 0208 294 3130.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Service Manager for Specialist Children Services

I have been trying to get in contact regarding my son and waiting times. It would be good to know at how long we have to wait before getting an appointment. For my sons interest this needs to speed up. Lack of communication causes anxiety and stress.

Dear Lucy

I'm sorry that you have been unable to contact the Community Paediatric Service.

Alison has called you with the appointment date and one of our administrators will call you should an earlier appointment become available.

Kind regards

Maria Tanner
Service Manager for Specialist Children Services

Could you publish online the new pathways for continence help/how you can access the continence clinic? Now the Kidbrook service has stopped. thank you.

I've been waiting for someone to call me with an appointment for 2 weeks. I have chased the SPA team several times who have been emailing the paediatric team but I have not heard back!

Dear Nursev

Please accept our apologies for the delay, I understand the team has now been in contact with yourself and an appointment has been arranged.

Craig Hill
Business Support Officer
Highpoint House

I've been trying to get an appointment for my son online. but there is no choice, only by phone, and the phone line is still busy all day, it's 3 in the afternoon and still occupied.

We have spoken with Fabio, the service he is requesting is not provided by Oxleas and relates to another hospital.

We have provided him with information to assist him in obtaining the service from them.