GSH Central (formerly CASH) Greenwich

Greenwich Sexual Health Service, GSH Central, (formerly CASH) is the name for the contraception, sexual health and reproductive health service in Greenwich.
We offer walk-in clinics, providing advice and information on all methods of contraception, screening, tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy testing and advice.

Opening times

GSH Central walk-in services:

  • Monday: 13:00 - 19:00
  • Tuesday: 10:00 - 16:00 
  • Wednesday: 12:00 - 19:00
  • Thursday: 08:00 - 11:00 (women only) and 12:00 – 16:00
  • Friday: 10:00 - 15:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00 (men only).

Free condoms, lubricant and dental dams are available.

Referrals from a GP are required for community gynaecology services, psychosexual counselling and complex contraception.

We are closed on bank holidays.

Christmas / New Year closures

Market Street Health Centre
Monday 24th December - 10am-3pm, walk-in clinic
Tuesday 25th December - CLOSED
Wednesday 26th December - CLOSED
Thursday 27th December - 10am-4pm, walk-in clinic
Friday 28th December - 10am-3pm, walk-in clinic
Saturday 29th December - 10am-1pm, men's walk-in clinic
Monday 31st December - 10am-3pm, walk-in clinic
Tuesday 1st January - CLOSED
GSH Clinics
Monday 24th December - The Point - CLOSED
Tuesday 25th December - Plumstead HC - CLOSED
Wednesday 26th December - Ferryview HC - CLOSED
Thursday 27th December - The Point - CLOSED
Friday 28th December - Gallions Reach - 1pm-5pm, walk-in clinic
Monday 31st December - The Point - CLOSED
Tuesday 1st January - Plumstead HC - CLOSED
We are open as normal from Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

When we are closed, emergency contraception is available from:

  • Your nearest Chemist (under 21s)

Alternatively, you can go to A&E at Queen Elizabeth Hospital but you may have a long wait as you will need to see a doctor (all ages).

All emergencies once triaged will be seen.

Please note that clinics may have to stop accepting clients if demand is high. 

For complex contraceptive problems, such as a difficult coil fitting, you will need to be referred by your GP.

Please note that we are not responsible for incorrect information about clinics and opening times provided by third party websites.

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How to find us:

Many buses serve the Woolwich area, please see for details.

The closest train station is Woolwich Arsenal.


Market Street Health Centre
16-20 Market Street

SE18 6QR

Public phone number:

020 8301 8920


A Saturday clinic for men only is discrimatory - it’s sexist and there is no justification for it. Women are just as entitled to be able to access the service as men are, both should have an equal opportunity to access the service on Saturdays. This is 2018 for God sake, not the 1800’s.

Dear Laura

Thank you for your comment. GSH Central at Market Street offer an open access service irrespective of age, gender, where you live or which GP you are registered with. There are a number of general clinics during the week offering a range of services which are either walk-in or by appointment. Early morning clinics and evening clinics are also available to access.

In addition to the men-only clinic, there is also a designated women's clinic once a week, designated appointment slots for women who want to access long-acting contraception and direct access to a consultant in Sexual Health and Contraception. Anyone who comes to the clinic with an emergency sexual health need or young person would be seen regardless of the clinic that was running at the time.

I hope this reassures you that we are offering services to meet the needs of all our service users and not discriminating between users.

Kind regards

Lisa Thompson
Associate Director - Greenwich Community Services

I agree with previous comment regarding Saturday's, why is this only men? I simple need to have the contraceptive implant removed from my arm. My doctors will not perform minor surgery. I work full time so a Saturday would be ideal for me. It's not only men who work, I don't think this is very fair. Perhaps you could consider alternating Saturday's between women and men to cater for us all?

Dear Carly

We are sorry to hear that the times of the clinics are not convenient. We acknowledge that it can be difficult to have an appointment for implant removal if you are working full time.

We offer implant removal appointments at the following days and times:

Monday morning: 9.30am to 11.30am.

Thursday: 5pm to 7pm.

We also have a walk in clinic on Thursday morning 8am, which is for females only.

Hopefully one of these times will be convenient for you.

Please contact us on 020 8301 8920 if you like to make an appointment.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager


Firstly I would like to say that the lady that treated me were fantastic.
I visited the clinic on Monday to have the coil fitted for health reasons. Last time I used the service I only was there are few hours and since then it has now changed.

After trying to get a walk in appointment for 4weeks, I attended the clinic as it is half term. I arrived at about 1.45 and was number 57, waiting nearly two hours to see the nurse then to be told to come back at 6pm for an appointment. I actually didn’t see anyone until gone 6.30.

Then once done told to come back on dec 3rd for a check up or see GP. My GP told me that they won’t do the check up so I phoned market street to see if I could book an appointment they told me they don’t book appointments for check up. So I basically have to go through the whole walk in nightmare again to be seen for a 10 minutes.

I tried a sexual health clinic in Eltham that are open on a Saturday morning but they have now stopped fitting and checking coils. I feel that not offering a clinic on a Saturday morning that females can access if very unfair as lots of females work all week too.

Please could someone contact me with some help with my situation.

Dear Claire

We are pleased to hear that you were overall happy with the service you received, but sorry to hear that your waiting time has increased.

We are primarily a walk-in service and as such offer same day appointments, which however involves waiting time.

We have a limited number of appointments for IUCD insertions (not same day) but not for IUCD checks. There is due to be a change in process and IUCD check-ups will not be carried out in the future and self-checks will be advised. This is as a result of national guidance.

We will email you directly with a self-check leaflet and if you would like to have a discussion over the phone regarding a self-check we would be happy to undertake this, if you email your details by return when the leaflet is sent to you.

Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to post this.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

Good experience, clean and new centre and the staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. I think the opening times could be clearer though-although the Thursday morning session is 8-11am, based on my experience today if you arrive after 8:15 it will be full and you will not be seen. If you arrive at 8am you might have to wait till 10:30. So really, unless you are happy to hang around for hours, you need to arrive before the start of the session. I arrived at 7:30, was third in the queue and was seen at 8:30. I had originally planned to go after work on Wednesday evening after work but luckily called to check and was told I would be unlikely to get a space if I arrived at 5pm.

Dear Helen

Thank you for your positive feedback. We are happy to hear you had a good experience.

Our service is primarily a walk in service and the nature of such is to triage and prioritise emergencies and allocate spaces based on first come, first served.

I agree that if unfamiliar with that kind of service, the information on our website can be misleading.

We will therefore consider what information is required on the website to reflect the process which will make it a succinct process for new patients.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Kind regards

Lindsay McCarthy
Senior Lead Nurse

Attended 5th July, a little apprehensive. Reception staff smiling and helpful. Very busy but numbers quickly went down and had to wait just 25 minutes for triage and then about 40 to see doctor. Very friendly but professional, supportive and gave all the time needed; explained everything and I left reassured and delighted with the service. I would definitely recommend this unit and if you have any concerns at all, don't wait and don't be worried, it is an excellent facility.

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your fantastic feedback. It's fitting that you visited our service on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS.

I will pass this on to the reception staff, triage nurse and the doctor who you saw. Hopefully your words will be of encouragement and reassurance to anyone else thinking of seeking help from our service.

Thank you again,

Gerry Baker
Manager - CASH and Community Gynaecology

I've been to the clinic a few times and generally it was good, but the last 2 times I've come in 2018, the clinic has been in shambles. My most recent visit today, I had an initial assessment for contraception at 12:45pm. at 1:10pm I was called over by the receptionist and told my slot was at 2:20pm so I could go out and come back. I went out and came back promptly at 2pm. By 2:45pm I had still not been seen, so I went up to reception. After taking my name, the receptionist proceeded to angrily ask "where have you been?!" And pretty much tell me off because she and the nurse had called my name multiple times at 1:45pm. I explained if the receptionist had actually told me the correct time for my slot I would have been here, and was only away because I was told I could leave as my slot wasn't for another hour. All in all, poor service, clumsy mistakes, and staff angry at me for their mistakes. I will be going anywhere else I possibly can that isn't Market Street clinic

Dear Sarah

I am sorry your experience was not up to our usual standard and I will work with the service to understand what happened on this occasion and how we can improve.

We value all feedback so appreciate you have taken the time to let us know.

I hope you will continue to use our services at Market Street.

Kind regards

Lisa Thompson
Associate Director, Greenwich Community Services

I was really impressed with the service this clinic offers. Really friendly reception staff who treat you with discretion and sensitivity. You can see how busy they are but they still fitted me in to have what i needed done. The nurse and doctor were really friendly and reassuring and put me at ease. The doctor explained everything clearly and was as gentle as she could be when doing the procedure. I apologise to the receptionist if i was a bit grumpy when i first got there and was told i may not be able to have done what i needed as they were full to capacity.....was mildly panicking! But thankfully i was seen. Was a bit of a wait but with walk in clinics with only a few hours left you expect to wait. Thank you once again!

Dear Anna

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your positive experience of using our service. We are very happy to hear how everyone from reception to clinical staff were friendly and caring.

We recognise that the procedures we offer can be quite daunting, and aim to ensure our patients are put at ease, and understand what will happen during the procedure.

Best wishes

Gerry Baker
Manager - CASH and Community Gynaecology

Wanted to say how excellent my treatment from Tracey was today. She made me feel completely comfortable despite all my nerves coming in. It was the best interaction with a healthcare professional I've had.

I usually struggle to make appointments because of anxiety, but felt so much better on leaving the clinic.

Phenomenal 'bedside manner'.

Thank you Tracey,

Dear Alan

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with feedback. We're really pleased that you had such a positive experience. We will pass on your comments to Tracey and the team.

Best wishes

Iain Dimond

i attended two weeks ago and while the service i got while there was great, its the after service which i have problems with, having to wait two weeks for results when most other clinics have the results the same day or within 72 hours, and when you do call the clinic results line it just hangs-up

Dear David

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are very sorry the delay.

Someone from the team will look into the reasons for this and contact you as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

Dear David,

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the late response to your comment on our website. I have only just come into post as Manager of CASH.

I'm sorry that you found it difficult to get through on our results line. I will be exploring how we are better able to manage answering this line going forward.

Also, I thought it would be helpful to give you some context to the amount of tests and subsequent results we deal with in the CASH service; on average we undertake approximately 3000 tests each month. As a consequence we are only able to contact patients with a positive result, and do ensure that we communicate to each patient at the time of taking their sample that if they haven't heard anything within 14 working days, their result is negative.

However, we realise that this is a considerable amount of time to wait, and patients may be anxious to know their results (positive or negative) sooner rather than later. We are in the process of exploring a new automated system to help us deliver results to our patients confidentially and in a timely manner.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Best wishes,

Gerry Baker
Manager - CASH and Community Gynaecology

First time in my life attended a sexual health clinic. I was really nervous and anxious that the staffs will be judgemental. It turns out, the receptionist was nice and polite. The nurse who looked after me (Fiona) was absolutely fantastic! She made me feel at ease and treated me with dignity. This experience has changed my perspective about Oxleas.

Dear Lily

Many thanks for your positive feedback. We are pleased that you had a good experience when you visited Market Street. I will pass on your comments to the relevant staff members

Many thanks

Lynda Gribbon
GSH Central

I attended the clinic yesterday and even though I spent over 2.5 hours waiting overall the staff are doing a great job trying to see to everyone & this is a great service. What sat uncomfortably with me though was I witnessed at least two women coming into the clinic (looked like they had rushed from work) to be told that the clinic had reached capacity. This is understandable given the number of people attending the clinic but when the opening hours of future clinics were explained you could see the concern on their face. Both asked are you open on Saturdays? And the response was (very politely) yes but for men only I am afraid. I understand having men only and women only clinics may encourage attendance given the nature of the service but when the majority of the population work 9-5 Mon-Fri why are you only giving men the chance to attend on a Saturday? When the women only slot is during the day on a Thursday?

Dear Sarah

Thank you for contacting us and providing feedback around access to this service.

We have asked Dan Smith, the manager of the service, to contact you to discuss further.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

I've noticed a few comments re coil fitting (or lack of). I am 60 years old and have a merena coil fitted which my new doctor has advised me to have removed. She referred me to your clinic as my surgery does not offer this service. Could you confirm whether or not this service is offered at your clinic as I would like to book an appointment?



Dear Anne

Thank you for your enquiry regarding coil removal. We do not hold appointment clinics for this but it can be done in our walk-in clinic at Market Street; the hours are listed on the website.

If you require any further information please contact one of our admin team on 020 8301 8920 option 4.

Kind regards

Lynda Gribbon
Office/Administration Manager

Thank you all for your speedy and professional service. I rang up on the phone first and spoke to a really friendly lady who answered all my questions. Was seen promptly this morning. Dr Bacon and Nurse Tina were great, I got exactly what I needed/wanted without fuss and Tina was very friendly and caring.

Three months later and I've just walked in for the fourth time to find there is no coil fitting. My doctor keeps referring me to you. What do you suggest I do?

Thank you for your feedback, we will ask the service to contact you directly via email to discuss further.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

Was seen yesterday evening by dr Jane, what a great doctor so caring non judgmental, friendly, she also took the time to listen,
Thank you so much :)

Dear Toni

Thank you so much for this very kind comment. It is always fantastic to get some positive feedback to help you know that you are doing a good job.

kind regards

Dr Jane Dickson
Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

The clinic based in eltham, known as 'The Eye', does it share the same opening times as published here?

Hi Nathan

Oxleas do not offer a walk-in service from The Eye. The contact number for The Eye is 0208 859 6644.


Tony Kinson
Communications Team

Very disappointed to be told by one of your phone team to "come in on Thursday morning when it's quieter" to have my coil refitted only to find out on your webpage that this service is not available on this day. I've arranged an unpaid day's leave to visit tomorrow, but thanks to the wrong information from your staff, I won't be able to get this done and am missing out on a day's pay.

Dear SH

I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment in relation to our service. We always strive to provide the best possible care and I apologise if you have been provided with incorrect information about our service. We will learn from your feedback and ensure consistent messages and information are provided in future. We are pleased to say that in the New Year we will be offering appointments for contraception which we hope will improve accessibility to our service.

Daniel Smith - Interim Manager
CASH Service

I was seen by a lovely nurse Tracey, she was kind, funny and very helpful when I visited. The good thing about the visit is that I was very nervous and she put me at ease and was not judgemental which I think is fantastic when you come into a sexual health clinic,

Dear Marie

Thank you for your time in providing us with this feedback.

It is very nice to hear you have had such a positive experience of our service, and I am glad we have been able to support you and put you at ease.

Should you require any further support from us in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your kind comments will be fed back to the team and to Tracy.

Yours sincerely

Dan Smith
Interim Manager - CASH

Very disappointed with the service. I rang the first time and spoke with the nurse and was informed that I would get a call back as I really needed an appointment since giving birth two months ago. I never got a call back. I had to call back twice and was informed that any nurse would call me back. No one ever did. I rang back a third and fourth time and no answer. Very bad customer service. I am now looking for another clinic.

Dear Eunice,

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment in our service. I can confirm that we have made two attempts to contact following your initial call but unfortunately these were unsuccessful. I understand that one of our Nurses has since made contact with you.

I hope this contact has met your needs and answered your questions. Should you require any further advice or support please do not hesitate to contact us and thank you for your feedback.

Yours Sincerely,
Daniel Smith
Interim Manager

Hello, I will like to thank you for your swift response to my request, I was told to come in at 11am today17th Aug, but unfortunately after trying to get the time of work, I forgot I had a pre arranged meeting today, hopefully I can get another slot between 4pm and 6pm Thursday 18th August,when your clinic is open till 7pm.thanks.

Dear Ade

Thank you for your comment. I have confirmed that our Nurse has made contact with you and suitable arrangements have been made. Thank you again for your comment and I am glad we have been able to meet your needs.

Dan Smith
Interim Manager - CASH

Hello, I tried visiting your clinic 3 times in the past 3 months but always been turned back both on Saturdays and during the week, as I work during the week it's quite difficult to be coming everyday as you are mostly closed by the time I get there,I've always been coming to the clinic for test and I am really anxious about getting it done as soon possible, pls I hope this can be looked into, thank you very much.

Dear Ade

I am very sorry you have had difficulties getting the help you need from our sexual health service. Our Saturday clinics are a relatively new offering and have proved incredibly popular.

Because of the nature of the walk-in service it does mean we have to limit attendance to ensure clinics finish on time and our Saturday clinic is advertised as limiting the numbers to the first 16 patients and emergencies.

I appreciate this can be frustrating if you arrive at a time when the attendance limit has been reached. I have asked one of our nurses to get in touch with you in relation to the test you require and to support you accessing this as soon as possible.

You may also find it useful to review the following website, which provides a range of information in relation to testing and treatment; some of which can be carried out at home.

Many thanks for your comment.

Kind regards

Lisa Thompson
Head of Service - Specialist Teams (Adult Community Services)

Turned away 3 times in a month: I am REALLY disappointed with their recent customer service.

I have come here for years as a student and have been given great advice and support from this service. However now I can only make the weekend clinic so attend on saturdays. In the past month I have been turned away three times. Opening times are 10-12 and the first time i was turned away it was 11:15, the second was 10:30 and the last time was 10:06.

I think, if this service is NOT in fact available from 10 they should be transparent about it. Considering people work during the week, Saturday surgeries are so crucial for the service. I am fortunate that the service I seek is not urgent but I fear for young girls, in difficult situations who need help on a Saturday morning. How many urgent cases have you turned away?

I understand under-funding and so on, but this is an URGENT issue as this is the only service available on a Saturday morning in the Greenwich area, the eltham service is 6 miles further. The council and relevant sponsors need to help reallocate funds and or staff to address this issue as a case of urgency.

I hope my words can assist any vulnerable person seeking help on a saturday morning

A concerned member of the public.

I am very sorry you have had difficulties getting the help you need from our sexual health service. Our Saturday clinics are a relatively new offering and have proved incredibly popular. Because of the nature of the walk-in service it does mean we have to limit attendance to ensure the clinic finishes on time. The clinic is advertised as the first 16 patients will be seen plus any medical emergencies. But even with us trying to do this they regularly overrun. This can mean longer than ideal waits for patients and staff working beyond their planned hours.

Your general point about access to sexual health services for people who work is well made, and we are looking at increasing the choice of clinic times to accommodate those unable to come during the day. The commissioner of this service, the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is committed to improving the sexual health provision within the borough and we are working closely together to ensure an accessible and high quality service is available.

In terms of your specific need, I will contact you directly to arrange for one of our nurses to speak to you.

Thank you for your feedback.

Keith Soper
Service Director

I visited market street clinic yesterday (4th July) can I just say the first nurse I had to visit was rude, judgmental and not what you expect from a sexual health clinic .
Not only was she rude she didn't fully read my form, therefore I had to go back today (5th) in order to complete my visit
I feel Oxleas need to really make sure all staff have consideration for people who visit these clinics

Dear Bea

I am very sorry that you were not pleased with your visit to the sexual health clinic yesterday. I would really like to discuss your care with you so that we can ensure all patients visiting us have the best possible experience when coming to discuss their sexual health.

I will contact you directly via email to discuss this in more detail, so that I can follow up on the issues raised.

Many thanks,

Fiona Dickson

The service was absolutely brilliant, was really busy but the guy on reception kept me updated on everything, he was really kind and helpful as well as the nurse that treated me.

Dear Lena

Thank you so much for your positive feedback regarding our lovely CASH receptionist and nurse. It is much appreciated.

Best wishes

Fiona Dickson
Head of Service (CASH)

I was at the clinic and i was attended to by a nurse called Kate. She was very lovely and knew her onions. She was also very easy to talk to.

The staff at the clinic came across as very professional, from the receptionist to the specialist nurses or doctors.

Dear Vanny

Thank you very much for your comment regarding nurse Kate working within the clinic and regarding the comment about us all being a professional team. It is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Fiona Dickson
Head of Service (CASH)

I went to the clinic for test, I had to wait little bit, but I really liked the service, nurses and reception work! Thank you.

Thank you for your lovely comment Ausra - the service works very hard to try and make the waiting times as short as possible.

We are so pleased you liked the service, both reception and the nurses.

Best wishes

Fiona Dickson
Head of Service

Thank you for the kind, professional and efficient service at market street the other day. The centre was really busy so there was a wait (with a walk-in service what can you do?!) but I couldn't fault anything else about your service.


Thank you very much for your positive feedback. It is always good to know that we are doing a good job.

We are a busy walk in service offering all forms of contraception and sexual health screening and treatment and the aim is to see all patients as soon as possible ensuring that they receive the care needed on the day.

Many thanks

Head of CASH service

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service I got on my first visit to your clinic on Friday 5th June. I had been the previous week to have a routine cervical smear at my doctors but the nurse couldn't actually perform the test properly and she referred me to your clinic. I saw a lovely nurse called Diana who was so pleasant and reassured me that everything would be fine this time. She performed the procedure in a professional and kind manner and I felt very little discomfort, unlike my previous experience at my doctors. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Diana and the team and will definitely be returning to you for my next smear test!

Dear Jacquie

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback. This compliment is so timely as week beginning 15 June 2015 is National Cervical Screening Awareness Week.

We would love to encourage any woman who finds it difficult to have her cervical cytology (smear) test undertaken to come to one of our walk in clinics - no appointment necessary.

Please email if you have any queries.

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