Crisis Resolution Service Greenwich

This provides services for people living in the borough experiencing an acute mental health crisis. This service includes:

A&E assessment team - 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday. Tel: 0203 953 6415.

Day treatment team - 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Tel: 0203 953 6400.

Home treatment team - 8am to 10pm daily. Tel: 0203 953 6410.

Trustwide out of hours crisis assessment and home treatment service - 10pm to 8am. Tel: 0203 953 6420

Oxleas Patient Experience survey

The Oxleas Patient Experience survey gives you the opportunity to feedback on the care and treatment you have received. We also encourage your friends, family and carers to also provide feedback. Hearing your views gives us a better understanding of the needs of our patients, families and carers which helps us to make sure that we are providing a good standard of care. 

The short survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you can provide a written comment explaining what you think is working well and what is not. The Patient Experience team will collect the results of the surveys and these are shared with the relevant departments and management teams. This helps us to shape our services to continually improve the quality of the care and treatment we provide.


  • Mental health services: Working age adults
  • Support groups

Services provided

  • Drop-in
Oxleas House Entrance


Oxleas House
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Stadium Road

SE18 4QH

Public phone number:

0203 953 6340 / 0203 953 6341

Fax number:

Day treatment team: 0203 953 6403

Home treatment team: 0203 953 6416


I have been calling the crisis line and htt for over hour and no one is picking up. I need foi as I feel I numbet is blocked

Dear Leanne

Thank you for your comment and I am sorry to read the difficulty you have experienced contacting the services. We have not reported faults on the lines you have mentioned.

Please ring 0203 953 6410 for the HTT and 0800 330 8590 for the Crisis Line.


Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director Greenwich Mental Health Services

I am going through A very depressive period right now as life has become a pain. I am going through some really rough patch and I hope I can find some advice here please.
I live in the Greenwich borough and need a professional to speak to.

Dear Roland

Really sorry to hear that things are tough for you at the moment. In the first instance you can consider trying one of these:

Mental Health Crisis Line: 0800 330 8590 (24 hour service)

The crisis line is a 24hr telephone service for residents of Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. The crisis line provides an opportunity to talk to a mental health professional about your mental health crisis. The service also provides advice and information for carers, family and friends who may know someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

When the crisis line is busy, we ask you to leave a voicemail with your name and contact number so we can call you back.

Please contact your General Practitioner (GP) who may be able to help you with your physical or mental health problems. If necessary, your GP will refer you to community health or mental health services.

You can also contact NHS 111 if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In an emergency you should contact emergency services by calling 999 or go to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of your local hospital.

Wishing you well

Peter Ley
Service Manager
Greenwich Working Age and Older Age Mental Health

Trying to get help for my son laughable he is really ill his mental health worker says go for blood test he needs to be in hospital nobody cares until its to late

Dear Theresa

Thank you very much for your comment. We are sorry to hear that you have been having trouble accessing the most appropriate help for your son.

The East Locality ICMP team manager, Joan Omosola-Ladenegan, will be in touch with you to discuss the best way forward to support you.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

The whole system needs changing to a self referral and g.p system . Instead of pcp system referral ( The pcp work 9-5 and are horrendous to contact ) . The crisis team is open 24/7 however i am getting mixed messages 1 member of your team says their is always a nd e to present to where i will be assessed . While your second colleague says " you will just have to wait for a referral nothing more you can do than just wait " . So i cannot self present to a nd e ? very confused and not straight forward to operate .

Dear Andrew

Thank you for your message regarding the Home Treatment Team in Greenwich.

The team manager Noorani Bocus will contact you today to clarify the referrals route to the service.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

My son has been referred to your service, but is getting no response. As a family we are at a loss of how to deal with him. His condition is rapidly declining. Just want my son assessed and to find out how we as a family can help him. I called your response team and was just rebuffed.
Please help.

Dear Mrs M

Thank you for contacting us regarding your son’s experience of using our service.

We are sorry to hear that the experience has not been a positive one. We value our patients and families' feedback as it helps us improve our services.

Jackie Waghorn, Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment team Manager (020 8836 6678 /, will contact you to discuss ways in which we can help.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

I am not sure if this is the right department to comment on however i had to take a family member to a&e, who was/is visibily in the middle of psychosis and still is, to get turned away not once but THREE times. Staff from the on call team at queen elizabeth were terrible. Were laughing at the patient...didnt listen to us over the situation, very patronizing andeven argued with eachother and walked out leaving us none the wiser. Will be taking it alot further once we find out more. Disgusted at the lack of support and unwillingness to help. At this very moment we are, yet again, taking them up there as they need help asap.

Dear Michele

Thank you for your comments.

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We are constantly striving to improve our services and feedback from patients and family members is invaluable to us.

Noorani Bocus, Home Treatment Team manager (020 8836 6694), will give you a call shortly to discuss the best ways in which we can help.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director - Community Mental Health Services

I apologised straightaway to the woman I spoke to in case I had the wrong number.
No advice given, absolutely rubbish! I need advice for my daughter who won't admit she has a bigger problem.
She is pregnant, has a 2 year old child.
I'm willing to help but no one wants to help!

Dear Daphne

We were concerned to read of your experience when contacting our services. We would expect that any concerned people contacting our crisis services are listened to fully and either linked in with mental health services or sign posted to other relevant services outside of mental health if appropriate.

I want to apologise that the response you received was not in line with the Trust standards. We have advised our Crisis Services of your comments so that all staff are reminded of the standards expected. We want to ensure that you and your daughter have the support you require, therefore if you wish to discuss this further or continue to need assistance from mental health services, you can contact me on Tel: 0208 836 8517 or contact the Primary Care Plus mental health service through your GP.

Yours sincerely
Adrian Dorney
Associate Director

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