Podiatry Service Greenwich

The Podiatry service accepts written referrals directly from patients/ carers/ advocates (self-referral), GPs and other health care professionals.

All patients will be offered an initial new patient assessment appointment. If a patient has been reviewed, assessed as low risk and discharged, a following referral for the same condition will not be accepted if it’s within 12 months.

All referrals are triaged every day by a podiatrist based on what information has been provided on the referral form (download below).

To refer, please email your form to: oxl-tr.Podiatry@nhs.net

If you need to speak to someone, please call our Central Access Team (CAT) on 020 8320 3550.

Please do not call clinics directly - they will refer you back to the CAT number.

Referral criteria

We will only accept a referral if it meets our criteria:

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Patients registered with a Greenwich GP including those living within Nursing Care Homes/ residential care homes
  • Aged 18 years and above.

We do not take referrals for:

  • Personal Footcare defined as toe nail cutting
  • Skin care including tasks healthy adults would normally carry out as part of their everyday personal hygiene
  • Annual diabetic foot checks for those who do not meet the eligibility criteria - please ask your GP.

Foot Health Education Sessions

Join us at our education sessions run by our podiatry team, to find out top tips for keeping your feet healthy and problem-free.

The two-hour sessions are for new and existing patients.



  • Community health services (adults)

Services provided

  • Podiatry

Related Information

Public phone number:

Call our Central Access Team on 020 8320 3550, Monday to Friday (8.30 - 4.30)

Email address:



Received an excellent service. The staff were friendly, very caring and efficient. My appointments were punctual. Very please with the service.

Dear Dennis

Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. The team is always pleased to get positive feedback and your comment will be passed onto the team and they will be pleased to receive this response.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I will like to truly thank all the staff at Oxleas NHS Greenwich Community Services most especially the Podiatric Surgery Service in SE18 2AE. For a while now, I have been very skeptical about the direction of the NHS however, the rate of speed at which I was seen to from Consultation to surgery within 6 week wow, what a result. I want to specially thank the Dermatologist Surgeon Ms Caryn Motimer for keeping me calm during the minor surgery procedure, she talked me through the process making feel at home. Thank you Caryn God bless you.

Dear Ayobambo

Many thanks for you kind words, we really appreciate that you have taken time to feedback to us regarding your experience. We will pass your comments to the Caryn, who will appreciate this feedback.

We are pleased you had a good experience and wish you well for the future.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

For many years I had a tailor's bunion on the side of my foot. It caused little inconvenience until a corn developed on top of it. My chiropodist removed this but could not get the wound to heal. My GP referred me to the Podiatry Service at Manorbrook Medical Centre. Here, I was seen on 31 Oct, by Emma Pearce who cleaned the wound, treated me for infection and referred me to the orthopaedic surgeon at QEH. I was seen by the latter on 18 Dec, put on the trauma list and my foot was operated on and the bunion removed on 24 Dec. The stitches have now been removed and Emma well satisfied with the result. Naturally, I am very well satisfied with my whole treatment by the Podiatry Service. I cannot praise Emma enough for her speed and efficiency in getting my infected foot treated. It is now better than it has been for years.

Dear Margaret

Thank you for taking the time to leave your lovely comments on the trust website regarding your experience with Podiatry at Manor Brook Medical Centre.

I am very pleased that Emma was able to facilitate an efficient, positive and rapid resolution to your problematic tailor's bunion.

I will be sure to pass on your comments to Emma and the podiatry team as a whole.

Kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession Podiatry.

My partner, who is a diabetic, injured his foot at the beginning of December. After a few days we were referred to Manor Brook Podiatry clinic and received excellent treatment and advice from Emma Pearce. His foot has now healed and we are grateful for their advice and follow up. This is an excellent service.

Dear Marion

Many thanks for your positive feedback about your recent encounter with the community podiatry team at Manor Brook Medical Centre.

I am delighted that Emma provided excellent care to your partner and that his diabetic foot injury has healed without complication.

Emma has been a valued member of our team for many years and is very experienced and highly skilled. The podiatry service as a whole always strive for excellence so I will be sure to pass on your lovely comments to them.

With kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession Podiatry.

I am a key worker who assisted a young asylum seeker to Fairfield Centre in Charlton. He was very well looked after by Caryn Mortimer and was told the procedure step by step.

The young person also had an interpreter, however Caryn made the young person feel at ease and communicated very well..

Even though the young person was nervous Caryn reassured him and the operation went very well.

Thank you

Dear Gurpreet

Many thanks for your positive feedback about your recent encounter with Caryn and the nail surgery team.

I am delighted that Caryn provided excellent care to the patient and was able to put him at ease by explaining the procedure step by step.

She has excellent rapport with patients and is skilled at allaying anxiety and nerves.

Thank you once again for taking the time to pass on your positive comments. I will ensure to feed this back to Caryn.

With kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Head of Profession Podiatry

I am very nervous with any sort of medical appointments and usually faint or vomit when I have any type of injection or experience any such medical treatment. Caryn was exceptionally charming and caring. She made me feel at ease when I had my first appointment for my ingrown toe nail removal. She did not rush the procedure and made me feel real calm. On visiting again to have the dressing changed Caryn was really kind and lovely again. She made the whole experience pleasant.

My one negative in this experience is that my appointment was cancelled due to a podiatrist being ill. I was told I would be given a new appointment the following week. I called and emailed several times and had no communication until three days before my appointment when I received a reminder for my new appointment via text. Fortunately I was off work and able to attend, however, had I not been I would not have been able to do so. Lack of communication for over a month I feel is not acceptable.

I do not want this to taint the excellent experience I had once in Caryn's care - however, this does need to be addressed for future appointments for others.

Dear Vicky

Many thanks for taking the time to feed back on your recent positive experience with Caryn. We are all delighted to hear your concerns were allayed and you felt properly cared for.

We will relate your comments to Caryn and the team.

We am sorry you have had communication difficulties with the service. Clearly this is not acceptable and not the level of service we aim to provide. We apologise we have fallen below the level we all expect on this occasion.

We will look into how and why this has happened and will ensure this can and will not occur again.

Thank you for drawing this to our attention.

Kind regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I have just had Caryn Mortimer at Fairfield Centre perform nail surgery on my foot. My experience could not have been better. The waiting time was minimal, Caryn explained very plainly what I was to expect and how to look after myself. What I thought would be traumatic turned into an experience that was not too bad at all. thank you

Dear Doreen

Many thanks for you kind words, we really appreciate that you have taken time to feedback to us regarding your experience.

We will pass your comments to the Caryn and her team, who will be really pleased to be given this feedback.

We are pleased you had a good experience and wish you well for the future.

Best regards

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I had Nail Surgery with Caryn Mortimer
From Oxleas nhs
She was very friendly and professional the surgery went well and after care was the best
I would recommend her all the time
And a big thank you

Dear Tammy

Thank you for your comment; we appreciate feedback from our patients and we thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We are glad you had a good experience.

Best wishes

Angie Miller
Service Manager for Adult Community Services (Greenwich)

I have just had an excellent experience with the Podiatric Surgery Centre at the Garland Road Health Centre and the Fairfield Centre.
Christian Vaughan-Spruce saw me promptly and after a thorough discussion advised surgery on my ingrowing toenails.
His concerns about my blood pressure led me to see my GP and get that under control so he could operate safely.
He gave me an extremely detailed information sheet which answered pretty much all the questions I might have had and especially what to do before and after the operation.
The operation itself was performed swiftly and precisely, but following all the hygiene protocols.
In the 3 days since the operation I have been entirely - unexpectedly - pain free and am already all but completely mobile again.
The follow-up this morning with Caryn Mortimer was equally unfussy and pleasant - under the circumstances.
It remains to be seen how successful the operation has been, but the process has been painless so far - and with their better than national average success rate, I am optimistic.
Thank you Christian and Caryn.

I was referred by my GP for nail surgery on my ingrowing toenail which i had been suffering with for quite sometime. My first appointment was on Weds 4th April at the Fairfield Centre with a lovely lady called Caryn who not only explained everything to me but got me booked in for the surgery on Fri 6th April at the Garland Centre with Christian who performed the surgery for me. All I can say is how lovely they both were I must say they are worth their weight in gold. I can not believe I had suffered with this for so long and now after only not even a week after the surgery my toe feels so much better. I can not thank them both enough and would just like to say if anyone is suffering with ingrowing toenails get yourselves to see Caryn and Christian they really are the best. Thanks to them I'm now pain free.

Dear Janet

Thank you for taking the time to send such a lovely compliment in relation to the nail surgery you had.

We are delighted you are no longer suffering and are pain free as a result of the service.

I will pass your comments onto Caryn and Christian I know who will value your feedback.

Best wishes

Lisa Thompson
Associate Director

I was suffering ingrown toenail for more than a year. Had an appointment and surgery done by Caryn and her Nail Surgery Team in Fairfield centre. She was very professional and Caryn did a splendid job. Now I can walk with ease.
I might consider doing the surgery for my other toe just to prevent having the same issue. If I would do that - I hope Caryn would be the person who would do the surgery due to her great skills.

Dear Krists

Many thanks for your website comments regarding your recent nail surgery treatment under the care of Caryn and team.

We are delighted to hear all went well and you found this such a positive experience. I have passed on your comments onto the whole team who are equally happy for you.

Many thanks once again for taking the time to relate your gratitude and I have no doubt will reassure many others with the same original toenail problems to seek advice and treatment for the service.

With kind regards

Andrew Macfarlane
Consultant Podiatrist

I cannot speak highly enough of the care I have received from Manor brook medical. Centre, podiatry team in particular Emma. The care and professionalism was outstanding. She recognised a problem in my foot and quickly referred me on to St Thomas hospital. I attribute her actions to the fact I still have my toes today. Thank you so much.

Dear Geraldine

Thank you for letting us know about your positive experiences with our podiatry service.

The team work hard to provide a high standard of care and Emma will be delighted with your compliment. We are pleased all has progressed well with your care.

Best wishes
Lisa Thompson
Associate Director - Greenwich Community Services

I would highly recommend the Nail Surgery team. Both Caryn, who carried out the assessment and follow-up, and Christian who carried out the actual surgery were kind, friendly and totally professional in their approach. Christian made sure at every stage that I was comfortable and was very clear in his explanations. Caryn gave me very full instructions about how to care for my foot after the surgery. I'm now pain-free for the first time in 3 months.
I also very much enjoyed chatting with the delightful student who was present during the surgery, and wish her every success.

Dear Veronika

Thank you for your feedback, it's great that you had such a positive experience.

We will make sure that your comments are passed on to the team.

Best wishes

Iain Dimond

I attended my follow up appt after having my bunions corrected on my Rt and Left foot. Mr Andrew Mac Farlane and Ryan Ballerino corrected my feet surgically. I have such praise they were both very professional, knowledgeable, supportive. The surgery was a great success and I have not required any pain killers. I have resumed all the activities I used to do like walking dancing with no pain or or swelling. My life has been given back to me Than you
I would recommend them to anyone who requires treatment of their bunions

I sent my referral over a month ago and haven't received anything? It has taken 7 months to receive this referral since I was told by my GP back home that I would need an operation. I am in excruciating pain. Not very impressed :(

Dear Aimee

Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry you have had a long wait to be seen for your foot problem. It seems that we did not have an active referral for you.

I am pleased we have been able to make contact with you to get this resolved, and that we should be able to see you very soon. Now that you have my details please do get in touch with me directly if you have any further problems.

Best wishes

Keith Soper

Service Director
Adult Community

Have had an excellent service from podiatry. Not only did they recognise the problem with my foot immediately - they got me further help very quickly involving a stay in hospital. When I was discharged, the person I rang to arrange an appointment could not have kinder and more efficient in finding someone to see me quickly? This involved talking to a podiatrist and phoning me back as promised. Since then I have had continuing good treatment from the Community Podiatry Team at Vanbrugh Health Centre.

Thank you very much.

Thank you Karen for taking the time to share your lovely comments about the podiatry team.

Our podiatry clinicians and their administrative support within the Central Access Team are caring and committed to do all they can to support the health and wellbeing of their patients.

It is great to be able to share your feedback with them, I know they will be delighted and will continue to ensure a positive experience for all their service users.

Thank you once again for taking the time to leave your message.

Kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

A Podiatrist arrived to visit my disabled mother having sent no letter or email confirming an appointment. Lots of elderly people like my mother has hospital appointments to attend to and are not always home. My mother had a stroke and has several medical issues and has several hospital or doctors appointment, so the podiatrist arrived when my mother was at one of her appointments was unfortunate. I her daughter, am trying to reschedule another appointment, which I am finding is impossible. You are kept on hold for well over 10 minutes. I have been trying to call for the past two weeks, I've tried calling in the morning and at around 4:30pm and the same situation, you are kept on hold and you can never get through!! I just really can't understand it. I have never experienced this anywhere. I have today sent an e-mail as I really don't know what to do. I may have to go to A&E as I am getting worried for my diabetic mother and her feet.

Dear Jacqueline

I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with regards to the podiatry access team.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today about your mother's care. As discussed I will ensure that your mother is seen at home next week by one of the podiatry team. Please do not hesitate to contact me on the number provided if you have any further concerns.

I have contacted Liz Penn, Service Manager for Long Term Conditions, who manages the Central Access Team, who take all the calls for podiatry and other teams. They moved premises on Tuesday this week, to a designated call centre with a greater number of telephone lines to be available to callers. Calls will be monitored to ensure that the team answer calls as promptly as a line becomes free. She apologises that you had such difficulty getting through to the team, and would be happy to discuss this further with you. Her contact number is 020 8329 7154.

Your comments are valued and I have shared these with the team.

Kind regards

Catherine Edmeades
Principal Podiatrist - Diabetes & Wound Care
Head of Profession – Podiatry

Held on for over 25 minutes to get through to book an appointment for my mother for end of March.
Told they cannot book an appointment because they do not have clinic schedules beyond next week. And they are running 4 or 5 weeks behind schedule.
Told I must call back next week but if they are so far behind and they only have schedules for 10 days, it seems I will have to call every week until I get lucky.
It is no wonder they have in excess of 100 calls a day, and that the time to wait to speak to somebody is so long.
An organised operation knows exactly when staff are booked on holiday, training, etc. and it should not be beyond the capability of the NHS to organise appointments for a minimum of a month forward.

Dear Robert

I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with regards to the podiatry access team. The team is currently in the process of change to improve the experience of the service users. Your comments are valued and I have shared these with the team and actions taken to prevent re-occurrence in the future.

If you would like to discuss this issue further, please email me at karen.rodwell@oxleas.nhs.uk with your telephone details and I will contact you on receipt of your email, or alternatively you can call me on my direct dial 020 8319 7111.

Kind regards

Karen Rodwell
Head of Integrated Community Teams

It seems almost impossible to speak to a human being. I have so far spent 18 minutes holding on trying to speak to someone and all I get is messages. I know that the NHS is in trouble and being told there are over a hundred calls of referral every day is no help or reassurance. You need to get your act together as you are providing no service at all currently. When I did get through I was told by the operator "that I am the only person here today" is not at all impressive.
When I phoned yesterday afternoon and tried to leave a message, there was no option to do so; I just kept being cut off by your system. Your letter states a message can be left outside of the hours 09.15 to 12.30 PM but that facility is not available or not working. Terrible impression being created.

Dear Derek

Thank you for bring to my attention the experience you had when contacting the Central Access Team on Friday. I am very sorry that you had a long wait and that once through to the team the person taking your call was not as helpful as I would expect.

I have tried to contact you by telephone this morning and have left a message for you. When it is convenient please contact me and we can discuss your experience in more detail.

In the meantime I have spoken to Julian Philips who manages the team of administrators who answer telephone calls to the Central Access Team, and asked him to inform all staff what is expected of them when taking calls. He has asked me to extend his apologies to you also.

The current telephone system does not include leaving answer messages, so I apologise for any mis-information within the letter you have referred to. It would be helpful to discuss this further when we are able to talk.

I look forward to speaking to you when it is convenient to you.

With kind regards

Liz Penn
Service Manager for Long Term Conditions

Tel: 020 8319 7154

Thank you Derek for taking the time to speak to me.

I am sorry that you had a long wait to get through to the Central Access Team and that when you did the member of staff did not answer the phone in the manner expected of them. The team have been reminded of the correct procedure and the manager, Julian Philipsz, will monitor this in the future.

Thank you also sharing your positive experiences of the care your mother has received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and from the Bexley district nurses and diabetes specialist nurses. I have passed your comments about the wonderful care given to both of these teams.

Your feedback has been greatly appreciated by both teams

Kind regards

Liz Penn

Hi, I called your number and 35 minutes later I am still waiting for someone to answer - all I keep getting is 'your call is important to us' - really - perhaps you should re-organise your telephone answering system to ensure a better service. Your comments would be appreciated.

Dear Laura

We are sorry to hear that you waited for a considerable time to have your call answered by the Podiatry Access Team.

The team have recently had a phone number change and all calls are now forwarded onto the Central Access Team on 020 8836 8622.

I will ensure your comments are taken back to the team and duly discussed to prevent this occurrence again.

Kind regards

Karen Rodwell
Head of Integrated Community Teams

So far, I'm not impressed. I'm calling at 4:15pm and have waited on hold for more than 10 minutes with no one answering. Your website says that you're open until 5pm....

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