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From 1 April 2021 infant feeding support in Greenwich will be provided as part of the newly integrated Children’s Centres. The new provider for Health Visiting is Start Well Trust. As part of the transfer to Start Well Trust we will ensure continuity of care by sharing information.

The information that we will be sharing are the Health Visiting records for all families with children under 5 years old.

From 1st April 2021 please contact, Start Well Trust on: or call 020 8161 0530. 


I just wanted to thank the Greenwich infant feeding team for their education and support in starting my breastfeeding journey. After my baby was born by emergency c section, my breast milk hadn’t come through in abundance which meant I had to mix feed my baby with formula milk for a short while. Overall the dedication of Christine and Isabelle gave me the confidence to continue breastfeeding. I’m now almost five months on the journey and I look forward to reaching the six month mark before weaning my baby onto solids. Thanks again.

Dear Nana

Thank you very much for taking the time to post your lovely message.

Christine and Isabelle have years of hard work and experience supporting families on their different feeding journeys. We have all had such a challenging year - parents and staff, and your appreciation is very warmly welcome.

kind regards

Liz Ginty
Infant Feeding Advisor (Specialist Health Visitor)

I attended the Sherrington clinic at Sherington with my three day old baby, having been struggling with feeding and having therefore principally formula feeding. The support I received from Ann Marie was fantastic - she helped me identify a strategy for supporting and increasing milk supply, better positioning, and was completely non-judgmental about my decision to mixed feed, which was exactly what I needed. Highly recommend.

Dear Rebecca

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your visit to the Sherington Breastfeeding group.

I am very pleased to hear that the support and information you received was just what you needed.

Ann-Marie is a very experienced Breast Feeding Advocate who has worked for this service in Greenwich for many years.

I know she will be delighted to know that the support she gave has been so warmly appreciated.

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Health Visiting

Hi, is there any support available to bottle feeding mothers? There is so much information and support for breast feeding, but I cannot find anything easily available for bottle. In particular a physical support group to attend with a bottle feeding consultant type person present to assist with advice & queries.
Many thanks

Dear Ruth

Thank you for taking the time to post your query on the website.

A member of our health visiting team will make contact with you directly.

The health visiting service in Greenwich provides Health Advice drop in Sessions across the borough on each day of the week. These are staffed by our experienced health visitors and nursery nurses who are all skilled in advising parents on infant feeding, including both bottle and breast feeding.

You are welcome to attend any of the sessions where the team would be pleased to speak with you.

You can find the Health Visiting timetable for these sessions here:

There is also information available to support you with infant feeding here:

Your local children's centre will have a programme of parent and baby drop in sessions where you can meet other parents. You will be able to find out more about your nearest Children's Centre here:

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

My name is chandra last week i had a home check due to certain cause i lost my leaflet of the breast feeding training near woolwich school can you please let me know the timing which is on every tuesday and thrusday but i forgot the school name its something like brook school if you help me for this it will be the great.
Thank you

Dear Chandra

There are two Breast Feeding Groups close to you, which you are most welcome to visit and meet the Breast Feeding Advocates:

Tuesday 10.00-12.00: The Slade Children's Centre, Erindale Road, Plumstead, SE18 2QQ

Thursday: 09.30-11.30: Brookhill Children's Centre, 130 Brookhill Road, SE18 6UZ

You may also find it helpful to access our website for further advice and information:

Kind regards

Maureen Makin
Operational Lead Nurse-Tewson Health Visiting Team

My husband and I met with Isabella at discovery centre when our baby boy was just a few weeks old! We had concerns about feeding and he was already diagnosed with tongue tie. Isabella showed different feeding positions which helped our baby to get more milk despite the tongue tie getting in the way. We were basically giving more formular between the feeds but after meeting Isabella we cut down on formular and baby had more breastmilk.
Tongue tie: She contacted kings college tongue tie clinic and booked our son for the procedure, despite waiting for nearly three weeks to be seen at kings, the nurses were great and the procedure successful thanks to Isabella.

Isabella treated us mostly me as my husband only attended twice, with utter most respect. She is very professional and thorough. I personally work in health care sector myself but i have never come across someone so dedicated, doing what she does with passion and she actually knows what she is doing.
She s never ignored me at any time when she is with another mum/family. She also utilizes her time very well.
I can say in a nutshell that Isabella made breast feeding for me most enjoyable. I wish all healthcare professionals can work similarly like her then we will have better NHS!

I have used both the slade and Brookhill children centres breastfeedng groups while on maternity leave with both my children back in 2014 and this year.

I found both groups extremely helpful socially: you get to get out of your own nest, and compare breastfeedng experiences with other mums, which is great in itself.

What I found different though between the two groups is the level of professionalism and technical skills of the breastfeeding consultants (not sure if this is their actual title). I had very difficult breastfeeding experiences with both my children, going through mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush, shooting ductal thrush, nipple blisters, nipple trauma etc... when I had my first child, i didn't know any better, this was my reality and I've endured breastfeeding through the pain. I talked about my issues at the slade, but did not get much of a technical support at all, so I just kept going with the pain and poor weight gain for my baby. This year though, I happened to go to the slade one day when another consultant was attending covering for the usual lady. I get to talk to her because she actively came to me asking how I was doing. So I express my pain, once again, my baby not latching at all, the struggle and the disappointment. From my story she thinks it might be a tongue-tie problem, so she examines my baby there and then and finds out it is in fact tongue tie. After a second consultation she referres me to King's tongue tie clinic and I soon after had the division operated for my baby. I have since been breastfeeding my baby to my owe and wonder! I want to thank Isabelle Pressac for her work and dedication, it truly made a difference!

I can see that her and her colleague's approach at Brookhill' breastfeeding group is very attentive and technical. and I am wondering whether this shouldn't be the case at all breastfeeding groups....thank you!

Dear Maria

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback after using our breast feeding groups. We have passed your thanks and praise on to Isabelle.

We are very pleased to hear that the feeding problems with your new baby have been resolved so effectively. We are always working towards improving our services and have provided our Breast Feeding Advocates with additional training regarding management of tongue tie since the time when you were visiting our breast feeding group with your first baby.

If you would like to discuss your experiences of using breast feeding groups in person, please contact me at

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing for 0-4 years

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