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There are times when everyone feels stressed or unhappy. Generally these bad times pass, but sometimes there are problems that do not go away and things get harder and harder. One in four people can feel this way at some point in their life.

Talking about your problems can really help.

Time to Talk is part of a national programme called Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). It is for people with mild problems of anxiety or depression who are motivated to work to change the problem.

Our team of therapists are based in Eltham, but can see patients at other centres throughout the borough.

Greenwich Time to Talk offers free psychological treatment as recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for anxiety and depression. This is mainly cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and counselling. We can help you learn ways to help yourself so that you feel more able to cope with your problems.

We offer support for people over 16 who are either registered with a Greenwich GP or live in the Greenwich Borough.

We also provide a specific services for 16 and 17 year olds, 65 year old and above and people suffering from long term conditions.

Guided self-help, cognitive behavioural therapy and sometimes medication may help you to manage anxiety or stress better. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from one of these types of treatment or a combination.

For more information on our service and details on how to book your first appointment please visit

Oxleas Mental Health Crisis line

Having a mental health crisis means different things to different people. If you feel you are experiencing a crisis and you are unable to access support from your GP or other services Call 0800 3308590 to speak to our crisis line for patients and carers. The crisis line runs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Oxleas Patient Experience survey

The Oxleas Patient Experience survey gives you the opportunity to feedback on the care and treatment you have received. We also encourage your friends, family and carers to also provide feedback. Hearing your views gives us a better understanding of the needs of our patients, families and carers which helps us to make sure that we are providing a good standard of care. 

The short survey only takes a few minutes to complete and you can provide a written comment explaining what you think is working well and what is not. The Patient Experience team will collect the results of the surveys and these are shared with the relevant departments and management teams. This helps us to shape our services to continually improve the quality of the care and treatment we provide.


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Very disappointed referee myself to this service for the 3rd time 6 months ago and this would be the 3rd time I’ve not heard back after the initial assessment. Something really needs to be done about the lack of help available to people

Dear Emma

We are sorry to hear of your experience in accessing our service. The Clinical Lead Stavros Markatselis (Tel: 0203 260 1100 - E-mail: will be happy to contact you to discuss a more effective way forward.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback we really appreciate it.

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director - Greenwich Mental Health Services

I had a referral from my GP and was followed up with an assessment from Greenwich time to talk. I filled in all the initial assessment and was assigned Lumka as my counsellor. She was kind, understanding and patient making sure I understood the kind of therapy that was available by Greenwich time to talk and where to refer to for further help. She was consistent with all appointments, encouraging me to do some further work in my own time to unlock any difficulties which was then used in the therapy to clear any fog. I am more self aware and also beginning to work through other issues discussed in my sessions. I am grateful for her help which made me realise to advocate for therapy in my community of friends and church family. God bless you and thank for all the help, Lumka and Greenwich Time to talk.

Dear Charlene

Thank you for your positive feedback regarding your experience at Greenwich Time to Talk. We will be happy to pass on these comments to the team and your therapist.

We always encourage clients and carers to tell us how they found the care they received from our teams and clinicians as it helps us improve and tailor our service input as required.

Thank you again for letting us know how useful this experience has been for you.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director - Greenwich Mental Health Services


Hoping you can help me. I reached out to your services a year and a half ago as I was a struggling with an eating disorder. I had 12 weeks of CBT Therapy which sort of helped at the time but I’m not sure it got to the route cause of the problem and in recent weeks my disordered eating and binge eating has been really bad and I’m struggling and feeling really low. I’d really like to get some further help and am hoping you’ll be able to assist me because I don’t know where else to turn.

Many thanks

Dear Faye

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry you are currently experiencing difficulties. The manager of the service Stavros Markatselis ( / 020 3260 1100) will be able to assist you in getting the help you need. He will email you shortly to arrange a suitable time to develop a plan to assist you. Thank you for reaching out to us we will be happy to help you get the support you need.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director - Greenwich Mental Health Services

Hello, my name is Harry and I hoping to get some couselling. I am currently dealing with anxiety depression regarding a certain situation and really would appreciate some help with learning how to resolve these situations.

I live in Sidcup and would like to find some help as soon as possible.

Regards Harry

Dear Harry

Thank you for contacting us. Your local service is provided by Mind and the link is here:

Kind regards

Greenwich Service Director

It has taken a lot for me to be able to self refer to this service and the whole experience has been a total let down. No wonder people with mental health difficulties often feel like there is no support. A trainee completed my assessment and went away to discuss me with her supervisor. The following day, they had decided I had low self esteem and offered to send me to a group. If they had paid any attention to what I was saying, they would of known that this was jmpossible for me.
Second option, you're on the waiting list for CBT and someone will be in touch in 5-6 months! This service is full of questionnaires that are so rigid that the patients thoughts and feelings are irrelevant. I even requested the online CBT and was refused... absolutely joke...

Dear Lee

Thank you for taking time to leave your feedback regarding your recent contact with the IAPT service. We are sorry that your experience has not been positive. We would like to hear more from you, so please could you email your telephone number to Stavros Markatselis ( / 020 3260 1100) and he will be more than happy to give you a call to discuss a way forward.

Thank you

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

Before refer myself in this service I checked all the comments about this oxleas Greenwich. Most of them were bad and unfortunately my experience is adverse too.
I started this adventure at the end of January 2021. After my first assessment I was transferred to PCP to evaluate my situation and decided the best option for me.
I had the first appointment on 19/02. I felt ignored , as I was talking with the walls, the person on the line was chatting with her colleague, I had to repeat myself several times.
Finally I had the appointment with psychiatrist on 23/04. The psychiatrist recommend some medicine and psychological treatment.
Today is 20/05 and I didn't hear anything about the therapy and the worse part is that my GP didn't hear anything about my medication so they can't prescribe anything till PCP inform them.
In conclusion, after 5 months , I'm worse than before. Without treatment and hopeless, because I don't know how I can get help or when.

Dear Isabel

I am very sorry to read about your experience with our services. I have asked the manager (Suren) from PCP to contact you as a matter of urgency so we can make sure you receive the treatment and support you need.

Kind regards

Helen Jones
Greenwich Service Director

A brilliant practical based therapy. But it is not passive treatment, it requires active engagement. My therapist (Leanne) was wonderful. She balanced structured sessions based on my previous weeks issues. I never felt pressured for a moment to talk about things I did not want to talk about.

Referrals via the website was seemless way to self refer. I would recommend to anyone struggling or starting to struggle with anxiety and depression. Fantastic service. Thank you.

Dear Jan

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us feedback about your experience of Greenwich Time To Talk. It can be very anxiety provoking, taking the courage to refer oneself to a talking therapy service. Your feedback may spur others to take that first step.

best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

I done a self referral last year in March 2020 and I have never heard anything back how can I get some contact with a counceller.

Dear Kylie

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry to hear that you have not as yet heard anything back from the service. The Clinical Lead of Greenwich IAPT, Stavros Markatselis, will contact you and he will be able to discuss with you the next steps.

With best wishes

Dr Stavros Markatselis
Clinical Lead of Greenwich IAPT

Hi. I need an appointment for counseling and psychoanalysis. And I need an Iranian-Persian translator.

Dear Fatemeh

Thank you for your comment. The IAPT service does not provide psychoanalysis and their counselling service is short term. The manager of the service Stavros Markatselis can be contacted on 0203 260 100 - if you leave your details, he can give you a call back to talk more about what options are available to you.

Best wishes

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

Absolutely amazing service. I was struggling without knowing why and it helped me figure out what was going on in my head and learn the skills to deal with it and take these skills away with me to use in the future on my own. The initial waiting list was long but as this is a free service and NHS are underfunded there wasn’t much I could do about that. When I did get offered appointments, they were regular at the same time and day each week that suited me. I had phone calls which were around 30-40 mins a week. It has changed my outlook on life and I feel much more able to cope with things that are thrown my way. It’s taught me to change bad habits of avoidance and be more positive! Would recommend to anyone struggling with anxiety or depression. It’s worth a try at least! If it’s not for you, you haven’t lost anything, and can try the next option. I would definitely go back if I ever fell back into not being able to cope.

Dear Mia

Thank you very much for taking the time to feedback to us about your recent experience with our service. We have really appreciated your kind words and we are pleased to hear you had a positive experience with Greenwich Time to Talk.

We are a highly pressurised service in terms of referrals and our staff work hard and do their very best to meet the needs of our service users.

It means a lot to our clinicians receiving this feedback. We will pass on your positive comments and kind words to the respective member of staff.

With best wishes

Dr Stavros Markatselis
Deputy Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time to Talk

Absolutely rubbish!
Have been refers four times to them, every time discharged before I was able to see someone. They don’t answer the phone most of the time or the few times they do, they tell you to call back the next day! I have a job, I cannot call you in the middle of the day and wait half an hour on the phone to be told I will be called one day in a month for a phone assessment. I was assessed by my GP and a psychiatrist at the hospital. One year later I am still in depression and must pay for a private therapist. Appalling!!!

Dear Magalie

I am very sorry that you have had this experience. The service is open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 5pm on a Friday. The extended opening hours are there to enable people with busy working lives or caring responsibilities to be able to access the service, so I can understand why you are feeling frustrated if we did not manage to speak to you in the evenings. I would like to investigate what happened and to ensure it does not happen for other people in the future.

Please can you email me (Katy Grazebrook) at with your name and contact details and I can investigate what happened and arrange a mutually agreeable time to talk.

Also, if you would like to give us another chance, please let me know (via email above) and I will ensure that the team ring you in the evening to make the appointment.

The initial assessments are usually conducted over the telephone (but maybe face to face if there are specific communication needs) and during core business hours 9am to 5pm, so that if there are any safeguarding concerns or risk situations these can be dealt with promptly. We can support clients with letters to employers as they are required to support their employees to attend health appointments.

The subsequent treatment appointments (if needed) may be over the telephone, via an online service called Silvercloud, face to face in person, face to face via video-conference, or in a group. The variety of modes of delivery are aimed at accommodating people with different needs and different availabilities for appointments.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

THE worst service. Been waiting 140 days on counselling wait list. Been told I refused services I was never made aware of twice... Constantly being told, oh so and so isn't in so I cant help and they will have to call you tomorrow only to never be called back. Misprints of my name, address and email so I wasn't sent the right correspondence. Initial assessment I was cut off and didn't receive a treatment plan without calling to chase myself. I asked for f2f and was given online guided self help. I never speak to the same person twice and when they look up my notes my case worker has always gone home. Every single time. Was offered counselling today out of the blue for 3 days time and was told I would be out of the service if I couldn't agree to 9 sessions there and there for the same time each week; during work hours. Latest appointment was 3.30pm so if you have to work or are a teacher don't bother asking for late appointments because you may be told you "aren't the only person waiting for later appointments and I can't tell you how long you'll be waiting for one".

Why has this mental health service only resulted in more stress and waiting? Awful.

Thank you for your email and we are sorry to hear your experience has not been positive. The clinical lead of the service, Stavros Markatselis, will be happy to have a discussion with you and try to address any of your concerns.

Please email him directly on and provide your phone number and contact details so he can make contact with you.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director

I would like to say thank you to Hapreet at Oxleas who I have seen weekly. When I started CBT I was rather vulnerable and distressed (what they call a crisis) But now I am a happy, well equipped individual who feels confident being discharged from the service. Harpreet was understanding, knowledgeable and tailored every week according to my needs. From this experience, Harpreet has equipped me to look after myself during my highs, lows and everything in between.

I have put into practice everyday small things to help 'ground' myself and this has proven so useful.
I am now working a new job that I love, with 2 new hobbies and I finally feel like my old self again. Thanks to Harpreet and the oxleas services. I couldn't fault Harpreet at all. Thank you!

Dear Chloe

Thank you very much for taking time to write to us about your recent experience and the support you received from Greenwich Time to Talk and in particular Harpreet.

We really value the feedback we receive as it helps us shape the care we offer to our patients and their families. We will pass on your positive comments and kind words to the respective members of staff.

Best wishes

Rachel Matheson

Service Manager for Mental Health
Greenwich Directorate

I wish to pass on my sincere gratitude to the Greenwich Time to Talk IAPT Service and to two individuals whom were particularly helpful in providing me with care.

I self-referred to the service and had an initial telephone-based appointment with Leanne.

Leanne was friendly, kind, and her tone was welcoming, so she perfectly set up a positive relationship with the service, which is extremely important. She gave me a choice of therapeutic support based on evidence, and used outcome measures appropriately to think about the difficulties I had and the type of support that the service could offer (which was in turn based on NICE Guidance).

After a period of waiting (which could have been shorter, but is much shorter than many psychological therapies services), I saw Pam, CBT Therapist.

When I first met with Pam, she gave me a space to open up about my difficulties, but importantly conveyed a message of hope. She had the belief in me that recovery was possible, and that I could reclaim my life. This was a prospect I found extremely unlikely at the time, but have now come to realise was and has been entirely possible.

I felt understood and comfortable in Pam’s presence, and felt that she was authentic, sharing her own experiences where relevant and appropriate, which was something I highly valued.

I was mindful that I had previously difficult experiences of therapy, particularly of therapists ending therapy after a strict arbitrary number of sessions (which was not based on the best research evidence or guidance) or providing therapy which had very little empirical support.

I am happy to say that I have been given therapeutic support which I feel has been based on research evidence and clinical guidance (personalised to my needs), and have been given the time and space to work on my difficulties.

For the first time since the age of 15, I can say that I feel comfortable in my own skin and talking about the traumatic experiences that have affected me. I no longer go out in public fearing for my life and safety, and this has helped me to feel free again. Working on my difficulties also helped me to be well enough to progress in my career.

Thank you Pam, Leanne, and the Greenwich Time to Talk team! The work that you do changes lives.

Thank you very much for taking time to provide feedback for the Greenwich Time to Talk team.

We are glad that we were able to help you and support you in your recovery journey. We will pass on the words of gratitude to your therapist and the team.

We appreciate the feedback we receive from all our patients and we use it to shape and improve the services we deliver accordingly.

Best wishes

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

It has been a bit difficult to arrange a meeting, given the amount of patients NHS has, but I am currently going under a CBT cycle with Emma, who offered me a face-to-face treatment, opposite to the initial group therapy I had been booked for following my phone assessment, and she is amazing. She has taught me how to tackle anxiety and live with my issues, overcoming them. I have to recommend this service and to thank her and Greenwich Time to Talk for helping me in such a difficult phase of my life.

Dear Barbara

Many thanks for taking the time to send your message of thanks to the Greenwich Time to Talk Team.

It means a lot to our staff to receive compliments as they continuously strive to provide an excellent service. I will pass your message on to Emma and the team.

Best wishes

Rachel Matheson
Service Manager for Mental Health


Why are there no services like this for Bexley? As I feel I could benefit from this service.

Dear Tracey,

Thanks for the comment. We do have an equivalent service in Bexley, called "IAPTs" (improving access to psychological therapies), and it can be accessed via your GP if you think it is something from which you would benefit.

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director.

I had a dozen of sessions with Lilian. She is amazing. She really listen to me, didn't tell I shouldn't feel the way I do but helped me figure it out what triggers those feelings. She recommended a book for me to read and the book is really helping me as well.
Thank you for all the help I received. I totally recommend it.

Excellent service, it does take up to a month to get access to Silver Cloud, but I understand as the demand is high, which probably outweighs the support team. But it’s worth the wait. I started the Silver Cloud CBT And Muna was my Supporter, she was very good, very caring and keeps in contact once a week. I have just completed the 8 week online therapy and really feel like I am more in control and know how to talk myself out of the low moods and quieten down the ruminating. It doesn’t end there either, you have to continue to put things into practice to become your own therapist and still you have access to silver cloud for up to a year, with lots of support if needed. Very pleased I did this, thank you!

Dear Carole

Thank you for taking the time to feedback on your positive experience of the online therapy provided to you. We will make sure this is passed on to the team.

Best wishes

Iain Dimond
Service Director

The waiting times for this service are, quite frankly, ridiculous. 1 month for an initial telephone assessment to see if this is something to be addressed by Oxleas?? I was told I need psychotherapy in September 2018. My GP referred this service, but now I can see that this is just the NHS pawning off and pushing back providing help that is desperately needed for people in crisis

Dear Nick

Thank you for your comments regarding waiting times for accessing the service. Stavros Markatselis, the deputy clinical for the IAPT service, will make contact with you shortly to discuss your concerns.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director for Greenwich Mental Health Services

Got an assessment only to be told that I cannot benefit from counselling with you guys.
I don't know where to go to now, I can't afford a therapist...

Dear Camille

I am really sorry to hear about your experience with our service.

I will contact you shortly to discuss your concerns.

Best wishes

Dr Stavros Markatselis
Deputy Clinical Lead
Greenwich Time to Talk (IAPT) service.

It's a useless service I asked my GP to refer me his doing nothing then I do this to be told as I'm awaiting a ASD service I can't do it then becoming ill and trying again and finding it so difficult to access. What do I need to do have a seve breakdown again to get the help. My NF doctor has sent letters to my GP to refer me but I'm going no where as they are sending letters but my GP is not wanting to care

Dear Chris

I am really sorry to hear about your experience with our service and will contact you shortly to discuss your concerns.

Kind regards

Dr Stavros Markatselis
Deputy Clinical Lead
Greenwich Time to Talk (IAPT) service.

My niece took time off work to have a booked call today for her triage assessment for which she has awaited some several weeks.

Only to receive an email a few hours beforehand to be told it cancelled due to staff sickness. This not acceptable. Why there not a contingency plan for managing staff sickness . Next appointment next month. Poor service and poor operational management.


In relation to my earlier feedback to my niece's cancelled appointment...: a psychological therapies service that doesn't understand the psychological impact of a cancelled appointment is very alarming, and bordering on dangerous. Does the clinical leadership understand the risk assessment approach required. Obviously not ?

Dear Vijay

Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry for your niece's experience.

We strive to provide a responsive and accountable service to all our clients and your feedback is important to us.

Stavros Markatselis ( / 0203 260 1102), Deputy Lead for IAPT, will ring you to discuss your concerns.

Best wishes

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director

I self referred to GTTT and was very anxious at the initial assessment. I was booked in for CBT pretty quickly and this was arranged at a location that was easy for me to get to,
I cannot recommend GTTT enough!!! The service I received was superb. My therapist was Folake. I found my sessions so useful and they really helped me get mentally stronger. Through CBT I was also referred to the Employment Team where I met Christine who has been supporting me with work place issues and stress.
After completing my CBT, I have also been put forward for Mindfulness course for Relapse Prevention which I am looking forward to.
Julia and Miriam in the Employment Team have been so helpful whilst my adviser was away and I had work 'issues'. I am so happy that I plucked the courage and contacted Greenwich Time to Talk. Thank you Folake, Christine, Miriam and Christine.

Dear Blanca

Thank you for your kind comments. We are always very grateful to receive feedback on how patients have experienced our services. We have passed your thanks to the relevant members of staff.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

Is it possible to refer someone else who needs help?

Dear Sarah

A person can self refer or go to their GP and ask for a referral to be made on their behalf.

kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director Greenwich Mental Health Services

Hi I have been waiting in a o me on one session for the past month .I'm just afraid of all these comments that I won't get my appointment. I have had my phone assessment but still waiting on a session .please can you let me know how long it will be .thank you

Dear Pauline

Thank you for your comment and we are sorry for the delay in gaining access to our service. Deputy clinical lead Stavros Markatselis (020 3260 1100) will be in touch to discuss your concerns.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director
Greenwich Mental Health Services

Disgusting service. My son has been desperately waiting for someone who to contact him, for four months, only to be told he's been discharged. No one has contacted him at all why has he been discharged? What an awful thing to do to a teenager who spent days battling with himself until he could muster up the confidence to ask for help.
I called, knowing he didn't have the confidence to, only to be told no one can speak to me and no one will call him, he has to call himself even though this is supposed to be a counselling service for troubled youngsters and he has already taken the difficult step to ask for help.
Time to talk?! Time to add to your misery!

Dear Tilly

I am sorry that you had this experience. We spoke on the telephone and we agreed to try and contact your son again. He is now receiving therapy.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

I’ve been waiting for silver cloud for months and still nothing.

They mean well but don’t have the facilities or man power it seems to actually help.

Wish the NHS better funded mental health services like this.

Dear Alice

I am sorry that you have been waiting for input from the Greenwich Time To Talk team for so long.

We have had an increase in our waiting times due to high demand on the service. This wait is currently about 60 days for Silvercloud. So I am sure you will be offered an appointment soon.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

I would highly recommend Greenwich Time To Talk having felt thoroughly supported throughout my treatment.
I self-referred after seeking advice from my GP and Alanna held my initial consultation over the telephone.
She was incredibly kind and understanding as she guided me through her questions and this helped put me at ease.
It was confirmed I had symptoms of anxiety and depression and was referred to Benjamin for 1:1 CBT.
Ben was consistently very supportive, detailed, professional and compassionate in his approach.
I felt listened to, understood and that my recovery was important. We covered many aspects of my personal history which contributed to my mental welfare issues as well as the immediate circumstances which were the catalyst for me requiring professional help.
This gave me a much clearer understanding of my own personality and behaviours which I found very useful.
We worked through a variety of strategies to enable to me deal with trigger scenarios and the ‘homework’ between each session helped underpin Ben’s advice and allowed me to work on those techniques.
I was also put in touch with Natasha for Employment Support guidance. Once again, the culture of kindness and understanding was very evident as well as Natasha’s advice proving useful on a practical level.

CBT is by no means a magic wand; it does require the willpower and commitment to make a positive change by challenging default thought processes. For me, this will take continued practice now my therapy sessions have concluded but I feel much more positive and confident that I have the ‘tools’ to help me face the future.
I am incredibly lucky to have accessed the Greenwich Time To Talk service and would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Ben, Natasha and Alanna.

Dear Helen

Thank you very much for your very positive comments about the service. I read them at the time and did pass on your thanks. I have been reminded now to thank you.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

I was contacted the day after my request to be self-referred. I received a timely telephone assessment with Leanne shortly after, in early April. She came across as professional, thoughtful, kind, and very friendly over the phone. I felt contained throughout the conversation, and understood. Whilst brief in duration, the assessment was thorough, incorporated outcome measures, and I felt able to speak in depth and open up. My preferences of therapeutic option and times to meet for therapy were respected, and I was treated with dignity and respect over the phone. Really lovely experience. Compliments to the service so far!

Dear Sam

Thank you very much for your taking time to offer us feedback regarding your experience of first contact with our service.

At Greenwich Time to Talk we strive to constantly improve our services - your feedback is invaluable to us in that process.

Kind regards

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services

I have just been put on the waiting list for cbt however I just wanted to say the my phone assessor was so lovely and made me feel so at ease. One of my biggest anxieties is talking to people on the phone but I didn’t feel any of my usual nerves on the phone with leighanne so thank you so much.

Dear Ellie

Many thanks for your positive comments regarding your assessment with us. I'll ensure this feedback is given to the therapist. We are really pleased that you firstly took the step to approach our service for treatment, and that this was a rewarding and positive experience for you.

I'm pleased that you are due to see a therapist for CBT, and do feel free to contact us again if you have any queries about your upcoming treatment.

Thanks again for your comments.

Best wishes

Chris Spicer
Senior CBT Therapist

I've had two separate trained therapists through the GTTT service and cannot thank either of them enough for the above and beyond support they had both offered me. Unfortunately, the service wasn't equipped to resolve the exact nature of my condition, but they still did everything they could before my referral to a separate service to try and help me improve my quality of life.

The reception staff too always made me feel at home, so a big thanks to you!

Dear Becky

We are very pleased to hear that the service provided by Greenwich Time to Talk was helpful, thank you for taking the time to let us know.

We wish you every success for your ongoing treatment.

Best wishes

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Community and Mental Health Services

I had an assessment on the 27/07/17, for which I was recommended for individual therapy, but I haven't heard anything since, and would like to know what is happening, as I need this therapy to move on with life.

Dear Jason

Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry that you haven't heard anything.

We will ensure that somebody from the service contacts you as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

I am upset as it has taken me some time to finally arrange a appointment with time to talk. I went in a was handed a form which I filled out and told I would get a phone call within 3 days.
I got a call the following day letting me know my 1sr appointment would be over the phone and given the date and time.
I received a letter with a questionnaire to fill in. I also revived a email with the same questionnaire, which I filled in.
I then revived a voice mail the morning of my appointment stating that it had been cancelled due to the person who was going to talk to me being ill.
Now I understand people can't help being ill but there must be more staff there who can do a phone call.
I wasn't given a new time or date for another appointment either.
This has annoyed me as I it's taken me alot to actually take the step to approach and seek help from time to talk.

But I am now wondering if they are actually going to be any help at all. If they cant be bothered to stick to appointment times.

Would definitely not recommend this service to anyone who requires help.

I opted to try this for self help and went through the procedure multiple ones. On the first ocassion I missed my telephone consultation by 10 minutes due to no signal when I called them back I was told I was discharged and had to go back to my gp.

Firstly, it's no surprise so many young people like myself are struggling to find help when even the receptionists aren't willing to negoatiate or suggest alternative solutions.

After this I had to do the process again, my gp stated in a letter for 'face-to-face' treatment. When I attended this it was my first time so I was obviously very nervous, the session finished in less than 15 minutes (meant to be 30) and it was a complete joke and waste of my time.

Would not recommend to anyone.

Dear Nicole

Thank you for your comments and we are sorry that you have found the experience of the service to be suboptimal. We are taking patient's experience feedback very seriously and strive to continuously improve the service we provide to people. The clinical lead of the service will call you to discuss your concerns further.

Best wishes,

Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director for Greenwich Adult Mental Health

Would like to comment about the negative experience my son had with Time to Talk last year. He plucked up courage after many months of depression to contact the clinic for help. He was very nervous but went along for his first appointment, only to be told that the counsellor couldn't help as he binge drinks occasionally (only when depressed). The counsellor suggested he contact AA instead! I am now totally unable to get him to seek any help whatsoever which I am angry about, however we are dealing with this as a family and making slow progress, no thanks to the service, which caused him even more emotional distress.

Dear Anne

I am sorry to hear that your son's experience of Greenwich Time To Talk was negative.

We will ask one of the clinical leads from the team to contact him to discuss further.

Kind regards

Iain Dimond
Director of Greenwich Adult Services and Trustwide Learning Disability Services

Hi there my Gp has referred me to this service today about the issues I'm having at the moment. How does it work ?

I've recently started using this service and have had 3 sessions so far, however, I do not feel that CBT in this way is beneficial to me. I feel as though I never get an opportunity to actually talk about my life and my feelings and why I sunk into a depression in the first place. I thought the session would be me talking about my life and my feelings and not filling out forms all the time and having to read booklets. I do not feel as though anything is being accomplished. Is there anything I can do?

Dear Lydia

Thanks for letting us know.

Different interventions can be useful for different people, and it's certainly a great idea to let a treating clinician know your thoughts on what is helpful and what is not.

I will pass your comments on to the service lead, but I would also recommend that you broach this directly with your therapist when you next see them.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear Lydia

Thank you for your feedback about your experience of GTTT.

It sounds like you are receiving guided self-help from the service, which is offered as a first line treatment to the majority of GTTT clients. If this is not helping you, do please tell your Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and they can discuss other treatment options with you. Whether the treatment is helping or not should also be picked up in the sessional outcome measures (forms) you are doing.

It is a requirement of the Department of Health that we ask clients to complete these outcome measures every session, but these can be sent to you ahead of the session so you can complete then online and not take up the time in your appointment with the practitioner.

I hope that your experience of the service gets better.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I have nothing but praise for this service. I can see from some of the comments that not everyone has had a positive experience but I have to speak as I find. I was referred to the service suffering from anxiety and depression related to work and fortunatley was seen quite quickly.

I started working with a young lady named Lauren who very quickly got a handle on my issues and began working up a treatment plan almost immediately. I was given written information to support the therapy techniques and a form of homework to monitor and track my progress. I never got to complete my sessions (my fault- house move) but the tools I was given, and continue to use, have proved invaluable and I am well on the road to recovery.

I would like to say thanks to both Lauren and GTTT for the service they provide and for the help and support they have given me.

Dear Steve

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to feedback. I'm really delighted to hear about the great service you have - in my experience Greenwich Time to Talk tends to be enormously valued by service users, and the staff there are rightfully proud of the good work they do.

I'm very pleased that this has been a good step in your own recovery, and I'll pass your kind words on to the whole team, especially Lauren.

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director


I have used your services at least three times since I moved to London three years ago. I have had a helpful service most of the time and staff have always been very polite.

My depression is recurrent and had been for the last 10 years. I have recently learnt about EMDR treatment and approached my GP for help as I thought it would help me address the underlying trauma. She suggested I self-refer which is what I have done. I have since been placed on a waiting list. At first, I was told the waiting time was 6 weeks. Then I called to check where I was on the list and was informed that it may be up to 4 months. My initial assessment took place on the 18th of March, almost 9 weeks ago. I am feeling a beginning of a new wave of a possible collapse--I had so many of them, I have learnt to see them coming. I would very much appreciate if you could get back to me and give me some idea of a possible therapy appointment. Just tried to call the general number but it leads to a voice mail. I would be very grateful if I could start this therapy very soon, whilst I am able to explain the nature of my predicament. If the breakdown starts, I will be all tears and no good for clear explanations for a while. Thank you.

Dear Nataliya

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm pleased that you have had positive experiences with Oxleas, but I fully appreciate how anxiety provoking and frustrating it can be waiting for appointments, especially if you feel things are deteriorating.

I will contact the relevant manager today and ask that you are contacted as a matter of urgency.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director

I had a great experience with Greenwich time to talk in the past with a therapist called Sophie. She was very professional and she have me some very important tools to make my life much better after suffering from bulimia and depression.

After over a year, I feel that I need therapy again to keep improving my life as I still suffer from depression. After being on the waiting list, I received a call and they offered me an appointment. As I do shift work, I was told that if the date did not suit me I could call to reschedule it. When I received my rota I called to reschedule it and I promptly received a call back. The therapist told me that as I could not commit to 10 days of therapy at the same time and day every week, they will not be able to help me and I should look for private therapy. She talked to me in a manner that reduced me to tears and made me feel very upset. She called me back after talking to her manager and told me that she would not be able to be my therapist anyway because her appointments were fully booked and that I would be back on the waiting list. I would like to express how upset I felt after these calls. I was treated so well in the past and benefited so much from this service.

Dear Alba

I am sorry to hear about this. In mental health services we are aware of the importance of the relationship we have with those who use our services, and we should always endeavour to be courteous, friendly, and helpful; not least as those seeking assistance are usually going through times of difficulty.

I am pleased that your first experience was good - I have a high regard for that particular service - and I will try determine what occurred in these phone call conversations.

I will ask for a manager or senior clinician in the service to make contact shortly about this.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

In my experience, Time to Talk seem fairly well organised. i liked that they mostly followed through the things they agreed to. I like that they gave me exact details of what to expect, such as times of phone calls. I liked that I was given copies of write ups. It is a pity things didn't end well for us. But Katy Grazebrook treated me with respect, and no one can take that away from me. Some of the other members of time to talk were quite welcoming too.

Dear Alison

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave feedback, and I'm pleased that aspects of your experience were positive, even if, as you note, not everything worked out as you would wish.

Your description of our staff is one that matches the attributes we would always wish them to have.

I will pass your comments on to the team.

Yours faithfully

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Hello, Can you perscribe medication? I have suffered from depression for the last 5 years and it seems to be getting worse and nowhere seems to be helping

Dear Louise

Thanks for contacting us. Greenwich Time to Talk does not ordinarily prescribe medication for mental health conditions; they provide talking therapies.

Some people prefer or need one treatment type over the other, whilst others have both at the same time.

In the first instance you might wish to see your GP about medication queries; if they need any specialist assistance on this, they will ask secondary care services for advice.

It might also be that during such a review your GP feels that a referral for talking therapy at Greenwich Time to Talk would be appropriate.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director.

hi I have been referred to Greenwich time to talk and also had to self refer on both times I have not heard anything back from them and im still waiting for an appointment I was also referred to Oxleas mental health centre at ferry view they phoned me had a chat for 5 minutes then sent me a letter to say I was discharged from the service I think it is a really bad service at the moment as no one seems to want to help me

Dear Sarah,

We have checked our records at Greenwich Time To Talk and do not have a referral for you. I am sorry that you were led to believe that a referral was made by Ferryview.

We are happy to open a new referral and assess your needs and whether we are the right service to help you. Whilst we offer a range of treatment options, at times, we have to signpost people to the service that is most appropriate for them. We usually arrange an initial assessment within two weeks of receiving a referral.

Please see our website ( for the range of services we offer.

One of our team has emailed you for your contact number so that they can call you back and create a new referral.

Otherwise, you can refer yourself to the service by calling 020 3260 1100, the office is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 5pm on a Friday. Over 70% of our clients self-refer.

Many thanks

Alex Kamadu
Interim Operations Manager
Greenwich Time to Talk

I was told to refer myself to your services again. I had CBT a few times a while ago now and unfortunately i never completed the course because i dont feel it was the right one for me! All i kept being told by the therapist was to look on the positive side of everything and not to be so negative all the time! But when i feel as depressed as i do i just cannot see the positive side of anything and i started to feel worse about myself for being so down! So i feel CBT isnt for me, is there anything else that can help me because i really do need some help. Should i go to MIND instead if you are not able to help?

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Dear Karen

Thank you for taking the time to write your comments on the website. Greenwich Time To Talk offer a range of treatment options which follow the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline recommendations for common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is the main model of therapy we offer as this has the greatest evidence base of effectiveness. However we also offer person centred counselling and behavioural couples therapy.

If you do choose to refer yourself again, you can explain at your assessment that you would prefer to try a different form of therapy. Alternatively Greenwich Mind and other third sector organisations offer counselling and therapy. The Royal Borough of Greenwich council have devised a website to help people find out about local services:

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk


I received telephone counselling some years back and it was okay. However, when I was discharged I didn't receive and report.

Is it possible to see what is in my file? I would appreciate if I could be able to get my file.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Henry

Many thanks for contacting us. It's certainly our usual practice to send individuals copies of any reports we write, particularly at the end of care. I will ask the team involved to do so, or to discuss with you if there are any difficulties with that.

Everyone is entitled to access their entire health records (though there are occasional restrictions in some specific circumstances); it is a more formal process that involves writing to us.

Might I suggest that in the first instance we aim to get you any reports, and after that you could decide if you wanted to go the more formal route of full record release?

Best wishes

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Hi, I just want people to know that this is an excellent service and everything from start to finish was dealt with very professionally.

My special thanks to Darshna (my therapist) who listened to my problems and helped me start to understand them. GTTT has given me hope that I can return to a normal life.

Thank you for taking the time to feed back on a positive experience; we don't always hear of what goes well, and the team will be delighted to hear this. I will make sure that they, and especially Darshna, get the feedback.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

im 17 and have really bad panic attacks and really bad anxieyt and im to scared to do anything about it

Dear Tayla

Greenwich Time To Talk work with young people aged 16 and 17, and adults and older adults, in fact we have no upper age limit.

Lots of people experience anxiety (1 in 4 people will experience anxiety or depression at some point in their life-time). Research about the best treatments for panic attacks have found that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the best treatment. This is a form of counselling (talking therapy) that helps you identify the triggers to the panic attacks, what your worst fears are, what you are doing to keep yourself safe (safety behaviours) and then helps you to overcome the panics.

We have some excellent CBT treatments for panic attacks so if you live in the borough of Greenwich or have a Greenwich GP then please refer yourself via telephone on 020 3260 1100, or use the form on the Oxleas website (, sending it to

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

Hello, I've been referred to you by my doctor as im manically depressed and am having dark thoughts. I have an assessment on the phone and was told i'd be contacted by a secondary team to assist me and book counselling. I havent had any contact since. Please help

We are very sorry to hear how you are feeling and will ensure that this team - which we have identified from electronic records - makes contact with you today to discuss your care and assessment.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Just like to comment on the treatment I got from Greenwich Time To talk. I saw a leaflet at my doctors surgery and so after thinking for a few weeks decided to refer myself to this service and on being worried and very anxious about calling, I was answered by a delightful young lady called Julie. She guided me through the process of booking an appointment (I was made a telephone appointment first) and she put my mind at rest, by informing me that everything I spoke about would be treated in the strictest confidence and that only me, my doctor and the therapist would know about it ( I do not want my family to know I am seeking help) I have had the telephone triage and am now waiting for CBT. I am unsure of how long I will have to wait. So I wanted to say that with all the negativity regarding the NHS at the moment, I would like to 'big up'Greenwich TIme To Talk and say thank you to all the staff and cannot believe how quick I had an appointment was made.

Dear David

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us, and for sharing your thoughts. We are extremely happy to hear of your positive experiences from Greenwich Time To Talk, especially of how staff treated you.

I know they take great pride in both their professionalism but also that they care and treat people as individuals. I will forward your words to them; you are right that at these times it is far more common to hear negative stories from the NHS, and your feedback will be a big boost to the team.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director


I have been assessed by Elizabeth. I was sent a summary of my assesment recently, in this assesment it indicates that I have been put on a waiting list for individual CBT therapy. Can you please advise on how long roughly applicants wait for individual therapy and if there is alternatives in the meantime (such as organisations where applicants can pay for treatment)


Dear Harry

Thank you for your enquiry.

Waiting times vary depending on what your individual circumstances are and which treatment has been recommended. For example clients who are flexible about where and what time they can attend are usually offered appointments more quickly than those waiting for particular surgeries, days or times. However, our maximum waiting time targets from the date we receive a referral to the treatment start date is 18 weeks. NHS England have introduced new targets from April 2015, where they require 75% of clients to enter treatment within 6 weeks of referral and 95% within 18 weeks. We will be publishing our actual waiting times on the Oxleas website from April 2015 and we are working hard to achieve the new targets. You will be able to find these at

If you contact the service directly (Tel 020 3260 1100 ) or via we can advise you about where you are on the waiting list.

We endeavour to see individuals as soon as possible so they do not have to consider the option of private therapy. We therefore do not recommend organisations where our patients would have to pay privately for treatment because they are on a waiting list with us.

Regarding other resources, all of the Greenwich libraries stock 'books on prescription' which are a wide range of evidence based self-help books for mild to moderate mental health problems and other issues.

Finally, in addition to this there is also Big White Wall. Big White Wall is an anonymous service. Using Big White Wall will not affect how long you have to wait for treatment: you will still receive counselling or CBT from us when a therapist becomes available.

What is Big White Wall? is a place you can go when you’re feeling down, or struggling with mental health issues. It’s an online service for everyone over 16, designed to help you feel better and take control of your mental health. Big White Wall is safe and anonymous, with trained professionals online to support you 24/7.

95% of people who use Big White Wall say it helps them to feel better.

What can I do on Big White Wall?

- Get things off your chest, and share with people experiencing similar issues to you
- Express how you’re feeling with words and images
- Learn practical skills to help you cope with the things you’re struggling with
- Take part in online Guided Support courses

How can I join Big White Wall?

Simply go to and select ‘join now’ to enter your postcode where it says ‘check if free in your area’, this will take you to setup your unique and anonymous login.

I hope this is helpful

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead
Greenwich Time To Talk

really let me down got an appointment for assessment no one turned
got second appointment and was turned away
I really thought this CBT would help me deal with depression
am left feeling let down and disappointed again
it makes me wonder if you understand the nature of mental illness
time to talk? not for me

Dear Keith

I am very sorry that you feel that your experience of GTTT was not as good as you had hoped. I would be happy to investigate this and if you would like me to do so, please contact the service directly. The telephone number is 020 3260 1100.


Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead

Today was my 6th session for anxiety and depression - my therapist has been fantastic and I really can't fault the service.

I highly recommend Time to Talk :)


Dear Jim

Thank you for your comments, I am pleased you have had a positive experience of your treatment with Greenwich Time To Talk.

I will pass your comments onto the team.

Kind regards

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead, Greenwich Time To Talk

I'm suffering really bad with anxiety & panic attacks to the point where I wake up crying in the night with the feeling that I'm going to die. Its only recently that its got this bad & its stopping me doing things I want to do. Iv got a great group of friends & a great fiancee so why am I feeling so alone :( I fear that I'm pushing them away because of this. I worry everyday that something bad is going to happen to me. Its as though I've been traumatised by something but I don't know what. I was happy before this & now I can't do anything without fear :( I don't even like leaving my house :( I need someone to listen & help me properly :( x

Dear Rachel

Thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear that this period is difficult for you. The Greenwich IAPT service is the recommended treatment service for the problems you have described.

If you live in Greenwich or have a Greenwich GP you can call us on 020 3260 1100 to refer yourself to the service. Alternatively you can fill in the self-referral form on line - please visit our service page at

Once we receive your referral or you have made contact we will book you in for an appointment to talk to a psychological well-being practitioner who will be able to assist you further. They will ask you questions about your problems and discuss with you the different treatment options.

Please also try to access the Big White Wall (, which is an online mental health service for people in Greenwich. We look forward to receiving your referral.

If you live in Bromley the equivalent service is Bromley Working for Wellbeing (

If you live in Bexley the equivalent service is Being Well in Bexley (

Kind regards

Katy Grazebrook
Greenwich Time To Talk

The service you are offering looks incredible and I will be referring myself via the form on the website. The only comment I have to make is that on the form it says; 'IAPT Adult Primary Care Psychology Service.' I understand that you all need to clarify the service you provide. But as a person in my 20's seeing the word 'Psychology' on the form stopped me from putting in my details. It stopped me because the word made me feel as if I was weak, messed up and in desperate need of fixing, it made me feel sick. It's something I suggest you change because four weeks ago I wanted to fill it in but the word stopped me, I just hope it hasn't prevented anyone else.

Dear Charlotte

Thank you for your comments. I am very glad that you have decided to refer yourself to Greenwich Time To Talk.

‘IAPT’ stands for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, which is a national programme to help provide evidence-based talking therapies to people with mild to moderate anxiety or depression. We need to tell people that Greenwich Time To Talk is an IAPT service, as they may search just for ‘IAPT’.

We do appreciate that words like ‘psychology’ may be misunderstood, but psychology is actually the study of how people think, feel and behave, both in normal circumstances and at times of stress.

1 in 4 people will experience anxiety or depression at some point in their lives, so it is a very common problem, but one which people do find difficult to talk about. The stigma associated with mental health problems is a difficult problem to address, but hopefully over time campaigns like ‘Time to Change’ ( and national treatment programmes like IAPT will make it easier for people to seek and find the help that they need.

Best wishes

Katy Grazebrook
Clinical Lead GTTT and Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I always thought I am strong and resilient to any ups and downs in my life until I faced one difficult one.
It was great pleasure to meet Greenwich Time to talk staff for support upon my GP's referral.
The support that I got from Greenwich Time to talk team is enormous and priceless.

Staffs were always pleasant and supportive. I felt at ease and comfortable all the time.
It’s that extra support and right direction that I got when I lost my focus and balance.

I appreciate the help that I got from organisation and recommend anyone who is in trouble.
It helps in not accumulating unnecessary stress and tension in life.

Dear Raj

Thank you very much for your positive comments about Greenwich Time to Talk. I am very pleased that the service has enabled you to move forward.

I will pass on your comments to the staff within the service who will very much appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards

Dr Keith Miller
Trust Head of Psychology

Really really good service the lady i had, called Caroline, has been amazing!!! Very happy with the outcome and some useful skills learnt aswell.

Dear Sarah

Many thanks for your positive feedback about Greenwich Time to Talk.

The fact that you have taken the time to post your feedback means a lot to all of us in Oxleas and I will pass on your comments to the team.

Kind regards

Dr Keith Miller
Trust Head of Psychology

I am currently in private psychotherapy. I have had depression for the past 2 years with problems that are seriously affecting my income etc. I am finding it difficult to keep the financial commitment for my therapy. Is there anyway to get psychotherapy on the NHS and what would be the way forward. My doctor has said to go through time to talk but I am not keen on cbt at the moment as I wish to continue with psychotherapy.

Thank you

Dear James

Psychotherapy is available for certain types of mental health conditions, if you are referred by your GP. If not, there are other services including WPF Therapy, who may be able to help you (

There are other services you can access without the need to see your GP including Greenwich Time To Talk:

Telephone: 020 3260 1100

Best regards
Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director - Adult Mental Health

It was provided your contact details by my go but every time I've tried calling I've either got a pleas call back or hung up on! I've worked in both mental health and physical health and I'm now in paediatrics, which is why I need some support! I'm not confident enough to give my details on an open page but I can see where I'm falling apart I know the techniques that help I know how to get others to apply them for their needs. I can see whee I should have my own graded program but I just can't get there on my own I can't see past my sticking point and am on automatic pilot Please sort out your services 1 evidence the need for funding for mental health 2) all community services (physical health dischargers are atrochises and nearly always now totally ignoring the rehab potencially of all clients leading them to a life of full time care which looses their independence and costs a ridiculous amount in care instead of short term rehab services

Dear Lola

We are so sorry for your experience. We have updated our phone system to ensure that people are signposted to an appropriate clinician for advice and further guidance.

We understand your concerns of offering your details to this open forum. If you could please email us on a member of staff will call you back to discuss your needs.

Best regards
Sophia Ploumaki
Associate Director - Adult Mental Health

Great service, you leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world!

Dear Mohammed

Thank you for your feedback.

It's great to hear that the service has been such a help to you.

We wish you all the best for the future.

Communications Team

Dear Sir/Madam

Within one year I had collapsed twice at my work because of the stress level. I was today controlled by my GP who recommend me to contact you urgently. Could you please contact me ASAP for the appointment?



Reply from Oxleas

Dear Ozgur

Thank you for your message.

Your comments have been passed on to the relevant team, who will be in touch with you shortly.

Lisa Stroulger
Communications Team

Hi I am looking for some councilling or therapy and my gp has recommended time to talk a few times, but when I ring for help I am told you cant help me because I havnt been discharged from oxleas for 5 years. could you confirm this please.


Thank you for your feedback.

We are looking into this and will be in touch with you soon to clarify the situation.

Lisa Stroulger
Communications Team

Awful service. My initial assessment was booked for 17th April. I was telephoned to rebook as the person double-booked. My rescheduled appointment on 23rd was then cancelled via text message with no explanation 2 hours before the appointment was scheduled. I have just telephoned to rebook and was told that I have been discharged! I asked to self refer as is stated above:

You do not have to be referred by a GP to use the service. You may refer yourself if you have mild problems of anxiety or depression and are motivated to work to change the problem by calling 020 3260 1100.

I was told no, I have to go back to my GP. To whom can I direct my complaint?

I am sorry that this was your experience of the team. I have asked the manager to look into what happened on this occasion. In order to help us with this, could you contact me on 020 8319 5551?

In the meantime, I have asked that all staff are reminded that people can self-refer to the service.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

Maggie Miller
Greenwich Time To Talk Interim Manager

To whom it may concern,

I am hoping to get my girlfriend some counselling and i was wondering how I go about this?

We live in north greenwich and need to find some help as soon as possible.

Please let me know



Dear Jessica

You can ask your GP to refer you to Time to talk or contact Greenwich Time to Talk directly on 0203 260 1100 in order to discuss the counselling needs of your partner.

They should be offered a telephone screening when the team reopens on Tuesday.


David Shaer
Service Manager
Adult Mental Health and Learning Disability Services

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