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Changes have been made to the way children’s public health services are provided in Bexley
From 1 June, a new 0-19 children’s public health service replaced the current health visiting and school nursing services and services are now provided by Bromley Healthcare.

Bromley Healthcare can be contacted on 0300 330 5777 or by visiting their website.


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I feel really sorry for having missed the health visitor today. I was at home but unfortunately I could not hear her call at the door.

Could you please call me back to book another appointment as I don't have any telefone number on your card.

Best wishes

Dear Kelly

Thank you for getting in touch, and just to confirm that we have now arranged an alternative appointment with you.

Our health visitors would normally leave a contact number and will make sure this is a priority if the same circumstance occurs again.

We will be discussing calling cards at our health visiting meeting next week.

Kind regards

Caroline Latham-Parker
Operational Lead Nurse
Universal Services for Children and Young People

Hi my daughter is 14months old and she hasn't had her 9month check or 12month check, I keep asking my doctors surgery and they keep saying a heath visitor will contact me.

Dear Lisa

Just to confirm that following our telephone conversation, we have now offered a developmental check which we are arranging at your convenience.

Best wishes

Helen Day-Barnes
Service Manager

Am I able to go to any of the above health centres for my baby boy? I was only given a list of 3 from my gp but they aren't that easy to get to.


Dear Charlotte

Thank you for your query.

I have sent you a list of our child health clinics in Bexley and the new health advice sessions that we are running in Greenwich. You are very welcome to attend our sessions at your own GP surgery or at any of our community venues.

This is an exciting time for Oxleas as we transform our services to respond to the health needs of local children and families. Our clinics and health advice sessions provide the opportunity for parents to see a member of our health visiting team to discuss their baby's progress and any concerns they may have.

The team will be happy to discuss personalised health promotion information and advice to support families during their child's early years.

Kind regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director, Children and Young People's Services

I have always been happy to visit Wrotham Road clinic and found the health visitors really helpful.
I was therefore really disappointed in the service I received when attempting to book my daughter's one year check.
After several phone calls and no call backs as promised, I was finally told that there will be a clinic on 09/12/16 and that I will be booked in for this date and receive a confirmation letter. Last week on Tuesday I phoned to confirm the appointment as I didn't get a letter. I was told the person who deals with appointments will ring me back. I phoned again on Thursday to be told there is no appointment booked for the 9th, but that I have been booked in for Thursday 15/12, a day I cannot make as I'm working and which I told the person I first spoke to several times. I was asked if I cannot take the day off work. I don't think that it is a fair question to ask when I have already tried for over 4 weeks to arrange an appointment on a day I do not have to work. My daughter is now already 14 months old and I'm not sure that it is worth trying again to book a Friday appointment. Please note that we will not turn up on Thursday 15/12/16 at 14:00 as I did not agree to this appointment and also did not receive a confirmation letter. It is really hard getting through on the phone and when you do finally get through you are not given the correct information, or you don't receive promised call backs. I'm really disappointed that I have to complain about this, it shouldn't be this hard to get an appointment.

Dear Elizabeth

Further to our telephone call, I would like to confirm that we have arranged an appointment for your daughter this week.

I understand that you would have preferred to have contacted the team directly via email, rather than adding a post on our site. All the Health Visiting teams' contact information may be found on this web page when clicking on the team under the Location heading.

Thank you for mentioning this, we will improve this page to help with access.

Best wishes

Caroline Latham-Parker
Acting Head for Children's Public Health Service, 0-19 - Bexley

I just wanted to say thank you to Caroline Latham-Parker, for contacting me so quickly and sorting out the appointment for my daughter.
Also thank you to Caroline Reilly for her time this afternoon.
In future I will use the email to contact the team directly, apologies for not finding the link before.
Thank you

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Hazel Jones, who my wife and I visited in Erith in January as we couldn't get our baby girl feeding properly.
Hazel gave us lots of time, found out our daughter was tongue-tied and referred her to hospital for a division immediately.
Besides the practical help, she was extremely caring, as she realised what a big deal this was for two tired, overwrought new parents.
It did seem as though there was more demand for help than one midwife was able to deal with though, but we are extremely grateful for the help we got.

Dear Bernard

Thank you for your kind comment which we have passed onto Hazel and the team, and who will appreciate reading your words.

Best wishes

The Comms Team

Why has my daughter only been offered a one year check if according the form we fill in and return (at our own expense) it looks like there might be problems? I thought every child received a one year check with a health visitor? Her peers that live close by have all been offered appointments and have to take the form with them. I'm not worried about my daughter but it seems like a very easy way for child with problems to fall through the gaps.

Dear Catherine

Thank you for your comment.

The Bexley Children's Public Health Service is in the process of transformation as we await the new service provider from 1st June 2017.

We have introduced the Ages & Stage Questionnaire (ASQ) for children from 9-12 months as part of our routine screening. The ASQ is a highly effective assessment tool which involves parents in their child's development. This is now the recommended assessment we use.

Where families are not requiring additional support from the Health Visitor and they are in receipt of a Universal Health Visiting Service, the ASQ will be sent in the post for parents to complete and return. I am sorry but we are unable to pay for postage so we ask the questionnaire be sent to the Health Visiting team direct or it may be given in at Child Health Clinic you usually attend in Bexley.

I acknowledge this is a new way of offering the review for children at this age and we will review this.

If you have any further concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes

Caroline Latham-Parker
Acting Head for Children's Public Health Service, 0-19 - Bexley

Hi I'm haven trouble contacted a Heath visitor. All number I have are no longer in use. So how am I meant to speak to someone ?

Dear Danielle

It was good to speak with you and happy to have helped you access your Health Visiting team contact details and our Oxleas Health Visiting (Bexley) web page -

Thank you for the positive comments on the support received previously from Health Visitor Tescha Daley, I understand that Tescha has already contacted you this afternoon to offer support as requested.

If you have any further concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Caroline Latham-Parker
Acting Head for Children's Public Health Service, 0-19 - Bexley


I had a few visits from the health visitor when my daughter was a few months but have not had any contact since, she is now ten months and I would just like a number to contact for the sidcup health visiting team. Just as I have a few questions and would like to arrange an appointment.


Dear Lilly

I am glad to have helped you access your Health Visitor along with the Health Visiting team's contact details and our Oxleas Health Visiting - Bexley web page below:

I understand that your Health Visitor has contacted you this morning and an appointment has been arranged.

If you have any further concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Caroline Latham-Parker
Acting Head for Children's Public Health Service, 0-19 - Bexley
020 3871 3499

I seem to misplaced the 1 year form that I received.

where can I get another one? Or can I request one to be resent?


Dear Glory

Thank you for taking the time to post your query.

I know that Chris Mulcair was able to speak with you this morning and we are pleased that your daughter is making good progress.

We have arranged for a new form to be sent out to you today.

Best regards

Stephen Whitmore
Director of C&YP Services

My daughter is over 13 months old now and I haven't heard anything from my health visitors with regards to her 1 year check. I've even tried to find the questionnaire so that I can just do it myself to check that she is doing what she should be doing but can't find it. I don't understand why the health checks are even included in the red book now as none of them are done, My GP done her 6-8 week check but says she can't do the 1 year check. This service has gone down hill with all the cuts, I feel sorry for first time parents.

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for posting your comment on the Oxleas webpage . The Bexley health visiting service is now being provided by Bromley Healthcare, we have passed your comments on to them. Their contact details are:

Tel: 0300 330 5777

Kind regards

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services

I am unable to attend my sons 2yr check up tomorrow but unable to contact anyone to let them know and to re-arrange another appointment

Dear Nikki

Thank you for posting your comment to let the health visiting team know that you will not be able to attend the appointment with your son this morning.

As you live in the borough of Bexley, you can contact your local health visiting service, run by Bromley HealthCare, on 0300 303 5777.

You can also view the website for health visiting and school nursing in Bexley at:

Kind regards

Ellen Shelly
Head of Public Health Nursing 0-4 years

After travelling to The Oval to get my daughter weighed, it became clear it had stopped this service.

I am trying to find the list of current weigh-ins but not having much luck.

Please can you advise?

Dear Sophie

The Health Visiting service in Bexley is now being provided by Bromley Healthcare. For information about the services available to you please look in their website by following the link

Helen Day Barnes
Service Manager
Public Health Nursing Services
Children and Young Peoples Directorate

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