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The term ‘Looked After Children’ (LAC) refers to all children and young people aged under 18 years who are either:

  • In care as a result of a court order under Part IV of the Children Act - the local authority has legal parental responsibility along with the parent, or 
  • Accommodated under Part III of the Children Act  - the local authority does not have legal parental responsibility

These children and young people live both in and out of Greenwich and are looked after by Greenwich Council. There are also children and young people in Greenwich who are looked after by other local authorities.

Looked After Children generally have greater health needs than their peers yet they may have more difficulty accessing adequate health care. They have statutory yearly health assessments (twice yearly if aged under five). The first health assessment should be carried out in time for the child's first review after becoming looked after, if reasonable.

How to access this service

We take referrals from health and social care professionals. We are also happy for children/young people, care leavers, carers, parents and other professionals to communicate with us. We maintain appropriate confidentiality.


  • Community health services (children)

Services provided

  • Children in care

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