Paediatric Continence Service (Greenwich) Greenwich


We are having to alter some of our services in response to the demands that Coronavirus is creating. This means that we may have less staff and will be unable to continue to provide services in the way we usually do. Therefore, we may need to do the following:

  • We may carry out consultations via phone or video call
  • The frequency of our visits for your care might be reduced
  • If the care you receive is not essential, it might be stopped for the time being.

We will speak with you about any new arrangements we need to put in place. We will inform any other people involved in your care of any changes made. 

If you need to contact us, please call 0208 836 8621.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this time. 

The service is available for: 

  • Children and Young People who live in Greenwich aged 4 to 18 years with bladder and/or bowel incontinence
  • Children aged 3 year olds (where there is a clinical need)

The new service will provide three clinics per week across Greenwich at Kidbrooke Village Centre, Gallions Reach Health Centre and Wensley Close Clinic Eltham.

They will offer specialist assessment and management of incontinence issues including:

  • Public Health advice: Diet, fluid intake, sleep patterns and routines relating specifically to achieving continence
  • Enuresis: Night time bed wetting
  • Provision of a range of interventions and treatments including reward charts, bed sensors and alarms and medication
  • Bladder scanning
  • Referral to GP or Community Paediatrics where needed.

The new service will also provide monthly drop-ins at three Children’s Centres in Greenwich at Waterways, Rachel McMillan and Storkway. They will offer specialist advice and support with:

  • Potty Training: where a child is late in achieving continence
  • Drop-in school readiness sessions

Contact 0208 319 9973 for details of the monthly drop-ins.

Provision of continence products (nappies for younger children and continence pads for older children) are provided for children and young people who are in mainstream schools where continence has not been achieved with six monthly re-assessments. Children who attend a special school will be seen by the special school nursing team.

How to access this service:

Referrals will be accepted from parents, GPs, Health Professionals, schools, Social Services and accessed via



  • Community health services (children)

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Public phone number:

0208 319 9973

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