Park Crescent Day Centre Bexley

This is an acute crisis day service for service users with mental health problems. Its main aim is to provide graded, structured therapeutic activity through an individualised care programme, delivered by healthcare professionals.

It offers a variety of group sessions including activity based groups and personal development groups. They also provide individual sessions when needed.


  • Day services
  • Mental health services: Working age adults
  • Support groups

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How to find us:

Bus routes: B12, 229, 469

Trains: The nearest train stations are Erith and Barnehurst, approximately a ten minute walkaway.

Parking: There is ample onsite parking available.


Erith and District Hospital
Park Crescent


Public phone number:

01322 356157/8

Fax number:

01322 340032


have let me down!!! No one has been in touch to review my meds as promised when I was discharged from psychotherapy. Im spiralling... Not in a good place. Just been dumped by these people. I'm not ok

Dear Katalina

Thank you for contacting us. We're sorry to hear that you feel let down by our services.

Our 'Intake and Liaison Team" will be in contact with you shortly to discuss this.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I am disgusted with the treatment I've received at the Erith centre. As I feel I like I'm wasting their time when I'm there, also I got a day wrong for an appointment and I'm discharged also apparently got offered another appointment but I didn't have a clue as I wasn't contacted and again discharged.
The staff have no compassion and unprofessional, I also got told to stop wasting peoples time once by one lady and now I feel like I can't get help from the hospital as I have to cope alone. Its not fair to treat people like that....

Dear Laura, thanks for contacting us:

I'm sorry you've had such a negative experience. I have contacted our Service Manager and asked her to identify an appropriate senior member of staff to contact you to learn more about this. They will be in touch with you shortly.

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director.

I am also disgusted by the treatment from Erith center. It is appalling. The staff are so rude and make you feel as though you are wasting their time, and always make out your problems to be less than they really are. Have not called me back as promised and did not accommodate for any of my very reasonable requests.

Dear John

I'm very sorry to hear this; I have asked the Service Manager to investigate this and a senior member of staff will be in touch with you to learn more about this shortly.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear John

I'm afraid we had difficulty contacting you on the email address that you supplied.

We are keen to discuss this matter with you - would it be possible to call me on 01322 356100.

Kind regards

Patrick Cain
Bexley Locality Manager

Absolutely disgusted, my daughter came along today with a gp referral stating she is very suicidal. She was told to go home and wait for a phone call which is poor enough but no phone call, she is now having another episode and there's nobody to help. I expect an explanation

Dear Vicki

I'm sorry to learn of your concerns about how your daughter was dealt with by our staff. I will arrange for a senior member of the team to contact you as soon as possible to discuss this.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My CPN has not turned up to several of my appointments. My cpn never rings back when he says he will. I got the appointment time wrong and was threatened with being discharged.

Dear Alex

Thanks for letting us know the difficulties you've been having. I will contact the team this morning and ask them to get in touch with you as a matter of urgency.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Very poor service. My partner was diagnosed with a personality disorder (an amateur can tell they have BPD) and you've ignored that diagnosis saying they don't have it, given them CBT (the cheaper option) which they've already tried and now, despite them being worse, have sent them away. Irresponsible.

Dear James

I'm sorry to hear how disappointed you are with our services. Diagnosis can be a challenging and inexact science in mental health more generally, and certainly in terms of what we call 'personality disorders'.

There are various treatments we can offer, from psychological, to social, to medical; the mix will depend on the person and their unique mix of difficulties. I will ask the team involved to contact you to discuss this in more detail.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I'm so fed up with Erith mental health centre! I'm a shut in and I've got so many emotional and psychotic issues I don't know half the time what I'm doing!
I rang Erith mental health centre and told them I was feeling paranoid, anxious and suicidal and I'm finding it so difficult to get to my appointments and I get discharged! I'm honestly getting worse every day, I'm not eating, I'm not sleeping and I'm alone 24/7 with nothing but illnesses! I've been let down over and over again! I asked and begged for someone to come out and see me but nothing ever happens! Is this a joke to you? Is my suffering going to continue in silence? I have a long history of all of this and they are well aware but yet nothing happens? It's not my fault I feel this way and it's not my fault that o struggle to get out and get to my appointments but instead of understanding I get nothing, nothing but a discharge!

Dear Adam

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment about the care provided; we ordinarily work to involve people in joint decision making, and we should explain the rationale for any decisions we make.

I will contact you directly to better understand this and see what we can do.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Couldn't of asked for better support. I had my first meeting yesterday with Ruth and today had an assessment which allowed to to choose various courses to participate in. I'm really happy with the time, effort and compassion that has been invested in to supporting me.

Dear Sarah

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this; I'm really pleased to hear how well your meeting went.

I will pass on your compliment, I know Ruth will be delighted.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

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