Park Crescent Day Centre Bexley

This is an acute crisis day service for service users with mental health problems. Its main aim is to provide graded, structured therapeutic activity through an individualised care programme, delivered by healthcare professionals.

It offers a variety of group sessions including activity based groups and personal development groups. They also provide individual sessions when needed.


  • Day services
  • Mental health services: Working age adults
  • Support groups

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Bus routes: B12, 229, 469

Trains: The nearest train stations are Erith and Barnehurst, approximately a ten minute walkaway.

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Erith and District Hospital
Park Crescent


Public phone number:

01322 356100


I was under Erith I had just over a year of psychotherapy my parents didn’t see an improvement so they took me privately turns out I have bpd and bipolar type 1 it shouldn’t of taken a private doctor to intervene to get answers my medication is under control yet no one since getting my 2nd opinion has helped or offered any after care support this place should be investigated and looked at as everyone in that waiting room is put on quitiapine and given the same diagnosis of bpd!!!!

Dear Leyla

I was sorry to hear of your experience when you attended Erith; as a trust we strive to offer the best service we can, we also look to learn from people when their experiences have not been as productive as we would have liked.

I would like to meet with you in order to hear further from you. If you are interested please do contact me (details below).

Kind regards

David Shaer
Service Manager

0208 319 7208

This borough’s mental services services are grossly negligent and I’m surprised there hasn’t been deaths as a direct result of the lack of care.

I was severely assaulted 6 years ago and tried to access the services two years later. I tried to commit suicide several times in one year and I have now seen on my notes that I was discharged on the same day I left the hospital. One telephone conversation note that I have read says that I told them I have active plans to kill myself and was going to try again, and the action taking was ‘discharged back to GP, further follow up not required’. I have request multiple times to see someone as my mental health made me unable to function doing simple tasks and I have been refused every time. I have been on 13 different medications in four years as a result of this. I was put on the counselling list in 2014 and I have chased it regularly, and unsurprisingly I am still yet to hear from them and assume I’ve been taken off the list without being told.

After another attempt on my life last year I finally saw a consultant psychiatrist in a private clinic and was diagnosed appropriately and now take anti psychotics.

I now work for the NHS and so I can’t afford to continue going to the private psych because I cannot afford it. The medical reports have been sent to this team and they refuse to acknowledge them and have said this diagnoses are not on the system. Why would they be, you’ve refused to see me? With this diagnoses and with anti psychotics that only a psych can prescribe and change the dose, they still refused to see me. I had a telephone triage and the information I gave has been down shockingly inaccurately to say I drink more than a litre of spirits a day..? How incompetent do you have to be when writing a report where I take prescription sedatives and work full time to not realise that drinking every day and that much doesn’t add up? I have looked at the telephone assessment notes and this isn’t even what the person has written. It seems like facts have been changed to once again take me out of the criteria to see a clinician. The psychiatest has actually told my GP to reduce my dose without meeting me or speaking to me, she told a nurse to tell me, it wasn’t a discussion.

The way I have been treated over several years by this site is disgusting, and seriously negligent. The team does not have any regard for patients and appear to deliberately creating and changing facts to stop very ill patients from getting access. This centre has caused me now to have no access to a specialist, whilst on psychoactive sedatives and anti depressants and beta blockers. Where do I go? The incompetence is terrifying and appalling.

Not aloud to ask to see a different Doctor when it comes to medication reviews as get told oh your not complying to what we have said so the six week review doesn’t happen. Start psychology and work with someone for over a year to be told well we’re stopping this you must do psychotherapy and start in a group when not comfortable in groups and had been happy.
Care coordinator’s will say to your face after being sent with a note from a GP with concerns to get out of there face and stop wasting there time and to get out then write on your notes you was being aggressive when reception staff witness the care coordinator say this and a friend with me.
All in all the Erith Centre service’s are rubbish ** is in the wrong job with his attitude and lack of care

Dear Andrew

I was sorry to hear of your concerns regarding the service you have received from the Erith Centre. To help me better address the issues you raised, please call me on 0208 319 7103 as I would like to meet with you at a time that is convenient to you.

Kind regards

David Shaer
Service Manager

I was discharged as an inpatient back in November without any after care provided by the ward I was on for them only to be admitted back to Newham hospital for a much better service once I was discharged it has been one nightmare after another being back with Oxleas I met my care co ordinator once for them to get a phone call to say I have been given a different one and they can’t meet with me until the new year... for the last 3 days I have tried to get hold of someone as I am struggling mental health wise and no one has called me back!!!!

Erith centre so hard to get hold of phones ring if your lucky often they are broken so they don't ring.
I have been trying for 4 days to get hold of my case worker without success they take message after message after message but he just don't call back absolutely sick of trying.

Dear Paul

I'm very sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having.

I will liaise with the site manager and ensure that you are contacted promptly.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

Erith Centre is awful. It is next to impossible to contact anyone for any reason. The main phone line assaults you with an engaged tone and the direct lines ring off. If you need to change or cancel an appointment for any reason it is impossible. This has caused me huge anxiety. I just got cut off seven times and told I cannot change me appointment because they don't take messages. I have autism and cannot handle not being able to send a simple message to change appointments without going through hell on the phone, being cut off, ignored and offered a rejected tone. I feel so sorry for everyone with my needs or worse, or low levels of understanding, because there is not even a ismple message to tell you you have called the right place!! The total pack of communication and fear of being rejected by service for missing appointments I can't make change or cancel have lead me to feel, after over a decade of depression and undiagnosed autism (now diagnosed) to feel I cannot access the therapy I crave because of the inneficient, ignorant, intentionally unhelpful managers, admin, process and policy. Erith centre is just another broken bit of the NHS and a sad waste of money.

Dear Jack

Thank you for letting us know this, and I am sorry to learn how frustrating and disappointing your experiences were.

I would certainly expect our staff to communicate rapidly and clearly with you, and to try accommodate any requests for information or changes in appointments.

I will contact you separately to learn more about this.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Clinical Director

I've just found out I've been discharged from Erith Centre. Not because they informed me, but because after 3 months of chasing and waiting to hear about my therapy appointment, I call them today to find out I have been discharged because they "Increased my AD dosage" and discharged me straight away after. Surely this should not be allowed? Aren't you meant to offer medication AND therapy?!

Previous to Oxleas, I was on the waiting list with Mind for a year and half only to finally be told I cannot be helped by them and need to be referred to Oxelas. 3 years after being on waiting list after waiting list, I'm now at a loose end.

I feel I have been misdiagnosed, my tablets still aren't working even after being increased, and no one I ring seems to care at all, especially the Erith Centre. What can I do?!

Dear Amy

I'm sorry to hear about this. I will contact the Erith centre and ask that a senior manager contacts you shortly to discuss this with you, to try understand which clinical decisions were made and why.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I have to say Erith centre have been brilliant with me if I felt not myself. I have called them and always got a call bk very quick and always same day and if I ever need to talk about anything there all ways there brilliant

Dear Melanie

Thanks so much for feeding back.

I'm delighted to hear how staff at the Erith Centre have been so responsive; I'll pass your kind words on to them, I know they'll be delighted.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I am becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of my sister. She has been diagnosed with Bpd, was sectioned, released and told she would have a visit every day for 2 weeks..this was at Queen Marys, from your team. She had one visit and a couple of calls. She told your staff she was ok for fear of being returned to section.Having worked in mental health everyone knows that a visit is required and a phone call is untrustworthy as the client will not be honest.Since then my Father took her to your centre 2 weeks ago and got a Dr appointment but there has been no follow up.My sister says she phones **** all the time, but he always says he will call back but never does. I live 100 miles away and it is very distressing to have calls and texts at all hours when she should be treated, counselled etc by a crisis team.I dont know if she really has called **** but all the reviews above suggest that calls are not returned etc. i do believe my sister was discharged too early as beds were needed and that she is heading for a very serious episode....i worry for that call when she has ended it all. Where i live if you phone 111 you select option 2 and get a mental health crisis team 24 this available in your area? I need to get an urgent appointment but due to confidentiality no one will discuss with me this situation...Help is required urgently...

Dear Gina,

I'm sorry to hear about your concerns. I will contact you directly to learn more about this, and how we can help.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Disgusted with the treatment I have been given!!! After being discharged just by a phone call the first time I was referred, was then referred again had a 45 minute appointment to be told it's possible I have BPD but I don't meet the criteria so discharged AGAIN. I'm a 23 year old crying out for some help, and being suicidal, paranoid and majorly depressed I don't meet the criteria and left to suffer with no help, I have been asked many times by staff what I want from the service and all I want is help before it's too late but I don't get listened too and all I am told is to go to A&E. I was referred to the service for the first time in January of this year and I am still yet to get any kind of help!!

Dear Rosie,

I'm really sorry to see how distressing this has been. I will contact you directly to get more details from you and try to figure out how we can help you with this.

Yours sincerely

Dr Derek Tracy, Associate Clinical Director

Interesting how how 99% are all diagnosed with BPD and a small 1% are diagnosed with psychosis or other my moods are up and down rapidly I can't stress how many times I have said this and instead of being seen by dr that is there all the time I'm sent to jnr doctors that leave every 6 months however Marion my psychotherapist is amazing and has been on this roller coaster and she's been a life line I really hope I find my answers at least then I close the book however I will not be that 99% of patients with BPD and I will stand my ground I'm not crazy I'm lost and all I want is a way help and a coping mechanism so I can move forward with my life and be a better mum if the Erith Center can't help me then they should just be honest as I'm honest with them !

Dear Leyla,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It sounds like your experiences have been mixed: I'm glad your therapist has been a support, and I will pass this message on to her, I know she'll appreciate it.

I recognise the challenges of junior doctors having less experience, and also of them 'rotating' between jobs every six months or so. Whilst this helps provide the training and experience for tomorrow's experts, it can prove destabilising for people today.

We continue to roll-out training on various mental health topics to our staff, including BPD and challenges around this diagnosis being 'correct' or 'incorrect' (this is a particular interest of mine), and I recognise how important this is. I will feed your opinions on this back within our directorate.

I would also encourage you to raise your thoughts directly with Marion, who will be far better placed than me, and who knows you much more, to help contextualise and think this through with you.

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director

Couldn't of asked for better support. I had my first meeting yesterday with Ruth and today had an assessment which allowed to to choose various courses to participate in. I'm really happy with the time, effort and compassion that has been invested in to supporting me.

Dear Sarah

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this; I'm really pleased to hear how well your meeting went.

I will pass on your compliment, I know Ruth will be delighted.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I'm so fed up with Erith mental health centre! I'm a shut in and I've got so many emotional and psychotic issues I don't know half the time what I'm doing!
I rang Erith mental health centre and told them I was feeling paranoid, anxious and suicidal and I'm finding it so difficult to get to my appointments and I get discharged! I'm honestly getting worse every day, I'm not eating, I'm not sleeping and I'm alone 24/7 with nothing but illnesses! I've been let down over and over again! I asked and begged for someone to come out and see me but nothing ever happens! Is this a joke to you? Is my suffering going to continue in silence? I have a long history of all of this and they are well aware but yet nothing happens? It's not my fault I feel this way and it's not my fault that o struggle to get out and get to my appointments but instead of understanding I get nothing, nothing but a discharge!

Dear Adam

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment about the care provided; we ordinarily work to involve people in joint decision making, and we should explain the rationale for any decisions we make.

I will contact you directly to better understand this and see what we can do.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Very poor service. My partner was diagnosed with a personality disorder (an amateur can tell they have BPD) and you've ignored that diagnosis saying they don't have it, given them CBT (the cheaper option) which they've already tried and now, despite them being worse, have sent them away. Irresponsible.

Dear James

I'm sorry to hear how disappointed you are with our services. Diagnosis can be a challenging and inexact science in mental health more generally, and certainly in terms of what we call 'personality disorders'.

There are various treatments we can offer, from psychological, to social, to medical; the mix will depend on the person and their unique mix of difficulties. I will ask the team involved to contact you to discuss this in more detail.

Kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

My CPN has not turned up to several of my appointments. My cpn never rings back when he says he will. I got the appointment time wrong and was threatened with being discharged.

Dear Alex

Thanks for letting us know the difficulties you've been having. I will contact the team this morning and ask them to get in touch with you as a matter of urgency.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Absolutely disgusted, my daughter came along today with a gp referral stating she is very suicidal. She was told to go home and wait for a phone call which is poor enough but no phone call, she is now having another episode and there's nobody to help. I expect an explanation

Dear Vicki

I'm sorry to learn of your concerns about how your daughter was dealt with by our staff. I will arrange for a senior member of the team to contact you as soon as possible to discuss this.

kind regards

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

I am also disgusted by the treatment from Erith center. It is appalling. The staff are so rude and make you feel as though you are wasting their time, and always make out your problems to be less than they really are. Have not called me back as promised and did not accommodate for any of my very reasonable requests.

Dear John

I'm very sorry to hear this; I have asked the Service Manager to investigate this and a senior member of staff will be in touch with you to learn more about this shortly.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

Dear John

I'm afraid we had difficulty contacting you on the email address that you supplied.

We are keen to discuss this matter with you - would it be possible to call me on 01322 356100.

Kind regards

Patrick Cain
Bexley Locality Manager

I am disgusted with the treatment I've received at the Erith centre. As I feel I like I'm wasting their time when I'm there, also I got a day wrong for an appointment and I'm discharged also apparently got offered another appointment but I didn't have a clue as I wasn't contacted and again discharged.
The staff have no compassion and unprofessional, I also got told to stop wasting peoples time once by one lady and now I feel like I can't get help from the hospital as I have to cope alone. Its not fair to treat people like that....

Dear Laura, thanks for contacting us:

I'm sorry you've had such a negative experience. I have contacted our Service Manager and asked her to identify an appropriate senior member of staff to contact you to learn more about this. They will be in touch with you shortly.

Dr Derek Tracy,
Associate Clinical Director.

have let me down!!! No one has been in touch to review my meds as promised when I was discharged from psychotherapy. Im spiralling... Not in a good place. Just been dumped by these people. I'm not ok

Dear Katalina

Thank you for contacting us. We're sorry to hear that you feel let down by our services.

Our 'Intake and Liaison Team" will be in contact with you shortly to discuss this.

Dr Derek Tracy
Associate Clinical Director

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