Talking Therapies for People with Learning Disabilities and their Carers (TLC) Greenwich

TLC is a psychological service providing talking therapies for people with learning disabilities and their carers within Oxleas NHS Trust.

It is an IAPT service specialising in adults with learning disabilities, offering individual and group therapy based on CBT principles.

How to get help

  • You can be referred by professionals such as your GP, social worker etc
  • You can self-refer by calling / sending an email.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Visit the Greenwich Community Learning Disability Team page.

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Market Street Health Centre
16-20 Market Street

SE18 6QR

Public phone number:

020 8301 8980 or 07827 992 690

Email address:


My daughter is 20. She has downs syndrome. I have asked if she can be assessed for autism for many years. I've been told NO. Apparently people with downs have certain ways like autistic children!
The support is not there and the lovely staff are just that.... lovely. But no help.
I've been told that even if my daughter is diagnosed with autism her behaviour will not change. Therefore my daughter has been treated by professionals as though she is just a person with downs that has behaviour problems. Basically naughty!
What does a mother need to do to get her daughter diagnosed?
I understand there is little funding but single parents still need a little help

Dear Louisa

Greenwich CLDT do assess people with Down's syndrome (and other adults with learning disabilities) for autism if they are referred to the team. A family member, GP or professional can do this, or the person can refer themselves. TLC do not offer this service.

Please refer your daughter to the Greenwich CLDT who will talk more about autism and what they can offer. You can phone them on 0208 921 4860 or email on

Kind regards

Lorraine Regan
Acting Service Director for Greenwich and Trustwide Learning Disabilities

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